ugh probably one of my favourite edits


I decided it would be a good idea to do a robot!jungkook edit today. Well. Its 7 hours later and I’m still not done. Ugh. Some will probably say that I used WAY too many effects in this one… I would say I used way too many effects in this one.. 

Anyway. I’ll post it tomorrow (if I manage to get it done… jimins hair did also distract me a little bit today…) so you can judge for yourself haha. In the meantime! Read “Human Error” by @kareverie . Because its probably my favourite fic ever. (and its sort of what inspired this vine. Or it reminded me of that fic while I made it and I got so happy when I remembered and read it again. And it was just as amazing as I remembered it ♡) So yeah. Read it! And while you’re at it you might as well read her whole masterlist. Because its all gold. Have fun! ♡♡ xx

(a little teaser because why the fuck not haha. dont worry the quality will be better in the video. you didnt worry did you? I’m just here talking to myself again. I should stop. night xx)