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anonymous asked:

hey! do you have any blog recs?

In terms of writing, I’d say -

@aurictae @taegills @taegih @gukyi @jeonjingles @jeonsneha @bluekyun @daebakinc @rapmonluv @chinnychimchim @taesthetes and @inktae are some of my favourites 

And BTS blogs in general, I really like -

@sweaterpawsjimin @mimibtsghost @ciutae @bxgin @rosykimtae @jjeonsshii @bang-tan (the fake subs give me life sjkjajdsl) and @gldencloset @ktaebwi

/just sittin around in a tree being paranoid and watching for people he can a. steal food/supplies from or b. kill bc ah infection! also eating nasty stale food like hot dog buns and a can of peaches or s/t. very tired n dirty and really wanting a shower and also some conversations bc he’s been wandering around totally on his own for prrrobably like several months now wah/