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For the Dragon Age asks: 13, 47, 77, 95, 101?

13. Favorite mission from DA:O?
See this is hard because I love Origins as a whole but can’t ever seem to pick a favourite part. I think I enjoy the beginning the most, so maybe just everything in Ostagar?

47. Best antagonist in the series?
Hmmm, I’m thinking Loghain. There’s this artwork that keeps returning to my dash about a Warden who grew up with stories of Loghain and admired him so much and then ended up having to face him and that’s just really powerful, especially since he isn’t evil (as opposed to Corypheus who was just The Villain and Meredith who wasn’t as morally grey). The biggest beef I have with Origins is still the fact that you can’t spare Loghain and keep Alistair around.

77. What moment/memory still gives you chills/feels?
Ugh so many!! Right after Ostagar, “For the love of the maker, don’t back out on me now”. The look in Fenris’ eyes when Danarius walks down the stairs. The Envy demon at Thereinfal Redoubt. Inquisition was especially good at giving me chills in my first playthrough when I had just talked to Mother Giselle in the Hinterlands. It was still at the very beginning of the game and as I walked around the crossroads, this music started playing. And it reflected the weight of the Inquisitor’s mission that was slowly dawning on them SO well, I was speechless. I spent weeks searching for this track.

95. Which actors would you cast for a movie of your fav DA game?
I’m super bad at fancasts because I know like maybe 2 actors total :[ Sorry

101. If you could meet your Warden/Hawke/Inquisitor, what would you say?
Hahaha, well since most of my characters are self-inserts that would be an interesting conversation! I’d tell them not to worry too much about everyone liking them, because damnit they have more important things to do.

[translation] Long Slow Distance of that Summer Episode 6

audio from wakoaime

Nitori: Rin-senpai… he’s still not back.

Sousuke: Yeah…

Nitori: But I’m sure he’s fine! He’s probably just taking shelter from the rain somewhere!

Sousuke: Come to think of it, there was a storm just like this one back then.

Nitori: Eh? What do you mean “back then”?

Sousuke: It happened when we were still in elementary school. We came camping by the lake with the other kids from Sano Swimming Club.

Nitori: Sano Swimming Club… you mean the club Rin-senpai used to go to?

Sousuke: Yeah. During the camp’s free time, Rin and I went to the amusement park nearby, but it started raining.  Since neither of us brought an umbrella, we took shelter under a tree within the park, and a child who was passing by with his family lent us an umbrella. The roller coaster and the ferris wheel that we were really looking forward to were not operating. We were really disappointed…

Nitori: Ah, so that’s what happened… but that amusement park, it’s now…

Sousuke: Yeah, it closed down.

Nitori: Yes, that’s what I heard.

Sousuke: That Rin, could it be that he’s taking shelter there again…

Narration: Long Slow Distance of That Summer Episode 6

Rin: This looks like the pool office.

Rei: Seems like a gust of wind from the broken windows caused the locker to fall down. Ugh!

Nagisa: So many notebooks~

Haruka: Memories of Visit Notebook…

Makoto: These must be notebooks for visitors to leave their message as mementos.

Rin: There are so many of them…

Rei: There are probably years of records in them.

Nagisa: Wait! Now that I think about it, this is…

Haruka: What’s wrong, Nagisa?

Nagisa: Haru-chan, Mako-chan, when we came to this amusement park years ago, we wrote in one of these notebooks!

Makoto: What? Really?

Rin: Oh? So you guys have been to this amusement park before too?

Makoto: Rin, you’ve been here as well?

Rin: Yeah, way before I was transferred to Iwatobi.  When I was with Sano Swimming Club, we went camping near the lake, and I came to the park with Sousuke.

Nagisa: Look! This is the one!  I was second year elementary, so this is the notebook of the same year! *flip flip* I found it! Come look! Here is the message Haru-chan wrote!

Makoto: What did he write?

Nagisa: eh… “I wish I could swim for longer here.”

Rei: hehe, it’s exactly what Haruka-senpai would write!

Haruka: I don’t remember writing that…

Nagisa: Oh, but Haru-chan’s name is written right here, and Mako-chan’s message is next to it!

Makoto: What about me?

Nagisa: “It was fun.  I would like to come again.”

Makoto: Haha… so I wrote something like that?

Haruka: What did you write, Nagisa?

Nagisa: It’s…“The giant catfish is scary~”

Rei: What on earth is that?

Nagisa: ugh…. ah I remember!  Goro-chan made me listen to his story about a giant catfish that lives in the lake, it was really scary~ and then it started raining suddenly, and there was thunder and lightning, exactly like the storm we have now…

Rin: A storm… ah, now that you mentioned it, the weather was just like today’s when Sousuke and I were here back then.  We took shelter in the park, and it was when a boy who walked passed us with his family lent us his umbrella.

Rei: huh? Hold on a second please! That’s… could it be…!

Rin: Eh?  What’s the matter, Rei?

Rei: I too remember travelling to an amusement park with my family when I was still a child… so this is where it was!

Rin: Are you serious!?

Rei: Yes, and when I saw two boys who were soaked from the rain, I gave them my umbrella!

Rin: Ah, it kinda had… an illustration of some TV show hero on it!

Rei: From Chouzetsu Gattai Doppelganger!!

Rin: Yes!! That’s the one!

Nagisa: That’s amazing, Rei-chan!! That means you have met Rin-chan and Sou-chan back when you were way young, right?

Haruka: So what happened to the umbrella you borrowed?  Did you return it?

Rin: Well…we wanted to give it back, but we couldn’t in the end. And since our coach came to pick us up by car, we gave the umbrella to the staff of the park and left.  We ask them to return it to the boy if he came back for it.

Nagisa: Rin-chan, did you guys write a message in the notebook?

Rin: Dunno… I don’t remember.


Haruka: Here it is.

Rin: No way!

Haruka: Right here, the page after the one with our messages.

Makoto: So that means it was on the same day!?

Nagisa: Hmm… “It’s a shame we couldn’t go on the roller coaster. We’ll definitely ride it next time! Matsuoka Rin.”

Haruka: There’s also Yamazaki’s message.

Rei: “To the boy wearing glasses who lent us his umbrella: thank you. Yamazaki Sousuke.”

Nagisa: Did you write anything, Rei-chan?

Rei: I don’t remember. But if I did write something, it would’ve been before the rain started…


Makoto: Oh! Found it! it’s a page before the one we wrote in! Here!

Nagisa: “I’m glad I was able to come to the amusement park with my family. Ryugazaki Rei.”

Rei: That’s indeed my name…!

Rin: Even so, I can’t believe we all forgot we wrote our messages in this notebook…

Nagisa: Heehee, I’m the only one who remembered! Aren’t I amazing?

Makoto: But really, it’s an amazing coincidence! To think that before we even knew each other, we all happened to be in the same place, at the same time!

Rei: And to find out about it like this 10 years after is equally amazing!

Nagisa: But I bet no one’s gonna believe us.

Haruka: They’d probably think we made it up.

Makoto: Heh, probably. So maybe it’s better if we keep it a secret among ourselves.

Rin: Hehe, you’re right. Well, but maybe I’ll tell Sousuke.

Rei: I wonder if Yamazaki-san would believe us.

Nagisa: I have an idea! Let’s take a video of this!


Nagisa: First a closeup of the notebook, starting from Haru-chan’s message… all right, Rin-chan, please do the honors of narrating the story!  Please make it sound romantic!

Rin: HAH!? You’ve got to be kidding me!! Ugh..Um… fine then… *cough* A miracle during a stormy night, the moment our bond transcends time, one can say that it is our destiny.  Yes, we have always been connected, but no one knew, save for the wind that was blowing…

Haruka: Hey, I thought we were done talking about embarrassing stories?

Rin: Shut up!  I’m only doing this because Nagisa asked me to!

Nagisa: There, there, it was really good! It’s so romantic, as expected from Rin-chan!

Rei: It was a beautiful poem!

Rin: I’ll never do it again!!

Makoto: Hahaha…

Nagisa: Okay then next… we need to turn the page and… Mako-chan! Turn to the page with Rin-chan and Sou-chan’s messages!

Makoto: Okay… like this? *flip*

Nagisa: Yup! And then next we’ll have an reenactment!  Starting from when Rei-chan put on his speedos in elementary school!

Rei: Starting from THERE!?

Makoto: What about the story about the Big Catfish?

Nagisa: Hmm…. we’ll skip that!

Rin: Hehe… well, I guess a night like this isn’t too bad after all…

Haruka: You’re right.

Nitori: *step step step* Oh! Gou-san and Amagata-sensei!  Are Nanase-san and the others back yet?

Ama-chan: Actually, not yet…

Nitori: I see…  Rin-senpai is also still out there looking for them…

Gou: Huh? Onii-chan too!?

Nitori: I think… he’s most likely just seeking shelter from the rain somewhere…. and Yamazaki-senpai also went looking for him.  He said that there’s an amusement park nearby and it’s likely that he took refuge there.

Ama-chan: Amusement park… you mean the one that’s closed down…?  Oh no!

Gou: What’s wrong?

Ama-chan: Oh! No, it’s nothing…!  But, ugh, I’m quite worried about them…. so I’ll go look for them by car!

Nitori: I will go with you!

Gou: Me too!

Ama-chan: NOOO!!!

Nitori: huh!?

Ama-chan: You guys can’t come along. ABSOLUTELY. NOT.

Gou: Se…sen…


*car roar*

Ama-chan: I have to hurry…. or this is going to be bad…! Please!! Let me make it in time…!!




So I download the Bleach Brave Souls app and honestly I just got the chance to play and this scene brought back so many memories 😭

My ultimate OTP is just so ugh!

I couldn’t care less about anyone’s opinion about IchiRuki; because without any doubt this is the end game for bleach.

It started with these two; it will end with these two. Because, it’s obvious that Ichigo wasn’t the same without his power and not only that but without Rukia, as well. He silently missed her for almost two years and Rukia; with her undying faith in Ichigo, ugh I just can’t help but ship them so hard I can cry lol

remember when i included dean/lisa in a fic and straight up said in the author’s notes “don’t talk shit about lisa to me or else this will literally turn into a dean/lisa fic” and of course ppl commented like “ugh when is lisa going away so we can get to the dean/cas” and so i just kept adding in dean/lisa sex scenes and had dean and lisa date for like four chapters longer than i intended and then made dean and lisa bffs after they broke up and then made the fic into a series and immediately made the series dean/cas/lisa 

if i ever claim to write for any other reason besides spite, remind me of this

Literally crying right now. A friend I used to ride with sent me this picture. This is my old lease pony, who has to be around 30 now I think. This pony was my everything, and it breaks my heart to think that his owner thought I was abusive to him. I hold so much resentment to her for ripping him away from my life over something stupid. I’m glad to know that he is at least healthy and happy.