ugh she deserves a better set

Supergirl Rant

1. The writers are setting Kara up to fail. They have been isolating her all season and now she has lost her job at CatCo, the thing that made Kara feel special and important outside of Supergirl. She runs to Manhell for support because what other options have they really left her with? “Maybe being Supergirl and having you is enough…” She is obviously in shock because that is so ooc and she just wants the world to feel ok again. So she rationalizes and clings to what she has left… for now. But once his parents show up and out him, what a punch in the gut this will be. They’re just pulling the rug right out from under her. Kara does not like being lied to, and this is going to taint one of the two things she thinks she still has going for her. I see some Red-K Kara level rage coming and…
2. He fucking deserves it. There are so many things I hate about Monhell as a character, but this is the thing I hate most: he was never going to tell her the truth because he thought he didn’t have to. He thought his planet was gone and with it proof of his true identity, so he thought he could get away with it. He was going to keep lying to Kara, even after they got together (even after sleeping with her!!! I cannot tell you how much rage I feel every time I think about this. That the writers did that to her… disgusting). The whole situation is disgusting and I hope the line “this changes everything” sticks because I need Karahell to end and for Kara Danvers to be Kara Danvers again. She deserves so much better. She deserves a full and happy life based on HER, as Kara, and not on her relationship.

What is the point of all of this? What are the writers trying to achieve? Do they really think this how relationships should be? Why are they treating their protagonist so poorly and leading her to dismay?