ugh so many feels for this woman


I am iliterate. Shit. illeterate. No. illiterate.

Thankyou, squiggly red lines for constantly reminding me that I will never be within arms reach of perfection. It all makes sense in my mind, but the moment my motor skills are put to the test, I fail. It is a very deep struggle of mine that many will hardly ever realize. People online adore me and claim to be captivated by my creativity, but they do not see that I am a master at hiding behind my laptop in foreign coffee shops or behind my Samsung Galaxy Note-whatever number.  I am a very seemingly self-absorbed grammatically incorrect deep thinker with social anxiety. This has been both a blessing and a curse in my most recent years. Lovers, friends and aquaintances..ugh.. aqcuaintances… ACQUAINTANCES..shit… come and go because I am a woman that requires a long line of patience and only so many are willing to stay for the ride. 

Being in love with someone who is so linguistic, interpersonal and logical has pushed me to realize even moreso that I could never truly have this type of intelligence to its fullest degree. I have musical intelligence, existential intelligence, intra-personal intelligence, and spatial intelligence.. I will indulge in self-love and appreciate these gifts that God has blessed me with. At times I do feel alone, but I suppose that is normal for a creative. Everything makes perfect sense in my world of creativity, and I can only invite so many people in

I’ve totally derived from my main point here.. 

Conclusion: I’m terrible at describing my pain, happiness, and confusion. I am great at converting it into art that literally only makes sense to me.  

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Since I was 11 till now I've had adults flirt with me because my body is "developed" and I look like a woman. sad part is I tried telling my mom about a guy on insta last month who was being sexual and knew my age (under 18 over 15) and she just said "well you do look like a woman" ugh. I see so many people defending the attraction to mid to late teens. it scares me. I feel like no one over the age of 30 should even date an 18-19 year old. date 4-5 years around your OWN age!

30+ year olds looking to date young people is gross as fuck. Take your Viagra and wrinkled d*ck or bo*bs somewhere else, thank you.

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“Like huge bloody trouble. I think Gladio wanted to spank me with the flat side of his broad sword. He looked soooo done with us. I almost peed myself.” He rambled softly as he leaned against her a bit. Most guys would be uncomfortable with a tall woman, but he wasn’t. He could be the little spoon at times! Made him feel protected at night when he had nightmares, or cherished when he felt lonely. Heck, he always encouraged her to wear heels if she wanted. Gladly would go shopping with her to get them. Didn’t really get the fuzz why dudes always wanted to be taller. 

“Gladio made us do so many laps and then we got a lecture from Ignis! Ugh, we never sneaked out again after that. It was so not worth the headache.” He snickered softly, it had been a lot of fun though.

Played by Fate pt. 1

She was an independent woman, and shehad her venomous vocabulary to defend herself. Perhaps that was why she was always the sober watchdog at her friends weekly bar parties. Keeping an eye on her friends and directing any unwanted attentions away when these said friends were too wasted to think straight was her self-appointed duty.

Now, it seems like she had her own trouble to deal with.

Levy’s birthday was supposed to be a small gathering, but after Cana was appointed the party planner, that was irrelevant. The bar they normally hit up on Fridays became the main center of birthday shots, keggers, and drinking games.

Gajeel, Levy’s boyfriend, invited many of his coworkers and their co-worker friends. This spiked the attendance to startling levels. There were new faces everywhere, and new hopeful men to reject.

 Lucy honestly wanted to stay home tonight. Tomorrow, she started her new job as a secretary at Fairy Tail Co. The company was only the top competitor of all things magical.

They manufactured SE Plugs, self inflating balloons, S-Color machines, custom fireworks: name it and Fairy Tail had it.

All her life, Lucy wanted to work at Fairy Tail, keeping her novel writing career on the side. At last, her friend had made a interview with the manager, giving her the chance to finally live her dream. 

Erza had really come through, and Lucy didn’t want to waste her efforts.

Sending another pouting man on his way, Lucy watched Levy down more shots just to spite Gajeel, who was laughing his big rear off at his girlfriend’s spunk. The blue haired woman would be plastered and Lucy couldn’t do a thing about it. Cana had specifically told her to be ‘off duty’ and to 'loosen up’. The blonde didn’t know if she should be relieved or offended.

Still, as her next drink tasted more of tequila than the fruity mixture, Lucy figured that she did need a night of not babysitting her crazy friends.

“Is this spot taken?” A voice asked. 

Lucy swallowed the mouthful of drink before turning to politely tell the newcomer that she was saving the seat in question for a foot rest when his face came into sight. 

His eyes, so dark and mischievous, stared at her as if scanning her very soul. His lips were curved in a smirk, sharp canines making her wonder just how nice they would feel against her lips. It was his hair that really caught her attention, spiky pink locks fitting him so naturally.

His voice, though, was so deep but light at the same time. Lucy wanted to pretend she was hard of hearing, just to hear him speak again.

She decided a better way.

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tbh i’m getting a bit tired of the whole “male character spouting blatant sexism so that the female character can be badass and beat people up and prove them wrong” thing in fiction like

can we just not have the sexism? because the women who can’t beat you up or are too scared to say things like “if you call me princess one more time you’re gonna be picking your teeth up off the floor”, those women aren’t any more deserving of that kind of abuse than the tough ones

dont get me wrong i always like seeing misogynists shit their pants in terror but its kind of an overdone and i get the feeling the writers are always patting each others backs afterwards like ‘well done guys this was so feminist’ but i still have to hear this shit from an alien 171 years into the future on a space station run by an incredibly powerful woman so it still bites no matter how many guns femshep waves around

Ugh, We Need to List off...

The certain things that just GUT YOU AS A CAPTAIN SWAN SHIPPER.

You all know the feeling I’m talking about. That feeling where during certain scenes…certain moments…they just gut you. That feeling where your stomach gets all wrangled into a ball and twists all over the place and it physically hurts like you are unable to breathe or think or keep from clenching your throat because the beauty and pain of the ship of dreams is just too much…………….

When he gets her out of the ice cave and he’s literally so freaking relieved that he’s about to throw up and she just cups his little head. FUCK.

When she whispers “Come back to me,” multiple times like she’s so desperate for him to breathe and she’s so goddamn scared and oh god she needs him to breathe so bad. FUCK FUCK FUCK.

When he finishes kissing her mouth and then kisses her neck and nuzzles her neck and just sways with her because he thinks he’s never going to fucking get to hold her ever again. GOOD FUCK.

When she puts Merida’s heart back in her chest and she just needs him like she need his warmth and his strength and she’s so traumatized and she just breathes out so deeply and launches herself at him and he catches her reflexively and is again, so relieved that he might throw up. FUUUUUUCK. 

When he literally says the words “If things go well and she wants me to hold her…” like he is literally anticipating her wanting him to hold her cause he can sense she is the type of person who likes to be held and needs to be held and he just wants it to be perfect. FUCKING CHRIST.

When that fucking goddamn bloody gash reappears on his neck for the third time and the look on her horrified heartbroken face like is there anything that guts you worse than her little whimper of pain like she reaches out to touch it and just would give up anything to make it go away. FUCKEDY FUCK

When she fucking sprints up the stairs because she is giddy as fuck even though she was just brutally traumatized, and literally tackles him and knocks him over and giggles like that is how relieved Emma Swan is she literally fucking giggles and squeezes her pirate’s hand so goddamn hard. FUCK ME.

When he tells her it’s his job or he hopes its his job to protect her heart like has their ever been a single fucking person dedicated to protecting Emma’s heart like he cares about her feelings so much and he just wants her to be okay 900% of the time it makes me so weak the way he loves her endlessly. FUCK, MAN.

When she starts to cry when she is told she’s his happy ending like she doesn’t get freaked out or run away like she is honoured beyond belief and so many tears well in her eyes and just one escapes and oh my god it’s like my stomach is being chopped up by a butcher that is what it feels like. WHAT THE FUCK.

When he kisses her little soft cheek before leaving her like this man has killed hundreds but this woman has literally transformed him into a fluffy cheek-kissing bunny like he is a little woodland creature he kisses it so gently help me get over it oh my god. UGH, FUCK.



Childhood days restored: A brief revisit of the Anime, Yuyu Hakusho

Today marks the 24th Anniversary of the Japanese Anime Series, Yu Yu Hakusho or Ghost Fighter, as most Filipino fans know it. Originally a manga written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi, the manga-ka who also brought Hunter x Hunter to us.

The series follow the story of a 14 year old Yusuke Urameshi (Eugene), a juvenile delinquent with a very dim future. One day Yusuke was stuck and killed by a fast moving car in an attempt to save a child’s life. In the Underworld, a series of test was given to him by the the son of the Ruler of the Afterlife. Urameshi was revived and was brought back to life. He was also given the title “Underworld Detective” in which he was tasked to investigate crimes which associates with demons and monsters.

Yusuke now have to fight against demons with the help of his rival turned friend  Kuwabara Kazuma (Alfred) and two other demons, Kurama (Dennis) and Hiei (Vincent) in order for them to save humanity.


I first watch Ghost Fighter in IBC 13 when I was still a kid. I don’t remember much about the daily schedule, all I remember was that we used to watch it with my older brothers every afternoon. Shortly after it was being aired in IBC 13, the anime was later moved to GMA7. It has since become a popular anime to all kids in the late 90s and early 2000s and Yusuke’s famous Rei Gun became a household name.


Some of the my favorite scenes in the anime.

One of the many heart-wrenching scenes was when Puu tried to help Yusuke in the cave. I could still rememeber every fragment of that scene where he saw Yusuke feeling unconscious. He tried to aid him by giving him water but was unable to do so since poor lil Puu do not even have hands. Ugh so touching! *____*

I think this is everyone’s fave! Rei Guuuun!!!!!

Also the scene where I found out that Genkai is a woman. Darn that Filipino voice actor who dubbed Master Jeremiah. Lol!


and who will not fall for this one xx

Thank you so much for taking some time to revisit Yuyu Hakusho. Refurbish nostalgia! xx