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Happy Birthday to the man with the plan. We may not get to see your fro as often as we used to, but you’re still as important and lovable as you were three years ago. I think it’s safe to say we all love Princess Fro Fro and hope it’s been a great birthday.

give me the splendid, silent sun, with all his beams full-dazzling.
// walt whitman 


an anakin playlist for the one that spun time forward and harnessed the stars and the planets and the moons and the suns. 

i. aphelion - jesper kid // ii. the downed dragon - how to train your dragon // iii. icarus - bastille // iv. taking a stand - captain america: the winter soldier // v. dream is collapsing - inception // vi. mountains - interstellar // vii. gravity - gravity // viii. above earth - gravity // ix. dark wings, dark worlds - game of thrones // x. main theme - the dark knight rises // xi. vespertilio - batman begins // xii. touched (slumberjack edit) - what so not // xiii. preliator - globus // xiv. archangel - two steps from hell 

( for matereya )