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koroline brotp, 13

13:  “Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.”

I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS??? hahaha Being able to write them without worrying about the klaroline is great lol ofc it still has a lil bit of it though :P I should’ve written it better and more of it, but i wanted to get this over with!! I hope you enjoy it? :3 On FF.

Also, If you want one!

A Magical Night

Caroline kept punching the invisible wall, as if it would magically disappear with a good beating.

“Looks like we’re going to be stuck here for a while.” Kol said twirling his bat. Looking at the frustrated girl with bloody fists, he added, “Darling, just stop destroying your pretty hands, it’s not gonna help.”

Groaning she turned to Kol, pointing at him, “Don’t you even dare speak! This is all your fault.”

“Pointing fingers are we now? What did I even do? You’re the one that insulted the witch.”

Combing her hair, blood staining her blond curls, she countered, “Are you kidding me? You killed a bunch of her friends, and you think me insulting her was the trigger?”

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Are you the author of "Kiss With A Fists"? Omg you are so great! I've read a lot of fanfictions that contains action but I've never got to make a scenario in my head about the 'action scenes' but with your writing I can play the scenario in my head especially when it comes to Malec. Oml you are ao great! I'm sorry if you couldn't understand what I'm trying to say.. English isn't my mother tongue.. thank you anyway:):)

I am, yep! x

and oh my gosh, thank you :)

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Fitzmack - Fitz hiding a serious injury from Mack


His name being called out is accompanied by a clap to his back that makes him wince, eyes watering in pain.

“Welcome back,” Mack grins at him, resting his arm on Fitz’s shoulder and squeezing like he’s done a thousand times before. “Thought you were going to come find me when you got back turbo?”

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I just saw Utsumi translation of her interview. I swear if she damages Makoto and Harus relationship in anyway I'll unmentionable things!! UGH I'm sorry but I personally don't like her. Her favoritism isn't fair to the fans.

yeah she’s not great

i mean she’s good at comedy and slice of life stuff but she’s terrible at DRAMA
well kyoani is pretty terrible with drama in general but anyway

i will never understand utsumi like rin is her favorite character but she turned him from the best shota into the biggest pissbaby in the show, pissing around about 90% of his screen time 


and the fact that she’s a fujoshi makes her bias even worse tbh

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Hey I had a rough day can we talk about super cute headcanons of Marx being protective of miss Kamui?(you have a great grasp on his character I've ready your analyses and headcanons like at least 5 times each I have them all saved for when I feel sad) I know you're busy so ignore this if it isn't a good time!!!

Gosh thank you!!!! And I’m sorry you’re having a rough day (I know what that feels like, ugh. Please make sure to eat enough, drink enough and get enough sleep, dear!)

Protective as in…… in general or jealous protective bc those are two very different things…. I’ll give you headcanons for both uvu

For just being protective in general, I imagine Kamui’s lack of footwear make Marx have a heart attack daily. Sometimes during battle he’ll ride up beside Kamui and just scoop her up completely without explanation or warning and Kamui is just like ????? why this. I also think bc of how busy he is, he can’t look after Kamui all the time so he just. constantly sends people out to look after her. she’s goes up to him just like “MARX YOU CANNOT SEND PEOPLE TO CHECK ON ME IN THE HOT SPRINGS. I DON’T KNOW WHETHER TO CALL YOU A PERVERT OR????? THIS IS JUST WEIRD” and he’s just like “yOU COULD SLIP AND D I E” she just hisses out “i am a dragon

for the second….. I actually imagine his biggest “competition” is Joker. And at first he’s like. ok he’s her butler whatever. but then he sees the extent of his devotion and he’s just like [squints]. and it frustrates him bc tHAT’S JOKER’S JOB???? HE’S A BUTLER HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE DEVOTED. but it PISSES MARX OFF. so one day Kamui wakes up and Marx is there and she’s just like “uhhhhhhhh” and Marx is just like “oh I thought Joker should have a day off so I will be attending to you today” and kamui knows something’s up immediately bc it’s not like there aren’t any more butlers. she asks why not just send lazaward and Marx is so taken aback he blurts out “he would hit on you”

marx is also a really fucking terrible butler just so you know