ugh please don't laugh

My twitter timeline today:

And I found the people that annoy me the most-

a)  Exo Ls who claim to miss him but never try to look up what he is doing now. Trending #1yearwithoutTao on twitter but not knowing he released a song that very day? Mourning over him as if he died after leaving Exo. 

The MV was released 8 months ago. Surprise?

b) Delusional shippers who claim he broke their hearts by ruining their imaginary ships… acting like they own hello? if you love him so much did you ever care to look him up- about his life and projects now? Or were you too busy reading your angsty fanfics on wattpad?

c) 13 year olds making a fuss over him (or any idol) kissing girls or being with girls. Instead of appreciating a work seriously, all of you focus on the 10 second eye contact for the camera. Yes it hurts a bit, but please realize that you thinking “all he knows is to cry and be scared” and be an innocent angel is the biggest disregard for all the hard work and effort he has put into his music.

d) Random people judging him when they do not even read his interviews, are clueless about his solo work- all based on the headlines of unreliable gossip news websites like Koreaboo and All Kpop or just internet rumors.

e) Fake Tao stans who stan “EXO Tao” but have no idea about “Huang Zitao.” Sorry to tell you but you all are as fake as Kylie Jenner’s lips, if not faker.

f) People who absolutely do not care about zitao but use him merely to spill hate on exo. I don’t care whether or not you like exo or zitao but comparing between them and causing unnecessary hate when you are on neither one’s side is despicable.

g) And Finally this->

(I know this person meant it positively but…) STRONG? WE NEED TO BE STRONG BECAUSE HE KISSED A GIRL IN HIS MV? EXCUSE ME BUT Tao stans have always been strong. When he was being abused by netizens in korea, china and everywhere else after his debut, during fake rumors about him beating media personnels and kissing a girl, when he left exo and ‘broke his promise’,when #TaoSonOfABitch was trending worldwide on twitter, when he ‘ate his words by being a fake teary bitch’ in the sina interview, when he was bullshitted by media everywhere for being 15 minuted late to a fashion show, after “WuliTaoTao’ memes were all over weibo,after he was accused of copying Taemin on the basis of ONE Instagram post, when he writes out all his pain in his songs and everyone mocks him for being overtly dramatic.

And do you know why we are strong? Because of Tao. Because we trust him and he trusts us. Because we know that he is whiny, moody, sassy but a kind, sensitive and surprisingly wise and hardworking kid at heart.Because we know he has talent and he deserves our support and recognition. 

In fact, I even want him to fall in love, get a girl who can take good care of him and make him happy. Let him kiss all the girls he wants, we are going to walk this Road with him together.

  • entp and enfp are playing a game together, while intj is reading on the opposite side of the room
  • entp and enfp: *laughing and enjoying themselves*
  • intj: ugh, please don't do that
  • entp: what?
  • enfp: what?
  • intj: that thing where you're happy and stuff
  • entp:
  • enfp:
  • entp and enfp: *continues laughing, but this time at intj*
  • intj: ...what?