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Modus Operandi is about making mistakes, in circumstances where mistakes are often not forgiven.

1. What’s the main inspiration behind your latest project?
Tish: I did longform narrative (novel-style) text-based roleplay for about 15 years. The characters and world I built are the bulk of Modus Operandi’s source material, but that only goes so far.

Leah: I like solid characterization that isn’t outright manipulative. Tish had that.

2. Is there an aspect of your process that you particularly enjoy?
Tish: I like talking to Leah about what we’re going to do. That feeling you get when you suddenly resolve a plot issue that’s been tough to move past, is great. I also like drawing/painting the more abstract or emotive sequences in MO. On the whole, though, the process - particularly on the drawing end - is hard. It’s really hard for me. I rely on a lot of people for emotional and moral support.

Leah: Mapping/time-lining. Problem-solving. Breaking story with Tish. Also being able to tune out distractions and start working in these nice productive chunks where I can start building upon the skeleton with the muscle and sinew and fat and fur to make a great script.  

3. What drives your interest in making comics over other mediums?
Tish: Accessibility and familiarity. The likelihood that I could get people to read MO in novel format is slim, even if it might be easier to make. I’ve always turned to comics when I wanted others to read my fiction. Besides that, it’s not like I would be able to get it turned into a TV show. Comics are the best fit for our skillsets, and as things stand, our ability to reach an audience. The downside of the medium is that MO is paced a lot more like a novel or TV drama like Breaking Bad than many comics, so the production rate might negatively affect the reader’s perception of pacing. I’d like to eventually update twice a week, but that seems far off.

Leah: I don’t feel particularly interested in one medium over another. I like all of it. I just need to make shit or I will die.

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“How are you going to find her?”

“Well the first two times I met, I just sort of bumped into her. So I thought maybe if I  just wander around a bit I might bump into her again. You know, like destiny.. sort of.

“That’s rubbish.”

“Yeah, it probably is.”

12 Days of Skimmons: Day Four

An anon sent me this prompt: “Jemma knits Skye a Christmas sweater since she’s never gotten a homemade Christmas gift. Skye tries to wear it so as not to hurt Jemma’s feelings but it itches like crazy.”

Ad yes, I realize that I missed Day Three because of crazy moving but…in theory, I’ll just post two stories in one day…at some point…

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