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All the things that I’d done… memories… they never hurt me. But the past… it’s more than memories. It’s the devil you sold your soul to. He’s coming. He’s coming to collect.


15/9: coffee date with the birthday boy

happy birthday my sunshine, ily ♡

Can aphobes just shut the fuck up about Thomas already? The only reason you guys are trying to pin this man as a pedophile is because he thinks aces and aros belong in the LGBT community. He does not explicitly encourage minors to draw NSFW art of him, he was not aware that the artist was under 18 and has since corrected his behavior. He owned up to his mistakes, so why don’t y'all start doing the same?

ok but real talk. one of my favourite things of watching Car Boys as it came out and seeing the “lore” unravel was talking about it! like, leaving behind all pretense and cringe and just having a good time making theories and discusing the supposed plot of a freaking car physics simulation game. the morality and motives of the “characters”, pieceing together the dimensions, the history behind the maps.

and i appreciate that so much about the boys. they just broke the game in increasingle inventive ways and talked about it until there was such a rich and deep background and it was full of comedy and horror and so! much! fun!

it was so easy to become invested, and i see now so many people were caught off guard by how emotional they got at the finale. because they made such a special thing. not just a fun series to take your mind off things (though that certainly helped) but an actual story. and we know they’re not really trapped in the time ring forever, but the personas they created are; in a eternal chase against the blob, floating through the void with only elton john and each other for company…

it’s bittersweet. but it was impressive to say the least. and i’m glad i got to experience it, that they chose to take this route and share the trip with us. and i know it’ll stay with me for some time :’)


I’m not sure if you have seen this video yet but if you haven’t seen it then I feel as if you’re doing a disservice to both your ears and your eyes which could have easily been blessed about a million seconds ago with this fucking perfect creation of art and majesty. 

aka: my favorite song from one of my favorite artists decides to do a music video and far outshines anything I’ve ever witnessed ever

aka: the one with the sparklers. 

Honestly Guren would be such a great character if he wasn’t painted as a hero by the narrative because like?? Even though he’s a complete fucking asshole, he’s also very morally grey, and morally grey asshole characters are GREAT for story progression and development because they tend to power/influence the plot far more than most of the protags ever will. So Guren’s dickish, secrative, manipulative nature is actually a very good thing in storytelling terms, but the fact that he’s painted in a more heroic light is just kinda…bluh. It ruins some of his appeal, to be honest, because he’s very clearly not a hero or a savior, so it feels forced. Characters like Guren are perfect as they are while depicted in a neutral light, because you see their good side contrasting with their horrible actions, and it allows the readers to appreciate them for who they are- as flawed, but still interesting, characters. To put Guren’s actions and behavior in a more positive, heroic light ruins the whole thing because the whole appeal to what he’s doing is that it’s flawed and not the right thing. That’s what makes a character like him likeable. To display it as the ‘right’ thing, the heroic thing, ruins it.

Books Read in 2017: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

“Hope can be a powerful force. Maybe there’s no actual magic in it, but when you know what you hope for most and hold it like a light within you, you can make things happen, almost like magic”

Hera’s always been the best at making Ezra smile when his mind fills with memories of his parents of his life alone. 

She may not have experienced it. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand. 


Look at that smile…
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