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     ↪ to-trenzalore-from-gallifrey asked: Amy/The Doctor or Amy/Rory?

“We can’t stand each other, alright? We are like cats and dogs, day and night, toothpaste and orange juice! I’m running out of opposites- help me out?”


| 5 | Usually people are affected by Miyuki in shades, but it’s definitely a nice surprise when Eijun sees him in his normal glasses for the first time? (a.k.a. the beginning of  the many silly shenanigans I’ve thought would happen under the Sawamura roof)

City Boy and Sunflowers | 12 3 4 | City boy Miyuki meets country bumpkin mechanic Sawamura after his bike runs into some trouble during a road trip.

I understand. You started a war that you don’t know how to end.

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