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Hawaii 5-0 Season 8 Wishlist

Here it comes again.  Another season.  Another set of hopes and dreams.  Last season was so much better than Season 6 I have to say.  And although this upcoming season is already tainted by the loss of Chin and Kono, I am going to remain optimistic.

I was heartbroken when word came out all those months ago about Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim’s departures.  And I was afraid that I would hold a grudge about the new cast members coming to fill the void. (Think Corin Nemic when Daniel was killed off of Stargate in Season 5. Poor guy never got a chance)

But I have to say from everything I’ve seen on the new cast members I am excited about their addition.  Especially Meaghan Rath/Tani Rey.  And that really surprises me.  Being such a huge Kono/Grace Park fan I wasn’t keen on just anybody filling that spot on the team.

Tani seems like a very capable and kick ass lady from what I’ve seen.  Meagan Rath is beautiful (though I still think Grace Park outshines her but still…) and as long as they give her character some substance I will be happy.  I just don’t want her to become nothing more than a pretty face to fill the screen. 

Anyway, onto my wishlist…

1.  This has carried over from previous seasons and I still have to declare it.  I want Danny to take Steve to New Jersey!  I NEED this!

2.  I want the restaurant storyline to be handled properly.  Not just some throw away, on the side thing.  But something substantial.  I know it’s a side project but still give us something more.

3.  Danny needs to break up with Melissa, ASAP!  I have said it before and I say it again.  Please, for the love of god.  It’s unfair to her and she deserves better.  So does Danny.  And speaking of….

3a.  Please don’t let Danny get back together with Rachel!  Ugh!

4.  Give us more about Will and Grace dating. 

5.  Give us good and convincing explanations about Kono and Chin’s departure. More concerned about Kono.  Chin’s exit was pretty much set up but Kono is still a bit up in the air. 

5a.  To add to that, don’t have Kono sitting at home popping out babies as an excuse for her not to be on the team.  Fuck that.  She can work!

6.  If Adam is going to be a consultant for 5-0 now, I think he should also be the business manager for Danny and Steve’s restaurant.  He can take care of all the business logistics while Danny makes up the recipes and Steve can handle PR and relations.

7.  Steve needs to break up with Lynn.  There is zero chemistry there.  He can’t even call her his girlfriend.  She’s his lady friend.  No, just stop.

7a.  There’s been several mentions of potential love interests from Lenkov now.  From Catherine’s return, a nurse that helps him with his illness, to Alicia Brown.  I don’t know if this is just Lenkov stirring the pot or if he can’t make out a plan but stop messing with the man’s heart!

8.  Don’t ignore Steve’s radiation sickness.  He is not Superman.  I don’t care how strong you are, the man is sick. He is already immunocompromised from the liver transplant and now this.  Don’t sideline it like he’s superhuman.  Let us see him cope with his limitations AND see the team support him through it.

9.  Give us more McDanno!

and finally……


A/N: Happy (belated) Birthday, sheriffswan! Adri, you are precious – fiercely loyal and loving and kind, and we all are so, so lucky to have you <3 Thank you for your friendship, sweet pea :)) XO


I want to tell you so 

Before the sun goes dark

How to hold my heart

Cause I don’t want to let go

Let go, let go of you



Her chest aches, breath caught in her lungs as her heart beats out an unsteady staccato rhythm. She doesn’t know how the hell she got here, how the hell they got here, she just knows that this is her life now, and she is terrified

She swallows back the lump of emotion — raw, overwhelming, frightening — lodged in her throat and let’s out a ragged breath as she rests her forehead against the cool glass of her bedroom window. Jesus. She can’t do this. It’s too much. She has no idea how she ever thought that she could do this, but she can’t


His voice is a sleepy murmur in the moonlight, rough and tinged around the edges with concern — it makes her stomach clench and her eyes close and God, she can’t. The silence stretches on and she knows he’s studying her, worrying about her, but it’s not until she hears the blankets rustle as he pushes them away that she glances back over at him. He pauses when their eyes meet, brow creasing as he frowns, and her fingers itch to soothe the lines away. She curses internally at the thought while she crosses her arms defensively around herself.

“I’m okay,” she tells him. 

He moves to the edge of the bed, sliding his legs over as he keeps his gaze on hers. “C’mere,” he gestures at her with his hand, beckons her to close the distance between them. He scratches behind his ear then sighs when she stubbornly stays put. “Love, please?”

Her heart skips a beat at the simple request and she hesitates for only a second more before padding back over to him. (She is weak, so, so weak where he is concerned.) He reaches out and fingers at the hem of her sleep shirt (his black shirt he wears beneath his waistcoat) and tips his face up to hers, eyes huge and deeply blue and far too knowing for his (and her) own good, as she steps between his legs. His hair is mussed, sticking up every which way and damn it, he looks so adorable she gives in to the desire to tangle her hands there. 

“Go back to sleep, Killian,” she tells him, tugging just a little.

He leans forward to press his lips to her heart (and shit does it ache), before looking back up at her. “Come back to bed, Emma.”

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soulffles  asked:

"i asked for your help getting a book off the top shelf and and you laughed at my taste and called me a nerd so i shoved you into a table of nonfiction best-sellers and that’s how we both got banned from the quirky community bookstore" + soma

this blossomed into a college au feat. obnoxious awkward hipster!soul and a very fed up maka. enjoy!

The sky simmers blue-hot and the world warps and twists and somehow the scene strikes Maka as almost menacing, this summer day so bright and burning it could almost be considered an oven, minus the confining metal walls. She draws a hand across her forehead and quickens her step. The bookstore is only just across the street; perhaps she’ll hole up there for a little while to take refuge from the heat. Besides, she’d been wanting to buy a great big stack of novels anyhow. Her purse hangs heavy at her hip. 

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