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Damian Wayne as a Father Headcanons

A/N: Reader and Damian are adults in these. I went all out on this, so I really hope you like the structure and everything. Feedback is welcomed. ☺️

(c/n) = child’s name


Damian as a father would include:

> Damian was excited when you told him he was going to be a father, well as excited as Damian manages to express.

> He had his concerns about whether he was going to be a good father, based on his family background and upbringing he had his doubts. However after reassuring him, that he managed to change and has become a better person his worry subsided.

> Now when he goes out on patrol, he’s more cautious and careful as he now has two people to come home to and protect.

> Whilst you’re pregnant, Damian is extremely over protective with everything. You are not putting yourself in any danger and he’ll make sure of that. He understands he’s being this way and apologised, explaining he doesn’t want either of you hurt since you’re a prime target now.

> Catering to your cravings the best he can. Sort of.
“Pennyworth, we need some strawberries and hot sauce?”
“We’re currently out of strawberries Master Damian, Miss (Y/n) has cleared them out.”
“Ugh, I’ll be back shortly beloved.”
“Really? You have to leave me, I know you’re getting stuff for me but I’m kind of annoyed by that and I don’t know why.”
“Hormones (y/n).”

> Trying to comfort you when you get emotional, but since Damian isn’t the best at it he comes up with other solutions.
“I could punch you right now!”
“Beloved, that’d be a stupid move.”
“Oh really? Because I love you… a lot and I didn’t mean that!” You were still yelling and you weren’t sure why.
“How about throwing some knives instead?”
“What?! NO! That’s ridiculous and I’m actually willing to do it. You’re such a good partner for letting me do this.” By your last statement you were crying and pulling him into an embrace.

> Both of you low-key freaking out when the baby kicks and you’re just hugging each other with massive grins on your faces.

> Receiving visits from Damian’s family, all of which are super excited to be apart of it and looking forward to having a new member in the family.

> Dick encouraging Damian that’s he’s going to be a good father.

> Bruce still not quite getting the fact his son has a proper family that’s almost normal, but enjoys it none the less.
“Bruce, you know you’re going to be a granddad right?”
“Yes of course I do (y/n), Damian is going to be a father and to be honest… it all feels surreal.”
“Tell me about it. It’s gonna be great though.”
“It truly is.”

> When your waters broke, Damian was with you since he’d estimated the most likely time it’d happen. This man was prepared, he was still the son of the original Batman.

> Damian drove you to the hospital as soon as possible, not in the Batmobile much to your disappointment but understood there’d be no easy way to explain that.

> Panicking and being exhausted throughout labour and Damian telling you to breathe.

> “Holy shit (y/n)!!!” Damian actually yelped when you squeezed his hand during labour.
“You’re not giving birth Dami!”
“You’re a lot stronger than I thought.”
“Yep, comes with being your significant other for so long! Ah shit!”
“Breathe beloved, breathe.”

> With over 10 hours in labour you finally had your child and you were exhausted.
“I did it - Dami I -”
“I know beloved, you are so strong. I’m proud of you (y/n), I love you so much.”
“Love you too.”

> Holding the baby and you simply can’t believe you’ve created something so pure, suddenly you forget all the pain because it was all worth it for this child in your arms.

> Damian holds them next, and is so smitten that you know this child is gonna be spoilt. He almost cried because he thought he was incapable of producing something this innocent, his family do not have a grip on his baby and they never will.

> The rest of the Batfam piling in minutes later hoping to see their new addition.
Dick is super enthusiastic about the whole ordeal and sheds a few tears, whilst promising to be the best uncle ever which was open to dispute.
Jason was smiling more than ever, saying “It’s up to (y/n) to make sure we don’t get another demon spawn in the family. Right now though, I’m really proud of you two.”
Tim making sure you’re alright, asking about names and how much the baby weighs before checking on the others.
Bruce is over the moon and is third to hold his grandchild, he’s quick to congratulate you both and offers for you to stay at the manor so they can all help to get you back on your feet.
Cassandra doesn’t say anything, instead hugging you tightly with a wide grin on her face then patting Damian on the shoulder who remained by your bedside.
“You’ll make a great auntie Cass.” And that only made her smile more.

General Child Raising:
> Taking turns to get up in the night when the baby wakes up.

> Morning cuddles because you’re both exhausted.

> The baby getting lots of attention and babysitters consisting of Damian’s family which you’re eternally grateful for.

> Damian still being smitten as you expected, you find yourself leaning on the doorframe and watching the two interact often, a smile making its way onto your face.
“Are you alright beloved?”
“Y-yeah, it’s nice to be apart of this family.”
You soon join the two.

> Damian teaching your child self defence from a young age and you’re not too thrilled with the idea.
“Oh my - Damian! Why does (c/n) have a katana?!”
“I’m teaching (c/n) how to wield the weapon beloved.”
“Y-yeah, couldn’t you have started with a wooden one. A real one isn’t exactly safe for a 5 year old!”
“I did. At the age of 3. (C/n)’s skills have developed since then (y/n).”
“Oh my gosh. We’re terrible parents!” You yelped, throwing your hands in the air.

> Your child learning about Damian’s culture and heritage as well as your own so they know where to come from and if they want to celebrate any traditions.

> Both of you helping out with homework from school, Damian specialising in Maths.

> Having to come up with crazy explanations as to why their father came through the window in the dead of night looking like Batman.
“Is daddy Santa?”
“Uh not exactly… It’s more like the tooth fairy?”
“We are not saying that beloved, (c/n) I’m Batman - but you can’t tell anyone as this is a family secret.”
“Ok Batdad.” You’re child whispered, giggling at the nickname.

> Damian ok with them joining the family business as long as they pass his training resumés. They don’t go out if they’re sick or injured no matter what as this increases the likelihood of reckless behaviour.

> Teaching them the ways of Wayne Enterprises since they’re the future heir now.

> Your child learning about the hero business when they get older and finally accepting their father isn’t the tooth fairy.

> Giving them the choice of whether they want to become a vigilante with you supporting them 100% and Damian teaching them League of Assassins techniques regardless of their decision.

> Joking with you and Damian about becoming a villain because they’re fully equipped to do so but knowing that’s not how they were brought up.

> Them secretly having a favourite uncle but only Damian and yourself know who it is and refuse to tell the others.

> Kate Kane being the go to person for anything LGBT+ related, if your child is in fact an LGBT citizen or not.

> Generally being quite an open family that comes with a few cracks but you’re happy.

If it’s a Boy:
> “Looks like there’s a new son of Batman now.”
“Indeed there is, I hope he’ll be my successor one day.”

> Father son bonding activities, most of which included one on one training sessions. There a lot of testosterone in your home.

> Play fights all of the time, literally with anyone of his uncles that comes over. Whether it be Dick, Jason, Tim or Duke he’s going to show them the new moves Damian taught him.

> “I’m going to be the next Red Hood. You watch me!” As your son runs around with finger guns yelling ‘pew pew’ at inanimate objects much to your amusement.
“I’m going to kill Todd…”

> You’re son actually wanting to have powers like Jon, Supermans son, who visits on some occasions. Though after a long conversation about practicality with his father, (c/n) is convinced he’ll be the next Batman.
“Well Superman doesn’t have a Batmobile.”
“But he can fly father.”
“(C/n) has a point Dami.”

> Your son imitating Damian any chance he gets since he looks up to his father more than he realises.
“I am the son of the demon!”
“(Y/n), what was that?”
“Dick, do you really want to question it? He has Dami’s genes remember.”
“That’s who he reminds me of, Damian when he was younger - such a little sh-” Covering Dicks mouth before he could finish that sentence.

> Bruce saying he looks a lot like Damian and is proud of you both for raising your son so well. (C/n) has great manners at Galas when he’s older and is a hit with the ladies. Of course, for now - you’re the most important female in his life until he finds that special someone. Damian couldn’t be more proud.
“Meet my parents, Damian and (Y/n) Wayne.”
“It’s a pleasure, I hope our son is treating you well.”
“Yes, thank you Mrs Wayne.”

If it’s a Girl:
> Literally his little princess who he loves dearly.

> Cass coming over to style your daughters hair and spend time with her. Even though Cass isn’t talkative, your daughter speaks enough for the both of them.
“Can you do plaits Auntie Cass, like milkmaid ones?”
“I bet you can, you’re really good at making hair look pretty.” Cass just kisses her forehead and starts braiding.

> Finding out that she isn’t going to be a girly girl from a very early age.
“As I have Batdad, I get to drive the Batmobile when I’m older - maybe I can race!”
“I can teach you to drive now princess, I could drive by your age.”
“No! Damian, that’s illegal!”
“So is vigilantism.”

> Barbara and Stephanie coming over to help out and Stephanie even brought your daughter a Batgirl costume. Stephanie being so involved for personal reasons and just becoming her auntie not that there was any question.
“Steph, why did you buy this?”
“Why not? She’ll follow in our footsteps one day.”
“I’ll make sure she knows all the technical tricks.” Barbara was quick to add referring to her way with computers.

> Kate Kane and Harper Row also visiting to check up on you both. Kate claiming that girls have got to stick together. Your daughter thinking Harpers hair is the coolest thing in the world.
“Mommy, can I have my hair just like Harpers? With pink in it and can I have it rainbow?”
“That would look so cool!” Came the exaggerated enthusiasm of Harper.
“When you’re older, you can dye it however you want.”

> Damian gets over protective when romantic relationships come into the equation.
“Father, I fight crime with you at weekends. I’m perfectly capable of handling a romantic partner.”
“It’s funny you think they’ll even get a chance to get close to you.”
“Mom, a little help?!”

> “Touch my daughter and you’re dead.”
“You’re dad is joking right (c/n)?” Came your daughters current interest.
“Haha, uh yeah… no. No he’s not joking.”
“So what? Beat me to death?”
“More like slice you. With his katana.” Your daughter corrected.
“And that’s only if your uncles don’t get to them first (c/n)!”
“Thanks for that mom.”

Bail (pre-apocalypse!Daryl x Reader) Pt 2

Characters- teenage!Reader, teenage!Daryl Dixon, teenage!Rick Grimes, teenage!Shane Walsh and teenage!Lori Grimes.



Y/N and Daryl slept over at her house after the whole mishap with the police station and Merle, but Y/N has forgotten that family friend Rick is supposed to stay with her while her parents are away. Rick is very protective of Y/N and sees her as his little sister and if he finds out that Daryl is there, he’ll flip out. Y/N calls her best friend Lori over to help because she knows Rick has the biggest crush on her. Everything goes well until Shane tries to make a few advances towards Y/N, making her extremely uncomfortable.

 Warnings- strong language, fluff, angst, a little bit of violence, sexual assault.

Part One 



“Rick? Shane?” My eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“Hey!” Rick smiles.

Shane looks ridiculously bored and not at all interested in me or whatever Rick’s agenda is.

“What’s up?” I ask Rick.

“Did you forget?” Rick replies, tilting his head to the side slightly.



Fuck, shit.

I completely forgot that Rick is supposed to stay with me while my parents are in Cuba. Rick is the son of my parents’ best friends and we’ve pretty much grown up together, so he’s kind of like a big brother to me. A big brother that doesn’t know that I have a boyfriend that’s been thrown in a jail cell three times.

“Nah, I didn’t forget!” I lie, chuckling awkwardly. “I just slept in, is all.” I add, still standing in the door way.

Rick and Shane loo at each other and then look back at me like they’re expecting something.

“So can we come in, or..?” Rick asks.

“Oh! Yeah, yeah sorry.” I move aside, letting both boys walk past the threshold of my home. I close the door and then turn to see Shane taking in hi new, unfamiliar surroundings.

“Nice place.” He mumbles.

“Uh, thanks.” I reply.

A clatter sounds upstairs, immediately catching our attention.

“The fuck was that?” Rick begins to walk up the stairs to investigate, but I’m soon to leap in front of him.

“Probably just the cat!” I laugh.

“You don’t have a cat.” Rick scowls.

“Right. Oh! It’s probably just Lori! She stayed over last night.” I giggle, continuously making up lies and untruths on the spot.

“Lori’s here?” Rick’s eyes light up like a Christmas tree.

Rick’s had a crush on Lori since I can remember. He’d always tag along to our soccer games and say it was to support me, but I knew that he only wanted to gawk at Lori.

“Yeah… yeah! And she… um… just got in the shower!” Luckily for me, it sounds like Daryl actually did  get into the shower, so Rick believes me straight away.

“I uh… I’ll go get dressed. Back soon.” I say, backing up the stairs, my awkward walk eventually turning into a run.

I run straight to the phone beside my bed and dial Lori’s number.

“Hello?” Lori picks up after a few dial tones.

“”Lori, it’s me.” I whisper, so the boys downstairs don’t hear me scheming.

“Oh hey! I was just about to call you!” Lori says cheerfully.

“Listen, I need you to come over, I need your help.” I beg, looking over my shoulder because of the looming possibility that Rick or Shane could come in at any moment and foil my lies.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Her tone switches from Jolly to concerned within a matter of seconds.

“I’m fine, I just have a major dilemma. Rick and Shane are here.”

“I’m struggling to see why that’s an issue.” Lori retorts.

“Because Daryl stayed here last night and now he’s in the shower!” I exclaim.

“Oh shit… that’s not good.”

“You think?”

“Wait, wait, how am I gonna make this any better?”

“I may or may not have told them that it’s you in the shower.” I reply sheepishly.

I hear Lori let out an amused scoff, making it obvious that she finds my mistake downright comical.

“I’ll be there in to minutes. I’ll climb the tree, make sure your window’s open.” She’s not even trying to make her laughter discreet at this point.

“Thank you!” I let out a relieved sigh, also thanking whatever higher power just saved my ass.

A couple of anxiety filled minutes later, Lori appears in the tree outside my bedroom and pulls herself through my window.

“You owe me. Big time.” She sighs, rolling her eyes as she stands upright and brushes herself off, pulling leaves and twigs out of her long dark hair.

“We can have this discussion later!” I hiss, pulling her to the bathroom. I signal for her to wait as I creep into the bathroom, where I find Daryl wrapping a towel around his waist.

“Someone’s impatient.” He smirks, stepping forward and leaning his head down to kiss me.

“We have a problem.” I tell him, placing a hand on his chest to stop him.

“What kind of problem?” He asks.

“The kind of problem where I completely forgot that my friend Rick is supposed to be staying with me this week because my parents asked him to and I haven’t told him about you and he thinks I’m still a virgin and him and his friend Shane are actually downstairs right now. That kind of problem.” I confess in a rambling fashion.

Daryl face-palms at my little slip up, not knowing whether to laugh or cry at my idiocy.

“And what the hell am I supposed to do?” He sighs.

“I told them it was Lori in the shower.” I reply.

“Who the hell is Lori?”

And as if on que, Lori pokes her head around the door with a mischievous grin spread across her glossed lips.

“That would be me. Go hide!” She smiles as she trots into the bathroom and shoves her head under the still running water, so it looks like she’s been the one making all of the noise.

“Where am I supposed to hide!? Daryl exclaims. I frustratedly shush him in fear that Rick and Shane will hear a male voice that clearly doesn’t belong to either myself or Lori 

“I don’t know, in her room or something!” Lori suggests, the water still making it’s way through her hair.

“Okay, who is this!?”

“Ugh, Daryl, my best friend Lori. Lori, my boyfriend Daryl. Glad we’re all acquainted, now can we please-”

“Y/N? Everything okay up there?” Rick shouts from downstairs.

My eyes widen with panic at the sound of his voice, realizing that he’s clocked and is starting to get suspicious. I don’t blame him. I would be too if I heard a hushed argument between my life-long my friend, my crush and another mysterious entity.

“Yeah, all good Rick! We’ll be down in a second!” I yell back.


“No more questions, come on!” I hiss, cutting Daryl off and shoving him out of the bathroom, over into my room and then onto my bed.

“Can’t you just get rd of them?” Daryl pleads, slightly adjusting his towel.

“I’ll try my best, but Rick’s real stubborn.” I sigh, scratching my head in thought.

“Who the fuck is Rick?”

“I told you about Rick. Family friend? My parents are friends with his parents? Rick Grimes?” I attempt to jog Daryl’s memory.

“Rick Grimes?” He mocks, causing me to roll my eyes.

“Yes, Rick Grimes. Now, be quiet, be patient, and for God’s sake- behave.”

Daryl salutes sarcastically and flops backwards to lie down as I change into regular clothes that aren’t joggers and a sweater with David Bowie’s face on it. I pride myself on how classy my nightwear is.

“I look okay?” I pant dues to rushing around to find something clean, fitting, and actually presentable.

“You look fine.” He sighs without even glancing at me. “As long as it’s okay for Rick Grimes, right?” Daryl mumbles bitterly.

I stand in shock at Daryl’s snide and petty comment as he idly taps his stomach with his fingers, clearly being a jackass on purpose.

“Screw you, Daryl.” I scoff and storm out.

I jog downstairs and discover all three of the others on my couch. Lori and Rick are deep in conversation while Shane aimlessly flicks through my TV channels.

“You guys want drinks or something?” I ask, but with no response from anyone.

“Great.” I whisper and stroll over to the kitchen, grabbing a beer out of the fridge. I lean against the counter and stress about the two boys in my lounge and the petty one in my bedroom. I take a sip and close my eyes, attempting to calm down and not overthink the situation. As I’m mid-thought, I feel another presence in the room and turn around to find Shane sitting on the counter opposite me. He tilts his head to the side and runs his eyes over my body, making me shuffle awkwardly.

“You okay?” I ask, starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

“Oh yeah, just fine. What about you? You good? You seem a little tense, sugar.”

His voice is husky and rough, but not like Daryl’s; Shane’s is predatory and has the ability to send shivers of discomfort down my spine. His deep brown eyes travel down to my chest, causing me to cross my arms to stop him staring.

“I uh… I’m just tired, Shane.” I force a smile to look somewhat polite.

“Don’t you lie to me, Y/N… I know what you were up to last night. Saw you hangin’ around the Sheriff’s department making out with Dixon.” Shane teases

My entire body stiffens at his words, my throat and chest tightening. I gulp out of nervousness and force a false chuckle.

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talkin’ about, Shane. Lori and I were here all night last night. Must have gotten me mixed up with someone else. I have one of those faces.”

Shane shakes his head and lets out a dark chuckle.

“Trust me, I’d know your pretty face anywhere, Angel.”

I grimace at the term of endearment. That’s what Daryl calls me. Only Daryl. Coming from Shane, it sounds like pure garbage.

“Listen, I won’t tell Rick.” Shane smiles.

I let out a sigh of relief and my whole body relaxes, but that all comes to a halt when Shane utters those three little words.

On one condition.”

My heart pounds in my chest as I force my legs to stop shaking in fear as Shane edges closer and closer.

“What do you want from me, Shane?” I quiver.

“Oh, you know what I want…” He runs his fingers down my bare arm, leaving a trail of terror-induced goosebumps.

“Go to hell, Walsh.” I growl, still too petrified to move.

“Hey, Rick?” Shane shouts, his eyes still locked on me.

“No! Shane, please don’t.” I whimper.

“All you have to do is yes, Y/N. It’s just a quick fuck.”

I hear Rick’s footsteps approach the kitchen and my entire body starts to tremble with panic and anxiety, my heart beating out of my chest and my breath getting caught in my throat.

“Fine… fine, I’ll do it.” I cave.

Rick enters the kitchen and Shane turns to face him.

“What’s up?” Rick questions.

“You and Lori want drinks?” Shane asks, earning a small sigh of relief from me.

“Yeah, sure. Y/N, your Dad won’t mind, right?” Rick asks, completely clueless as to the pressure and blackmail that just took place in this very room.

“N-no, it should be fine.” I stammer nervously, resulting in Rick shooting a concerned gaze my way. I smile reassuringly as to not raise any questions.

“We’ll bring them out in a sec.” Shane nods and Rick eagerly walks back to Lori, thankful that he finally has some time with her. Shane turns back to face me, an evil grin stretched across his lips, eyeing me up like a lion does it’s prey.

“Shane, I have a boyfriend, I can’t just-”

“Daryl Dixon? He’s a redneck piece of shit.” Shane scoffs.

“Shut your mouth. You don’t know him like I do. The only piece of shit around here is you.” I scowl, attempting to drum up some confidence.

Shane leans forwards and puts his lips to my ear.

“You’ll think very differently once I’ve had my way with you.” He whispers and walks away. A wave of nausea washes over me and I lean against the counter-top, letting out a shaky breath. I have to clench my eyes closed to stop tears from running down my face and force my shoulders to relax so I don’t curl up into a ball and just completely break down. How did I get myself into this? Why didn’t I just tell Rick when Daryl and I first got together? I could’ve made this so much easier for myself and now I’ve backed myself into a corner. 

A little while later, when Lori, Shane, Rick and I are sat in my lounge watching TV,  Lori throws her head back and lets out a complaining groan.

“I’m so hungry! Should we order a pizza?” She asks.

“Better yet,” Shane starts. “Why don’t you two go get it? Pizza place isn’t too far and it’s real nice outside. You two can y’know… talk.” He smirks.

I realize what his ulterior motives are. Getting Lori and Rick out of the house so he can do God knows what to me… my eyes immediately dart over to Lori and silently beg her not to go, but she doesn’t notice my pleading stare and blushes a little.

“Sure. Rick, you want to?” Lori smiles.

“Yeah! I mean, yeah sure. Why not?” Rick replies.

The two get up and Shane grins slyly at me from across the room, striking fear and disgust into my very soul. He won’t really make me… right? He’s not that bad. 

My train of thought is broken by Lori giggling and the front door slamming shut. I jerk my head in Shane’s direction and immediately stand to my feet in a defensive manner.

“Shane… please. Look, I’ll tell Rick, okay? About Daryl, about everything.” I plead.

“Deal’s a deal, baby girl.” Shane relaxes back into the couch and keeps his stare on me, his hard, emotionless brown eyes taking in every curve and inch of my body.

“Y’know what, screw you. I don’t have to do shit.” I scoff and begin to walk away. Shane jumps over to the back of the couch and pushes me up against the wall by my shoulders with a great force that causes me to hit my head and let out a pained groan.

“Where’d you think you’re goin’?” He snickers.

“Let me go, Shane!” I cry out.

“Y’know what, I think we’ll have some fun first,” he rips the strap of my shirt down my shoulder as I continuously struggle against his strong grip. “I’d stop squirmin’ if I was you, it’s just going to make this more difficult. Well, for you anyways.” 

He kneels down, throws me over his shoulder and carries me over to the couch, where he throws me down and almost immediately pins my body beneath his.

“Shane, stop!” I scream. “Please!”

“You can yell all you want, ain’t nobody going to hear you-”

Shane’s word’s are cut short as he’s dragged off of me and tossed to the floor by Daryl, who then goes on to violently kick the shit out of him. Shane attempts to get up, but is unsuccessful when Daryl leans over him and brutally punches him in the face over and over and over again.

“Daryl, he’s done!” I yell, desperately trying to prevent him from killing Shane, despite everything.

And then, just when I manage to pull him away, that’s when I hear it.

“What the fuck is going on here!?” Rick cries out.


unconditional - one (h.e.s)

Originally posted by toasttostyles

a/n: hello darlings. none of you know me too well yet. i’m ceridwen and i like vampires and harry. as such, this au was born, so if you’re a fan of the fantastical as well as a whole bunch of drama, this story will be right up your alley.

i would like to give you more of a taste of what this will entail, but i would also like it to speak for itself. i will leave you with a brief summary of this first part, and leave you to your own conclusions. <3 happy reading, and i hope you enjoy.

summary: your night out could have ended badly. thanks to a concerned stranger, it doesn’t. you end up with more questions than answers.

You’re not sure when this nightclub went from thrilling to nauseating.

Logic would dictate that it was about three cocktails and several shots in, when everything became just a tad blurry and your head began to spin, but logic is not on your drunken mind’s side. The blaring music and flashing lights prevent you from focusing for long enough to think – it takes at least a minute or two for you to finally fixate on the way to the exit, squirming past masses of gyrating bodies. You need to get out. The roiling of your stomach cannot be ignored, so the friend you arrived with is forgotten in the panic to leave before you potentially vomit all over the dancefloor. You’re going to regret this whole thing tomorrow. You already regret it, in fact, it’s caught up with you already. This was a horrendous idea.

The stuffy heat of the club gives way to fresh evening air, and you gulp it down frantically. So much better. Being exposed to the elements does have the unfortunate side effect of showing you how drunk you really are, though, which leaves you pressing your palms to the rough stone wall and staring down at the cracks in the pavement. Everything is slightly distorted. You smile and bop your head when you catch the rhythm to a familiar song thudding from inside, but grow to regret the jarring action immediately. God. If you’re going to puke, why can’t you just puke already? This debilitating sickly feeling is becoming unbearable.

Maybe you should head home. Yes. It seems like a good idea. It’s only a few streets away, you reason with yourself, and what are the odds of being followed? You hadn’t heard of any incidents like that in forever. It’d be fine. You could text your friend when you got in to tell her you were in the flat, and you could change out of this ridiculously uncomfortable dress and into some comfy pyjamas. Never has putting yourself to bed sounded so appealing.

Turns out the odds aren’t in your favour.

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A Fair Trade

you guys know how i feel about the underfell!bros. i’m gonna cry. this one was kind of tough because i haven’t written very much for them, but i hope you like it regardless!

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Pairing: UF!Sans/Reader, UF!Papyrus/Reader

Summary: You have a great idea to bring some much-needed warmth Underground. You just didn’t think any of it would be returned full force.

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10 Things I Hate About You (Part Nine) - (Young)Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: yaaaaay! hello again, my dearies! :D sorry for the wait, here’s part 9! :D you guys are the best for liking this story so much and being so patient with me!! hope you guys like this chapter too :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :D

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10 Things I Hate About You

I hate the way you’re not around and the fact that you didn’t call

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8][Part 10]

Previously on 10 Things I Hate About You…


“Sirius” she said with a quiet, trembling voice, never taking her eyes of the parchment in her hands; the parchment that contained three columns with three names at the top; A. McLaggen, A. Diggory and S. Black. Underneath those names were endless names of girls with Galleons or Sickles next to them. But on the bottom of the parchment was the real reason why her hands were shaking, her heart was pounding so hard, her eyes were watering and she could feel like she was about to vomit. Right there, on the bottom of the page, was her name written in Sirius’ handwriting. She felt her lip shaking as she opened her mouth to let the only words she could let out. “What is this?”

“(Y/N)” was everything that Sirius managed to say. He felt his heart dropping all the way to his stomach. It was here; the moment he was dreading had come. He could see it in (Y/N)’s eyes. He had broken her.  “(Y/N), love-“

What is this?!” she spat out again and she stood up while showing him the parchment. She was trying to maintain her breathing steady. Sirius stood frozen in front of her not knowing where to start. “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THIS, BLACK?!”

He jumped a little at her scream as she walked closer to him and he took a step back. “(Y/N), I can explain-“

“Oh, you can?” she said sarcastically. “Then please, enlighten me why you have a parchment with your name on it, along with McLaggen’s and Diggory’s?” she snapped as more angry tears fell from her eyes. “Tell me why each of those names has a column with girls’ names and” she said before taking another deep breath. “money next to them” she said disgusted and Sirius saw her hand with the parchment shake a little. “Explain to me why my name is on this fucking list underneath your name!” she said pushing the parchment into his chest and looking up at him.

Sirius could feel his heart racing with every word coming out of (Y/N)’s mouth. (Y/N) never cursed. He knew this was beyond bad. This was going to be the death of him. “(Y/N), look it’s n-not what you think-“

“Really? Because what I think is that you and McLaggen and Diggory had a bet going on to see which one of you could be with more girls” she started with the anger still evident in her voice. “W-what I think” she said with the anger now replaced by sadness. “I-is that I was your next target” she said feeling sick to her stomach. “Oh my God” she whispered to herself as she dropped the parchment. “I was, wasn’t I?” she muttered as more tears fell down her cheeks. “How could I be so stupid?”

“(Y/N), no, listen to me-“ he said getting closer to her but now she stepped back.

“Don’t come near me” she said throwing daggers at him. Sirius noticed her breathing getting heavier. “Just… tell me the truth” she said squeezing her eyes shut before looking back at him once more. “You owe me that.”

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I’ll assume this is about Ozmafia, since that’s the only Brothel I’ve had to deal with like… ever. Simple words cannot convey this so I’ll need some screenshots to help me out

Since I wanted to go into Ozmafia completely unspoiled I had absolutely no idea what would happen. All I wanted was to go after the dude with the potentially manliest name I’ve ever heard- I mean

Friggin Manboy, a name like Guy couldn’t have done the job I guess

Fuka goes to the Brothel cause no one wants to tell her what the hell goes down there, which piques her curiosity. Manboydudebrahguy seems happy enough to see her, but instead of telling the truth he’s just like “Yeah this is a salon, you can eat here and … stuff *cough*”. So when she asks if she can come again he tells her that it’s ok - but only during the day

So the next Sunday Fuka goes out to meet Boyman we are introduced to a new character: Alfani

The cord attached to his… 

That is- the uh.. yeah

While this could also be an extravagant design choice it’s more likely where your fight and especially your flight instinct should kick in and you’ll realize that this going somewhere horribly wrong. But before Fuka get’s that chance Dudeboy intercepts and tries to send Alfani away before he can give her a free BDSM crash course

Fuka’s worried that she’s getting on Boyguys nerves by visiting him every week. She decides to do some shopping instead, and she just has to run into Alfani. They have a nice little chat about the important questions in life, y’know like “Do you lub me or Mayboy mooorreee?” and “Do you prefer hurting others or being hurt?” …wat

Since things aren’t weird enough yet Fuka decides to go to the Brothel again. There she finds Manmeat tending the flowers. He tells her not to get too close since they are poisonous, but apparently it’s not enough to kill someone (which sadly rules out the option of diving into the bushes for a quick and painless death)

After the two of them have a somewhat romantic moment he finally takes a hint and tells her to bugger off - but alas it is too late

You know things are bad when a dude with a creepy goatee shows up and his sprite looks like he’s ready to punch you

Manman drags Fuka off and basically tells her that shit just got real and she’s heading straight for a bad end so she should stay away

But of course she’s back the next week because stay away actually means come back just like no means yes. I mean he could have definitely tried a little harder to turn her off, I can offer a few suggestions:

I’ll put the true horror under the cut, since things will get kinda NSFW as well

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Overprotective Part 3

Summary: Your plan to be bait to catch the ghouls isn’t quite what the Winchesters had in mind, but you’re determined. And staying mad at Dean is taking more energy than you expected

Word Count: 1293

Warning: None

A/N: I accidentally posted part 1 to this blog, so I’ll keep posting this series (though I’m pretty sure this is the last part) to this blog. If you want more of my stuff, go to imagining-supernatural

Part 1    Part 2

“No!” Dean yelled. “Absolutely not.”

“Well it’s not gonna take either of you! You’re too strong and look like you can fight back. I’m smaller. You’ll be my backup. It’s better than using some innocent student as bait.”

Sam wasn’t smiling anymore. The amusement of Dean’s and your predicament and worn off in light of your suggested plan.

“We know where they are. Let’s just storm the place,” Dean offered up as an alternative.

“Sam?” You looked at him for backup.

He rubbed his chin and looked away. “I don’t like you being bait.”

Your expression hardened. “Well I don’t care whether you two like it or not. I’m bait. You can either help me or not.”

The bar was just down the street, and you started walking. Dean caught up with you when you were barely at the next room down. “Please, Y/N.”

You leaned up and pressed a kiss to his lips. His concern had washed your anger away. Besides, making him suffer meant you were suffering too. “I’ll be fine. I trust you two and you need to trust me.”

“This isn’t a question of trust,” Dean replied. His arm snuck around your waist, pulling you to him. Your kiss had apparently given him the courage to make his move again. “I can’t watch you be bait again. That ghost in New Mexico—“

“And I was just fine.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him again, deeper this time. “I promise I’ll come back to you, just like I always do.”

“I still don’t like it.”

“I’d be concerned if you did.”

“Alright you two lovebirds,” Sam interrupted. “Let’s get this show on the road, unless you’ve changed your mind, Y/N?”

You shook your head and lead the way to the bar. You’d studied the reports enough to know that the students were always taken around midnight. That gave you enough time to figure out the best way to make sure the ghoul took you, and not someone else.

Dean tried to stay near you, but you ordered him to go away. The students had come to the bar alone, looking to drink their troubles away or find someone who could make them forget them for a night.

When midnight rolled around, you casually strolled to the back door, stepping into the alley as if you needed air.

“Why, hello there.”

You whirled around and tried your hardest to act like any other college girl would upon seeing a hot guy in a dark alley. Curious, but definitely on edge.


“Lost?” He asked, shrugging off the wall and coming closer to you. You fought not to fall back into a defensive stance that would surely give you away, choosing to stumble back a few steps instead. “N-nope. I just needed some air.”

He smiled predatorily. “Haven’t you seen the news? This alley is bad luck.”

The air behind you moved just before everything went black.

You woke up strapped to a table and groaned.

“Is this the part where I beg to be let go? Cry a little?” You yelled into the—warehouse? Not the haunted house? You were screwed.

“I’m always up for begging,” the guy from the night before walked into your line of sight. “Try it. See where it gets you.”

You tried jerking out of your straps, testing how easy it would be to slip out but the movement jarred your head and a sharp pain split your skull, making you groan again. “Ugh. Would it get me some ibuprofen? What did you hit me with, an atomic bomb?”

“Feisty. I like that.” The ghoul walked closer to you and trailed a finger down your arm. “Let’s see if you taste as good as you look.”

He dug his finger into your skin and you screamed at the pain. Through your red tinged vision you saw him lift his finger to his mouth and suck your blood off of it. You saw movement out of the corner of your eye, and you hoped it would be the boys here to save you, but it was just two more ghouls.

“Hunter blood tastes different than normal human blood,” the ghoul said thoughtfully. “Don’t you think so?”

The other ghouls came closer. “It’s been a while. I think I need to jog my memory.”

The first ghoul motioned to you. “Well, dinner’s ready.”

You groaned. “Please stop with the cliché one-liners. My head already hurts.”

“This one does have some spirit in her,” the female ghoul said appreciatively. “I like it when they say things other than help me and what are you doing?

“I think it’s pretty obvious what you’re doing,” You said drily. Your upper arm throbbed where the ghoul had dug his finger in, but you forced that pain aside.

A bullet came out of nowhere and hit the ghoul through the heart. He looked up in surprise and you furrowed your brow. Sam and Dean knew ghouls needed to be decapitated. Why would they—

The answer came when Dean stepped out from behind a large cabinet with his machete and chopped the head clean off while their attention was diverted to where the bullet had come from. Blood spattered over you, but the ghoul was dead and the boys were here to save you, so you could handle it. While the two other ghouls looked at Dean, ready to pounce, Sam rushed forward and took care of one of them. The other one turned on Sam and they wrestled, the machete slid across the floor.

Sam got the upper hand and punched the ghoul in the face hard enough to knock out a normal human. It only dazed the ghoul, but long enough for Dean to toss Sam his machete and for Sam to finish the job. The ping-pong effect the boys used with the ghouls attention made it a breeze for them to kill them.

Dean made quick work of the bindings holding you down and you climbed off the table, cradling your arm. He wrapped one arm around your back and the other scooped you up behind the knees. “You okay?”

“Did you find the others?” That was the most pressing question for you, but you knew Dean needed an answer so you quickly nodded your head at him.

He nodded. “Two of them. We were too late for the first. But we called 911, so an ambulance and police will be here in a few minutes.”

Back at the motel, Dean stitched you up and hovered. Calling him overprotective was an understatement, but you found that you didn’t care too much this time. At least you knew the real reason why he cared so much.

“Hey Sam.” The youngest Winchester looked up at you. “I’m hungry. Can you go get me a burger from that diner we saw across town?”

He grinned and grabbed the keys to the Impala from the table. “It might take a while. Dinner shift and all that.”


Once he was gone, you patted the bed next to you, signaling Dean to sit down. He did. “You should have said you were hungry. I could have gotten something a while ago and—“

You interrupted him with a kiss. “I sent Sam for a reason, Dean.”

His eyes jumped back and forth between yours nervously. Apparently in his concern for you, he’d forgotten the kiss you’d given him just before you left for the bar. “Oh yeah?”

You nodded. “I think I’m done being mad at you.”

“You think?”

“You might have to convince me a little more that you weren’t lying.”

Dean’s eyes gleamed as he caught on. He grinned and gathered you into his arms, lips brushing yours. “I think I can do that.”

You came up for air a few minutes later. “I love you too, Dean Winchester.”

anonymous asked:

okay, so this is like a weirdly personal question and you don't have to answer, but i remember you made a couple posts about being a fat girl dating a skinny guy and i was kind of hoping maybe you could give me some advice... did you ever doubt whether a skinny man could possibly be attracted to you just because of your weight? i'm really into one of the men in my phd program but he's over 6ft and thin (and brilliant and sweet and funny ugh) but i'm short and fat. how did you get over the fear?

(Shout out to my boyfriend who will probably end up reading this. Thanks for tolerating my ramblings, honey bunch.)

You know, I don’t think I have talked about this much. And, well, there’s a reason for that. My weight, my boyfriend’s weight, and the social categories we’re supposed to fall into because of our body fat levels and distributions aren’t really part of our relationship. 

I wasn’t always like that, of course. I haven’t had a lot of relationships. (Andrew is without question the most serious SO I’ve ever had–we’ve been together for about a year. He’s also the only person I’ve ever acknowledged as My Boyfriend during our actual relationship. Let’s not touch how unhealthy that is???) I have a real history for being, um, weird about relationships. I held people at arms’ length. I quietly sabotaged things that felt like beginnings. I had trouble believing anyone was seriously interested in me. I aimed really fucking low. There’s a multitude of reasons for those habits. But when I look back at myself, it’s clear that I thought I wasn’t good enough for anyone to, um, want me.

This is recent history. I’m not sure what changed. If you knew me in real life you’d know that I’m a really dorky, awkward person. I didn’t start projecting oodles of confidence or overcome depression or self-actualize or start drinking kombucha everyday. The only difference I can note in myself is that I’m much more accepting of who I am than I was a few years ago. That’s not really the same as being comfortable with who I am. I’m anxiety-ridden. I can’t say I’m self-assured. But I’m increasingly honest about what I bring to the table. 

Maybe that’s it. Maybe I stopped feeling like I (body and soul) was a secret I had to keep if I ever wanted to fall in love. If you’re more honest with yourself, it follows that you’ll be more honest about yourself. In short, I’ve been growing into the person I am.

Andrew and I met online. (I reviewed our first few conversations recently, and they are painfully, adorably awkward.) When we finally decided we liked each other enough to meet in person, there was the usual first-date bolt of terror. What if he didn’t realize, um, what I looked like? (Isn’t that a weird belief that so many of us fat girls share? That our weight is somehow gonna be a surprise to people who know what we look like?) The angry little part of my brain that believes I’m hideously ugly and tremendously, unacceptably fat gets loud at these such moments of uncertainty. My brain screamed again when I saw him for the first time. I am completely unbiased in the statement that my boyfriend is conventionally attractive (hi, babe). He’s not skinny, exactly, but his body tends towards lean, trim, and athletic. He’s naturally quite tan, with strong, handsome features and dark hair. That’s absolutely everything I’m not! And my first thought of “oh wow he’s good looking” was, without question, quickly followed by “I am not someone this attractive person could ever want to be with.”

But, well, he made me laugh more than I could ever make myself cry.

It’s been almost a year since then. (Our first date was November 7th. I wonder how many dates we’ve been on now?) It’s…how shall I put this? It’s pretty damn clear Andrew is attracted to me. (See, I was tactful.) He kisses me in public. I’ve met his family. I’ve hung out with his friends. Maybe part of it is being with someone who’s proud to be with you. I know not everybody has had that. He tells me I’m beautiful, cute, sexy every day. More importantly, though, he doesn’t let me forget that he loves me and wants to be with me.  I know he senses that I need to hear it and see it and feel it. And I’m grateful. I love the people we are when we’re together.

It’s not like I don’t have ugly thoughts. It’s not like it’s easy. I have a difficult relationship with myself. I always have. No amount of love and support from someone else can do it away. There are times when I worry I don’t deserve to be with him. There are times when I worry other people will think I don’t deserve to be with him. These moments are fleeting in a way that love isn’t. 

There are women on this website who would have given you a more succinct answer. I couldn’t. I meandered, and I could meander more, about mental health, about love, about self-worth and growth and attraction and healing. But wait! I’ve come up with a justification: You didn’t ask me about that stuff, but it dripped into my answer anyway. My boyfriend isn’t dating my body. He’s not dating my weight. He’s dating me, with all my moving, buzzing parts. 

Yes, there are men who will be uninterested in dating you because of your weight. Yes, there will be times when your perception of yourself will get in the way of your romances. Yes, there are those individuals out there in the world (some of whom you may mistakenly want to date) who believe these relationships don’t happen. But while you may call yourself, know yourself as, or simply be fat, you will always be a bunch of other things and a bunch of other people at the same time. The same is true for anyone you might want to date. There is no blueprint for a “fat girl/skinny guy” relationship. There’s you, and there’s the other person, and then there’s an utterly infinite number of other variables!!!!!

I hope you weren’t looking for quick, pragmatic advice. I don’t have any today. 

Here’s a cute picture of me and my dear; it’s a reward for everyone who bothered to read this post all the way through.

Visionary - (Reader x ??????)
Word count: 2050

A/N: I could have split this into two chapters, but I kept it as one because you guys deserve a long chapter. I have fun on this blog even when I’m not writing. I do feel a bit bad if people here solely to read my fics because I’ve just been flooding my blog with answered asks, but I adore every person who sends something in, so I’m sorry people who don’t like the asks you will need to deal with it for now haha.

I wanted the recruit to be a downer because I know we’ve all been there. None of us want to be useless, or feel useless and we aren’t, but it’s hard so get out of that mindset when you’re stuck in it until you just suddenly aren’t. And sometimes you just let it go and turn around and think, ‘god that was stupid’. We also all have that stupid self-esteem demon hounding us. She honestly should just fck off sometimes. Anywho: Warnings: Themes of Low-self esteem, anxiety and stress.

When you slipped on the armor around your heart it felt like you were putting on an old coat from the last winter. You had thought you were fine against the cold until you put it on and realised how much you needed it. It took one day for you put up your walls to fight back the demon that had revived in your head. She always came back at your very worse, armed with insecurity and low self-esteem. You needed the armor and your barricades to deal with it.

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Matt Imagine (The Show Must Go On)

Matt Imagine (The Show Must Go On)

Request: Can you please make a Matthew Espinosa imagine and surprise me what it is about

Of course my beautiful anon :)


You had been really stressed lately. As a sophomore in high school and a fanatic for the performing arts you had asked to help produce the middle school musical. The director of the show was also your dance teacher and the choreographer for the Upper School Musical so you knew her quite well.

You had been given the title of stage manager and it was a huge job. You had never done something this big but you were so grateful to be given the opportunity.

Most of your friends didn’t really understand why you did the show if you were always so tired of you complained about it sometimes. That made you kind of upset sometimes because even though you complained about it you still loved doing it. No matter what you still love the theatre even if it is a bit harder to get sleep and do your work.

The one person who was very supportive of you was your boyfriend, Matt. He knew how much you loved performing and he came to every single performance you took part in, whether it be on stage or back stage.

You were currently backstage and everything was black as you waited to hear the music that opened the show. It was the second show and that was usually the best show so you were hoping it would go really well.

You couldn’t have been more wrong….

As the show began everything seemed to be flowing nicely with the occasional mistake of props. That was until someone left their costume on the other side of the stage.

Now normally you would be able to cross back stage but because of how the set was built for this show that was practically impossible.

You hadn’t said anything but you were about to tell her to go on in what she was wearing or something similar when you found out one of the tech members went into the audience to get to the other side.

“Why, why, why?” You kept saying to yourself quietly as you hit your head on the palm of your hand. You knew that she would get yelled at by the director because that was a specific note given right before the show.

When she got back she came up to you and you could see that she had been crying. You instantly hugged her and rubbed her back.

“She told me I ruined the entire song, she was so mad,” She whispered to you as you hugged her.

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault, she should have had her costume on this side beforehand,” You tell her softly. She nods her head and goes back to help the rest of the characters out. Now that had put a damper on your mood. You knew it wasn’t your fault and that you shouldn’t feel bad but you did. You now really didn’t feel motivated to produce a good show and just felt sad. But you knew you couldn’t feel that way so you pushed through it and tried your hardest.

However as much as you tried to push those feelings back they affected your performance. Several props were late and cast members were tripped. During the second act you were told that one of the crew members just disappeared.

“She went outside, talking on the phone, and now we can’t find her. Her phone is off, it’s not dead,” Some of your crew members told you.

“Let’s think about this rationally. She is most likely not kidnapped so we can assume that perhaps she just walked home because you mentioned earlier she was crying and I am aware she lives close,” You say in a hopeful tone.

“I guess,” One of them says.

“But you have to tell the director, because if we don’t and she finds out later she will only be more upset,” You tell him. He nods and quickly runs to tell her.

At this point you were so upset but also worried. As you were nearing the end of the show you were told that cast members were fighting backstage because someone pushed people out of their way. You couldn’t be more upset. Whether someone pushed you or not you have to suck it up. The show must go on. You were giving everyone the death glare at this point. You were so disappointed in this performance and the cast and crew as a whole. It was just a wreck. You wanted to yell so badly at them but you were just so done that you couldn’t.

When the show was over you closed the curtains and turned the work lights on so the cast could make their way to the dressing room. You sunk to the floor with your head in your hands taking deep breaths. You had no idea how you were supposed to be feeling at this point. You wanted to be mad and yell at them but you also wanted to be sad and cry but you also had this feeling like you needed to have a panic attack, like you needed to get all of this out of your system in some way before you exploded.

You knew you were only psyching yourself out even more as you thought harder and harder about everything but you couldn’t stop yourself at this point. Your breathing was now heavy and your vision had blurred from the tears that were beginning to form. You were curled up in a ball as you tried to get yourself under control.

“Y/N!” You heard Matt call out to you but you didn’t budge. You heard him run over to you and crouch down next to you. “I’ve been looking for you for the past 20 minutes are you okay?” He asks quietly as he wraps you in his arms. You couldn’t manage a word out so you just shook your head. You didn’t even know why you were crying and you realized how stupid it was to cry and you were suddenly angry at yourself for even considering crying.

“I’m just so UGH!” You said in frustration. You didn’t know how to word your thoughts. You really just wanted to scream as loud as you possibly could.

“Y/N, come here,” Matt says softly and you crawl back into his arms and he hugs you close to his chest. “Now slowly and calmly just explain to me what happened,” He says soothingly as he runs his fingers through your hair.

“Just so much stuff went wrong backstage. There was unnecessary drama that just put more stress on me and it all sounds stupid and useless now but I just don’t know how ugh. I do know how to handle it but I just can’t right now. I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore ugh!” You had started out smoothly and were able to voice your emotions but as you continued it got harder and harder.

“Shh…I know it’s hard. All this work that you’re doing is amazing and the cast should thank you for that. Stage crew doesn’t get enough credit for what they do so I’m letting you know that you are appreciated and important even if the kids don’t say it. What you do is a key asset to the show. Without you, there wouldn’t be magic. Sure the actors can say their lines and sing their songs but without you we would miss all the colors, all the lights, all the sound, and all the effects that make it so much more real. They may be able to do the show without you. But if they didn’t have you it wouldn’t be a show anymore. Shows are called shows because they show stuff. They are showy if that makes sense. You go to a show to be impressed. Without you the audience wouldn’t be impressed. So y/n my love you are what ties everything in this show together,” He says with so much seriousness in his face. You smiled as you listened to him speak and threw your arms around his neck and hugged him.

“Thank you Matt, I don’t know what I would do without you,” You say into his ear. He chuckled and said,

“Well the show must go on.”


I hope you liked this imagine. It was kind of quick and I know there wasn’t a lot of Matt and y/n time but I felt that showcasing the whole stress portion and where it started was important and it shows that this is what boyfriends or girlfriends are for. They show you when you are needed and they are always there for you.

much love + stay weird
-simplicational’s queen

love can fall so hard

anyone interested in happy, fluffy-af, very nsfw carmilla fanfic after……..that….episode…??? 

no trigger warnings, but turn back now if you’re not into these two dumb cutes taking showers together and…other fun things…

word count: ~3,700


When it’s all over, Laura is trembling like a leaf, about to shake to pieces with the shock of it the fight. And Carmilla is empty-eyed, holding the Blade of Hastur, coated in viscous black blood that makes her want to stand under a waterfall-strength shower for approximately ten years. Of course she struck the final blow, fueled by such hatefire for her mother and this ritual and this non-autonomous life force to be bait for innocent girls, fueled by years of mourning Ell and now a fierce protectiveness for Laura that gave her the incredible strength necessary. She feels it sap out of her limbs now, sending the sword clattering to the ground, exhausted eyes turning to the other girl.

Who is already looking at her, those big, sweet eyes full of tears, and Carmilla feels a surge of ineffable tenderness, staggering towards her. “I would…” she starts, stopping herself from taking the girl into her arms on account of the horrific goop she’s covered in.

“I don’t care.” Laura has other ideas–a little thing like disgusting monster blood is not going to stop her from lurching forward, the first sob racking her body as she folds herself into Carmilla’s arms. “I was so scared,” she gasps, burying her face in Carmilla’s neck. “I th-thought you were going to die, I thought I was going to die…I…I…”

“Ssh,” Carmilla comforts her, pressing her lips to Laura’s temple, trying to soothe her hiccupy crying. “Ssh, Laura, ssh, it’s all going to be okay.”

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Heart for Two, part 3

I am floored by the response to this story, thank you so much! And it has a name now!

Vampire!Blaine/Soulmate AU, Part 3 in which Blaine gives Kurt a glimpse of his world. 

Previous parts

Eventually, of course, Blaine and Rachel had to meet. It was just as awkward as Kurt had feared it would be. 

“Your name is… Blaine?” Rachel asked when she still had Blaine’s hand in a firm shake. 

“As far I know, yes,” Blaine answered with a charming smile. 

“And your last name?" 

"What’s with the interrogation, Rachel?” Kurt asked before Blaine could reply. “So his name is Blaine, what’s the big deal?" 

"Well, I’m sorry I think it’s a rather weird coincidence that your new… what, boyfriend? has the same name as your dead soul mate. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am sure you are very charming but Kurt hasn’t even looked at anyone for the last two years, let alone bring someone home. And while we’re on the subject of soul mates, don’t you want to be with yours? Or wait, is he dead, too?" 

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Chapter 5: Right Back Where We Started.


Looking around in my old bathroom for an extra toothbrush, I blew air out of my mouth. I couldn’t find one at all, and I could’ve sworn I had thousands of extra toothbrushes in these cabinets.

Shutting the cabinets and cutting off the light, I walked over to where Chris was sleeping. Poking him in the butt a couple of times, he stirred around in his sleep. I know he felt that. Doing it again, he finally spoke.

“Quit doing that gay ass shit!” He snapped, making me not want to ask him anymore.

“I just wanted to ask a question.” I mumbled.

“What yo stank breath ass want?” He asked, hurting my feelings. Why does he ha to be so mean? What did I do?

“Do you have an extra toothbrush?” I asked, nicely. Sucking his teeth, he pointed to his mcm backpack.

Walking over to his bag, I unzipped it. The first thing that I saw were a box of condoms, causing me to scrunch up my face. Quickly zipping that part of the bag back up, I went to the front. Luckily, there was an unopened toothbrush sitting right in there. Grabbing it, I went back into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror and brushed my teeth. When I was finished, I got back in bed, and turned on the tv. I haven’t been in this room for decades.

“Get your crusty ass feet off my leg, yo..” Chris mumbled in his sleep. I couldn’t even go to sleep, because he sleeps extra wild. Last night I had one little tiny corner of the bed, so I had to ask Nae to come in  here and help me move him over.

“Shutup Chris.” I mumbled, and he sucked his teeth, snatching the blanket off of me. Why he got to be so childish?

Rolling my eyes, I stood up in my bed and looked down at him. Smirking, I started to jump just to piss him off. A couple of seconds later, I felt his hand wrap around my foot, and pull me down.

“Ow!” I screamed once I hit my head on the headboard. “You done now?” He asked, as he turned around to face me.

“Nigga the question is; are you done? You been pushing me off the bed all night.” He chuckled, and sat up.

“Man, whatever. Where the towels at?”

“Downstairs, I’ll come with you.” Leading him to the closet downstairs, I stopped once I heard the door-bell ring.

“Why are you following me?” He shrugged, and remained behind me.

Stopping in front the door, I unlocked the locks and opened it. There stood August.

“August, what are you doing here?” He was about to speak, until he saw Chris behind me.

“The fuck Chris bitch ass doing here?”

Looking back at Chris, I noticed him mugging August. I thought they were cool.

“Nigga, why you worried about me? Worry about yo bitch that I took.” He spat, crossing his arms over his chest like he was the shit. August was about to come for him, but I quickly pushed him back.

“Man, so this why you sent me them fuck ass text last night? Man, fuck you, you’re a fucking joke. You spend all this time telling me how Chris ain’t shit, but you be with him 24/7. Okay.” He started to walk off, until I grabbed his arm.

“I didn’t send you any text last night. ” He gave me that ‘yea okay’ look, before trying to walk off again.

“August, stop! Let me see them, because I know I didn’t text you  last night.” I said, grabbing his arm once again.

Sucking his teeth, he pulled out his phone, and went to the messages, before handing it to me. Scanning over the screen, I saw some text that were sent around the same time I was in the pool the other night.

Raising my eyebrow, I thought about who could have sent it. The only person that had my phone was Chris. CHRIS! 

Snapping my head in his direction, he tried to look away.  “You little bitch, why would you do that?!” I yelled, getting in his face.

“My nigga,  you trying it.” August warned, as he tried to come for Chris again. 

“Nigga, wassup?” Chris asked, attempting to walk over to August, but I pushed him back, too.

“August, please leave.” He rolled his eyes, and walked out of the door, slamming it afterwards.

Bringing my attention back to Chris, I shook my head.

“Now back to you, why the fuck would you do that?!” I yelled in hid face again.

“Fuck out my face, man.” He mumbled.

“Answer my damn question!”

“Shut the fuck up! It’s over with, get over it! That nigga August ain’t nobody, fuck him! Damn, fuck you stressing for? Being a complete bitch right now, yo..”

Instantly, my hand came in contact with his cheek.

“Because unlike you, he’s a real friend. He listens when I have something to tell him, he doesn’t hurt me like you do.  When you were being a fucking dick towards me, he was the one that was there. So that’s why I’m stressing.” I spat, pushing him afterwards.

“Yo,  don’t put ya fucking hands on me!” He yelled, before pushing me extremely hard right into the glass table behind me, which was now broken, because of Hulk over here.

Freaking out, he immediately tried to apologize.

“Raye,  I’m so sorry, let me help y—” I cut him off.

“Don’t fucking touch me, just leave!” I yelled as I tried to get up but failed.

I heard Chris curse to himself as he left.

Hissing at the pain in my back, I attempted to get back up again, but I slipped.

“FUCK!” I yelled, as the sharp glass came in contact with my hand.

Grabbing my phone with my free hand, I dialed August’ number.

“What?” He answered, dryly and  rudely.

“August could you please come back? Please?” I cried.

“Yo, what’s wrong with you?” His voice softened.

“Just come, please.”

“Ok,  I’m down the street, I’ll be there in a lil bit.”

“Ok..” I hung up.

Setting my phone to the side, I made sure it didn’t crack due to all the shaking I was doing. My back was hurting real, I dont know if I had glass in it or what.

Hearing the front door open, I looked towards that way and saw August with wide eyes. Immediately rushing over to me, he helped me up into the kitchen.

“Who the fuck did this?” He gritted out. He was pissed about this whole situation.

“Chris..” I mumbled, and he chuckled.

“Man,  I’m coming for that nigga real talk.” I wasn’t even about to tell him no. I even liked Chris just a tiny bit, but fuck that, not anymore.

“Take your shirt off, cause the back of your shirt is covered in blood.”

Frowning at something being wrong with my back, I took my shirt off and tossed it to the floor.

“Bruh,  goddamn. You have glass in your back, so this is gonna hurt when I take it out.” He warned, and I nodded.

Feeling a burning sensation in my back as he pulled some of the glass out, I began to cry. This shit hurted. 

“Aw man, you crying?  Bruh,  don’t cry Raye,  ion’ like seeing you cry. I just gotta put peroxide on the cuts, then I’m done.” He sighed, before kissing my cheek.

Wiping my tears, I got some of the bandages, and handed them to him. Wiping my back down with a hot towel, I heard him opening the peroxide. Oh, I was not ready this.

Taking some cotton balls, he poured peroxide on them, before dabbing them over my cuts.

“Fuck!” I screamed, and he huffed. After screaming for like five minutes, he started to put bandages over the cuts. They started to feel somewhat better. I bet they were gonna take forever to heal.

“Thank you so much August, really.” I said, embracing him in a hug. He smiled, and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“No problem, but you good?” I nodded, then sighed.

“I’m about to go clean up that gl—” he cut me off.

“Nah, you stay yo ass  right there, I’ll clean it up.”

He disappeared into the living room, before coming back in here with glass on the dust pan.

“This stays between us, right?” He nodded, and washed his hands.

I really didn’t want anybody knowing about this. They would just feel sorry for me, and baby me. It’s only cute when August does it.

“Alright, so you want me to stay?” I nodded instantly. 

“Okay good, cause a nigga didn’t want to go back home.” He chuckled, making a big smile appear on my face.

Walking up these high ass stairs, we both went in my room. “So, what happened after I left?”

Sighing, I began to tell him everything that happened, while he sat there and listened.


“Chris, I’m tired of talking about her, is she more important than me?” Cassie whined.

“Nah, but you’re my best-friend, you’re supposed to listen.” I spat, and she rolled her eyes.

“OK, but can we talk about something else that’s NOT about Raye for once? You know I don’t like her..” Sucking my teeth, I got my keys and left. Cassie be on that bs, that’s why I have Nae. The side best-friend ;)

Pulling out my phone, I shot her a text.

Me: bruh

 whiterice 😍😘😜😂😇😎🙏👌💑❤: sup sweet yella thang?

Me: yea,  you know wassup bae

whiterice 😍😘😜😂😇😎🙏👌💑❤:  bitch stop flirting w/ me. you not cute, at all. wtf did you want b? 

Me: please believe it’s all love, b. ah,  but come thru real quick. 

whiterice 😍😘😜😂😇😎🙏👌💑❤:   come thru,  come thru, come thru, come thru, and ya know  we DON’T got thangs to do

Me: bruh,  stop playing frfr I need to talk to you. Cassie wasn’t fucking listening.

whiterice 😍😘😜😂😇😎🙏👌💑❤:  that bitch?! ugh,  fine I’m omw.

Sucking my teeth at this long ass conversation we just had, I locked my phone. Nae be on that bs too, but she’s actually nice. Cassie’s mean as hell, she be man-handling that nigga Raymond.  I walked in on her slapping the fuck out him one day. I wish she would do me like that, but enough about her since she didn’t wanna listen to me.

“Open up this muhfuckin’ door, blood! On the real, blood!” I heard Nae yell outside of the door. Her ass was trying to sound like a man, but she failed because she talked like a damn mouse.

Getting out of my seat, I jogged to the door, before opening it. There she stood, with a balloon in her shirt,  munching on pringles.

“You pregnant? It’s Ty’s?” I asked, playing along.

“I dont know, Daquan let the whole squad hit it.” She  whined, like the girl on the vine.

“Damn, ho you bussin’ for trouble.” I said in a girl tone, and smirked.

Instantly squealing and laughing, she playfully hit me in my chest, and shut the door behind her.

“Where Daquan?” I asked, as we both sat on the couch.

“At the trap. I asked mom and dad couple I go, but they said no.” She frowned.

“Fuck Daquan,  when you gone bust it open for real nigga?” I asked playfully, licking my lips.

“Ooooh,  right now!” She smirked, as she fell on the floor and put her legs in the air.

Chuckling, I shook my head. “You high then a bitch, right?” She nodded, and came back to sit on the couch.

“Ty’s been getting on my nerves lately, so I had to. He’s been bugging.” She sighed, putting her hair up into a bun.

“He still mad? Why he mad? What we do?”

“I don’t know, but wassup with you? What did you want love bug?”

“Man, earlier Raye pissed me the fuck off, so I just lost it and pushed her into that glass table.” I huffed.

“You bitch! Tell me all these details!” She said after smacking me upside my head.

“Man you remember when I had her phone, right? Well, I sent August a message cause he was mad so I wanted to fuck with him, cause you know I can’t stand his ass. But yea, he got mad at them and showed up today, telling Raye that she sent them and she read them and found out I did. Then, she started cursing me out, stressing and shit cause Aug was mad. So, I spazzed out on her and she slapped me and pushed me, but my anger got the best of me and I pushed her.”

“Damn..” Nae mumbled. It was quiet for a few minutes, before she started to speak again.

“Well, you were wrong. You shouldn’t have sent the messages in the first place, because as much as I dont like him either, she really liked him and we can’t stop her from liking him. You need to go apologize like ASAP, but I’ma go cause ya home blowing up my phone right now.” She rolled her eyes.

“Give mama a hug!” She smiled, and held her arms out for me. Getting up, I wrapped my arms around her and inhaled her scent. She smelt good as hell,  like vanilla.  

“Um,  you can let go now.” She chuckled awardkly. Immediately letting go, she gave me a smile, before rushing out. The fuck was that?

Shaking my head, I started to think about what happened earlier again.

I feel bad as hell. I don’t know what came over me, but she just pissed me the fuck off. But the way that she cried when I pushed her made my heart drop. Then, I really lowkey like her.

I just cant believe that she really got mad at me, because I sent those text messages. August aint nobody, that nigga is crazy as hell. That’s why we aint cool no more. That nigga got problems. Nigga almost got Nae killed. 

And that pissed me off even more, because I’m tryna keep her away from this nigga, because he aint nothing but trouble and she wont even listen to me. So if some shit happens to her, fuck it. She wanna be dumb, and go to that nigga.

I’ma still try and go apologize to her though. It’s only right, because I really fucked up. Then we were just bonding, like what the fuck.

Sighing, I pulled out my phone and dialed her number. Hopefully she answers.

“Nigga, why you calling?” August answered, making my blood boil. I thought she told this nigga to leave.

“Give the fucking phone to Raye!” I snapped, only for him to chuckle.

“Nah, I cant do that.” I sucked my teeth, and mentally counted to 10. This nigga is pushing it.

“Bruh, I will dead yo’ shit, quit fucking playing with me!”

“Nigga mad cause I’m bout to take his bitch..” He mumbled, before hanging up.

Throwing my phone across the room, I huffed. I guess I’d just have to wait til Monday when we go to class.

I just need to go to the park or something to clear my head.


”I’m not pushing your big ass. How bout you push me?” I chuckled.

”Your just saying that, because you’re skinny as hell..” She mumbled, rolling her eyes.

I was mad as hell about what Chris did. This nigga literally hurt her. Her back was all the way fucked up. I was already mad when she called me crying, so I got real mad when she told me what happened. Chris is bout to get it like frfr.

Then she told me that Chris and Nae don’t like me. I don’t give a fuck about either one of them, but they better not tell her no bullshit ass lie, cause I aint did shit.

“Aye, so you not playing me for that nigga Chris, frfr?” She sucked her teeth. Putting my hands up in defense, she chuckled. I couldn’t help, but ask. I needed to know.

“You’re so cute, but no. I like you and only you.” She confessed, making me smile.


“Oh, so I’m not gonna get a ‘I like you’ back?” Chuckling, I pulled her onto my lap and  wrapped my arms around her waist. “I like you more than I like smoking.” She sucked her teeth.

“Geesh, that was so sweet.” She giggled, fake smiling.

“I’m so serious, though.” She nodded, and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Ah, I see you. You wanna touch on a nigga now, huh?” I smirked. She rolled her eyes and removed her hands, putting them in her lap.

“You’re lips turning black..” She mumbled, rubbing her fingers on my lips. Moving her hands, I stared at her a second, before crashing my lips into hers.

“Damn, Raye. It’s like that?”

Raye and I pulled away from this short ass kiss and looked behind us. There stood Chris holding flowers, looking like he lost his dog.

What does his whack ass want?

Luke #31

A/N: This was also requested from that listy thing so if you want one you can send me a request to my ask or leave it on the original post. Happy reading!

My boyfriend Luke has been on tour for many months and we’ve kept our relationship in pretty good shape for the most part. In the beginning we talked a few times a day and skyped and stuff and as the tour progressed and he got busier and busier we started talking less and less. Recently we’ve only been talking about once a day if that. Today I was browsing social media and I came across a picture of Luke and some girl. They were just walking down the street and looked like they were having a good time. I’m not one to jump to conclusions about things so I figured that they were just friends. I’m still on my computer when I get a skype call from Luke so I answer it with a smile. “Hey babe.” I say and he smiles in return “Hey what’s up?” he asks. He’s currently in what looks like a hotel room by himself. “Nothing much just hanging out, going through twitter and tumblr and stuff. What about you?” I ask. “We just got back from our show, it was wicked. The fans were just wild it was insane. But I’m so exhausted now.” He says and yawns. “Well then you should probably go get some sleep.” I say. “But I wanted to talk to youuuuu.” “Ok so talk to me then.” I say. “ Well I don’t know what to say now.” He whines. “Oh I have a question.” I say. “Shoot.” “When I was on twitter I saw you with this girl who is she?” “Oh that was probably Sarah.” He responds. “And she is…” I say waiting for him to explain more. “A friend?” he says confused as to why I was asking. “Just a friend?” I ask. “Yes Y/N she’s just a friend.” “Ok well you should go to bed it probably late there.” I say and he nods, yawning. “We can talk tomorrow? Do you guys have plans?” I ask. “Yeah were booked tight tomorrow babe, I’m sorry.” He says. “Its okay. You should really get some sleep then.” I say again. “Ugh fineee Y/N night love you.” He says. “Love you tooo.” I reply and then click the end call button. I’m pooped as well from my day so I decide that it’s a good time to hit the hay. The next day was a Saturday so I stayed home and just relaxed after a stressful week. I was on my computer and I got a Skype call from Michael and of course I answered it because we’re best friends. “Hey Mike! What’s up?” I ask with a smile. “Hey Y/N I miss you! I feel like we haven’t spoken in forever!” He says back. “ I know but you guys have been busy. How’s tour treating you?” I ask. “Its great! I love it so much.” He says. “That’s great! So where are you guys?” “Well Cal, Ash and I are in my room playing Xbox and Luke is out somewhere wit- oh he’s in his room.” “Wait Mike where’s Luke?” I ask confused at his response. “He’s in his room, yeah in his room.” “Maybe I’ll call him after this then, he said you guys were booked tight today.” “We were pretty busy but we’ve had free time for the past couple of hours.” Mike responds. “Oh ok.” Right after I say that I hear the door open on the other side of the screen. I see Luke walk in next to Sarah with his arm around her. I sit there in shock as he walks in not seeming to notice that I’m on the screen. Sarah turns to him and says “I’m gonna go get something from the vending machine do you want anything?” “No I’m good.” He responds. “Kk be right back babe.” She says and gives him a quick peck on the lips. I’m completely in shock at what I just witnessed. “L-luke?” I say and my voice comes out shaky. “Shit.” All the guys say in unison, all noticing or remembering my presence at the same time. “Y-Y/N.” Luke starts to say but I end the call before I can hear anything else. My heart is in pieces and I feel numb. I sit alone in my bedroom not knowing what to do and before I know it I’m crying. I doesn’t feel real, it doesn’t feel like anything but it also feels like everything. My phone lights up and I see Luke is calling me, I double tap the power button and dismiss the call only for it to light up seconds later with the same name. I fill with sudden rage and then my phone is chucked across the room. How could he do this?! What an asshole! I can’t get it out of my mind as I try to sleep the pain away. I wake up and my face feels tight because of the dried up tears, my nose is clogged and my eyes are swollen and puffy. I’m sure I look fantastic right now. I stand up and retrieve my phone from the floor. Luckily, its not broken but it is filled with messages, mostly from Luke but there are also a good number from Michael and the rest of the boys. How could they not have told me?? I think to myself. I read the messages and Luke’s are mostly ‘Baby please pick up the phone.’ ‘Please hear me out.’ ‘I love you.’ What a fucking douchebag, I think to myself. Later that day I’m sitting on my couch not really paying attention to the TV but mainly using it as background noise. I haven’t eaten all day because I really don’t have much of an appetite. A loud knock on the door startles me from my trance and I slowly get up to answer it. I open the door and see Luke standing on my porch. I go to swing the door closed but his hand keeps it from closing. I open the door again “Please just let me talk to you.” He begs and I see his tear stained face. I sigh and step aside to let him walk in the house. “Go.” I say after standing in silence for a few moments. “Please explain.” I say with venom in my voice and I see Luke actually flinch at my tone. “Y/N I know there isn’t any good reason for doing what I did but I feel awful about it. Baby I love you so much an-“ I cut him off. “Who do you fucking think you are?!” I say angrily. “You think that you can cheat on me and just show up at my house and call me ‘baby’ and say ‘I love you’?! Like that’s gonna fix anything.” I say sarcastically. He has tears welling up in his eyes as he says “I was just lonely since I was on tour and you weren’t there an-“ “Sure, sureeee so when you ‘missed’ me you thought the best solution was to find another girl and slowly start talking to me less and less. Funny how that works huh?” I say sarcastically again and Luke looks physically pained by my words. “And also you told me that you were just friends. Not only did you cheat but you lied to me! I just cant believe you right now.” I say and at this point we both have tears streaming down our faces. He sniffs and wipes his eyes and I say “We’re over Luke.” And with that his face fell and I could almost feel his heart drop. “No.” He says in disbelief. “Y/N you can’t! I love you!” He says and the tears are flowing profusely down his face. “I’m sorry Luke but I just can’t trust you anymore, not after what you did.” “Can you please tell me you’ll try to think about forgiving me? Please I love you so much I can’t lose you.” He begs. “Fine, I’ll think about it. Now please get out of my house.” He slowly makes his way to the door, opens it and looks back at me “I love you Y/N.” He says and pauses for a moment until he realizes that I’m not going to say it back and he drops his head and closes the door behind him.


ATM Chapter 13pt2
Robyn POV “Chris are you re-“
I looked up and seen Kaureche on Chris’ lap, kissing him with her dick sucking lips.
I stared at them as they continued to kiss and then ran out, slamming the door.
I ran to the closet bathroom, closed and locked the door then sat on the sink, crying my eyes out.
Why is he kissing her? Why is she here? Does he even like me?
I continued to cry. Chris POV ”Yo what the fuck?!” I pushed Karreche off me, making her fall on the ground.
“Why did you push me?!” She said.
”What the fuck was that for?! Why the fuck would you kiss me!?” I yelled in anger while looking for my shirt.
“Because you were asking for it.”
“The fuck? No I wasn’t!”
“Are you serious Chris? You complemented me and everything!” Is this bitch stupid?
”Yo get out.” I demanded but she didn’t move.
“You know what fuck it, I’m out.” I grabbed my phone and walked into the now empty hallway. “Excuse me.” I tapped on one of the people who was putting away the lights away.
“Do you know who came in there?” I pointed to the room behind me and the lady nodded her head.
“Yeah, it was Rihanna.” OH SHIT. “Do you know where she went?” I asked with a worried expression. ”Umm I don’t know where she went exactly but she ran down the hall some where.”
“Ok thanks!” I turned around and ran where she pointed like a fucking fire was behind me. I searched and knocked on every door until I reached a bathroom. I twisted the knob but it was locked. “Robyn! You in there?!” I banged on the door but didn’t get an answer, instead I heard small sniffs.
“Open the fucking door!” I knocked again and got the same results.
“Robyn I-“
“Chris lets go! The car is waiting outside man!” Bu called out from the other end of the hall.
“Wait, I’m coming!”
“No we need you now! The club promoter is calling for you.”
“Man alright.” He walked away and I knocked on the door again. ”Robyn I’m so sorry, please don’t be mad at me.” I said before walking away and outside. I would have stayed there all night if I wasn’t booked to host this club tonight. Robyn POV After Chris left, I stayed there and cried some more until somebody knocked on the door.
”Robyn you in there?” Melissa yelled.
“Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute.” I looked in the mirror and fixed my makeup then walked out.
“What were you doing in there?”She asked as we began walking.
“Nothing, I was on the phone. Where is everybody?” I asked.
“They all left for the party.”
“Oh okay.” We continued to walk and I seen a small person walking with
her back towards us. She tripped slightly and dropped her purse, making
me giggle louder than I thought. The little girl turned around and
flipped me off. "Thats why me and Chris are dating again you whore.”
I stopped and ran towards her, slapping this bitch across her face.
“BITCH I WILL K-” Mel pulled me off Kareche and we started to walk down the hall way again.
“Robyn what the fuck! Why would you do that?” She yelled.
“Because she ticked me off!”
“You need to calm down.” I breathed in and exhaled then we walked out the doors. "Rihanna why is your first public appearance at Chris’ concert?”
“Did you have fun?”
“Are you single?”
“Hows the face doing?”I got in the car and closed the door. “Fucking assholes!”
“Robyn what’s going on?” Mel asked as the car started to move.
“Nothing, I’m just annoyed right now. I’ll get over it.”
“Yeah you better because were going to the after party.”
I popped my head up. “What?! Why?!”
“Because thats where everybody went, plus you were excited earlier. Whats going on?”
“Nothing, I said I’m fine.”
Mel rolled her eyes and looked out the window and I did the same.
The car came to a stop and me and Melissa got out, making our way inside
the club. We walked up to are section and I sat down on a couch just looking around at everybody having a good time. ”Robyn!” I turned to the side and seen Megan coming towards me with a huge smile on her face.
“There you are, I was waiting for you! Come on.” She reached out to grab my hand but I shook my head.
“No, I’m gonna stay here. Go have fun.”
“What? Why?” She yelled over the music.
“I’m hot that’s all.” I lied.
“Well take off your jacket.” Meagan said while trying to take it off my shoulders.
“No it’s okay. I’m not gonna stay long.”
“Rih get up and come to are section. Stop being like that, damn nigga.” Red just had to add his two cents.
“Ugh. Fine.” I grew more annoyed because they kept pressuring me to go with them but I did anyways.
I followed both of them thru the crowd and once we made it to their section, I drowned 2 shots immediately then went to the side. Chris POV After preforming beautiful people, I got off stage and went to the little section where everybody was.
I looked around and spotted Mel, Lele and the other girl that was with them earlier so I knew that Robyn was somewhere in here. I went and looked over the balcony where everybody was on the dance floor but didn’t spot Rih til my eyes landed in the bar area. She was standing there, flirting and being touchy with some random ass nigga! My blood started boiling and I turned and started walking but then somebody bumped into me. I looked down and seen Draya standing there with a huge smile spread across her face. “There you are, I was looking everywhere for you!” She exclaimed while rubbing my hand. I looked over the balcony and seen Rih still talking to the dude then back at Draya.
“Come party with us.”
“Sure!” Robyn POV "So girl, I gotta get back to my man real quick but it was nice talking to you.” Josh said with a smile.
“Yass honey, go get him. Talk to you soon boo.” We hugged and he disappeared into the crowd again. I made my way back up to the section and when I got there, Chris was passing Draya shots. I shook my head and took a seat while pulling out my phone, going on instagram. I scrolled down my timeline and talked to my fans for about 2 minutes then I looked up from the screen and seen Chris whisper something is Draya’s ear while looking dead at me. She giggled and he did the same. I shook my head and grabbed my purse, throwing it over my shoulder and walking towards Le. “Lee, I’m leaving. Tell Megan and Mel that I’ll call them tomorrow since they’re a little occupied.” I did a nervous chuckle while nodding my head towards Megan who was talking to Red.
“Bitch why?! You just got here! Take another drink or something.” She yelled over the music.
“Nah I’m g-” I was cut off by the crowd cheering so I turned around and seen Chris grinding on that tramp.
“You know what. I’m out.” I walked out of the club and got into the car. Chris POV “Aye get off me.” I slightly yelled in Draya’s ear who was giving me a lap dance.
“Whyyy? Your enjoying it.” She replied with a smirk. “How bout we go finish this in the bathroom?” Draya whispered in my ear before lightly kissing my neck.
“Nah, stop. Move. Now.” She rolled her eyes before standing on her feet. I got up and told everybody I was out then got in my car and sped home. Once I got there, I got out and locked the door. I walked up to the front door and opened it with my key. “Robyn!” I called out as I walked in the kitchen and living room. She wasn’t there so I knew she was upstairs. “Robz open the door.” I knocked a couple of times since the door was locked. “Rihanna I know your in there just open up!”
“Chris leave me alone.” She demanded and threw something at the door. Damn she was mad.
“Leave you alone? This my house!” I chuckled to myself while shaking my head.
“I don’t fucking care!” She threw something else even harder at the door, making me jump back a little. I walked into my room and grabbed an extra key then walked back out.
I unlocked the door and walked into Rih’s room.
She picked up a lamp and aimed it in my direction.
“Aye! Cut that shit out!” I demanded, making her put the lamp back on the nightstand where it belonged.
“Let me explain-”
“No! I don’t wanna hear shit rasshole!” She yelled back.
“Alright I’ll let you calm down.” Knowing Robyn, she won’t let me talk when she’s angry. 

After about 10 minutes of waiting, I finally got up and walked back over to her room. I knocked on the door and waited for a response.

“Who is it?” Robyn asked from the other side. I chuckled and rolled my eyes.
“Can I come in please?”
A few seconds later the door swung open reviling a red eyed Robyn.

“What do you want Christopher?” She asked while looking away.
“Am I allowed to come in? You won’t be throwing shit right?” I joked but she didn’t laugh.
“Haha very funny. It’s your house so I guess you can come in.”
She opened the door wider and I walked inside and she sat down on the bed.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen I promise. She pushed herself onto me I swear.” I pleaded. Rih sighed and looked away.
“Why were you kissing her back?” She asked.
“I wasn’t, I was just caught up in the moment.” I stuttered, watching her every move as she squinted her eyes at me before sighing.
“Chris I’m not mad.”
I raised my eyebrows with a small smile.
“Your not?!”
“No..I’m pissed the fuck off!” God damn it. “You were kissing that little boy with me sitting right outside like it was nothing, knowing that I would walk in!” She yelled.
“You know that’s not how it was Rih.”
“Then how was it Chris? Why was she even in there in the first fucking place?!” Robyn replied.

I shrugged. “She was there because she’s sorta my new stylist I guess. And I didn’t know she was even in the dressing room until I started to take off my clothes then she just popped out and started touching on me. I fell back onto the couch cuz I was trying to get her off of me then she just came on my lap and kissed me. It was all her, I swear I don’t want Kae.” I held up my hands with a serious face.

Robyn stared at me, studying my face. “I don’t believe you.” She looked away and I palmed my forehead.
“Your probably just saying that so I won’t be mad at you.”
“No, I’m serious. I don’t want her I swear Robyn.”
She looked at me. “So who do you want? Jasmine?”
“No…I want you.” I said, staring in her eyes while licking my lips. “And I’ll do anything for you to be mines.”
Her eyes twinkled and she smiled a little. “Can I get a kiss?”
I smiled wide and walked towards her. She grabbed my face gently and placed her lips on mine.
We kissed for 5 minutes and in that time, both of our shirts were off.

Robyn POV
Chris laid me down on the bed and started leaving a trail of kisses all over me. He slowly licked my nipple, causing me to moan as he tugged on my piercing. Chris went down and little father and left kisses all over my inner thighs then he slowly pulled my thong off, revealing my wet treasure.
Chris blew into my opening, making me shiver, then I felt his tongue brush across my clit. I tried running back but he slapped my thigh.
“Don’t even try it.” He mumbled before diving in with his tongue. I was moaning like crazy because this feeling was amazing.
He kept flicking his tongue over my clit and before I knew it, my whole body was shaking. “Chris..of fuck! I’m gonna c-cum!!” I yelled while gripping the sheets with one hand and his head with the other.
“Cum then.”
I did as I was told and came hard all over his tongue. He cleaned up all of his mess before giving my now sensitive clit another kiss. He came back up to my face and I captured his lips with mine as he stroked CJ in his hands.
Chris was gonna enter me but I quickly pushed him off.
“What was that for?” He asked.
“Condom.” I reached over and grabbed a condom out of the drawer then slipped it on his dick.
“You want it?” Chris asked while slipping the tip of CJ inside of me.
“Mm yes.” I moaned as he slipped more of him inside.
“All of it?”
“Chris stop teasing me!” I whined. Just then, I felt all of CJ inside, making me arch my back with a loud moan. He did slow strokes, then fast ones which made me cum 3 times in just 10 minutes. Chris flipped me over so that I was on my knees and then we started going at it again.

*Next Morning* “Chris?” I asked softly as me and Chris laid in the bed. “Yeah?” “What are we?” I looked up at him, waiting for his expression. “Huh? Whatchu mean?” He chuckled but I was serious.

I sat up a little and looked at him with a straight  face. “Chris I’m not playing, what are we? Friends with benefits or what?”
Chris shook his head. “No..your mine.”
“What does that mean?” I asked.
“Your mine. I’m yours. Simple. We’re together.”
I smiled just a little. “So I’m your girlfriend now?”
He nodded. “Yep, and I’m your boyfriend.”
I felt my cheeks turning red so I hid my face in the pillow.
“Why are you so shy around me?” Chris asked while trying to see my face.
“I don’t know, you have that affect on me.”
“Well I guess I’m gonna have to get used to it then huh?” He bit his bottom lip before bringing my face close to his and kissing me.
I pulled back after a few seconds.
“If were gonna be in a relationship and be all over eachother this early, um..your gonna have to brush your teeth because the way your breath is set up right now.” I joked and he rolled his eyes.
“Shut up.” He leaned in and kissed me again
I can’t believe he’s mine now.

Chris POV

A few hours later, Robyn had left to go rehearse for the awards so now I was home with Mijo and Red. We were all chillin in the living room sharing a blunt as Red talked about the chick Rih brought to the concert last night.

“Man, I’m telling y'all I think I’m in love with Megan.” He said while looking up at the ceiling. Both me and Mijo busted out laughing.

“Nigga shut up, you only met her last night. Ain’t she like 18 anyways?” I said while passing Mijo the blunt.

“Nah, she turnin’ 20 next month and you can shut yo single ass up.”

“Haa, well you know, ya boy ain’t single no more.” I brushed off my shoulders.

“Man we all know you and Rih fuckin’, you don’t gotta remind me. She be havin yo ass soundin like a lil pussy.” Mijo joked, causing Red to laugh. I kept a straight face.

“Fuck y'all, its not even like that.”

“Mhmm yeah right.” Just then, the door bell rang.

“You  expecting somebody?” Red asked. I shook my head, “It’s prolly just Hood or some shit.”

I got up and walked towards the door. I unlocked it then opened it.

“Chris can we talk? I have something to tell you..” Jasmine asked while looking down.

Chapter 25: Senior Trip


“Nae, move damn..” I mumbled, pushing Nae’s face out of mines. I swear she’s annoying as fuck when she’s bored. A nigga just wanted to get some sleep, and she won’t get out my face. She’s always does this. I don’t be in her face when she trying to sleep.

“Your daddy doesn’t love me anymore.” Nae mumbled to King as he started to clap causing me to roll over on my side and chuckle. Well, I might as well get up now. They ain’t gonna be quiet.

“Don’t say that shit.” I said, causing Nae’s head to snap in my direction. She smiled and immediately started placing kisses all over my face. She acted like she didn’t see me every damn second of the day. She practically lives with me.  
“You finally woke up. King missed you so much, not me.” Nae lied as handed King to me. Sitting up in the bed, I started to play with him and tune everything Nae was saying out. King had all of my attention. Nae and King were my everything. I was blessed to have my own little family. 

“Stop lying, he can’t even talk. Your ass missed me.” I said, chuckling at her childish ass. She always blaming stuff on King. When he starts walking and shit, he gone beat her ass.

“Oh y'all up in here about to make love? Passion!” Chris yelled out as he barged into my room. This idiot. Did he not see King in my lap? He gone get me in trouble, calling my moms name and shit.

“Really Chris? How we gone do all that when King right here?” Nae asked, rolling her eyes at Chris’. Dumbass. He always did some dumb shit.

“You know that video of plies when he was like ‘we in the bed & she tryna suck ittttt’? That’s gone be y'all.” Chris laughed as he took King out of my hands. He be hogging the baby when he come over here too. He needs to havehis own damn baby with Raye. They gone get back together, watch. I keep trying to tell him. 

“I hope we have our room together at the hotel,man. Aint tryna share with a stranger.” I laughed as I dapped Chris. Or I atleast hope that I get Cam, cause I dont really fuck with any other niggas at our school. On the basketball team and shit, but I dont trust them niggas that much to be sharing a room with them.

“Ugh, don’t talk about the trip when you’re around me.” Nae whined because she couldnt go. She didn’t wanna leave King, and I didnt either but she told me to go and have fun for her. I’m FT my babies every minute. Even though the trip aint that long, I’m gone miss the fuck outta them. 

“You driving us to the airport wifey?” Chris asked Nae, as she nodded and picked up King so she could go take him to my mom’s room. My mom didnt mind watching him either, she loved him. Hell, she treats him better than my ass.

“Hold up, let me tell him bye.” She stopped and gave him to me before I placed kisses all over hisface only for him to start laughing. Chris’ ass was making me mad, because he kept saying ‘aw’. After 5 minutes of playing with him, Nae finally took him to my mom before we all ended up outside.

“Damn, she got thicker since she had King.” Chris mumbled as he pulled down his shades to stare at Nae’s ass. He was right, she gained weight in all the right places. Just where I wanted them to be.

“Stop lookin’ at her ass!” I smacked Chris in the back of his head. He chuckled and tried to reach to touch it but I bucked at him and he ran on the other side of the car. This gonna be a long trip, fucking with Chris’ childish.


We were finally on our senior trip and a nigga was excited as hell. We were in Florida for Disney World, and this hotel we was staying in was niiiiice. I’ll never forget this trip. I wonder who I’m gone be sharing my room with. I hope it’s Ty or Cam, ion wanna share it with somebody that I don’t fuck with. 

Once I got everything settled in my room, I plopped down on one of the beds and pulled out my phone. I ain’t been on it all day, I knew my shit was probably blowing up. When I turned it on, my shit started vibrating like crazy. I didn’t check anything though. I just wanted to talk to one person and we all know who that is. 

Clicking on her contact name, I put her on speaker before it rang 3 times. “Okay, thank you.” She answered as if she were talking to someone. She was probably getting the key to her room. After a few seconds, she finally spoke. 

“Wassup Chris?” She asked in an excited tone. I could tell she was just as excited to be here as I was. Shit, who wouldn’t be? My childish ass loved amusement parks. 

“I’m chillin’, what you plan on doin’ when you get settled and shit?” I asked, hoping she’d come to my room. I know for a fact that we ain’t gonna get caught.

“Nothing but we need to talk, so send me your room number. Gotta go.” She said all in a rush before hanging up. Damn I wonder what we need to 'talk’ about. I know that shit ain’t good, so I ain’t ready for it. 

Maybe I could get a nap real quick. Slipping off my Jordan slides, I laid back on the bed and didn’t bother to take my hoodie off. Pulling the hood of it down on my face, I became satisfied and started to doze off until I heard somebody messing with the doorknob. Probably my roommate.

“Hello?” I heard a familiar female voice say as she shook my leg. Man, how the fuck a female get in here? Any other time I wouldn’t mind, but she seem annoying as hell shaking my leg and shit. Don’t know me like that. 

“What?” I mumbled after sucking my teeth. She sucked hers too and before I knew it, she snatched my hood off and I was ready to fight until I noticed it was Raye. Snatching my fucking hood off like we best friends. 

“Girl, I was bout ready to slap yo duck ass.” I chuckled, putting my hood back on. Wait, how the fuck she get in here? Ion’ wanna share my room with her after what the fuck she pulled after that kiss. 

“Man, what are you doing in here Chris? You’re supposed to be a girl. You’re always doing some sneaky shit!” She ranted on all at once, causing me to scrunch up my face. I’m really bout done fucking with Raye because she blames me for every-fucking-thing! Like damn bitch, I didn’t know we were gone be in here together. Tired of her. When I curse her out, she gone cry and tell August. 

“I’m tired of you blaming everything on me, man. When YOU kissed me, you gone argue with me and blame me afterwards. What kind of shit is that? Man, you need to go with August cause I’m getting tired of yo ass.” I said as I stood up right in front of her. My frame towering hers. She done fucked up my nap.
I still can’t believe she blamed me for that kiss. After it happened, she started crying about how I’m always messing everything up and shit. She’s a fucking hypocrite. Nobody told her ass to kiss me. I gotta get away from this woman.

“Don’t talk to me like that.” She shot at me, as she looked up into my eyes, rolling hers in the process. Bruh, she’s ruining my trip. I just wanted to travel, get some bomb ass head, and have fun.

“Duuuuude, shut up talking to me Raye foreal. You need some pads or some shit, cause I got that covered. Damn, you bipolar as fuck. Go get another fucking room, you not bout to fuck up my vacation. Nope, not today.” I shooed her off as I got a text from Bliss telling me to hurry and open the door. Raye just rolled her eyes and took her stuff in one of the other rooms. Oh well, she ain’t gotta sleep in here. Ion want her ass by me anyways. 

“Hey bae.” I greeted her as I gave her a quick peck on the lips. Embracing her in a hug, I inhaled her scent and surprisingly she smelled like vanilla. Usually she would smell like cake or candy. That shit be smelling good too. 

“Hey, where’s your roommate?” She asked, looking around confusingly. I mean, there is 3 rooms all in one. Raye don’t gotta be in the same room as me. 

“For some reason my roommate is Raye, and she went in the other room cause I made her mad.” I shrugged as Bliss nodded and sat on the bed that I was sleeping on. She kicked off her shoes and got comfortable in my bed.

“So what did you wanna talk about?” I asked as I started playing in her straight purple hair that stretched all the way to her ass. Damn it looked good as fuck on her. She was so fucking pretty. Her face, skin-tone, body, just everything. 

“Since you told me that you liked me, I’m gonna tell you that I like you too. But, Ima just get straight to the point. Drop all those fucking hoes of yours if you plan on going any further, cause I heard some girls in the elevator talking about you and that shit was embarrassing. It was like 5 girls, too. They were fantasizing about how big your dick was and ugh.” Bliss explained as she had a mug on her face the whole time. I wanted to smirk so bad, but I just kept it to myself because I knew she would get mad. 

I hope I ain’t gonna regret this shit, cause I dropped all my hoes for Raye and you see how we turned out. I mean, it’s nothing to get them back but still. “Alright, I gotchu’. But did you drop yours, cause you know you basically the female version of me?” I asked Bliss while chuckling at the same time. She had all the hoes. I see niggas all up on her fine ass at school everyday. 

“Yea, I been dropped them.” She shrugged as she looked into my eyes then started playing with my lips. Damn, I’m honored that she dropped all of them for me. I wanna jump for joy.

“Why you always smell like cake?” I finally asked her as she looked at me with her eyebrows furrowed and sniffed her shirt. 

“I don’t know, probably the lotion I use. Is that a bad thing?” She asked, tilting her head to the side with a confused look on her face which was cute as fuck. 

“Nah, that shit be smelling good. What you wanna do, though? I don’t think we’re doing anything until tomorrow because we got here kind of late.” We were supposed to get here earlier so we could go check everything out and all that, but they were some problems at the airport so we got here kind of late. I ain’t tripping, they got a game room in this bitch and that’s all a nigga needs. I hope the teachers don’t come check on us til later cause I plan on gettin’ it in. 

“Play games? And hmm.. after that, you know what I’m thinking.” She smirked as she stood up from the bed and slid her slides back on. See, I told y'all she was the female version of me. She was thinking the same shit I was thinking. 

“I gotchu’ B.” I smiled as I got up and found some other shoes to put on in my bag.  I ain’t wanna walk around with slides on. 

“Why you never call me Bliss?” She chuckled, grabbing the wallet out of her purse. Ima smack that shit right out her hand if she tries to pay for something. 

“That shit too exotic to be saying all the time.” I shrugged as she chuckled and playfully pushed me. I wonder why her momma named her Bliss. Shaking the thought out of my head, I searched around for Raye and finally found her laying down on FT with August, I’m guessing. Could’ve sworn I heard her sniffling. Like what the fuck is up with her, is she pregnant? Acting bipolar as hell.

“Aye Raye, stay in here while we go to the arcade aight’? If somebody asks, I went to the vending machine or some shit, I don’t know.” I chuckled as I tried to think of a lie for her to tell one of the teachers. I could’ve sworn I saw her mute her phone. She probably didn’t want August to know I was here cause he’d most likely flip.

“What if I wanted to do something?” She asked, rolling her eyes with a scrunched up face. What could she possibly do by herself? If she does anything here by herself it’s gone be boring as hell. I was gonna ask if she wanted to go, just me and her but she was bein’ a bitch and all distant so I just asked Bliss. Oh well, she got Ty and Cam. Nae didn’t come because she wanted to stay with King. 

“You ain’t even got no friends.” I blurted out on accident. It was true, but I didn’t mean for it to come out that way. That way was pretty harsh and rude. I hope she doesn’t pay too much attention to it. But knowing her, she’d probably feel offended as hell. 

“You know what? Just go.” Raye shook her head, looking down as she waved me off. I would’ve checked on her, but remember she said she ain’t wanna be around me so oh well. 

“What the fuck is your problem, man? You got a stank ass attitude with me for no reason! Fix that shit, you acting like a straight bitch!” I snapped at her as she threw her phone down on the bed and stood up like she was actually about to do some shit. See, I done been on my best behavior these past few weeks and she just had to fuck it up. Calm down Chris, calm down. 

“Don’t call me a bitch!” She yelled before slapping me dead across my face. Aw, nah I can’t let this shit slide. She been disrespecting me ever since she kissed me, and she goes and pulls this shit? Fuck nah, I ain’t with it. 

“Raye, you didn’t have to sl–” Raye cut Bliss off by yelling. See, she was just crying now she mad? 

“Don’t talk to me, you don’t even k-” Bliss cut her off from charging at her but I quickly pushed her back. They not bout to fight in here.

“Don’t ever talk to her like that or put yo’ fucking hands on me if you don’t want me to put my hands on you!” I gritted in her ear as I held her by her arms above her head. She then got quiet and rolled her eyes at me. My grip on her arms got tighter due to me staring at her because each second I stared at her I became more and more annoyed.

“Let me go!” She yelled as she somehow managed to get out of my hold and socked me in my mouth. Looking at her like she was crazy, I touched my lips and blood appeared on my hand. Fuck it, I tried to be civil with her ass.
In just a blink of an eye, Raye and I were really fighting like our lives depended on it. I kept hearing Bliss’ voice as she tried to pull us apart, but I started to tune her out.

“Chris please calm down!” Bliss yelled as she finally got me to sit down on the bed. I was still pissed that Raye even had the audacity to fucking hit me. I haven’t done shit to her but try to be a nice caring friend and this is the thanks I get? Fuck Raye, she ain’t bout shit.

“I’m sorry, B.” I apologized to her as I pulled her into my lap. I was completely a whole different a person a few minutes ago and I didn’t want her seeing that shit at all. Thanks to Raye. 

“Chris! Don’t ever put your hands on her again! She may have been rude to me so I shouldn’t be taking up for her, but still she didn’t deserve that. Go apologize!” Bliss demanded as she got off of my lap. Sucking my teeth, I stood up and stared down at Bliss as she looked up at me. 

Raye did deserve that shit. I’m tired of being nice to her and a nigga don’t get the same respect back. Treat people how you wanna fucking be treated.
Walking away to the room that Raye was in, she was still in the same position on the floor as she was when I left the room. She was on the floor curled up into a ball, wincing in pain. “Raye, get up.” I sighed as I stood in front of her. 

Ignoring me, she didn’t move one bit which scared me a little.
Picking her up bridal style, I laid her on the bed before sitting down right beside her. I noticed that her nose was bleeding, causing me to frown. Damn, it was that bad? “I’m sorry, Ray-” I apologized, but she put her hand up signaling me to stop talking. 

“Just leave me alone. Go be with your girlfriend."  Raye rolled her eyes as she turned to the opposite side of me. So that’s what this shit is about? That’s why her ass giving me hell, she don’t wanna see me move on. Now she know how I felt when she started fuckin’ with August. Oh well, at least I’m not fucking around with Nae or Bri. 

"You jealous?” I asked, smirking as not even a second later she snapped her head in my direction with as she scoffed. 

“Jealous of what? I’ll always come first. If I wanted you, I could have you.” She stated as if she was right. That she’ll always come first part was right but not the last part. She got me fucked up, she can’t have shit. When I wanted her, she ain’t want me so fuck that. I’m all Bliss’. 

“Yea, of course yo annoying ass gone come first. But nah, you can’t have me at all. I don’t want you anymore, August can have you.” I confessed and I swear she had a frown on her face but she quickly fixed it so I wouldn’t notice. Yea, she probably thought I was still stuck on her ass.

Once I made my way back to my room, Bliss was playing BBHMM and she was hype as fuck. “Like bla’ bla’ bla’!” I yelled as I slapped her on the ass each time. Since I did that, she mugged me and changed the song to Nobody by Keith Sweat. She always listening to slow jams. I can tell she grew up with her momma listening to that shit everyday.

“Let’s take a selfie.” I told Bliss as I held her in my lap. Once we did like 5 diff poses, all of mines were ugly so I just cropped myself out and kept Bliss in it. The one of her smiling was the best so I put it on ig. Everybody hating, we just call Em fans tho’.

fuckyopictures: that smile 😄😍😜😩💦🙌 

When I was about to speak, I got a FT call from Christina’s hard headed ass.   I ain’t talked to her in a minute though. Let me see what’s up wit’ my lil sis, cause she never randomly calls me unless she wants something. Once I answered, her big ass head appeared in the screen as Bliss laid her head on my shoulder. She was always telling me that Christina was pretty and my family has good genes. 

“Where you goin’? You look cute.” I complimented her as I stared at her face on the screen. She had on makeup but I was just gone let it slide cause that’s her talent. Can’t even front, she looks cute so I gotta give my baby her credit. 

“Thanks big bro, and we’re supposed to be having this ceremony. But before I go, are these ice pops yours?” She showed me her outfit before asking. Oh, that’s what her ass wanted. She knew I loved them ice pops and I’m stingy with them. You know, the ones in that lil red package? Those. 

“Yea, man just get one.” I sucked my teeth as her and Bliss chuckled. I better not come home to the whole package missing. Those ice pops were good as fuck. 

“Alright, love you Chris. Muaaaah!” She smiled as she blew me a kiss into the camera. I bet her shit had red lipstick all over it. She literally put her lips on the camera. 

“Love you too.” I said as I pretended like I caught her kiss before hanging up. Even though she gets on my nerves all the time, I still love her ass. That’s my baby right there.

“Why do you be having so many ice pops?” Bliss asked as she started counting the freckles on my face. Damn, she had to be real bored to be doing that shit. I ain’t ever seen nobody do that.

“Oh, after all my hoes suck my dick, I give them an ice pop if they deserve it. Remember, I gave you one?” I said with a straight face as Bliss covered her mouth in shock. The sad part about it was that I was serious as hell. 

“I’m just playing babe, let’s get ready. Ty said we supposed to be going out tonight because the restaurant closes late.” I explained to her as we headed for the shower.


“You look ugly as shit.” Ty laughed at me as him and Bliss dapped each other. They lil bond was cool, it was like me and Bri’s expect Bliss was older than Ty. He actually the one that introduced us. At first, I didn’t take Bliss serious at all but now that I spent some time with her, a nigga can’t get enough. 

“My best-friend slaying, though.” He smiled as her as she got up to sing her favorite dubsmash. Every time somebody said the word best-friend, she just had to sing it. I ain’t tripping cause she gone twerk and her ass is really poking in that dress. 

“That’s my best-friend, that’s my bestfriend. YAS, you betta’.” Bliss rapped in a ratchet voice as she started twerking causing me and Ty to start laughing. She wasn’t even twerking, she was wining her hips.

“Ima go check on Raye, that’s my date.” Ty said as he chunked up the deuces before leaving. Since him and Raye didn’t have their actual dates, they just decided to go together. We were going to some fly ass restaurant up in here. 

“You look so handsome in your suit.” Bliss complimented me as she started fixing my tie for me. Thanking her, Ty came in Raye and no lie they both looked good. Especially Raye. She had on a black two piece that hugged her body perfectly. 

“Aight, we ready. They want everybody to meet in the lobby.” Ty said as he checked his phone to see what time it was. Grabbing my Ray-bans, I made sure I had my key and phone before leaving.

Once everybody was finally outside the restaurant, the teachers was making sure everyone was present. Since we were already checked, I found a more private spot and pulled out my phone to take another picture of Bliss. I couldn’t get over how good she was looking. “Pose, baby.” I instructed her as she did what I said. Once she did her signature pose, I just made the pic black and white cause the background colors were ugly as fuck. 

fuckyopictures: my date ⏳ ☺️ #bliss #fineass #noimnottaggingher  

Damn I can’t wait to get back and tear her shit up. The way that dress fit on her body made a nigga dick jump. I swear she had every nigga looking at her. She was perfect. 

“Can you feel it babe, can you feel it baby?” I sang like Jacquees on Persian Rugs in her ear, to turn her on a little bit. That was her favorite song. Her ass was in love with Jacquees. 

“Chris stop, please.” She whined making me chuckle a little bit. Once we got in and found us a table, I learned that the name was 'Jiko- The Cooking Place’ or something like that. It was nice in here. Most of all the girls wanted to go to that Cinderella restaurant but nah, hell nah. 

“Is that your boyfriend?” One of the waiters smiled as she asked Ty and Bliss a question. Not even s second later, they both busted out laughing causing the waiter to look confused. The teachers were looking and everything cause they were loud as hell. 

“Oh no, I’m sorry he’s not my boyfriend.” Bliss said as she finally stopped herself from laughing. She always said she’d never date Ty cause he’s not her type and she be for ever gettin’ on his case. Saying shit like, he has the biggest lips ever, his face is fat, and he always looks high. That’s probably why she was so dead.

“I know who can be yo’ boyfriend.” I stated as Bliss rose her eyebrow. By now, all the students’ eyes were on us for some reason. Gahdamn, they acting like a nigga was about to purpose. I wanted some privacy. 

“And that is?” She smiled as she pulled her dress up a little bit because her cleavage was exposed due to her not wearing a bra.

“Stop playin’ and be my girlfriend, Bliss.” I said as I interlocked my finger with hers. Instantly, a big smile spread across her face as she nodded her head. I know she’s been waiting for my ass to ask her out. I couldn’t wait any longer. 

All the girls on our table mugged Bliss’, but she didn’t give 2 fucks. That’s what I loved about her. She could care less about what people thought about her. Besides the negative ass energy from the girls, most of the guys clapped and congratulated us.  I looked at Raye and she gave me a fake ass smile before looking back down at her phone.

I hope I made the right decision and also that I don’t get my heart broken again.   


As I was cleaning my face up, I got a phone call from August. Fuck, I’ve been feeling gulity as hell so I’ve been trying my best to avoid him. It’s been a week since he left and I still haven’t talked to him. I know he’s probably worried, but I just cant talk to him. If I do, I might end up telling him what happened and I really don’t wanna hear the sadness and angriness in his voice. Since he called again, I decided to answer anyway. I cant keep avoiding him. He didn’t deserve it, he’s been nothing but good to me. 

“Hello?” I answered, as I stepped on the elevator and put the key in my pocket. It was really quiet wherever August was at, so I’m gueessing that he was in his room or in the car. Usually I would’ve heard his nieces giggling or his mom talking.

“Damn Raye, where da’ fuck you been at? You just done forgot about me, huh? Talk all this shit about how you miss me, well I can’t fuckin’ tell.” August barked into the phone as I took the phone away from my ear a little bit. Okay, I deserved that so I wasn’t tripping. 

“August, I’m so sorry. It’s just that every time I think of you, I start crying.” I kind of told the truth. I did really do that, but that wasn’t the real reason why I wasn’t answering his calls.

“Bullshit Raye, you still could’ve talked to me. What’s really goin’ on?” He asked as I bit my lip. Nope, I can’t tell him. He’s gonna be so pissed. I just cant, not right now at least. 

“Nothing is going on August, I promise.” I lied as the line went silent for a few minutes. He was probably debating on if he should drop it or not. I hope he drops it, because if he asks more questions I’m gonna accidentally blurt out the truth.

“Alright, I miss you tho. What you doing, now?” He asked after sighing. Thank God he let it go. I still had a feeling that he didn’t believe me though. This is gonna be really bad when he finds out.

“I’m about to crash once I get up to my room at this hotel. We’re here for our senior trip.” I informed August as the elevator finally stopped on the floor that I was on. Surprisingly, my room was the first room that I saw which made me happy because I was just ready to lay down. Once I unlocked the door, I walked in and fell in love. This hotel was nice as hell. 

“Raye, tell me what’s really bothering you. I know you more than you know ya damn self.” He said sternly as I sighed and cursed to myself. Now I had no choice. He’s gonna be so pissed. 

“Fine, I.. kissed Chris after you left.” I bit my lip afterwards as the line went silent before I heard August’ bitter chuckles. Fuck, I feel so bad. This is why I didn’t want to tell him. 

“I ain’t been nothing but faithful to you Raye, and this is the thanks I get?! I fucking told you if you was still stuck on that nigga then don’t get in a fucking relationship with me cause I knew some shit like this would happen! I’m outchea’ bein faithful, making sure my moms aight’ while you bussin’ it open for Chris on sight. Why the fuck would you do some shit like that?! Did you think about how I would feel? Man, call me when you  get back to Cali cause we need to talk about this in person cause I got something for yo cheating ass. Ever since my ex found out I was possibly back for good, she been tryna fuck wit’ a nigga, but I turned her down EVERYTIME cause I thought about you. But that shit dead now, I’m bout to call her right when we get off the phone. Fuck you, Raye.” He ranted loudly in my ear before hanging up in my face. I didn’t even notice that I was crying until I saw a few tears drop on my screen. 

Wiping them off, I tried calling him back but it went straight to voicemail. Damn, I know he’s mad as hell. He’s probably even angrier than when Chris was in my bed because I was the one who started it this time. 

Going to Aug and I’s messages, our last messages were nothing but sweet things we said about each other when he landed. God, when he comes down here I hope we can work something out. I should at least tell him I’m sorry. He ain’t gonna answer so I’m gonna text him. 

Me: baby I’m sorry 😖

Baby: man fuck yo sorry don’t baby me either. I wasn’t baby when you kissed that nigga 

Me: it was just a kiss you act like I fucked him! 

Baby: Idgaf! Same fucking thing, it’s still cheating. Let me go out here and even stare at a bitch ass, you’d have a fucking fit. Matter of fact, is that nigga in your room cause I heard yall arguing yesterday? Why the fuck is he in yo damn room? Know what, never mind. Fuck off my line bitch 

Widening my eyes at the last part, I was shocked. He’s never called me a bitch. Damn, I really fucked up. I don’t even wanna be here anymore cause I’m not gonna be able to enjoy myself. All I’m gonna think about is Aug breaking up with me.

“Aye Raye, how you turn this shower on?” Chris came in my room with just some black Polo boxers on. Man, really? When I just got off of the phone with August. Why? He had an erection and everything.
“Chris! You got whipped cream in my hair!” I heard Bliss yell from Chris’ room causing me to roll my eyes. They must’ve been playing with whipped cream, because Chris had some on his chest and stomach. At least I thought it was whipped cream.

“Something else white bout to go in yo hair when we get in the shower!” Chris yelled out as he smirked before putting his attention back on me. Ugh, it’s bad enough that I have to hear Bliss’ moans and Chris’ grunts every damn minute. I even heard Chris scream. 

“Raye? I know you hear me.” He sucked his teeth as he took some of the whipped cream from his chest and licked it off his finger. 

“Ask your girlfriend.” I said plain and simple, before grabbing my phone so I could act like I was busy knowing damn well I wasn’t doing anything.

“She don’t know how either, that’s why I asked you but if it’s a problem, I’ll just ask Ty.” He shrugged before leaving my room. I just wanted to go back home and cry in my bed. Nothing could make me feel better. 

As I was about to reach for the lap to turn it off, I got a notification from August on Ig causing me to furrow my eyebrows. Once I clicked on it, it was a picture of him and a girl and the caption was 'reunited’. Everybody was in the comments asking did me and him break up. I can’t believe he did that. I need somebody to talk  to. 

Even though I was still mad from our fight, Chris was the only person that had good advice. “Chris!” I yelled out as him and Ty came in my room at the same time. Where did Ty come from? 

“What yo bipolar ass want?” He mugged me as he started wiping the whipped cream off of his chest. Ty’s gay ass kept pinching his nipples which was so funny to me because Chris kept getting mad. 

“I need a shoulder to cry on.” I frowned as my eyes started burning from the upcoming water works that were about to appear. 

“Nah, last time you needed a shoulder to cry on yo’ ass kissed me and blamed it on me. Ask Ty.” Chris stated as he looked at me like I was crazy. He told me I always came first. He just doesn’t wanna help cause his little girlfriend is here.

“Nigga, you know you gone always have a soft spot in yo heart for her. Getcho’ ass over here and comfort her.” Ty said as he pushed Chris on the bed to sit by me. 

“I’ll be in my room.” Ty assured us as he left through the door in my room. Once he was gone, there was nothing but silence until Chris cleared his throat. 

“Wassup?” Chris asked as he scooted over close to me and sat me on his lap. I stayed silent so I could think of how to say it, but I guess he thought I was ignoring him so he started tickling me.

 "Okay!“ I yelled as he started laughing along with me. Once our laughter died down, it got quiet again causing me to sigh.

"I think August is breaking up with me.” I mumbled before tears started streaming down my face like crazy. Mumbling a 'damn’, he buried my head in his chest as he rubbed my back. 

“You told him about that kiss?” He asked in my ear as I nodded. I was even shocked myself that I told him, because honestly I wasn’t gonna tell him at all. I was really trying to prevent this. 

“What he say?” He asked as I started to think back on what August said on the phone. Oh yea I remember, I’ll never forget that. 

“He said to call him when he gets back in Cali cause we need to talk about this in person and he got something for my ass.” I said as I started wiping my tears. Chris sucked his teeth and tried to grab my phone but I quickly stopped him. 

“Nah man, what the fuck do he mean 'he got something for yo ass’?!” Chris yelled as I felt his chest heave up and down. His fist were balled up and he was breathing super hard. 

“Chris just stop, he already thinks that I’m sneaking around with you and if you call him, that’ll make things worst.” I explained as he became silent before nodding. After a while all we heard was Bliss in the other room singing. 

“Chris wha– Oh never mind, I’ll be in my room.” Bliss faintly smiled at Chris as she blew him a kiss before leaving. Chris was about to get up, but he stopped himself. 

“I think we need to stop hanging around each other..” Chris mumbled as he started twirling his finger on one of my braids. 

“What?! Why?!” I yelled as I lifted myself up and turned around to face him. I know he wasn’t serious. We’ve came a long way to just end everything now. 

“You saw how Bliss just acted cause how cuddled up we looked? You know she mad as fuck, and I ain’t trying to fuck up my relationship. You ain’t want me around you and shit. August already feel like we doing some shit so if you wanna save ya relationship, I suggest that we just cut each other off or something. Ion’ think 2 exes should hang around each other anyways. We exes for a reason right?” He explained as I started crying all over again.

I didn’t wanna loose Chris as a friend. Why couldn’t we just set some rules for our friendship? But I guess if it’s going to save me relationship, it’s what’s best for me. 

“Don’t cry Raye, I’m just trying to help you out. It’s what best for us.” Chris said as he kissed me forehead. I was crying uncontrollably. 

“I love you, alright?” He said as he got up off of the bed to stand up. Nodding my head, he left a sloppy wet kiss on my cheek before turning around to leave.

“I love you too.” I finally said as he looked back before smiling then he left the room. Welp, this is the end of me and Chris. It’s worth is though, right? 

“Chris, wait!” I blurted out and he stopped dead in his tracks and turned around to face me. He looked confused as to why I was callig him. I didnt know if this was a good ideqa or a bad one, but I didnt want him to leave at all.

“Can you please stay?” I asked as he sighed and sucked his teeth. He was probabaly getting tired of me using him for comfort. “I got a girlfriend to tend to..” He answered as he gave me a faint smile to not disappoint me. 

“Please?” He groaned before finally giving in. 

“Fine, but this is the last time. Let me go tell her what’s going on first.” He said before he left. 

Ep.32 Love More

“I love you baby.” Chris said as he held me tightly.

“I love you too.” I said before he grabbed face and kissed me passionately. We kissed for a few seconds until I pushed him away.

“What’s wrong?”

“Before we do anything I need to know one thing.”

“What is it?”

“Do you really think the baby isn’t yours?”

“No. I just said that shit about Drake to make you mad.”

“How about we stop just saying things to make each other mad? Deal?”


“You know we should kiss. You know to make it or official.”

“Or we can do something else.” I said with a seductive smirk.

“You mean..”

“Uh huh. I’ll get the lotion.”

“Man Robyn.” He said, sucking his teeth.

“I’m just kidding. Come on.” I said as she started running up the stairs.

“You ain’t gotta tell me twice.” Chris said as he as he chased after me. As soon as we made it to the bedroom Chrus started attacking me with kisses. We were in our underwear in minutes and Chris pushed me down on the bed

Our lips clashed together as Chris wrapped his lips around mine. He pulled my bottom lip into his mouth and sucked on it and I dug my nails into the back of his neck. His hands roamed my body as my heart started to speed up. I moaned softly as he kissed down my cheek and onto her neck.

“That feels so good…” I whispered to him and bit my lip as he kissed down the crease between her breasts. I ran my hands down his chest and he bit his lip when I began to plant kisses up and down his chest. He leaned down and kissed my lips over and over again. I reached my hands out for his boxer but he grabbed my hands and shook his head. I guess this nigga wants to make me wait.

“You’re so beautiful…” He mumbled to himself and ran his hands down my body.

“I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you so much.” He grabbed my legs, pulled my body towards the edge of the bed and dropped down to his knees.

Chris planted kisses all along my inner thighs causing me to let out shaky breathes. She held on to the bed dug her nails into the mattress. I started to moan as he began to slowly kiss my pussy from the top to bottom. He ran his tongue along my slit and wrapped his arms around my thighs so I couldn’t move. He took his tongue and slowly ran it up and down making sure his tongue made contact with all of me. My pussy was throbbing now as Chris’s tongue circled around her clit. I gasped and jumped with each and every single flicker of his tongue. All of a sudden Chris picked me up off of the bed and I gave him a confused look. He laid back on the bed and before I could ask him what he was doing I was hovering over his face.

Chris pulled my body down so that I was sitting on his plump lips. He immediately began attacking my clit. He flickered his tongue back and forth slowly causing me to grip the headboard and move my hips with his tongue. It didn’t take long for the muscles in my stomach to tighten and I screamed as goosebumps ran down her back and arms. I held on to the headboard as tight as I could and thrusted against his face faster and faster. I threw my head back as I cried out his name over and over again while I came into his mouth. Chris continued licking and sucking up every single bit that he could get as I moved down to his chest and inhaled and exhaled over and over again trying to get my breathing back to normal.

He sat up pulled down his boxers exposing CJ. Before he could lay me down and get on top of me I pushed him down with my hand and slowly lowered herself down on him as he grunted. Chris dug his fingers into my hips as I placed my hands on the headboard and slowly began to ride him. I took control of him while I took his length inside of me without a complaint. Each time I squeezed him at the tip, he quivered under me. I was at the brink of yet another orgasm as I felt Chris release inside me causing me to cum too.

I rested my body against him by leaning into his chest and placing my head on his chest.

“I love you.” I mumbled into his chest.

“I love you more.” I was about to fall asleep I heard Chris asked, “Can you promise me something?”


“Never make me go that long without sex..please.”

“Really Chris? I thought you were about to say something serious.”

“I am serious. You had a nigga feeling like his dick was about to fall off.”

“You’re so dramatic. Go to sleep.”

One Week

Today is the day I was gonna film ‘Love More’ with Nicki and I was nervous. Not because I was scared to be around her but because Robyn was coming with me. At two months her hormones are all over the place and basically she’s crazy as hell. One minute she’s happy and the next she crying and begging for beef patties and if I don’t give it to her she gets mad and cusses me out. She’s always calling me bumbaclot and I don’t even know what the fuck that is! I asked Suri and everything and her dumbass don’t understand what I’m saying. I just hope Robyn controls herself because I have a feeling that if Nicki looks at her the wrong way she’s gonna start swinging.
“I’m waiting on you.”

“Ugh, I’m tired.” Robyn whined as she slowly walked out of the bedroom. It was 4:30 in the morning and I’m suppose to start filming at five.

“You wanted to come so hurry up before you make me late.”

“Hold on. I need to call Melissa real quick.”

“For what?!”

“Back up. You don’t want me fighting but if she looks at me cross eyes she’s gonna get popped by someone.”

“Robyn no. Just ignore her if she does anything. Be the bigger person.”

“Fuck that shit.” Robyn said before she walked down the stairs with her phone to her ear. I shook my head and went outside to the car to wait for her. Ten minutes passed before she came out the front door and got in the car.

“Is Mel coming?” I asked, pulling out of the drive way.

“Yeah. She won’t be there til like 5:30 but she’s coming.” We rode in silence for a few minutes until we pasted McDonald’s.

“Ooo can we stop and get something to eat?”


“Why not?!” She whined.

“Cuz I’m already late.”

“But I’m hungryyyy.” She was stomping her feet now and her arms were crossed.

“You should have got something before we left the house.”

“Ugh!!! Why do you hate me?!”

“I don’t hate-”

“Yes you do. You’re trying to stare me to death!” Here come the tears.

“Just wait until we get to the set and I’ll find you something to eat.”

“I dont think I can wait that long. I’m gonna pass out. I already feel dizzy. Why are you doing this ti me? All I ever did was love you and you wont even feed me.” She was balling her eyes out now and I sighed. I’m gonna have to deal with this for seven more months.

“Stop crying…I’ll turn around and get you something.”

“Really? You’d do that for me? You’re the best boyfriend ever.”

“Yeah I know.” She was still crying but I guess they were happy tears. When I went through the drive thru I got myself two breakfast biscuits and Robyn pancakes, biscuits, and hash browns. She was happy and quiet the rest of the ride to the set as she ate but as soon as we got there her attitude changed.

“That bitch better stay far away from me.”

“She’s not gonna bother you.”

“She better not or Ima beat that hoe ass bumbaclot-”

“Stop it now or Ima leave you in the car.” She glared at me before she opened her door and got out of the car. I follow behind her and walk onto the set. I was looking around when Nicki ran up to me and hugged me.

“Hey Chris. How are you? I haven’t seen you in forever!”

“I’m fine Nicki.” I pushed her away from me gently as I felt Robyn’s eyes burning through the back of my head.

“I’m soooo excited to be doing this video with you.”

“Don’t get too excited hun.” Robyn snapped from behind me.

“Um..I’m sorry but no one was talking to you.”

“But I was talking to you.” Robyn was standing in front of me now and I was holding her back.

“Naw let her go. I can finally get my one on one. Wassap bitch?”

“She isn’t going to fight you.” I said holding Robyn tighter. She was trying to get out of my grasp and lunge at Nicki but I wasn’t letting her go.

“Put me down Christopher. That bitch obviously didn’t learn her lesson.”

“I’m not gonna let you fight her. Remember what I said a out being the bigger person and you don’t want to hurt the baby do you?”

“Oh so you’re pregnant now? Are you gonna get rid of that one too?” Nicki asked with a small smirk spreading across her face.

“Okay Nicki that’s enough! You’re starting drama for no reason. Robyn never got an abortion and all that shit in the blogs about it is a lie. You are not gonna keep disrespecting the mother of my child. Y’all don’t have to be best friends but can y’all at least be civil for one day?”

“Fine.” Robyn grumbled and I let her go.

“Whatever.” Nicki mumbled before she walked away.

“Thanks for putting her in her place baby.” Robyn said as she wrapped her arms around me.

“I had to stand up for my girl.” She smiled at me and I pecked her on her lips.

“Chris, we need you in wardrobe.” One of the workers came up to me and said.

“Okay. I’ll be there in a second. I’ll be right back Robyn.” I said before I followed the man to my dressing room. My clothes were already picked out so all I had to do was change. I was taking off my clothes when I heard a knock at the door. I figured it was Robyn so I said “Come in,” and took off my pants.

“Nice ass Christopher.” I heard Nicki’s voice say.

“Nicki, what the fuck are you doing here?”

“I came to see you silly.”

“I don’t want to see you so just leave.”

“You’re not suppose to be rude to your company.” She was now standing in front of me rubbing my chest.

“Don’t touch me!”

“I’m just trying to make you feel good.”

“I don’t want no drama so you need to get the hell outta here.”

“Oh come on Chris. Relax. I promise you’ll like it.” Nicki said, pushing me down on the couch and straddling me.


I was waiting for Chris to come back and I was starting to get bored and lonely. I was about to go find his dressing room but I figured I’d let him have his space. I’ve been really clingy lately so I guess I can let him be alone for a few minutes. Just when I was about to call Melissa and ask where she was she came rushing over to me.

“Sorry I’m late. Did I miss anything?”

“Nothing much. We argued as soon as I got here but she was just talking. She was talking about getting her one on one but she never even swung.”

“She can talk a lot of shit but she can’t back it up.”

“Exactly. What’s in the bag?” I said, referring to the 7 Eleven bag in her hand.

“I stopped to get my best friend some hot Cheetos and a Sprite on my way here.”

“You did that for me?”

“Naw? Who said you were my best friend?” I punched her arm playfully and she said “Damn, I was playing. Here.” She came me the bag and I said “Thank you Mel. You’re my best friend in the whole wide world,”

“Don’t try to be sweet now.”

“I’m always sweet…if you know what I mean.”

“Eww. I don’t want to know what your pussy tastes like.”

“Who said anything about my pussy? You just have a dirty mind.”

“You have a dirty mind too. You’re the one who’s two months pregnant.”

“I know and I’m so ready to get this baby out of me.”

“Why are you in such a rush? Your pregnancy has barely started. It’s too early to be complaining.”

“Not when I’m throwing up every morning and hungry on the time. This child is already driving me crazy.”

“You better get use to it. You got eighteen years and seven more months to go.”

“Thanks for reminding me.”

“Where is your baby daddy anyway?”

“He’s getting dressed. He should be out in a few minutes.”

“What about your friend?”

“You know that bitch is not my friend and she went off some where after Chris put her in her place.”

“Ooo details!!”

“It wasn’t all that he just told her she wasn’t gonna keep disrepecting me.”

“He should have cussed her ass out.”

“I wish but you wouldn’t have been here to see it.”

“Oh right.”

“Can someone tell Chris to hurry up? We’re already running behind schedule?” One of the workers said into her head set.

“I can go get him for you.” I said. I know I said I wanted to give him space but he has been gone a while.

“His dressing room is the last door on the right in that hallway.” The woman said.

“Come on Mel.” She got out of her seat and followed me to Chris’s dressing room. I tried to open the door but it was locked.

“Chris are you okay?” I asked, knocking on the door. I heard shuffling noises and whispering before the door swung open.

“What is it?” Chris asked. He only stuck his head out the door and his body prevented me from looking into the room.

“Everyone is waiting for you. What’s taking you so long?”

“I uh..had to use the bathroom. That McDonalds gave me the shits.” I knew he was lying to me I was going to find out why.

‘There’s a bathroom in there? Good cuz I really have to go-“


“No? What you mean no?”

“Yeah why can’t she use the bathroom?” Mel asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

“The toilet it clogged up. My bad.”

“When are you going to stop lying to me Chris?”

“I’m not lying.”

“Yes you are. You promised you wouldn’t lie to me and you’re lying to me right now!”

“Stop yelling.”

“I’ll yell if I want to! Let me see the room and I’ll stop yelling!” He sighed before he opened the door all the way and moved so that Melissa and I could walk in. The first thing I noticed was that Chris was only in his boxers.

“You’re been in here all this time and you still aren’t dressed?”

“I told you I was sick. I didn’t want to mess up my clothes.”

“Yeah right. You’re such a fucking liar.”

“I’m telling the truth.”

“I’m sorry Chris but I can’t stay in that funky ass bathroom anymore.” Nicki said as she walked out of the bathroom. I looked at Chris and his eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of his head.

“Oh hell no!” Mel said as she started putting her hair in a ponytail.

“So you were in here fucking her?”

“I didn’t do anything. She wanted to but I told her no.”

“Bullshit! You came on to me!

"She’s lying Robyn.”

“I don’t know who’s lying but someone is about to get busted upside their head.” Melissa said seriously.

“I came in here to check on Chris and he started feeling on my ass and shit.”

“Shut the fuck up! I know you’re lying. Chris don’t want your slutty ass!”

“At least I have an ass!”

“Yeah that you had to pay for!”

“Guys stop.” Chris pleaded.

“No! I’m sick of her shit. I told you if tries me Ima fuck her up.” Just then the door swung open and one of the workers on the set appeared.

“I need both of you guys on set now!” She yelled. Nicki walked out of the dressing room while the woman stared Chris down. “Can you put your clothes on today?”

“Yeah, give me a minute.” Chris said as he put on his jeans. She rolled her eyes and walked away.

“That bitch got lucky.” Mel said, letting her hair down.

“Can y'all please let it go?” Chris was buttoning his shirt now.

“You know that’s not gonna happen.”

“Can you at least not fight her here? They’re already mad cuz I’m late. I don’t need them to be mad at me for bringing John Cena and the Undertaker on set.”

“Fine.” Mel grumbled. “I’m gonna go sit down."She said before she walked out.

"I’ll come with you.”



“I really didn’t do anything.”

“I believe you but why did you lie?”

“I didn’t lie.”

“You didn’t tell me Nicki was in the bathroom.”

“That wasn’t lying that was just not telling.”

“Still lying.”

“So if I told you Nicki was in the bathroom you wouldn’t be mad?”

“I’m not mad now and I would be pissed cuz I’d think you were doing something with her.”


“Can you hurry up and get your ass out there? I’m already ready to go home.”

“Yes I can Ms.Bossy.”

We were about to start filming I was in some what of a good mood. I was happy that I got under Rihanna’s skin a little bit but I wanted to really piss her off. I was hoping I could get Chris to sleep with me or at least been on his lap when she came in the dressing room but things didn’t go as I planned.

I saw Chris go into his dressing room and I decided that now was the time to make my move. Before you say I’m a bad person or a slut you need to know that I’m not doing this to be messy, I just want revenge. I’m still not over what Robyn did almost three years ago. Call me petty for holding a grudge but I can’t help that I’m still mad. I fixed my hair before I knocked on Chris’s door.

“Come in.” I opened the door to see Chris standing there in only a t-shirt and a pair of boxers.

“Nice ass Christopher.” I said with a giggle.

“Nicki, what the fuck are you doing here?”

“I came to see you silly.”

“I don’t want to see you so just leave.

“You’re not suppose to be rude to your company.” I was standing in front of him now, rubbing on his chest.

“Don’t touch me!”

“I’m just trying to make you feel good.”

“I don’t want no drama so you need to get the hell outta here.”

“Oh come on Chris. Relax. I promise you’ll like it.” I pushed him down on the couch before I straddled him.

“Nicki I’m not gonna fuck you.”

“Then let me fuck you.”

“I’m not doing this. I just got back on Robyn’s good side and I’m not gonna ruin it.” He said as he pushed me off of him and stood up.

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” I said, grabbing his dick. Damn, he was bigger than I thought.

“I’m not trying to mess up what Robyn and I have. I love her, we’re having a child together, and I want to marr-. Shit!” Chris said before he rushed into his bathroom.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“Oh my god. It’s coming!”

“What’s coming?” My question was answered when I heard Chris pass gas loudly. What the hell got into him? I hung around for ten minutes and Chris finally came out of the bathroom. He was sweaty and looked like he had just been in a fight.

“Why are you still here?”

“I wanted to see if you were alright.”

“You see I’m fine so get the fuck out.” There was a knock at the door and I heard Rihanna’s voice ask “Are you alright?” and y'all know what happened after that. I’m gonna have to push up on Chris as much as possible during filming if I want to drive Robyn crazy.

A few hours later

We were almost finished filming and I was getting my life from Rihanna’s reactions to me looking at Chris or touching him in a certain way. She is so easy to piss off it’s hilarious. By the time we were finishing the last scene Rihanna was seething in her chair munching on hot Cheetos. I may have been hallucinating but I think I saw smoke coming out of her ears. Her friend was looking just mad as Rihanna but I wasn’t worried about her popping off on me. Both of them ain’t shit without each other.

“That’s a wrap!” The director yelled.

“Whoo! That’s was so much fun. We should go celebrate.” I said, coming close to Chris.

“I don’t think so.” He said. Ugh why does he play hard to get?

“I suggest you back the fuck up before you get slapped.” Melissa said as she and Robyn walked over to us.

“I ain’t scared of you.”

“Look, I’ve been wanting to beat the shit out of you all day so if I would shut the fuck up and move along.”

“She ain’t worth it y'all. Let’s just go.” Chris said.

“Yeah, listen to him. It’s not worth it to put your life at risk to fight your friend’s battles.”

“Nicki cut the crap cuz I ain’t here for that bullshit. You’re gonna leave me, Robyn, Mel, shit you’re gonna leave anyone who’s connected to us alone.”

“And what if I don’t?”

“You’ll get a Bajan Beat down.” Melissa said. I rolled my eyes. That bitch really think I’m scared.

“It’s late and I’m tired so I’ll see y'all later. Call me Chris.” I said with a wink.

“In your dreams.”

“You have her number?” I heard Robyn ask as I walked away from them. Man oh man is it fun to mess with her emotions.