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dating sirius black would include...

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- literally begging him to let you play with his hair
- “i dunno, love. my hair is very precious to me.”
- “please, sirius. please.”
- you give him the puppy eyes and pout your bottom lip
- “no, no. stop that, please, sweetheart.”
- he gives in pretty quickly after that
- braiding his hair, putting it in a top knot, making him flower crowns, so many things with his hair
- so much jealousy
- “mine.”
- him showing off in animagus form for you
- james and remus roll their eyes
- you just giggle and happily pet him bc dogs
- piggyback rides between classes
- wearing his leather jacket
- him being very very proud 
- “that’s my girl.”
- you literally wear his clothes all the time after that 
- so many inside jokes
- “such a good girl for daddy, right sweetheart?” fUCK
- having an infatuation with his hands
- “they’re so huge!”
- smirks. “my hands aren’t the only things that’re huge, love.”
- you facepalm. “oh merlin.”
- he’s such a gentleman like all the time
- pulls out your chair, holds every single door open for you, etc etc
- he’s so fussy over you and wants to cater to you 25/7
- “i’m thirsty.”
- “you want water? i’ll get you some, love, stay here.”
- always holding hands
- kissing the top of your head
- you hugging him from behind and rest your head on his back while he talks to friends
- he can’t stop grinning as he talks 
- him teasing you in public 25/7 because he’s horny every second of every day
- you start teasing him as payback
- daddy sirius punishing you for teasing him ;)
- becoming the fifth marauder
- remus is like your best friend
- james is a brother figure to you
- you make sirius a softie
- like he gushes about you to the boys
- “i’ve never felt this way about a girl before. she’s just- bloody hell, i love her.”
- you’re his rock when it comes to his family problems
- and vice versa 
- so much love and fluff and cuteness ugh

The Rooftop

Summary: Phil’s been best friends with Dan all his life, and it seems like every night they were up to another adventure. Just when did that platonic, best friend love, turn into something more?

TW: uh, jumping off roofs (and being fine!), falling off roofs (and being minorly injured with nothing described in detail), um sickening fluff that will make you vomit actual cotton candy?

Word Count: 3.7k

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Random HC #34 (Continuation of #4 - #33)


It feels…strange.
Not bad!
Just…really strange and foreign…
Robbie furrows his brows, focusing and trying to pinpoint the feeling that is coming up while he’s sitting on the bed, on the great, thick, fluffy towel, that keeps the bed from getting wet, when Sportacus now very gently wipes with the damp, warm, slightly soapy washrag over his bare back, cleaning him from sweat.
But then the movement slows down and finally stops completely and the hero’s audibly worried voice sounds up “…I’m not…hurting you, am I?…” The hand on Robbie’s shoulder, keeping him steady, loosens its grip a little, as well. The villain blinks in confusion and turns his head to look into Sportacus’ concern reflecting eyes “…Hm?… No… Of course not… How would you?!…”
“Good. It’s just… You’re frowning and the muscles in your back are all tensed up…” Sportacus eyes him carefully “…Does anything else hurt you?”
“Or do you feel worse?”
“No,” Robbie can’t help a weak smile now “It’s really fine, Sportacus. I just… This still is so…new to me… I don’t really know…how to feel about all this… It’s really not your fault!…”
“…I see… But neither is it yours!” reminds the other firmly, then he thinks about it for a second, before jumping from the place next to the bed, where he’s been standing until now, onto the bed, in a kneeling position, right behind Robbie’s back. He can still reach the bowl with the water from here. “…Let me try something…” he now places both hands on the other’s back. One of them still inside the washrag, still cleaning away the sweat, leaving behind a mild smell of flowers and a pleasant warm feeling on Robbie’s back, while the other hand now starts a careful massage, rubbing and pressing gentle, but not TOO gentle circles in the tense muscles, trying to relax them a little. “…Tell me if it hurts too much…” murmurs Sportacus lowly, noticing Robbie’s light wince when he presses his thumb onto a very hard spot between his shoulder blades. “…Okay…” mumbles Robbie lowly while breathing through the slight sting at the hero’s careful touch. It does hurt a little, but he knows that Sportacus wouldn’t do this if he wasn’t convinced that he’d feel better afterwards. So he focuses on the warm, wet rag instead and after a few minutes, barely registers the slight pain anymore and his head slowly sinks on his chest. His eyes flutter shut and he starts to take deep, slow breaths. For a moment, he thinks that he’s about to fall asleep again like this, but slowly, he starts to realize that this is no tiredness this time, but deep relaxation. Something, he can’t remember ever feeling before. And something else…to let the hero proceed like this, despite the slight pain, he experienced when he started, and give away the last bit of control…he REALLY has to trust him limitless…
A low, long sigh escapes his slightly parted lips. “…Good?…” asks the hero very lowly without interrupting his work. “…Hmm…” Robbie breathes out.
Yes. It is good.
That’s what it feels like now.
Not bad. Not strange anymore. Just…good…
Sportacus smiles happily. He can feel and see the tension leaving Robbie’s body. Finally. His massage turns softer now that the villain’s muscles are relaxed completely and is more an instrument of showing his presence and reassurance now. At regular intervals, he dunks the washrag into the bowl again, cleaning it and soaking up new, warm water. He’s long finished with washing Robbie’s back, of course, but though doesn’t stop before the water in the bowl gets too cold to use. “…Robbie…”
“I have to stand up and change the water. Okay?” he gently runs his hands over his shoulder blades again. “…Hm… As long as you come back…” the weak smile in his voice is audible. Sportacus chuckles softly “Of course, I will! …Okay, careful now, don’t lean back…”
Robbie nods weakly and the hero carefully jumps out of the bed, checks on Robbie’s relaxed expression, with his still closed eyes and grabs the bowl with the washrag in it to take it back to the bathroom. Just two minutes later, he returns with a second, still dry rag and the bowl, filled with pure, lukewarm water now. This time, he keeps standing next to the bed and gently runs the wet rag over the other’s back again, to remove possible rests of soap. Once, he’s finished with this, he takes a soft, dry towel and carefully starts rubbing him dry. Robbie lets go of a sigh, that sounds almost like a purr again and Sportacus chuckles silently and places a soft kiss on the villain’s hair.
For a moment, both of them forget about the serious, not to say critical situation, the villain is currently in. They just enjoy each other’s company and light touches. It’s peaceful and relaxing. And, especially for Robbie, that’s such a rare or even new experience…
“…Are you…done already?…” the sad tone in the villain’s low voice is obvious, when Sportacus finally, after over ten minutes of gentle rubbing, puts the towel away again. He doesn’t want him to stop. Ever… The hero smiles softly and replies reassuring “Only with one half. Your chest is next… Lay down, I’ll get new water,” he puts a steadying arm around Robbie’s shoulders and the other reflexively leans back and lets himself be eased to lie flat on his back. The hero gently lifts his head again, to prop it up on a small pillow, then he turns around. “…Sportacus…” He turns back at the soft call, at once and looks down into Robbie’s grey, now open eyes “Yes, Robbie?”
“…My body…feels completely…slack…” he blinks slowly “…Is that…normal?…”
“Does it feel good?”
“…Yeah… I’d say so…”
“Then it is perfect. And something, you definitely needed. And…yes, also normal,” he smiles soothingly and gently, shortly squeezes the villain’s hand “Don’t worry. You’re finally relaxed. And that is very good!”
“…Okay…” Robbie returns the smile feebly and his eyes slowly fall shut again. “…I’ll be right back…” whispers Sportacus lowly and leaves once more to change the water. Robbie nods lightly. For the first time now, the fear that Sportacus might leave him for good when he walks away, keeps quiet. He knows that he’s coming back. Sportacus would never leave him alone for more than a few minutes without telling him before…
His thoughts are calm and he’s breathing deeply…

“…We had to leave Iceland to protect you…” The words startle him to the core. And his eyes grow wide with confusion. His voice breaks “W-What do you mean? Protect me? From what? And why just ME? What about yourself?”
“…It’s…complicated, Robbie…” his mother sighs lowly and looks at the fourteen-year old “…We had to…protect you from…some people, who were after you…”
“After ME?! But… But I was only four years old when we left Iceland! What could I have possibly done to upset anybody enough to chase me at this age?! Just me? None of you??” Robbie’s head is swirling. This doesn’t make any sense… “…It’s not what you…did… You’re right, at this age, you couldn’t do anything…” the woman gently strokes through his black hair, a sad smile on her lips. Robbie nearly winces again. He can’t remember that she has ever done something like this before… “…Then what WAS the reason, Mum?…” the boy’s voice breaks even more now and he can’t help but to feel scared of the answer. “…These people…were afraid of what you COULD do, once you’ve grown up…”
“…Yes… All right… I know, you want answers…” she takes a deep breath in “…You… Do you remember all the stories, Dad and I told you and Ray about Iceland and about the…different…people living there?…”
“…Of course, I do… But what…”
“These weren’t just stories. These things…really happened…”
Robbie stares at her, not sure whether to laugh or cry “…But…not the parts with the…elves and…fairies…and stuff!?”
“Especially those parts.” Now the boy starts feeling really dizzy and his voice doesn’t raise above a whisper “…Now you’re starting to make fun of me, too?!…”
“I don’t!” she grabs his shoulders, her gaze is serious “I mean it, Robbie. Elves and fairies exist!”
“…Whatever… What…” he swallows hard “…What does that have to do with me now?…”
“…More than you realize now… Do you remember that one story about…love between different species and…the children they have?…” The boy nods weakly. “…That…was the only story that was…made up… If a fae…and an…elf have a child…it’s no werewolf or kobold…” her voice trails off and her eyes roam Robbie’s face and body, before she fixes them on the wall behind him. “…Then…what IS it?…” a low voice in Robbie’s mind tells him that he knows the answer already, but he refuses to listen, instead, his own voice becomes truly desperate now “Mum?!?”
“…You…” her eyes move back to meet his gaze “…It’s you, Robbie…”

yo its soulmate!lukes turn… soulmate!calum - soulmate!michael

au where you see in black and white until you meet your soulmate:

The world had been in colour for as long as you could remember.

But that wasn’t normal.

Everyone knew that you only started seeing in colours when you met your soulmate, except you still had no idea who yours was. If ever anyone asked you just said you saw black and white like everyone else your age, minus a lucky few.

It’s not that you didn’t enjoy being able to see the world as it was - bright crimsons, burning yellows, gleaming blues and emerald greens - you loved it.

It’s just you could never shake the feeling that some part of you was still missing, no matter how vividly your eyes protested.

“Move it, nerd.” Your shoulder got shoved roughly as Luke Hemmings and his gang of idiots pushed past you in the hallway.

“Good morning to you too.” You scowled, murmuring under your breath.

“What was that?” The blonde leader turned and faced you.

Your breath hitched as you caught his gaze. You wondered if he knew how stunningly blue his eyes actually were.

“Nothing, Hemmings.” You faked a smile for a split second before continuing on your way, clutching your books close to your chest.

“I don’t like that tone, Y/N.” He tried to be intimidating for his friends, always attempting to act like an ‘alpha’.

“I don’t give a fuck what you like, Luke.” You called behind you, startling yourself with your retort.

You were halfway down the hall before you felt a hand on your arm.

“Get off!” You protested, catching his sapphire eyes for another second, they really were a lovely colour.

You waited for Luke to say something suggestive or rude, but he didn’t say anything, he just blinked and stared, his eyes trailing to where your skin touched, then slowly back to your eyes.

“What colour are your eyes?” He asked softly, surprising you with his sudden change in demeanor.

“Why do you care? You see black and white like me and everyone else!” His mystified face when he looked at you scared you a little.

“Like you?” He asked, getting defensive again, his grip on your tightening.

“Yes…” You lied.

You could tell that Luke knew you weren’t being 100% honest. You shook your arm away from him.

“I’m late for class.” You turned your head and didn’t look back, ignoring all the hoots from his rowdy pack of adolescent boys.



It was finally the end of the day. You’d had a bad one, forgotten homework equalling a detention on Thursday and your tardiness another detention the following week.

“Y/N!” You heard again, this time registering it was for you.

You turned to see Luke pacing quickly towards you, surprisingly not surrounded by his pack. You rolled your eyes and kept walking, you didn’t feel like having an argument right now.

“Y/N, stop!” You heard Luke call again.

“I don’t have time for your bullshit Luke.” You shot back at him.

“I need to talk to you!” He almost sounded as if he was begging you.

You reluctantly slowed and allowed him to catch up to you, but didn’t stop walking towards the front gate.

“What is it?” You grumbled.

“I’m sorry for before.”

“Okay, bye.” You didn’t want to be around anyone right now, let alone the school nuisance.

“No! Uh, that’s not everything.” He grabbed your arm again, but this time you felt sparks shoot through your veins and a warm tingling feeling pool in your tummy.

“I, um, do you feel that?” He was reduced to a blushing 5 year old, his feet awkwardly rubbing against each other as he nervously spoke.

You nodded, only now daring to look into his eyes.

“I can see you.” He said, lifting a hand to your cheek.

You flinched away from him.

“I need to go.”

“What? Come on! I know you see in colour too!”

“Who said that?” You shot Luke a glare.

“No one had to.”

You were in turmoil, half of you wanted to slap him, the other half was praying you’d kiss him.

“You see in colour? For how long?” You changed the subject nonchalantly.

“Since this morning.”

It felt like your stomach had fallen into your feet.

“W-what?” Your voice cracked.

“Does that mean… Are we…?” Luke couldn’t quite finish his sentence.

“That isn’t possible,” You whispered under your breath, “I’ve seen in colour for years.”

Luke was subdued for a while before piping up, “We went to kindergarden together.”

“Did we?” Your head was struggling to get it’s head around all this new information.


“Then why are you only seeing in colour now?”

“My grandma said that some hearts take longer to realise who their soulmates are. I guess it took mine a while.” His eyes were glued to his feet and he was talking softly.

His cocky attitude had melted away and you knew you were finally meeting the real Luke. You reached up and took his snapback off, the hat reminding you of the asshole you ran into this morning, not the boy who stood in front of you now.

“Have you properly looked at your hair yet? It makes you look like an angel baby.” You giggled.

“No it doesn’t!” Luke protested, pulling out his phone and turning on the forward facing camera.

His eyes widened a bit when he looked at his reflection, he probably still wasn’t used to it. He began expecting himself closely.

“Angel baby.” You nodded at him.

“You’re annoying. You look like a… sunshine baby.”

You laughed, “You got me!”

“Do I?”


“Do I have you?”

“I think so.”

“You think?” Luke looked amused as he bounced on the balls of his feet anxiously.

“Kiss me.”

Luke didn’t need persuading. He cupped your cheeks with both hands and kissed you passionately, his soft lips taking the lead as you closed your eyes and practically melted into his body as your legs turned to jelly. You pulled away, breathless, opening your eyes a second too late with your lips still pursed.

“Okay, I definitely haven’t been kissed like that before.”

“Neither,” Luke’s eyes were wide and he could barely take them off your lips, “I wonder what our sex would be like.”

“Luke!” You felt blood rushing to your cheeks and you hit his arm lightly.

“Did I say that out loud?”



“You’re an asshole.”

“I’m your asshole.”

“Oh no, I’m really stuck with you aren’t I?”

“Yup!” He grinned, pulling you into his chest, definitely not ready to let you go any time soon.


•ᴥ• awrf!

breaking news: adorable husbands finally get a puppy!

inspired by kiss-my-pikachu‘s request | more phan doodles here

Goodnight - Jinyoung [drabble]

From down the hall, you could hear Jinyoung tucking your 5-year-old son to bed after he finished reading a book. You could also hear your son’s clever remarks about the storyline and what not. You figured he was going to take after Jinyoung with his reading comprehension and analyzation. You smiled softly to yourself as you laid in bed drowsily. Before your eyes fully closed, Jinyoung entered the bedroom. He appeared content with the moment he had with his son. A bright smile plastered from eye to eye and you couldn’t help but reflect the exact expression although yours was more tired.

“Why aren’t you asleep yet?” He snuck in beside you and nudged his nose against your cheek. It was as if to kiss and smell your floral scented lotion at the same time.

You shrugged away, tickled by his affection. “I wanted to hear you read to him.” Your voice was gentle and heartwarming, similar to all the times you both had made love. It made him want to shower you with kisses.

Jinyoung tucked aside a couple strands of hair to peck your lips lovingly. “Do you want me to read to you?” Sleep was getting to you already, so you declined the offer. You also wanted him to rest.

You shifted back and forth to find comfort, but it resulted in you returning to the original position you were in. You slept straight with your hands resting under your chest. Shuffles came from your husband, but you were too exhausted to check for the reasons. In less than a minute, you felt his palm rest over your baby bump with the his ear up against it to listen in.

“Baby, can you hear me? It’s appa. Rest well, okay? Don’t tire mommy out too much.” His soothing palm rubbed circles around the area. “Goodnight, princess.” He gave your baby bump a kiss before he returned to the pillow beside you. “Goodnight, babe.” He gave your cheek a chaste smooch before he snuggled into the crook of your neck and placed another there.

Faintly you whispered, “Goodnight.”

Dating Seth Rollins would include:

× He is your best friend
Doing EVERYTHING together
He loves everything about you
Literally begging him to let you play with his hair
× “I dunno, love. My hair is very precious to me.”
× “Please, Seth. Please.”
× You give him the puppy eyes and pout your bottom lip
× “No, no. Stop that, please, sweetheart.”
× He gives in pretty quickly after that
× Braiding his hair, putting it in a top knot, making him flower crowns, so many things with his hair
× “You know that I love you so much, right?” × So much jealousy
× “mine.”
× Roman and Dean roll their eyes
× Piggyback rides while you’re training
× Wearing his shirt
× Him being very very proud 
× “that’s my girl.”
× You literally wear his clothes all the time after that 
× So many inside jokes
× “such a good girl for daddy, right sweetheart?” fUCK
× He’s such a gentleman like all the time
× Pulls out your chair, holds every single door open for you, etc etc
× He’s so fussy over you and wants to cater to you 24/7
× “i’m thirsty.”
× “you want water? i’ll get you some, love, stay here.”
× Always holding hands
× Kissing the top of your head
× You hugging him from behind and rest your head on his back while he talks to friends
× He can’t stop grinning as he talks 
× Him teasing you in public 24/7 because he’s horny every second of every day
× You start teasing him as payback
× Daddy Rollins punishing you for teasing him ;)
× Dean is like your best friend
× Roman is a brother figure to you
× You make Seth a softie
× Like he gushes about you to the boys
× “i’ve never felt this way about a girl before. she’s just- bloody hell, i love her.” “yep, we know that Seth”
× You’re his rock when it comes to his problems
× And vice versa 
× So much love and fluff and cuteness ugh I hate you all.

It started off as a normal, nice and lovely day. Jimin had just come back from tea when the familiar purr caught his attention. Were it any other time, Jimin would have probably turned around if only to enjoy the sight that is Min Yoongi, however, after the bullshit he pulled the night before, he decided instead to continue walking.

“Aww, come on, I already apologized!” Yoongi popped above him, upside down to look Jimin in the eyes. He sounded remorseful enough, but the smirk that still played on his lips did nothing but annoy Jimin at the moment.

“A “sorry” doesn’t fix everything. You should know that better than anyone”

Yoongi’s smile flattered slightly. “I know…”

“Then you should also know that it won’t work this time. I can forgive you doing stupid things, but that was important to me. You knew that and you still ditched me, and not even for an important or unavoidable reason!” By this point Jimin had started stomping his way, voice growing with each word. “TaeTae came! Even Hobi came! Even though he knew he’d be stared at or whispered about, but he was there! And you just disappeared without a word!”

Jimin stopped abruptly, turning around and Yoongi felt his heart ache when he saw how glossy his eyes were “If you didn’t want to come, you could have just told me! It’s not like ever forced you into anything, unlike you” He snarled the last words before jumping down one of the Endless Pits. 

Yoongi took only a second before following suit yelling “Jiminnie! Please! I swear I’m sorry!” To his credit, all the playfulness was gone from his face “I just… I wanted to come! I swear I did! But…”

“But what?” At least he seemed a bit more calm.

“I-I don’t want… people to talk behind your back…”

Jimin looked up, clearly shocked “What?”

Yoongi was obviously a bit uncomfortable, and that was to be expected. He wasn’t very good at talking or even knowing his emotions. “Well… you know… I’m not really anyone’s favorite character. And most of the people invited there don’t even remotely support me, so it would be bad for them to see you with me right… I don’t want them to mock you or anything…”

Jimin was at a loss of words. true, there were only a select few people who could stand and talk to Yoongi, so few, in fact, Jimin could count them all on his fingers. But he never even thought the reason he hadn’t showed up was because he didn’t want Jimin to be talked badly about. “Oh…”

A few moments later, Yoongi’s smirk was back “What’s wrong?” he teased when Jimin remained silent for a bit too long “Cat caught your tongue?”


Don’t get me wrong I love our murder husbands free and taking the world by storm. But I fucking adore incarcerated murder husbands just being little shits and making everyone uncomfortable with their creepy sweet talk. I love the idea that their relationship is almost always witnessed by a third party, whether it’s an orderly or alana, freddie, jack or chilton. Just the thought of them being pretty happy go lucky well behaved inmates when they can see and talk to each other but totally fuck shit up when they’re separated. Or participating in their partners punishment, like hannibal goes a Lil too far and Alana takes his food away but still feeds will, him refusing to eat until hannibal can too, or will biting someone and having to wear the mask for a period of time and Hannibal refusing to speak to anyone until wills mask is removed. I also love the idea that hannibal teaches will how to speak different languages and coming up with their own that’s a mix of french/spanish/greek that no one can understand except for them . Or tapping out Morse code on the glass after its lights out and they’re not supposed to speak. Or them getting one of the more polite orderly to help them exchange gifts between them like hannibal will send will little drawings or orgami pieces and will sends him over fishing lures or in my knitting headcanon he sends over knitted socks and sweaters cuz you know those cells get hella cold sometimes, as a joke he knits hannibal a damn tie and to get will to laugh he fuckin wears it. Or they’re eating and there’s something on their trays that hannibal is just like hell no, say it’s potato salad and will likes potato salad so hannibal gets them to give will his portion so will has extra and will gives him that look and smile that just makes hannibals heart stutter in his chest. And UGH! I just love them so damn much!

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Before Jean could muster enough energy for an answer that wasn’t just groans and unintelligible mumbling, he felt himself getting hoisted up into strong arms as Marco shifted onto his knees and then off of the bed. Jean yelped, throwing his arms around Marco’s neck, clawing at his back.
He was cradled safe though, the hold on him steady and firm without being too constricting and soon he managed to relax, the momentary shock melting from his limbs again.
Eren was next to them, he noticed, running fingers through Jean’s gross sweaty hair he whispered brainless little praises, almost cooing at him. It was a bit weird, the contrast between this and the way he’d fucked Jean earlier, but that didn’t make it feel less amazing.

Now that they had all finished at last, exhaustion came over Jean like a leaden weight, pulling at his body, heavy and inevitable. He let his head fall against Marco’s shoulder, not strong enough to hold it up any longer, and breathed a sigh that felt like it escaped from the very depths of his soul.
“Where’s your bathroom, Jean?”
He answered Marco’s low hum with an equally quiet mumble of directions, almost too lost in the way he was held so tenderly and yes, petted by Eren. But he was tired, too tired to object to any of this and honestly, he didn’t want to. It felt good, right. Safe. He was cherished and cared for and reveled in every second.
He felt Marco take off into the hallway but his heavy eyelids dropped closed before he could see where he was taken.

When Jean twitched awake there was water running, slowly filling the bathtub. Marco was perched on the rim, still cradling him close in his lap, while Eren was kneeling next to them. He was running a warm, wet towel over Jean’s cum-stained thighs, already having cleaned up the partially dried mess stuck to Jean’s stomach.
“You’re so beautiful, all exhausted and satisfied”, Marco hummed, running careful fingers up and down Jean’s back.
“Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you. Just gonna clean you up a bit and then you can take a nice warm bath, yes?” Jean positively moaned against Marco’s chest, nodding and receiving an amused little chuckle in turn.

“Do you have any additives or something? For the bath…”, Eren asked as he finished up with the towel and walked over to the sink to wash it out. Jean needed a moment to realize he’d been addressed, then another to decipher the question with his sluggish mind.
“Yeah…”, he rasped finally, weakly pointing to a lidded glass bowl on one of the cabinets which was filled with about half a dozen self-made bath bombs. For when he wasn’t feeling motivated enough to pull off a whole bathing ritual but still wanted some boosted cleansing. Now he just wanted to make use of the basic recipe. Even like this his long honed instincts and extensive knowledge kicked in and he quickly decided.
“Take a purple one.”
Camomile, lavender, rosemary, a hint of marjoram and juniper… perfect to soothe aching muscles and calm down before going to sleep. Not that he would need the second part too much, already this close to nodding off every other minute.

Eren finished washing out the towel and hang it up to dry, then did as he was told. He fished one of the balls out of the bowl, raising it to his nose and sniffling carefully, then nodding.
That was when Marco got up, slowly as to not jostle him too much, turned around and started to carefully lower him into the filled tub, reaching to turn off the faucet afterwards. The water was the perfect temperature, warm enough to have his muscles unlock as soon as he was settled, not so hot as to shock him or sting at his abused opening. Jean was aware he was still tender, felt it with every minute shift. But of course he did, he’d never done this before and even with healing salve as lube, there was bound to be some discomfort. He didn’t regret anything.
Eren let the ball plop into the water where it started to sizzle and dissolve right away, giving off a sweet herbal scent interlaced with flowery notes. Sinking deeper into the water Jean moaned, merging into the tranquility of the moment.

He was floating out of and back into consciousness for a long time then, distantly aware that one of his two guests was washing his hair, very careful not to let soap drip into his face, the other was holding his hand, rubbing the palm with strong thumbs before switching it for the other, going back and forth a few times, it seemed.
A while later, the water had cooled distinctly, he was lifted out of the tub and toweled off, his hair dried carefully.
Marco, judging by the exotic scent at least, was the one carrying him back into his bedroom and slowly lowering him onto the mattress, tugging the cover up around him. His sheets smelled fresh, like someone had changed them while he’d been out. Jean could have almost drifted to sleep completely now, but something was off. No one was joining him in bed.

Jean blinked his leaden eyelids open with a monumental effort and spotted the two werewolves striding through the room, picking up clothing and piling the garments in their arms.
“No…”, he mumbled. The sound was soft, barely audible, but both Eren and Marco stopped at once, slowly turning to him. “Don’t go.” Fuck he sounded young. So damn vulnerable, almost desperate, but what else was he supposed to do? He couldn’t let them go, not after what had happened.
He looked at Eren, tousled and flushed and beautiful, the mark on his chest having faded from an angry red to a more muted brownish color that didn’t clash as much with his natural tan. He looked at Marco, strong, caring and so patient, a sad little smile playing around full lips. He couldn’t let them, he couldn’t. He knew he should, knew there were a thousand reasons, but…

“Stay? Please…”
They kept looking at him for a few seconds still, then turned to each other. For an endlessly long, breathless moment Jean was sure they would leave, sure they would just head for the door without even turning back.
But then Marco nodded, a tiny, unremarkable movement, and they both dropped their clothes back onto the floor and made for the bed, almost squishing him between them when they slid in on either side of him and hugged him close.

“…was so fucking scared you wouldn’t ask”, Eren breathed into his still damp hair, trailing kisses down his temple and along his jawline.
“Jean, baby, beautiful…”, Marco murmured, molding his body as close to Jean’s as he could. “Of course we’ll stay, of course…”
Between muttered promises and breathless little praises Jean found the calm in his chest unfurl again, his energy pulsing warmly in response to the both of them being so close to him. With a distant lack of thick sweetness the only scents left were grounding, soothing, earth and weathered wood slowly, easily lulling him in.

There were a lot of lose ends still. For starters, Jean had to find out what the strange visions had been, what they meant and what had caused them. He wanted more of that, wanted to understand and wanted to do it again. But would he be able to find a strong enough connection to repeat the experience with just anyone else?
They still needed to find a way to reverse the spell in a month and the sudden change in color of the crest had Jean thinking. Was this really the best way to go? When the time came and he had to let them leave, would he be able to then, if not now?

But his mind was slow and foggy, their warmth and smell and soft words quickly distracting him from dark thoughts and he decided those were problems for another day. Now he had them, both of them, pressed close and leaving lingering kisses on his skin. That had to be enough. At least for now.
Everything else they would tackle some other time, together.

The End

Here you all can have this a day or two before AO3. Probably. There’s fluff. And so much kissing. Ugh. I thought it would be fine for Kaito to be less severe compared to how I usually write him for fluff. I guess. Maybe it’s weird. I don’t know. You ever gt so tired you start feeling nauseous? It wouldn’t be fair if I did a fluff piece for Kaishin and then left you guys alone yeah? yeh. Unbeta-ed.

Kaito has been suspiciously quiet for the past fifteen minutes.

It’s house-cleaning day, the third Saturday of every month in which Kaito turns their entire house upside down looking for an excuse to dust and to relegate Saguru’s extensive Sherlock Holmes collection into the storeroom with the roomba that they’ve never used. Saguru’s job during this day would be to drift after Kaito as he works from room to room, being careful not to get in the way of his dusting or cleaning or polishing. Kaito would usually find something to grouse about: the amount of clothing he owns, or how they should switch their old bookshelf out for a larger one, and maybe Saguru should buy a new mirror to replace the chipped one in the bathroom. Whenever he does find something to talk about, Saguru’s responsibility then would be to make a series of appeasing, noncommittal sounds. His actual job doesn’t actually begin until Kaito has worn himself out on cleaning, his husband finally emerging from the rooms looking sweaty, dusty, and pleased. When that happens, usually around six in the evening and the house still looks the same (except for the kitchen table that might have been shifted an inch to the left), Saguru will set aside whatever it is he had been working on previously to bundle him off for a hot bath, and to cook him a feast as gratitude. As habit will have it, Kaito’s constant chatter allows Saguru to track his progress with an absent ear as he works on polishing a story he is currently writing.

The house is quiet now, and Kaito isn’t making a sound. 

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His light (song-fic)

Summary: Lazy morning, Bucky thinking about the day he met you, he being a dreamy gentleman (Bucky saving you, I’m sure one of the most popular fantasies, but I can’t get enough), ugh basically so much fluff.

A/N: I got inspired by one of my favorite songs “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, so you can blame Elvis for this one, I felt like writing something sweet and romantic, this is the result of listening this song and watching the rain through the window. First time I do a songfic, I hope you like it, is almost Christmas people! (well not really but it feels like that to me), a big hug to everyone! :)  

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2,099

Warnings: none

Y/N: Your name

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

He couldn’t express in words how grateful he was for you, that he found you. Bucky never thought he deserved love, not after all the things he did, but here you were in his arms.

For Bucky you were without a doubt the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, you didn’t have superpowers, in fact, most of the time it seemed he was the one who kept you safe even from yourself (being a clumsy person, accidents were normal in your life). But you had a heart of gold and so much love to give, he never understood that, and until now is still a mystery, how someone so amazing like you could exist.

“Bucky…” your sleepy voice brought him back from his daze, he didn’t answered, instead just hug you tightly, holding you close to his chest and kissing the top of your head, with the rhythm of his heartbeat putting you back to sleep. This is how he wanted to spend the rest of his days, he was sure of that.

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Request for @with-the-words-all-wrong: BUCKY GETS HIS METAL ARM WRAPPED IN CHRISTMAS LIGHTS

You looked up, startled, from the box of ornaments you were unpacking as you heard a loud “GOD DAMN IT” echo from down the hall.

“Buck?” You called out cautiously. “You ok, babe?”

It was the first Christmas together for you and Bucky and you both were pretty excited to decorate your shared apartment together – he hadn’t officially moved in, but he spent so much time there and had left so many clothes there that it was like he already had.

You had both happily picked out your Christmas tree together that morning and Bucky insisted that he wanted to decorate it right away, so you laughed and sent him into the recesses of your closet to extract Christmas totes full of seasonal flair. Hearing his cursing from down the hall, however, you worried that something may have fell on him – you really did have a lot of shit shoved in that spare closet.

“I’m fine, Y/N,” Bucky yelled back. But you knew him well enough to know something was wrong. You slid down the wooden floors on your calf socks, catching yourself on the door frame of your bedroom and peering in.

“Buck, what happ-” Bucky froze and your eyes widened as you looked at him and the scene upon you. From the mess of lights strewn about your floor in piles, it look like Bucky had taken it upon himself to make sure they were all working before bringing them out to you. But one particular strand – your favorite twinkling snowflake lights – seemed to have caused him a bit of a problem.

You looked down at Bucky kneeling helplessly on the floor, his right hand irritably brushing brown hair away from his face and the other extended out, the wiry strand of luminescent snowflakes twinkling merrily around his metal arm.

“Y/N,” Bucky said seriously. ‘Don’t you dare laugh.’

You nodded solemnly as you bent down next to him before quickly whipping your iPhone out of your back pocket to snap a picture. “Oh, it’s lit,” you whispered deviously before you exploded into laughter while Bucky groaned in annoyance.

“This is what I get for trying to be nice,” he grumbled, shaking his arm furiously.

“Hey now, your girlfriend appreciates it,” you cooed, pressing your lips on top of his. You poked at the corners of his mouth as he continued to sulk. You couldn’t help laughing, he looked like a little puppy who was mad because he didn’t get a treat. You reached out to first unplug the lights (you wanted to ask why he didn’t, but refrained out of the goodness of your heart) and set to work on his arm, your small fingers loosening the wire from where they snagged on the metal. After about three minutes, you removed the last snowflake from his arm.

“You’re freeeee!” you yelled triumphantly.  Bucky rolled his eyes but they were sparkling when he yelled out “MY HERO,” wrapping his arms around you and toppling you backwards to the ground before pressing kisses all over your forehead, nose and cheeks, cupping your face in his hands and bringing his lips to yours firmly. He was smiling when you broke apart and you chuckled, tracing your thumb on his cheek.

“Glad to see someone’s feeling better.”

Bucky smirked unexpectedly, quickly pinning you in place underneath his legs and reaching behind him to grab another string of lights. You burst out laughing again as he tugged at the wire suggestively, bringing his lips to graze at your ear and sending a warmth throughout your body. “I think it’s your turn to be tied up,” he murmured, nipping at your ear with a smile as you giggled and tried to push him off. You feigned defeat for a moment, letting your arms go limp and closing your eyes before putting your training to use and getting him off balance to flip yourself on top of him. You stood up quickly and so did he, both of your eyes glimmering with lust and mischief.

You blew him a kiss and beckoned with two fingers. “I’d like to see you try, Barnes.”

And with that, decorating was forgotten as the two of you ran around like children playing tag in a schoolyard before collapsing in a tangled, sweaty, happy heap of limbs next to your still bare tree. And the tree wasn’t the only thing that was bare.