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He’s a Good One (1/?)

Characters: Dean, dog!Sam, Reader (no real pairings yet, but eventual Sam x Reader)

Warnings: Spells, curse word or two, Reader has an anxiety attack but Sammy makes it better. Reader talks to dog!sam a lot, but honestly who doesn’t speak to their dogs? ??

Word Count: 2,392 (+/-)

Summary: Sam gets turned into a dog and gets lost, but the reader rescues him. Reader helps and takes care of Sam, but really who’s helping who?

A/N: Kind of based on my late labrador mix, Bandit, and my own personal experiences. However, I’m trying to not name a specific breed or anything. I also wrote this a long time ago, so please excuse any mistakes or if it generally sucks. Honest feedback would be appreciated. (tagging: @busybee612, @samuelfuckingwinchester, and @coralturtlenut)

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“Dammit! Sammy! Get back here!” Dean yelled.

He hated witches, always spewing their bodily fluids and making a mess everywhere, always telling the same old story about how someone did them wrong and turned to the dark arts to get payback. In this case, the revenge was turning people into animals just to embarrass them and mock them in their form. The stupid witch had just turned Sam into a dog, a dog, right before she disappeared with a cackle. Now, at this very moment, he was chasing after his little brother as fast as he could and trying to keep him in his sights. He thought surely, or maybe, Sam could still understand him in dog form, but something had caught the canine’s eye and he started chasing after it, like if his instincts caused by the spell were controlling him entirely. This was nothing like the time Dean drank that stuff to understand Colonel.

“Sam! Sam!” he called out, pumping his arms harder. Sam was running like a greyhound chasing after a hare, and it didn’t look like he was stopping any time soon. In a fast blur, he lost his trail and had no sight of him. Dean stopped, looking everywhere and yelled out his name, even whistled. “Fuck.”

Dean lost Sam, who was under a spell in a strange town. Just great.

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“I try my hardest. But it’s never easy. I just…thought you guys should know.”

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“What did Sam write on that package there?”

Winchester Preference - First Date


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When Sam showed up at your door, you could tell he was nervous. When he saw you, he gave you that cute little upside down smile you love as he happily gave you a bouquet of simple beautiful flowers.

“H-Hey, (Y/N),” Sam smiled just a teeny bit more confidently now, yet shifting on his feet nonetheless.

“Hi, Sam,” You greeted after you thanked him for the flowers and leaned up to kiss his cheek. You giggled at the furious blush on his face. “I’m ready to go, but let me just put these in a vase. You’re welcome to step inside while I do.” You opened the door wider.

“Yeah, sure, go ahead,” Sam nodded as you closed the door behind him. Sam helped himself to the couch and heard you rummaging through your kitchen. So many thoughts were running through his mind. Was he doing everything right? Was he forgetting something? Would this work? He wanted it to, but it’s been so long.

“Sam, are you okay?” You questioned when you returned, noticing him rub his palms on his jeans. “Where’d you go just now?”

“What? I’m here. I’m fine,” he chuckled, scratching the back of his neck and meeting your eyes.

“We can,” You began, looking at your front door and and shyly rubbing your arm. You know Sam won’t judge you for your ideas and for speaking your mind. “We can have dinner here, watch a movie, and just talk, here… instead if you want.”

“What? But, uh, I, um,” Sam stuttered. Did he have a long face on and have you think he didn’t want to go out? He stood up from his seat now, eyes softer.

“It’s been a while for the both of us, Sam. We can do this slow, in a place where we’re both comfortable, yeah? Unless, well, if you still wanted to go to that big thing in the city that you originally planned?”

“No, no, I like your idea. It sounds so much better since it’ll be just you and me,” Sam’s demeanor changed to one that was more relaxed, and it helped you ease off the first-date jitters. He stepped closer, reaching his warm hand up to brush your hair out of your face and leaning down to sweetly kiss your forehead.

“So… you, me, pizza, beer, and maybe an action movie in my living room as a first date?” You laughed, totally relaxed in his arms.

“Anything sounds good to me,” He agreed. “As long as I’m with you.”


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“Did I mention that you look amazing tonight, princess?” Dean complimented, opening the door to the Impala and being a gentleman as always.

“Only like a hundred times, Dean,” You laughed and shook your head at him.

“Well I’m gonna tell you more times than that,” Dean beamed sweetly. “‘Cause it’s true,” he added before he closed the door and stepped around the car to the driver’s side.

“You still haven’t told me where we’re going, ya know,” you pointed out and raised a brow at him suspiciously. “You’ve been stalling a proper answer.”

“You’ll see when we get there,” Dean winked as he started up the car and drove. Ugh, sometimes he can be so cryptic.

The drive was taking a while, and you hate to admit it, but your patience was running thin with your curiosity getting the best of you. Just as you were about to question Dean yet again, colorful flashing lights came into view on the road ahead.

“We’re going to the carnival?!” You screeched excitedly, turning to him with wide eyes and a smile from ear to ear. You can hear the screams of the people on the rides and smell the unique scent for carnival fried food. “But I thought that–”

“It’s the last and closest one in town before they leave again for the season. I remembered you being a little upset when you didn’t get to come last time, so I thought it would be good for a first,” Dean informed, eyes soft as he glanced at you. “And if I remember correctly, you said you were craving a funnel cake. Even went as far as bet that you can beat my ass in–”

“Every ticket game,” You grinned wickedly. “Because I can, and I will.”

“Oh you’re on, princess.”


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“This is so nice!” You gasped in surprise. You squeezed John’s warm hand and pressed to his side as you both walked in sync. “How did you know about this place?” You looked up to the illuminating, twinkling bright lights hanging above all along the sidewalk going down for blocks.

“I saw a flyer and thought that there wouldn’t be anyone else I’d rather come here with than you,” John answered, smiling down at you. “I knew you’d like it.”

John brought you to an art walk where people were showing and selling their unique creations all around the center of a small town. They held galleries in their own homes and small museums every first Friday of every month. There were even games, activities, and charity funds for families with children and lots, and lots of food.

“This is great! I don’t just like it, I love it,” You leaned up and kissed his bearded cheek. “Thank you for bringing me here, but I didn’t peg you for the art type, John.”

“Doesn’t mean I can’t stop and appreciate it, sweetheart. Besides, the night is fresh and I’m having a good time with a beautiful girl on my arm… I could die a happy man right now,” He beamed with a wink. “C’mon, let’s go through here.”

He tugged you by the hand toward the entrance of an old two-story house. People were looking around quietly at the paintings on the walls as soft music played in the background. Others were purchasing handmade goods from the older ladies of the house, and some artists were working on their new pieces in a corner where people can observe the birth of their creations up close.

John wouldn’t even let you appreciate the artwork properly as he distracted you with his hilarious comments on the abstracts and some snobby rich that were giving you weird looks from afar. You both ended up stumbling out laughing and returning to the walk. Maybe it was the way he held you close and the little looks he sent your way that didn’t go unnoticed, but something told you that there was going to be plenty more adventurous dates like this in the future.

A/N: For the buddy boo, @samuelfuckingwinchester. Sorry this took so long or if it sucks and that I’ve been a little under a rock for the past two weeks. Also, I think I want to continue John’s part a little more, bc @kittenofdoomage has inspired and has given me the feels. UUUuuughhhh sorry for mistakes too