ugh okay so i kinda hate this

Why do we hate gency?

Ok so today I read many text post’s in the gency tag. And there where things like" ugh all gency shipper are racist,homophob and stupid!!“ Like c'mon guys. It’s okay when you don’t like the ship but that doesn’t mean you have to hate people because of this? So let me tell you a few things about me: I’m neither racist nor homophob and I support lgbt and stuff. But I still shipp gency? And I don’t hate other shipping’s? You can’t judge people because they ship gency ya know. It’s kinda rude tho. I’m fine with every other ship and won’t judge people because of it. I mean I guess I would support them because they love it and it makes them happy. You hate gency? I’m fine it’s your option? Do I hate you for this? Noo why should I?? So guy’s please stop saying every gency shipper is retarded or stuff. That’s not nice. Thanks ( it can that something is wrong with the grammar because it’s usually not my language lol)


I wasn’t planning to post anything yet, but then I remembered that Wednesday is kinda my day of posting fics soo.. have this prompt! it’s Tony and Natasha friendship fic, pre-stony. roughly proofread because I still feel kinda sick, but I know that BG would be the one really happy about this fic and she was okay with me not proofreading c: and hopefully, BF!anon would be also okay. and read it. and talk to me. because she dumped me and talks only to BG. not that I’m jealous. I’M NOT JEALOUS, SHUT UP. ugh.. enjoy the fic :D!! also, I realized that halfway I changed the rules of the game, so whoops.



aka why Tony hates team bonding 

Tony was running down the hall, a huge, huge smile plastered across his face. When he decided that he was far enough, he stopped, bending in half, trying to catch his breath.

Dammit, he hated running.

But he was winning!

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gOD YOU CAN PRACTICALLY HEAR HER THINKING “okay don’t lose your cool girl don’t look too excited you hate people remember?”

“cute new kid??? what cute new kid?? whatever. who cares? i don’t care”

“i…… dooooon’t care…….. oH FUCK IT”


Recently I have been… not okay. One of the few things keeping me (relatively) sane has been youtube. Particularly Jack. No matter how bad things get in my head, he’s always there, ya know? He feels like a friend….

Thank you..

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hurls my URL at ya ;D

Send me a url and I’ll answer the following;;

Opinion on;

Character in general: YES!  I love love love Crocodile!  Even before I read OP I was loving the way you wrote him~  Croc is just so, ugh!  I love him!  He’s an amazing villain, cunning, ruthless, determined.  He’s just the kind of person you love to hate!

How they play them: Okay, Croc’s an ass.  No one can deny that; but at the same time you just kinda put this human spin on him that I just adore!  Especially with your Bioshock AU~  Making villains so human is something even I struggle with so the fact that you can do it so fluidly is admirable!

The Mun: THE MUN IS A WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL CUPCAKE OKAY??  Allie you’re so sweet and nice and just lejslfdj;sk;fsdfl; I enjoy talking to you XD  We should talk more but I’m a butt at communication OTL

Do I:

Want to RP with them: I don’t care how many threads we have the answer is yes.

What is my;

Overall Opinion: 15/10 go follow and interact with the cupcake and her grumpy son you won’t be disappointed I promise.

Jungkook Rapping
Jungkook Rapping

I feel a rant coming on.

A rant about superhero pairings.

I just hate when the sassy girl doesn’t notice that this really amazing guy friend is into her because she’s too absorbed in this mysterious hero in a mask who kinda stalks her. Like. That’s the traditional interpretation of lois and Clark but bleeeh. And it makes me sad to see westallen doing the same thing. DC ships are NEVER the right one. Uuuugh.

I don’t care about comicbook canon. I care about compatiblity and chemistry.

The girl must know and love the boy behind the hero before she knows about the mask.

That’s what I love about Lana Lang. She loved Clark for his flannel puppyish self. And they both have this intensly passionate personality which compliments each other. They see darkness and light and go through times of both and ultimately choose light. They’re each emotionally vulnerable and so protective.

Clark and lois met under strange circumstances to say the least. After that, Lois just presented herself as comic relief at best. She was pushy and rude and hailed as a strong woman after dealing with a third of what Lana dealt with IN HIGHSCHOOL. Neither she nor Clark ever seemed to really like each other. If anything bro/sis rivalry with a touch of disgust and contempt. In later seasons she only became slightly interested in Clark when no one else was around and when the BLUR showed up she was so obsessed and ugh. I hate that hero worship thing. Like, if you loved Clark for his heart why did you only realize after you found out about his powers?

What I dislike about westallen is that iris is kinda bland and. I mean she’s okay, but I don’t see any chemistry. Idk. And then this thing with the flash is all sorts of creepy. If my practically-a-brother friend liked me but I likes a stranger in a mask ans then later found out my friend was lying to me while also flirting with me underneath a mask, I would be mad. And if I were in Barry’s place, I would feel just as bad knowing that she doesn’t just like normal-Barry.

What I love about Barricity is how in sync they are. They enjoy the same things, speak the same language, think the same way. They have a quirky but lovable personality, full of color and sunshine. But they also have a sad backstory which hasn’t changed their optimistic outlook.

What I don’t like about romantic-olicity is that he’s so serious and she’s so fluffy. It doesn’t mix well. I guess I don’t strictly find brains and brawn a sweet combo. They don’t really have any similiar personalies. I get that she is a source of light for him. And if they had anything in common, I would be cool with it. But I feel like Felicity likes him because he’s a tortured soul with great abs.

Oliver in general lost a lot of respect with any girls cause he treats them all like they’re special so they’re not really. But for Laurel’s sake, I like that she knew him before and after the island. I like that they both have a serious attitude and they both know what it’s like to lose a piece of yourself. I like that Laurel’s interaction with the Arrow never really became about romance. I like that they still know and care about each other. I like that they are learning to work together.

I’m so sick of ppl being like “oh god don’t tell me you’re vegan????!!!!” (in a kinda disgusted tone) when I say that I don’t eat meat. And then when I answer that I’m only vegetarian they are like “oh thank god, that’s okay.” Like what’s your damn problem with vegans?? Mind your own buisness.

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Imagine at one point, either before or after they're actually in a relationship, Abby or Lexa's father (or both) catch them in the act

fhskdljfhal no they gotta be in a relationship already because that’s the sweeter burn okay. like, the whole “this is wrong we shouldn’t be doing this” phase is over, just like the “i’m pretending to hate you because i actually love you but I’m afraid of being vulnerable but i also can’t stop fucking you cause you’re hot” deal is. so. they are just. together. and kinda happy, too? clarke wouldn’t go as far as to say she’s blissful, but ugh dammit yes she is. this infuriating brunette robot posing as a girl may just actually be the best mistake she’s ever made (she’s so not a mistake, but clarke’s a work in progress, so that’s something to accept and freak out about for another time). they wake up in lexa’s bed and race each other to the shower. lexa makes clarke eat some nasty healthy food that isn’t actually nasty but she likes to rile her up anyway, and clarke makes lexa cave and nibble on a chocolate bar. sometimes they have time for a quickie on the counter; according to clarke, there is always time for a quickie on the counter. it’s so easy to get used to having the house all to themselves, with abby and lexa’s dad gone, again. it’s so easy to forget that they aren’t alone, when their parents return. usually, clarke’s not so careless. her mother still thinks she’s a virgin, after all. but. ugh. it’s lexa. this girl; maybe she was right when she hated her in the beginning; her ability to make clarke lose control is aggravating. yes, they were sneaking around, back when they were just having sex; but now it’s with those damn feelings and it’s not like before. now, lexa just fucking has to tuck clarke’s hair behind her ear after they are done. she just has to rest her forehead against clarke’s and smile that stupid smile that makes clarke kiss her. she just has to bask in the afterglow as they are struggling to catch their breaths, with clarke pressed against the fridge, her sleeping shorts pooled around her ankles - there is no point in wearing underwear to bed since lexa ends up tearing them anyway. lexa still has her hand between her legs, stroking gently and carefully, and she’s still looking at her like that and clarke’s feeling too content to deny how full her chest is.

that’s certainly not what abby expected when she went downstairs for a glass of water. 

the wind changed, the first day that you came through

This is a shitty ass graphic because I may not be a bad rper, but I’m a terrible graphic maker. But please don’t let it make you think that I love you any less, because I really don’t, I love you guys so much and wow 200 followers ahhhh, it amazes me so thank you for following me!

now everything that’s ever gone before, is like a blur and it’s all because of you

chuckbassrps - You’re my Ryder, what can I say? I love roleplaying with you, be it Heights!Kyder, Forbiddenlove!Kyder or Gapyear!Kyder. I also love our AU chatzies, even the Finn/Kitty one we did, which was super weird. I feel like we’re just always on the same page with everything and I love talking to you and I’m looking for cake recipes for your “thank you for always starting chatzies” cake that I’ll give you when we meet up <3 

shayleywrites - I feel like i have to write one for you, even though you might not ever see it, but you’ve been such a good friend of mine for so long. You mean the world to me, and I love talking to you and we should do it more, and I’m sorry I suck that I’m never on Skype. But you’ve helped me through a lot and I wish we’d rped together at some point, but it’s okay and ily x

puckleberryhelper - CASSIEE. You are probably one of the biggest rays of sunshine and cupcake I know. Your Rachel is flawless and I love doing Wildeberry friendships with you (Wildeberry enemyships are still fun, but they hurt more so). Keep being amazing and ilyy <3 

kittyhudsonrps - okay so this is awkward because to find your new URL, I looked through my outbox for a message I sent you and I found one I sent to your new URL where I introduce myself bc I didn’t realize it was you and omg I’m really embarrassed and I’m sorry but I actually love you? You’re the Kitty to my (kinda shitty) Puck and our Puckitty gives me feels all the time and ugh they’re actually really hot and I can’t wait for things getting more serious now that they’ve said the L-word and AHH feels. 

broadwayrps - okay first of all I really love your name (cossettecossetteCOSSETTE UGH IT’S AWESOME) and secondly, I love talking to you so much! You’re always my go-to to talk about Broadway and musicals and I love our rants about who they cast as Cinderella because they caN’T GET THAT RIGHT EVER and about how you hate Christian Borle because he cheated on Sutter and how I like him despite it and you’re just awesome please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise <3 

dylanhemmings - We need to do that Stydia at some point because HOT DAMN I miss roleplaying with you. Our Kyders used to make me cry and still do tbh and you’re one of the most awesome people ever and you need to stop being a stranger and talk to me pls? <3 

‘cause even though the flower fades something takes its place

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and in the forest i’ll make my home, lay down my heart on an ancient stone

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Thank you so much , all of you, and please please please, if you ever want to talk, plot, rp, or just fangirl with me, drop me a pop. I love you all! 

and if my heart should somehow stop, i’ll hang on to the hope that you’re not too late…

Cameron Dallas imagine for Anon (Sidney)

This request kinda stumped me, I honestly didn’t know which direction you wanted me to go in. I hope this was okay:) You can request again if you’d like; I might turn this into a series you feel? Like first baby shopping, first breathing class, telling the parents, etc. If any of you want that, don’t be afraid to ask:) Sorry this was so short! -Amy

“Shit,” You groaned as the pregnancy test, which had previously been balanced on the sink, fell to the floor. “Ugh, I hate my life.”
“Don’t curse,” Cameron scolded teasingly as he bent down and picked it up, placing it gently back on the sink as he glanced at the clock longingly. “If we really are having a baby, you’ll have to learn to stop cursing.”
“I know, I know,” You accepted, unable to stop the wide smile that spread across your face whenever he looked at you like that- when he looked at you like he loved you. You guys had been married for three years already, and the same level of adoration, respect, and love you had from the beginning of the relationship was still there, if not even stronger than before. “But until then, I can say whatever I want, thank you very much.”
“Maybe not,” Cameron said, a grin spreading across his face and he read the stick and looked up at you. “We’re having a baby.”
You gasped and looked down at the small white stick yourself, tears collecting in your eyes (embarrassingly enough) as you absorbed the information.
“Oh my God,” You cheered, looking up at Cameron, who still looked too happy for words to define. “Oh my God! We’re going to be parents! Oh my God! Cameron, I love you!”
You yanked him into a hug and he didn’t hesitate to return it, squeezing you close happily as you freaked out in excitement.
“Sidney, I love you,” Cameron said, pulling away slightly so he could cradle your face with his hands and look in your eyes. He was grinning, and you knew your expression was exactly reflecting his. “I’m so lucky to have you, both of you.”