ugh so much tension in this scene

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D&D killed SanSan the moment they casted RMC. I find it hard to believe that he's the same age as Aiden. The neckbeard is a total cringe. Sandor is not meant to be handsome, but show Sandor was a) disproportionately aged up and b) despite his impressive size, he's in a horrible shape. D&D know that the majority of their viewers are shallow as hell. If SanSan was a thing that was meant to happen, they'd have never casted Rory. Just compare this to show Dany and Drogo.

I’ve given up on the show.  After Sansa’s rape, I was done.  I did have some hope in the first two seasons before I read the novels.  I didn’t quite get what Sansa and the Hound had going on, but there was the tender protection he offered her.  It did not play like a grand romance, but “there was something there.”  After I read the novels, I was put off completely by the show version of the Hound.

No offense to Rory, but he’s no Sandor.  He may have understood that there is a gentle and tender side to the angry man, but I don’t think he brought any great depth to the portrayal of Sandor Clegane.  He plays the Hound angry, but it’s a petty, hateful, world-weary kind of hatefulness.  In the novels, the Hound boiled with true rage, a fury that had not burned itself out. Also, he is very old for Sophie’s Sansa.  Even with her now being a boss badass after all the rape and murder (barf), he looks ANCIENT in the new promo pic.  I’m in my 40s and man, he looks too old for me!  

There are some who like the lumberjack look.  That’s fine and all, but that is not Sandor Clegane to me. I do think you may be right that D&D never had any intention of making Sansa and Sandor have a relationship anything like their book counterparts.  Didn’t Jason Momoa try out for the Hound?  He would have been so much better than Rory for the part. 

Book Sandor is badly scarred, but he simmers with rage and testosterone and very potent masculinity.  He turns Sansa on.  That’s a fact.  In the show? Sandor was nice to Sansa once or twice.  The Blackwater scene came closest to having tension, but it pales in comparison to everything it could have been.

Also, he’s gross.  Shave the freaking beard, man, or at least the neck.  Brush the teeth.  Stop saying “fuck” and “cunt” all the time.  Ugh.

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Bask I ADORED tonight's episode!! PENGUIN WAS BACK!! Of course I ADORED the smol birb in smittens with Ed BUT THIS IS THE PENGUIN I FELL FOR back in S1!! It was great, and still shows that they BOTH COULD GET SHIT DONE if they were together (ie: the cell escape). I'm so ready for S4!!! auuuuugggghhhh~~~

YAS IT WAS SO GOOOD!! Those reviews scared me af, nEVER TRUST A REVIEW AGAIN!! Lol. And this is nothing personal to the ppl behind the reviews okay i mean just in general aaaah I can’t trust teasing and stuff until we see, because everyone react differently!! GOD IT WAS SO GOOD and YES s1 clevery Oswald is back <33 and ALSO his sadistic shit with Strange, aaaah I missed that from s1 too <333 UGH. IT WAS SO MUCH DAMN FEELS! Nygmob are so damn dynamic and amazing in all their scenes ugh it was soooo much tension and playing each other and Robin & Cory are so damn good AAAH I LOVE IT!!! 

12 Days of Anime Day 8: Hibike! Euphonium

Hibike! Euphonum is an anime about band kids and it is completely, 100% straight in every conceivable way.

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No, really.

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Nothing gay here.

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Just 2 gals bein’ pals.

I’m serious guys.

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Y’know when I was in high school the Ultimate Extracurricular Lesbian Gathering Place™ was theater tech (trust me on this). But in Japan I guess it’s different.

*this is the most gay show I’ve ever seen that isn’t actually gay*

Ok, I’m being perfectly serious right now: Kumiko and Reina are perfect for each other. And that’s not just my starving gay heart overanalyzing shit again, no no, I mean, they actually have really good chemistry throughout this whole show. They work so well together and in like every scene they have together there’s so much gay tension. If you go to YouTube, you can find an hour, a FUCKING HOUR of gay moments with Kumiko and Reina compiled just from season one alone

And not even kidding, as of me writing this post, this ship ain’t canon

Are you fucking serious.

I mean, a big part of me knows all of this is just bait. That they’re just doing this for money and these two are gonna stay… ugh… really good friends. And considering Reina’s got her eyes on their teacher the entire series and in the now-finished light novels, Kumiko gets a boyfriend (because OF COURSE), chances are looking pretty slim. But… dammit, that other little part of me just keeps falling for it! 

For the first bit of the series it was a bit easier to admit to myself that yes, this isn’t canon nor will it ever be. The moments with them were super fucking cute, but I could let them just be moments… for the most part.

And then they put in that mountain scene from episode 8.

Because of something that happened between them in middle school as well as Reina just not being a very social person, Kumiko and Reina start this series off pretty awkward. As they spend more time together in band practice they kinda get better acquainted, but they’re still on a last name basis with each other and just treat each other as fellow bandmates. 

This scene right here? This is where all that changes. After this point, they’re much closer and they start to become better friends and maybe even more than that. It’s a big turning point for Kumiko herself, too, since Reina’s influence is one of the first things that motivates her to try her best in band. And it all starts here at the top of this mountain.

Of course the ship is helped along even further with them saying stuff like this:

Then when they reach the top of the mountain they play a beautiful trumpet/euphonium duet together. The song is called “Ai o Mitsuketa Basho”, which in English is “the place where I have found love”. And here’s some of the lyrics:

Hey, who do you want to see right now?
Hey, who do you love right now?
I’m always here wishing that it were me

Hey, I can’t see my heart
And that instantly becomes a worry for me but
We can’t move on to tomorrow, by just the things we believe in

The stars that rise to the night sky, do so as they keep someone in mind
How many people in this town are looking up at them? I wonder

Even if I’ve seen all the beautiful things in the world gathered before my eyes
Nothing compares to you who’s smiling for me right now

Looking at it again it’s really symbolic of them deciding to reach for their dreams together and Reina sort of inspiring Kumiko to aim higher. Especially because directly after this they begin preparing for auditions.

But guys.

It’s a love song.

It’s a love song.


KyoAni, please, I beg of you, fuck the source material and just let it happen. PLEASE.

I’m sick in bed and bored and I was just thinking how wonderful it would be if you could watch your favourite fics as movies - with the original cast of course. Ugh, I can picture it so clearly. Dear fic authors, please make it happen. 

My Top 6 wishlist for a respective movie edition would be:

Also I’d be fine with the movies being 18+ because I fully understand that the artistic authenticity would have to remain top priority at all times.

My Top 10 BBC Sherlock Moments:

10)  Take my hand.

 9)  You look sad, when you think he can’t see you.  UGH, that moment when Sherlock looks up at John.  UGH

8)  This look between them.  This entire moment.  How they always say so much without saying anything they need to say.  UGH.  

7)  We’re not a couple.  Yes you are.

6)  The feet, the drunken happiness, the soft warm looks.  UGH

5)  Giggling after running through London.  This was the moment I first started to ship these two idiots.

4)  This look.  THIS LOOK. UGH  It kills me but this moment is so important and I screamed internally when I first watched it.  John sees.  He sees

3)  The look in the mirror.  (I like looks between these two in case you haven’t noticed)  This look kills me every time.  SO much sexual tension.

2)  Sherlock restarting his heart for John.  Really, this entire scene in Sherlock’s mind palace is AMAZING.

1)  The entire ‘Fall’ scene, from the moment John steps out of the cab till they roll Sherlock’s dead body away.  Every single part of it is the best (however many minutes) of television EVER.

This was so hard, there are so many other scenes that I love and had to cut in order to narrow it down to just this.  But here, have a bonus moment:

The 100 2.14 Clexa Confrontation about Octavia

This scene came before the kiss and was explosive in its own way.  Clarke forcing Lexa to face up to her feeeeelings.  Lexa refusing to back down about Octavia.  Clarke threatening to expose the missile secret.  Both of them looking desperately torn at the end of it.  

So much delicious tension, conflict, and angst, ugh.  Could you two be more perfect together?