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Throwback to before Jimin sold his jams

to jungkook 

Okay @ladylike-foxes and @shift-shaping this was a hard moment to extract into gif form!! Sorry for the fairly low quality - it’s a super quick moment and hard to get without Lavellan in the shot, so I had to crop it and slow it down which means adding frames and blah blah blah. Anyway here is Solas bobbing his head after being Fade-smooched as per your request ^_^

Hiraeth - Part (4)

A/N: And FINALLY I finished Chapter 5, this whole fanfic is taking a turn that I am not really happy with, ugh. Then again, I got no better ideas, so I am really sorry for the low quality. Tell me what you think, your detailed opinion is very much appreciated!

Summary: It’s a picture perfect wedding. It really is. A dashing bride, a gorgeous groom, and nothing goes wrong. But something is missing. Something important.

Follow the story of an arranged marriage; a story like every other.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 

Warnings: none!

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uh I’m not good with drawing faces up front (I actually can’t even draw a vertical line because when I flip it, it turns to be diagonal) and I’m not sure if I am able do a tutorial because most of the time I don’t know what I am doing hah. but I have some Marco doodles in my sketchbook so I thought I can at least post them for you. btw sorry for low quality photo ugh


real life brotp ► Jessica Capshaw + Sasha Alexander 

“So many people think that she and I are sisters or look alike. It’s funny when we met 15 years ago, it really was, “Oh my gosh, you remind me of Sasha Alexander” to Jessica
and they’d say it to me about Jessica. We’d say literally who is that? And when we met it was like, “Oh, you’re this person.” It’s funny that that is how we met and now that has also gone out into the universe and to fans. Now people who do not know we’re friends still say you remind me of her and you remind me of her. It’s really sweet and we laugh a lot about it.”

Sorry for my recent inactivity guys…and sorry for the low quality of this pick…ugh right now I can’t even type, I’ve been on a really dark and stressfull place so I just thought I would come to post my most recent headshot comission in order to make all of you know I’m still alive, I’ll be coming back in some days sharing some of my original ideas and characters I’ve kept hidden for years.