ugh so much cuteness i can't

Me: Morby is so great. I love those boyfriends!
Them: But it’s not can-

Vatanım Sensin appreciation post

THIS. I can’t describe how much I love this scene. Hilal giving Salih Ağa a pencil in order to receive letters from him.

“Write me a letter, okay? And [who knows] what more you’ll be able to write!” -“Of course I will!”

This is SO beautiful. Even if the scene didn’t pass 15 seconds, it was one of my favorite ones in episode 29. The symbols given here are A-MA-ZING. It kinda reminded me of the first episode.

Little Hilal, in the same age as Salih, CLEARLY in the middle of this picture, holding books in her little hand. I wish there would be more scenes like these two. Perhaps it’s the rareness of those scenes that makes them special but I so WANNA HAVE MORE OF THIS.

Not to forget that Salih said “You, too, don’t forget about me.” to Azize. Omg he made my heart melt so much there. Salih, even if they forget you, I won’t. We all won’t.

Okay I have to admit that I added the last picture only because of her beautiful smile. The look on her face is so cute I could not not share it. If I were a man, I'ld-

..anyway, she’s gorgeous.

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So I just went through the whole Be My Baby tag on your page and it was fantastic. If I wasn't already in love with your blog this tag would have done it. Greaser Sirius is just UGH *dies* and Soch(?) Remus is so cute and I can't. Thank you for this wonderful AU!!! OH and you and KP are seriously the cutest thing and once again I can't. I love you guys!!!

Andy: I miss Be My Baby so much. It was so much fun


The River, 2016

Sometimes I feel like I should just leave the Durarara fandom and avoid it like the plague because it’s just 80% Shiz/aya and everytime I see the pairing I just feel sad and/or angry. I just can’t stand to see Izaya with someone who almost killed him. 

I don’t want to be hateful towards the shippers just because I’m too obsessed with Izaya to even like Shizuo anymore, much less the ship…so maybe I should just avoid those who post it and just try to switch my attention to things other than Izaya. 

Probably won’t happen, because I’ll pretty much have to avoid even looking for new Izaya art and unfollow some people I think are totally cool even though they post Shiza/ya. 

I’m not sure how I can get over this awful feeling the ship gives me. I take my love for Izaya too seriously. To the point that I can’t bear with the fandom for loving the pairing. No other ship bothers me though. Like this one just personally offends me. 

Maybe I shouldn’t interact with the fandom anymore if I can’t stop myself from spreading negativity towards the ship. 

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okkkkk so what if dan and phil have a cute little balcony??? like i'm sure its a nice little expensive modern apartment.... seems like it would have oneee. i can't stop imagining them looking over the city at nighttime ahhhh

SHIT MAN, all I can think about its memories from Manchester. This is such a wonderful idea? I want Dnp to have a balcony again where they can stare up at the city night sky and just take in a breath of fresh air since they spend so much time inside, ugh…

i love these birdie boyfriends so much

Precious sourin+love baby Sakura drawing fuck-a-unicorn drew for me ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*


this cutie pie hates when he’s told to do aegyo but he naturally has a lot of cuteness in him♡