ugh some of these are so jumpy

Dinner surprise

you make dinner together and have some drinks and it gives him the courage to propose to you


“Ugh frick” you heard Ashton mumble under his breath, followed by the sound of water hitting the floor. Ashton felt you watching him and looked up with a cheesy smile. You laughed “why are you so jumpy lately?” “Oh you know how us drummers are.” He said carefully avoiding the question. You shrugged it off figuring it was just as Ashton being Ashton. Ashton was careful not to mess anything else up so you wouldn’t get suspicious. After the two of you ate Ashton made some drinks. A few drinks later and Ashton was feeling more confident than ever before. He remembered the ring in his pocket and got excited. He got on one knee and pulled the ring out “Y/N you’re the most important person in my life right now. There isn’t anybody else on the planet I would rather spend my life with you. Will you marry me?” You gasped and nodded Ashton picked you up and twirled you around.


You heard a noise in the kitchen and walked in to see Calum about to chop a pepper. “Calum wait!” You said just before he could do anything. “What?” He asked with a confused face. “If you do it like that you’re going to hurt yourself.” “ me?” He asked with an innocent face. You rolled your eyes knowing he probably did it on purpose. “So what are we making?” “It’s a surprise.” He replied with a smirk. “How do I help you if you won’t tell me what we’re making?” You asked laughing. “Wow I really didn’t think this through.” Calum said and laughed with you. Eventually he told you what to do and it was done. Calum added some wine on top of it “voilà!” Calum said pleased with how it turned out. Once the wine kicked in Calum kept smiling at you making both of you laugh. “What is it?” You asked between laughs “you’re just so beautiful.“ It got quiet and Calum seized his opportunity. “I mean it, Y/N, every night I imagine our future together. And mini versions of us running around together.” You laughed at that and Calum smiled back at you. “I guess what I’m getting at is Y/N will you marry me?” “Yes yes yes!!” He smiled and you both hugged for a while.


Luke was laying on the bed twirling your engagement ring. He sighed every time he wanted to propose he backed out. He smelled you cooking in the kitchen and put the ring in his pocket before he walked in. He walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around you. You laughed making Luke laugh. Luke kissed your forehead “how can I help?” “Uhh get the butter.” Luke helped you until you were done. You talked for a while and you could tell Luke was nervous about something. “I’ll be back” you said and got some drinks, knowing that would help him say whatever he needed to say. You handed him his drink and he smiled at you “thanks, babe.” It was obvious once the alcohol kicked in. Luke Was smiling really big “we should get married.” You laughed in shock “what?” “Seriously, Y/N, we should get married. I knew since the day I met you that you had me wrapped around your finger and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I wanna fall asleep knowing I’m going to wake up to you every day I can. And it would be nice to have you join us on tour as my wife. Y/N will you marry me?” He finally asked and got on one knee smiling at you. You couldn’t stop smiling and finally nodded not trusting your voice. Luke put the ring on your finger “yay.” You laughed and looked at the ring in amazement. You and Luke were officially getting married.


Michael insisted on cooking but after hearing all the swears coming from the kitchen you decided to check on him. “Need some help?” You asked “pfft no I can cook.” A few seconds later he burnt himself “oww” he said and instinctively sucked on his finger. “Help me?” He pleaded you laughed and agreed. Michael started singing really bad just to annoy you. You laughed and eventually got tired of it “if you keep on I’m not going to help you cook.” He stopped immediately making you laugh. You finished cooking and sat down waiting for Michael. He was taking longer than usual, so when he came out with drinks you weren’t surprised. You both talked, ate, and drank for a while. Michael held your hand and made a really weird smile. A few seconds later he got serious. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while now. I uhh don’t really know how to do this so don’t laugh please.” He laughed nervously and continued “You’re my world, you mean everything to me. Every night on tour I count down the days till I can see you again. When I’m with you I never want to leave, I wish I could freeze time and just stay with you forever. Basically what I wanna ask you is Y/N, will you marry me?” You said yes and Michael cheered and hugged you for a while. “And just for the record it seemed like you knew what you were doing.” You said with a wink Michael laughed and rolled his eyes “you’re lucky I love you.” “Yes I am.” You replied and kissed him.