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Hello! I was wondering if I could request a Enoch imagine where him and female reader are in a relationship and have been together for a while and so when Jacob comes he likes Emma and Emma likes him and so they go to the reader and Enoch for relationship advice please! If that makes sense?

okay let’s fuCKEN GO

- There were many things Enoch liked about Miss Peregrine’s home - well, his home. The aroma of cookies every time he stepped out of his room into the living room (and not step in from the outside because duh, he’s Enoch, he doesn’t go outside). Strewn, unused clay and bloody miniature military clothes, even little traces of blood on his desk. The tightly shut jars. The smell of the spewing smoke from Miss P’s pipe. All - barely enough to shake some optimism into him. Because duh, he’s Enoch; he was the heartthrob of pessimism. 

- Enoch also liked you - well, he loved you. He couldn’t tell you all the time, because ‘he has a reputation’, mutters Horace. It was almost more of the little things. The way he always shut his jars too tight when you’re talking because he gets so lost in your voice. How he manages to not smell like the stench of death with his blood-splotched clothes when you’re around. How he stops mid lip-bite when you’re laughing. How his pillows always fall from the bed when you sleep next to him. And how any room where both of you were in reeked of the blood that poured from Cupid’s bow, himself. He has a reputation but you were pretty damn certain he would fuck that up just for you. 

- He was utterly puzzled whether to feel safe or in grave danger when Jake arrived, who, of course, fell embarrassingly in love with Emma, considering her history with Abe. It was the period of Enoch’s most protective and frustrated personas. (and hottest tbh)

- He pulled quite a snort when Jake ‘sneakily’ approached him for some advice. “You always put up with her bullshit. Emma has a bad temper. “ Jake nods, like a student taking some deadass notes. “You reassure her.”, Enoch pouts, like it was easily evident. With the same distasteful frown, he feels Jake’s jacket, thinking about his homuncili dressed in the trends of the 21st century, if the 21st century went for a pyjama look. You found his dominance made your knees weak as you watched with an unconcealable smile. “You cherish her.”, he seriously adds, his head turning to look at you. Fuck, he was just as in love as this younger boy across him was. “Thanks, man.”, Jacob patted him on the shoulder. 

- You giving Emma advice was actually like two girls having a hell of a sleepover and you were more into the specifics. “Stroke his hair a lot.”, you would nod as Emma would look at you impressed for the first time in, like, a century. “Kiss his cheek.”, and both of you would squeal at the thought. Emma would ask a lot, and you could barely give her any other answer - 

 And with a smile, your mind basking in the thought of Enoch, you utter. “Cherish him.” There was a sweet smile on your faces before the conversation lead to almost bragging about either’s boyfriends. 

- And you’d just never forget that glorious moment when Enoch looked so, so experienced, his eyes, nevertheless, looking so lovestruck. 

“You cherish her.”


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