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“I want to be by your side always. Through all the troubles that stand in your way, I will be there to help you overcome any turmoil. I want you to realize that my love for you is strong and all I wish is for you to always be happy. Let me be your strength when you are weak. Let me be your courage when you feel scared. Let me be the hope when you lose all faith. Let me be the love that you need whenever you’re lost in this world. I love you, Kurosaki-kun. Please, I hope my voice reaches out to you….”


Thanks, Rukia. Because of you, the rain has stopped falling.


malec appreciation fortnight: day 2 - fave malec quote(s)

bonus (because come on): “Emotions are never black and white.  They’re more like symptoms: you lose your breath every time they enter a room; your heart beats faster when they walk by; your skin tingles when they stand close enough to feel their breath.”

This is nothing new, the pain of missing you, the pain so similar to airless lungs; I just wish that I could find a way to be okay. I wish I could say the words that would make you stay, because holding onto memories is not enough for me; it never will be. I want to be able to breathe without feeling like I’m collapsing.
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Q R 7 💖💖💖

Q- Hmm. Two come to mind, first “dreams are not actually that far away but you need to put in effort to reach them. You may miss some scenery on the way but we would be able to see the rainbow at the end” and I can’t remember the direct quote ugh but “The amount of hard work you put in now determines the scenery you see when you finish” (???) but just I’m very bad when it comes to working, I kinda relate to him when I have a focus I just do it. But these quotes are so lovely and motivating, he’s so wise beyond his years at times. I respect him so much.

R- Well this is gonna be tough. I love so much of yixings music… I love what u need because it’s so…different? It’s so funky and fun and Yixing’s vocals blend so well with it and it was his little tease for xingmi. MYM is kinda the start of this all, such a huge response to that lovely song probably really assure Yixing of his talent and his dream. Lose control is so smoooooth and slow but his vocals make it so beautiful but kinda sad? I love music and especially his but imma say…Lose Control, it’s such a personal song and when you listen you can hear the pride and love in it. Just yes.

7- I was such a playful kid, I have too many stories but I’ll go embarrassing cause I cannot even attempt to be as personal and poetic as Yixing was and ugh emotions. Well my friend and I were at a chip shop buying a treat cause it was a nice summer day for once in England. So I ordered chips and curry sauce and the lady handed me the pot of sauce whilst we were chatting, so eventually she held her hand out and I had COMPLETELY forgotten I was holding the sauce. So what did I do? I slowly and awkwardly shook her hand trying to be polite. She laughed slightly and nodded at the sauce I held and said “I was going to bag that for you but thank you”. I wanted to fall into the ground…my friend left cause she was laughing too hard and I was forced to stay in the shop trying to hold back embarrassed laughter for five more minutes. I have too many occurrences like this.

I wanted to be more fun but apparently I’m a sentimental xingmi today…but yes! Thank youuuuu~~


❤ Fitzsimmons Week ❤

Day One: It was extraordinarily hard to pick just one Favorite Scene(s)


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"She inspires me to be a better person, and I know that's like a cringe-cheeseball thing to say but she inspires me to be the best wife that I can be and inspires me to create more for myself"

The normal heart (2014)

«You have my love, my legal advice, my financial supervision. I can’t give you the courage to stand up to me and say you don’t give a flying fuck about what I think. Everybody’s oppressed by somebody else in some form or another. Most of us learn to fight against it despite people’s opinions without the help of others. And stop trying to wring some kind of admission of guilt out of me. Agreeing that you were born just the same as I was born isn’t gonna save your dying friends.»
«That is exactly what is going to save my dying friends.»
«You make it sound like I’m the enemy.»
«I am beginning to think that you and your straight world are our enemy. I am furious with you! And every goddamn doctor who made me feel it was sick to love a man. I am trying to understand why nobody gives a shit that we’re dying! $5 million for a house? We can’t even get 27 cents from the city. I know 43 guys who have died and you say it’s my cause not yours? You still think I’m sick! I simply cannot allow it for one single second longer. I will not speak to you again until you accept me as your equal! Your healthy equal! Your brother!

"Sweetheart,let me tell you something no teenager ever believes,but i guarantee you is the absolute truth. You fall in love more than once. It will happen  again. It will be just as amazing and extraordinary as the first time.and maybe just as painful."