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It’s been forever since I posted. Sorry about that. I’ve been working on my next year class schedule. It’s a mess. I had to call the math department so I can take stats 👀 ugh. Anyways hbu!? I also have a presentation later today RIP but at least it’s on Emma Watson and we get to watch Hermione punch Draco (lol) and then yeah nothing else really is happening today !!!

About the kiss...🌈💙

First how Alec used enough. First step of standing up for himself! 👏 Second how Magnus said he would leave if Alec would want him to leave. Alec didn’t want him to go so he pulled him up to him and kissed him. Third once the lips touched whole room was quiet. Four you see how Alec’s nose moved up being taller as he kissed Magnus? Five how their lips pushed into each other. All the tension of flirting and finally a kiss was placed. Six how Alec pulled away making Magnus follow wanting more. Shows they forgot everyone was around them and it was just them in the kiss. Alec smiles little and leans back wanting more. Seven Magnus starts taking charge as his lips open more up for Alec. Alec head to the side as his lips stay on Magnus. And to end it with the pull which started it. That was even perfect touch. The whole kiss was amazing! 💙 best kiss on same sex couple I’ve seen in forever!🌈 (p.s. Couldn’t find Alec pulling away and Magnus following :( ugh stupid search gif box! Sorry!) **And our two love birds are our queens (? That the word right? Haha.)**

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#6 Seth!

(A/N): Here it is, @gelinas22! I hope you enjoy it. 😊

#6 “Hey, no. Not happening.”

“Ugh, why? We have been talking about doing it on a cottage by the sea since… forever.” Seth exhaled, disappointed. “Now, I rented a cottage, got a vacation, we get here and you say no, no sex.”

“I know, I’m sorry… I just I don’t feel like it.” You shrug, trying to dismiss your nervousness.

You’ve been nervous for the past week, your period was late, really late. So, you got a pregnancy test a week ago. It came out positive, but you’re still in shock. This morning you tried once more and it’s still positive. It’s impossible, you always wore protection, you take the pill, it has to be an error. You feel your insides tie in knots as you think about Seth’s reaction, he’s gonna freak out, you’re sure of it. He doesn’t want to be a father, especially and obviously not right now, when he’s having the time of his life in WWE.

“You always feel like it, (Y/N). Care to tell me what’s going on?” Seth presses you again, he knows something’s up.

“Nothing’s going on, everything’s okay. I just don’t feel like it right now, maybe later.” You smile, knowing you wouldn’t be in the mood later anyway.

“Okay, fine. I’m gonna take a shower.” He snaps, leaving you alone in the bedroom and heading to the bathroom.

It’s been 20 minutes and Seth hasn’t come out of the bathroom yet. You found yourself, laying on your back, rubbing your belly gently as a couple of tears leave your eyes. As you notice the bathroom door opening, you rapidly clean the tears with one hand, the other never leaving your belly.

Seth is standing still by the bed, staring down at you, his features unreadable. Until you notice what he’s holding. Your test from this morning.

“Seth, I-“ You start only to get cut off by him.

“Are you… Are you pregnant, (Y/N)?” He asks, his body stiff and his expression still undecipherable. You only manage to nod your head affirmatively, the lump in your throat too big to let you talk. “How long have you known?”

“A week now… But I’m not sure, I haven’t gone to the doctor’s yet and-“

“When were you gonna tell me?” He yelled now.

“I… I don’t know.” You mumble, hugging yourself, wrapping your arms around your belly. “I’m still in shock, honestly… and I’m scared of your reaction, and now I can see I was right to be…” You feel the tears falling freely from your eyes now. “So, now it’s probably when you tell me you’re gonna leave and all, so just get it over with.” You sob, feeling your heart break.

“What the fuck, (Y/N)?” He shouts. You cringe at his tone and he notices you’re scared. “Fuck, (Y/N), are you scared of me? I’m not gonna hurt you, I would never hurt you.” He says, now softly, taking a deep breath as he seats down next to you. You glance at him and you can see he’s hurt by your reaction.

“I’m sorry.” You mumble, looking down at your lap.

“It’s fine… I just, I wish you had told me the moment you found out.” He replies, and you can’t hide your disappointment.

“So, you could make me get rid of it?” You mumble, blinking back tears.

“No! What the fuck? Do you honestly think that low of me? I just wanted to be there for you, from the beginning… It’s my kid too. I’d never ask you to get rid of my son, nor would I leave you because you are pregnant. For god’s sake, how could you even think I’d do that?”

“Fuck.” You cry harder now. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to tell you all this.” You sob.

“Baby, I’ve dreamt of having kids with you and marrying you more times than I can count. I wasn’t expecting this at all at this moment, but it happened and I’m so happy, I can’t even tell you how much.” He smiles widely, holding your face in his hands as he caresses your cheeks, wiping all your tears.

“I love you.” You give him a small smile.

“I love you more.” He smiles back, leaning down and kissing you softly. “So do you want it to be a girl or a boy?” He grins.

“A boy, beautiful brown eyes, pretty and strong like his father.” You smile, making Seth blush.

He looks down at your belly and whispers: “May I?” You just nod, feeling the emotions rise.

He rubs your belly gently with his hand, kissing it softly as he does so. “Daddy loves you. Daddy loves you and mummy so much.”

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J2M with #6!

Prompt: This is a lot harder than it looks, and I don’t think you realize that.

Conventions were always crazy, but this one seemed especially chaotic. As the personal assistant for Supernatural’s three front characters, you usually stayed in the background, making food runs and filtering through the staff people who wanted to make requests of the boys; some of them got through, some didn’t.

They were short a handler today, though, so you were supervising the photo op area while a long, long, LONG line of fans took their photos with J2M. It was noisy and hurried, but also the calmest you had seen people so far this weekend.

“Ugh, this is taking forever,” one girl huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. “What’s the hold up?”

“Sorry guys,” Chris spoke up. “Technical difficulties. Give me a couple minutes, we will get going here quick.”

Little Miss Huffy rolled her eyes. The boys tried to chat up a few of the fans that were close by, but that one fan (there’s always one, anyway) just wasn’t having it. After watching the boys trudge through their own exhaustion and being manhandled all weekend, you were over it. Suspecting you would regret it later, you marched over to the fussy fan and told her to relax.

“You think this is easy for them? Coming and going so often, being away from their families, getting little to no sleep so they can be here for all of you?” you snapped. “This is a lot harder than it looks, and I don’t think you realize that. Now calm down, be grateful for this opportunity. If you’d rather hurry through, I would be more than happy to have someone point you out of the room.”

Several of the fans in the room clapped, and the boys gave you grateful smiles. Not long after that, Chris got things moving again. The fan you had to talk to? She walked out with a very humble look on her face.


“Alright, you may leave.” Your teacher sighed, having counted down to the last second of your detention.
One hour you’d been kept behind after school and you knew your brothers would be beginning to wonder where you were- providing they weren’t too busy on a hunt to notice.

You slung your backpack over your shoulders and nearly made it out the door before your teacher’s voice cut you off: “Oh, and Y/N.”

“Yes?” You turn on your heels, still desperate to escape.

“I want that homework on my desk first thing tomorrow morning. Without fail. Understand?” They frowned, folding their arms over their chest to show they were serious.

“I do, sorry again.” You apologised, having turned around and started walking towards the gates out.

You pulled out your phone and texted your brother Dean, he didn’t idolise education quite as much as Sam so maybe he wouldn’t be as angry.

Hey, Dean. Fancy picking me up from school? I had to stay behind.

He answered back almost immediately.

Sure thing, sis. Be right there.

You sighed with relief, glad he hadn’t questioned you any further.

**** **** **** ****

“So what did you have to stay behind for?” Sam asked before you were barely on the car.

“Uh, just, stuff.” You avoid his frown and slump in the back seat.

“You got a detention didn’t you?” Sam sighed.

Damn your brother and his superhuman powers of perception.

You nod lightly “I might have.”

“Y/N…” Sam shook his head, you could tell he was disappointed.

“What did you do?” Dean asked.

“I didn’t do my homework, I was going to but the hunt got in the way and I forgot I had any.” You admit.

“Ah well, we’ll be moving on soon, you can say goodbye to their sorry asses.” Dean encouraged.

“Dean,” Sam stated through gritted teeth “Y/N, you should try harder with your school work.”

“I know…” You sigh.

“At least try, for me?” Sam asked, doing that annoying puppy dog eye thing. he might’ve been your older brother but he was just a giant dork.

“Ugh, fine.” You roll your eyes, giving in.

“Thank you.” He grinned, and you could tell he meant it.

Dean shook his head and tutted before whispering “Nerds.”

Requested by queendemonkitty

I have two requests for sister: first is getting detention, and second is being possessed and San and Dean taking forever to figure it out
Thank you for requesting!

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Chapter 1: You Got  A Cute Butt

A/N: Hey weirdos. Domestic Bechloe is my kryptonite and I’m pretty sure i’ve read all of the domestic/moms bechloe fics on the internet, so I decided to write some more! Hope ya dig. it’s gonna be more than just 1 chapter, don’t worry your pretty little heads. I’m just gonna be posting them every couple days! it’s all written (thanks to an 8 hour flight from London) but I gotta build the suspense somehow ;)

“Becs? Have you seen my other shoe?” Chloe yelled up the stairs to the brunette who was still getting ready.

“Uh.. Have you looked behind the couch?”

“Yeah. Not there.”

“What about under the coffee table?”


“In the fridge?”

“What? Why would it be in the fridge?”

“I don’t know Chlo. You’re the one that insisted that we get undressed so quickly. You were pretty quick to strip down. Per usual.”

She could hear her snicker after the last comment from downstairs.

“Well when you take me out for dinner and drinks dressed like that, what the hell else did you expect from me Mitchell?”

Beca then walked over to the top of the steps and looked down at the redhead with her hands on your hips, matter of factly.

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Book Cover [Sabriel] [PG-13]

prompt: Sabriel High School AU for thomasclementine [like almost a year later ugh I suck]

this was originally going to be a lot longer but you’ve been so fucking patient with me for taking forever so I figured I should just post it. I might extend it one day. I’m so sorry this took forever. I hope you like it.

Book Cover

“I’m gonna bag me a Winchester.”

Castiel scrunched up his nose, unzipping his lunchbox. “Which one?”

Gabriel rolled his eyes. “The tall one. Pretty boy ain’t my type.”

Castiel bit into his peanut butter and honey sandwich, chewing thoughtfully. “What’s your angle, Gabriel?”

“Uh, I’d think that was obvious, baby bro,” he said drolly. “I could climb him like a tree.”

The truth was, Gabriel had been watching Sam for a while. He had these earnest eyes, wide and brown, and smile that went for days. He watched him give his extra apple to the kid who forgot his lunch, or give some quarters to the girl at the vending machine who had her dollar eaten. He tutored freshman math during his lunch hour. He was a blossoming gold-hearted Do-Gooder and Gabriel wanted to breathe that in.

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How to Love (Part 3)

Title: How to Love (Part 3)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Cas

Summary: Set in the 2014end!verse after 2009!Dean is taken captive by his older self, he starts to realize just how broken the reader had become and who was to blame for her complete change in character. 

Word Count: 1,909

Warnings: profanity 

POV: Readers, 2nd person

A/N: so this part is shorter than what i usually write, but I got more angst coming and I didn’t want to completely drown everyone in this section haha. based on what I have in mind, there should be one more part! If it’s not out on Tuesday, then it will be on Wednesday! 

read part one and part two first!

A cold blanket of silence swept over the room that chilled you to the core. Dean hadn’t spoken a word since you snapped at him, and still his warm green eyes studied you carefully with a kindness you could hardly reciprocate. He was just trying to understand, to figure you out. He never had much trouble until now.

You were careful to keep your gaze away from him, unable to see the sincerity with which he watched you without crumbling completely undone. You had prayed to whatever God was still out there to bring the Dean you knew back, but this was something else entirely. This was a cruel unforgivable joke. A gift that would only last seconds before it was ripped away from you. You were sure losing him again would kill you, so you tried to push him away before he could have too much of an effect on you.

Weakness, you reminded yourself. He was your weakness.

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onkey, "Please come get me." (looking foreward to it!)

HAHAHA 2000 WORDS LATER GOD DAMN IT. I mean it’s not a bad thing, especially because I really liked this one.. but it seems like I’m back to only writing long things -_- welp, turns out I’m going to take forever writing these things too.. ugh, I’m sorry this took forever. Oh, and hariumi, I finished~

“Please come get me.”

“Key?” Kibum heard a shuffling in his ear as his roommate got out of bed, “I thought you went to that party?”

“Were you seriously sleeping Jinki?” Key leaned against the column outside of the sorority that happened to be hosting that night.

“Why do you need me to get you, are you drunk? did you forget the way back? It’s already been a month, wouldn’t you remember where your room is?”

A pair of scantily clad females passed Key. The taller one gave him a wink, and he just rolled his eyes. “Are you stupid,” Key scoffed, “It’s cold, and I forgot a jacket.” He lied, and he could almost hear Jinki rolling his eyes over the phone, “Okay fine, I’m still scared of drunk people.”

Jinki laughed, “Okay, okay fine, I’ll come get you. Where are you again?”

Key turned around and saw the big greek letters, “Um, the one that looks like a triangle and a pi sign.”

“You mean delta pi?”

“Sure, will you just come get me? I want to get back to the room.”

Jinki sighed, “Yeah, I’m just throwing on a jacket.” There was a pause, and Key heard the shuffling of some fabric, “Hey, I’m leaving now, I’m hanging up, okay?”

“Uh huh,” Key heard the other line go dead, and put his phone in his pocket.

Jinki walked to meet Key. The path wasn’t long, but it was lonely, and he found his mind wandering. Recently, Jinki found that he had developed feelings for his roommate, feelings that he really shouldn’t have, but they were getting hard to ignore. Key would stand and strip in front of his dresser with no shame, exposing his body and the soft muscles he had developed through dance, Key’s only hobby.

It was incredibly frustrating, he found himself needing to take a walk just to stop himself from thinking of what he would do if he had Key under him, if he could get his hands on those muscles. Just thinking about it now was a distraction enough for him. He tried to fill his mind with the book he had been reading for his African American literature class as he continued walking, now at a more brisk pace.

Another pair of girls walked up to Key, or maybe it was the same two, he couldn’t keep track.

The tall one poked Key in the chest, “What are you doing here?” She asked, her speech slurred.

“Yeah, shouldn’t you be in the party?” The other girl hung on the taller girl’s arm, “I always see you at these parties, but you never dance with anyone. You just hang around and sulk, you’re so weird!” The girl laughed, “Come on Minjung, we don’t need to hang around this killjoy.” The girls sauntered off into the party, stumbling all over each other, giggling.

Key rolled his eyes, this is why I like guys, he thought to himself. He didn’t really mean it, but he was sick of the girls at the party, and annoyed that Jinki opted out of coming, like usual.

Just then he felt a tap on his shoulder, “Kibum, I’m here to escort you.” Key turned to meet his grinning roommate.

He blushed slightly, but then remembered that he was supposed to be mad at Jinki, and he maintained an agitated expression as the two walked through the empty streets of their small college town.

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Caught by the world | Dan Howell Imagine


Word Count: 1289

Genre: smut

a/n: long overdue, sorry. if i mucked it up at any point let me know. hope it’s as amusing as wished for. (psst did you see the new sherlock, omg??)

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon and you’d been lounging on the office couch, uploading your latest video to your channel and flicking through your tumblr tag, passing some time as Dan was editing his next video at the computer desk. “Ugh this is taking forever” Dan complained. “Yeah but you need to upload, it’s almost been 2 weeks” you laughed at his impatience. “But I’m losing motivation to continue” he whine, leaning back in his chair.

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Living With 5sos

U: Guys we literally have no food. What happened to it all? I just went to the store yesterday.

M: Luke’s a growing boy.

U: He’s a growing boy that needs to learn to not eat all the food in the house.

L: Sorry. I’ll come with you to buy more.

U: Thank you. Lets go now.

L: Okay.

C:Can I come?

M: I wanna come!

A: I’ll come too. Where are we going?

U: No you guys can not come. It’s just going to be me and Luke.

U: Calum don’t give me the puppy dog face.

U: Great. Now you got Ashton and Michael doing it Calum.

U: Okay fine. You guys can come. But you have to behave.

L, C, M, A: We will!

*at store*

A: Can we get some broccoli?

U: Fine Ash.

A: Oooo how about some pineapple too?

U: One or the other.

A: That’s not fair. You’re making me choose?

U: Yup. Now hurry up.

U: Calum quit touching everything.

C: Sorry.

L: Can we get some candy?

U: No. You guys don’t need anymore sugar.

L: Pleaaaaaaase??

U: Fine. One bag. That’s it.

U: Ashton, I said broccoli OR pineapple. Not both.

U: Luke I said one bag.

U: Calum get over here!

U: Michael you are officially my favorite right now.

C: What are we going to have for dinner tonight?

U: I don’t know. What do you guys want?

A: Spaghetti.

U: Ashton we had that yesterday.

M: Pizza

U: We had that for lunch.

M: You can never have too much pizza though.

U: Michael we are not having pizza.

M: But it’s pizza.

U: Michael no is no.

U: Ashton I swear to god if you don’t put the broccoli or pineapple back we aren’t getting either.

U: Luke one bag!! Do you not know how to count to one?


C: What is it y/n?

U: Stop acting innocent. I told you about five times already to stop touching stuff.

L: Can we get some popcorn?

U: Is Ashton the only one that chooses healthy foods?

L, C: Yes.

M: Can we go now? I’m bored.

U: Well you guys are the ones taking forever.

M: Hurry up guys!

L: Shut up Michael! No one cares!

U: Luke! That was very rude! Apologize!

L: Sorry Michael.

M: It’s alright dude.

C: Can we get some cereal?

U: This is the last time I am ever taking you guys shopping with me again. Now lets go check out and leave.

*back at home*

U: Will you please get off your lazy asses and help me out the groceries away?

M: But I’m too lazy!


M: Ugh fine.

U: Calum seriously? We’ve been here what, five minutes and you already have your clothes off? GO PUT SOME FUCKING CLOTHES ON!

A: Can I make the broccoli now?

U: Ashton seriously? Help put away all these groceries then I might consider it.

U: Luke get back here!

L: But I have my candy.

U: I don’t care! There’s still a ton of groceries to put away!

U: Don’t you dare stick your tongue out at me Luke Robert Hemmings!

M: Ooo the middle name AND the last name come out.

U: Shut up Clifford!

U: Luke if you don’t come into this fucking kitchen and help out these groceries away I’m taking your penguin away for a week.

L: No! Not my penguin!



C: Right here.


C: But I don’t like clothes.


C: Awe come on. You know you like it.

U: CALUM!!!!!!!

C: Sorry.

U: Ashton I said wait until ALL the groceries are away.

U: Luke that’s a big ass bag. Don’t eat it all. You’ll get sick.

U: Michael quit fooling around.

U: Luke you probably just broke every chip in that bag. Thanks for dropping it.

L: Sorry y/n.

U: It’s fine Luke.

U: Thank you for putting clothes on Calum.

A: Can I make broccoli now?

U: Oh my god Ashton. Yes you can start making it. Just shut up about it please.

U: Michael don’t wrestle Calum in the kitchen.

U: Luke I told you not to eat the whole bag!

U: Calum stop making those moaning sounds! It’s freaking me out!

U: Ashton you’re going to burn the house down!!

U: You guys are a handful holy shit.

Have some more Teen Titans/Attack on Titan crossover jeanmarco style, because I’ve been stuck in a crammed in a car for over 12 hours and I’ve been forced into family situations with relatives that have existed forever and I’m just now meeting them. 
-dies. i’m literally in a dingy hotel with my dad and sister passed out in the beds behind me. take me home- 
also fullview please

Preference #118 He doesn't say I love you back:

Click the link to read part two:

The room was dark, and it felt lonely, even though both you and Harry were in it. And after hours of yelling and fighting with each other, it was now dead silent. He sat on the balcony, the cool night air blowing into the bedroom. He’d said some awful things to you. So you, getting defensive, said some awful things back. You’d said some things you never should have said and some things you didn’t even mean. You had picked at his insecurities, which was out of line. You sat on the floor of the bedroom, your back against the wall, as you looked out on the balcony. You watched his every move, though his back was towards you so he had no idea you were watching him. “Harry” you said so softly. “Harry?” You repeated, he refused to turn around. “Please Harry” you said, tears falling quickly. You cleared your throat. “I love you” you said at a normal volume; you knew he heard you. You heard him sigh, and for the first time in the past hour he turned around and his teary eyes met yours. “Harry, I love you” you repeated, through tears. He shook his head slightly and turned back around. “No you don’t” he said. His words were so quiet, but you knew they would haunt you for the rest of your life.
“I’m so fucking angry with you right now” Niall said, though he laughed slightly. “Niall babe, it’s a prank. I know you’re not actually mad.” “I expected this from Louis or the rest of the band but I didn’t expect you to be in on it too” Niall huffed, crossing his arms. You felt bad, but he was overreacting. You and the Louis had teamed up to put some blue hair dye in his shampoo. Making his hair a nice shade of pastel blue. “I think it looks really nice and hey I think Michael Clifford will approve” you giggled. Niall couldn’t help but laugh. “Whatever” he said. “Niall! I love youuuuu” you whined, before kissing his pouty lips. “Whatever” Niall said, unable to keep the smile off his lips. He always smiled after a kiss from you, his princess. “You love me. I know you love me, Niall” you giggled. “I’m going to get you back (Y/N)”
You’d been in love with the same guy for the past 4 years. He was your sunshine, your best friend. He was the only one who could make you happy no matter what. However, though he knew the happiness you brought to him, he didn’t know all the love you’d give him if you could. Sure, you and Liam loved each other, but you felt more for him than he felt for you. You were head over heels for Liam; not that he’d ever realize. “Do you want a cupcake? Sophia baked some cupcakes for me.” Liam offered as you were lying on his couch in sweats. You cringed at the sound of her name. It was she who stood between you and Liam. She may have been Liam’s dream, but she was definitely your nightmare. It wasn’t just that she had Liam, it was that she was so rude to everyone, you especially. “See, Sophia does have a heart” Liam said, referring to the cupcakes she made for him. “Oh Liam I know she has a heart, it’s just black and cold” you retorted. “(Y/N) I don’t know why you don’t like her, she’s nice.” he said. “Yeah, so nice that she can’t go a day without insulting me” you said sarcastically. “She’s just insecure” he told you. You rolled your eyes, of course she plays innocent with him. It was the words that Liam said next that made your heartbreak, “Why can’t you just be happy for me (Y/N).” “I can’t be happy until you’re with someone who actually deserves you… I-I love you Liam and I need you to get that she will never love you as much-” you started, but stopped mid sentence as you knew it was no use. “(Y/N)… You can’t. You can’t love me, I’m with Sophia” he said softly. “I know that dummy…I just…when she breaks your heart don’t tell me I never warned you. She doesn’t love you like you might think she does.” You said. “So do you want a cupcake or not” Liam said bitterly, trying to change the subject. “No that’s okay, she probably poisoned them.” You muttered, crossing your arms and turning your attention back to the TV.
“I love you.” They were three words that you threw around way to often. You told it to all your friends, sometimes for no reason. You even said it to people who you were just meeting. They would say something funny and through your laughter you’d say, “Oh my God I love you”. You threw around the words “I hate you” too. You’d been told this was a bad habit, but it was one that was hard to break. Your best friend would accidentally knock over her glass of ice water, most of it spilling onto you. “(Y/F/N) that’s fucking freezing!” You’d say, as the ice cubes melted through your dark wash jeans. Your friend would try to apologize but shouldn’t get the words out while she was laughing. “Oh my God. I hate you (Y/F/N)” you’d say, you laughing too. But this time when you said the words “I love you” you didn’t really think about who you were saying it too. Because it wasn’t your best friend who you had known for over ten years, it was Louis…who you had only know for three months. His eyes widened as the words left your lips. “Oh shit I’m sorry, I do that sometimes…I say things with out thinking about it….this is so awkward. I take it back…wait not that I won’t ever love you just right now I don’t really…ugh I’m sorry” you rambled, very embarrassed. “It’s okay (Y/N), you’re adorable. Now when we decide we want to say it for real, it won’t be as scary” he laughed, before kissing your forehead.
You were a bad friend, that much you knew. You’d known Zayn for what felt like forever and there were time when he liked you but you didn’t like him back, times when you liked him but he didn’t like you back, times when neither of you liked each other, and times when you both liked each other, though you never told each other. No matter what, Zayn was always there and there was always some kind of unspoken conflict regarding who liked who. It was rather childish, honestly, yet it had always been this way. But today, in this instant, you had decided you loved Zayn and he needed to know. “I’m coming overrr” you texted him. “Okay :)” he replied. You arrived his house, which smelt of vanilla and cinnamon, and he hugged you hello. “Hey Z, can I just tell you something…I need to say just to get it out of my system.” You told him. He nodded, with a look on his face that made him look slightly puzzled. “I love you Zayn.” you started, the words coming easier than you expected. “And I know that we’ve had our ups and downs, but I really do love you…” you said. You watched as his eyes lit up slightly, but then within milliseconds the light in his eyes was gone. “I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted you to say that (Y/N)… but it’s always back and forth. I like you, then you like me, then you don’t like me. It’s really confusing (Y/N). I hate not being sure how you feel-” “I’m telling you right now that I do love you Zayn” you inturrupted. Zayn sighed. “Please don’t say those words to me, I took me this long to get over you and accept the fact that we would never actually be together…” he said. Silent tears were now falling from your eyes. “We can be together Zayn” “But how do I know you won’t feel differently towards me in a week!” he said. “I can promise you I won’t!” “I’m sorry (Y/N) I don’t want to take that risk.” He said, making your heart sink.