ugh so many feels for this woman

“Ugh!!!!!My gf decided that she’s a trans man! Why did she not consider my feelings when deciding this! Why can’t she just stay a woman and be miserable so I can continue identifying as a lesbian!!!!!!!!!! Because that’s so much more important to me than my partner’s happiness!!!!!”

The idea that women can’t feel pain  & loss over infertility/sterilization solely because they can just adopt is insensitive and heartless.

Yes, women can adopt. Yes, that doesn’t change that you’re just as much of a mother as anyone else out there.

For many, though, having your own biological children means the world to them. So many women are DESPERATE to be able to carry their own children. 

A woman’s value is definitely not put on her ability to have children but you can’t invalidate the pain so many women have felt for not being able to carry their own biological child for whatever reason.