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idk why everyone trusts me with their crush stories lol like i’ve only ever been in 2 relationships and they were shit, i’ve been a class-a hoe the last 2 years, and my love life is nonexistent right now. but i mean. i’m glad y’all look to me for advice lol i hope i’m doing something right


            “We didn’t immediately hit it off. I may have kinda fallen in love at first sight, but after my encounter with Garnet, I decided to build a bond first.”

“We knew each other for, like, 2 weeks before you told me you loved me.”

            “Well, I–”

“And then you started reading Shakespeare love poems to me outside my window.”

           “Yeah, but–”

“And then you kept stuffing my mailbox full of love letters.”

           “I-Is that a bad thing??”



{{ this took so long! i kinda gave up near the end and added dialogue instead of, like, five more panels. here’s an extra: }}

somehow “social justice” here on good ol’ tungle dot com turned me into more of an anti sjw than youtubers like amoured skeptic and blaire white ever could have

Goth: Palette, what a beautiful flower…
Palette: it’s beautiful, just like you.
Goth: *blush* wha…what are you saying?
Palettle: the truth only! Heheheh. Oh by the way, sorry some petals fell.
Goth: it’s okay, don’t worry about them.


yes…yes! YES! I finally finish this!! Oh my gawd! 

Actually, this wasn’t my original plan but maybe I will do it later on. I was waiting for nekophy for the little background story but I couldn’t wait any longer, I really want too post this so badly, sorry. Surprise!

Here’s the little story, oh and by the way, this how it works in my head so don’t judge me if i’m completely wrong, it just a story, nothing more. 

So Palette was with Ink in some random AU and spot this beautiful and lonely purple rose. This flower remind Palette strongly of Goth (maybe because the thorns and the color lol), so he asked to Ink if he could bring the rose with him. Ink was a little confused but he agreed. And then he rush to find Goth and give him the rose, since Goth rarely left the void (I think) so here it is! 

P.S: oh I made a critical ERROR in this draw and I realize very late (when everything was finish) I was so mad at myself for not realizing sooner in the sketch maybe because I was so excited about this idea that took me about 2 days of thinking what to do next and 7-8 hours to make it. But then I realize it would be dumb if I didn’t but the pupil and it would be worthless. So for the future complains about my mistake I will say this and forgive my rudeness:



Everyone can make mistakes, not everything can be perfect, sometimes things don’t go the way you expected. And what is done it’s DONE.

Goth belongs to @nekophy

I hope you like it~


30 Days Hunter x Hunter Challenge
Day 5. Character you’d like as your child
Gon is so optimistic, innocent, cheerful and he’s a hard worker. This miracle of the universe deserve the best!

It’s so hard to talk to people or find new interests in having a partner or a relationship or friendship because no one is on the level of emotional self awareness that I am & I know that sounds extra but who is gonna be more real with me than me? I know my emotions, I know what they mean, and I know when people are feeling indifferent about me. I have a sixth sense when I always know the truth. Maybe I don’t say it right away or I give a person multiple chances but that doesn’t mean I’m dumb I knew all along the truth. I see through everyone and I know real intentions. I trust and go with my feelings I express them and having a relationship of any kind with someone who does reckless things and does not allow them self to feel is a no from me. I’ve let that happen with too many people and I don’t want it around me. There’s no point in having a relationship w someone who isn’t transparent about how they feel.


Finished commission for beefxcake !
Thanks so much for commissioning!

And also SO MUCH freaking thanks to Judeshipnip ) for doing the flats, and picking out a color pallete for me, and for just giving me so much help and tips while I was coloring this.