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KARAMEL || Kara x Mon-El || SUPERGIRL || S02E05 || Actual cinnamon rolls smiling at, and posing for, each other.

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Ugh!! Spectacular Specter by @kimurasato is so good! I love this part so much when Dan saves Danny from the speeding car! I just had to draw the moment cause it was so vivid in my mind! Good job! That’s all I got to say! And amazing writing too! 👌🏻💕😩

You know what’s funny is how my tdov post where I present as more feminine has less than 20 notes and the one where I present as more masculine has over 50…. apparently I don’t fit some people’s idea of what someone using he/they pronouns should look like when I present as feminine. Okay.

Just because someone doesn’t fit your ideals of what ‘someone like them’ should look like, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve every bit of respect and representation as someone who aligns more closely with your image of them. No one is more or less trans than another person, just because they don’t present stereotypically as their gender.

You are all valid and important no matter what your gender is and no matter how you chose to present yourself. Keep doing your thing. I love you all.

Stop breeding two different breeds of dog, giving it a stupid name, calling it a “designer dog” and selling them for shit tons of money. 

Should start referring to my dogs as a Chipinshund and Labshepky only to have some fucker with a “schnoodle” tell me that’s not a real name. 

Also those are two breeds with the most awful health why would you do this anyway. Just making a puppy with all the problems both their parents have. Though they’re probably just doing it for the name in the first place. 

Okay so ranty rant time about double standards regarding character portrayal and such. 

So in one of the costuming groups I am in, they were having a discussion on adding diversity to characters portrayed in the media, and people, of course got all mad and things escalated quickly, blablabla. 

And I just posted this: 

As someone who is the opposite gender and race to the character I portray, I will say this… people who portray characters have different preferences for the way they would like to portray the characters. Some are okay with doing characters outside of their appearance range, but some (and I’ve noticed this trend more in the Disney fandom than in others), prefer to stick with characters they more closely resemble and are more “perfectly suited” for. And tbh, that’s really what this group seems to favor anyways. Ever notice how many comments center along the lines of “You look so much like X character, your cosplay is perfect!”. So, given this approach to character portrayal, it is understandable that those of us who do not have dominant caucasian features would like to see a larger representation of appearances among characters so we can have more to choose from. I don’t think it’s wrong to want that. And I don’t think representing characters outside of your appearance range is wrong either. I think it’s just a matter of perspective and we need to consider varying perspectives on this issue.
Also, to a certain extent I feel like there is a double standard when it comes to representing characters outside your race, and I see this enacted in the anime costuming community. It seems to me that it is more widely accepted, for example, for a Caucasian person to represent an Asian character, but when an Asian person represents a canonically Caucasian character, they get all kinds of racist comments about it. I’ve personally experienced this, countless times, and I’ve been taken less seriously because I decide to portray characters outside my appearance range. And this is why some people may want to stick to characters within their appearance range, which brings us back to the situation I mentioned above. 

Really though. It’s such bullshit. And it NEEDS to stop. If anything, I think those who portray characters outside their race or appearance range and do it well should receive some more credit. They have to work twice as hard, if not more, to make their portrayals convincing. And tbh, they SHOULDN’T HAVE TO work harder to achieve a comparable effect that someone who looks just like their character can achieve by simply putting on a wig, some makeup, and a costume that is a close-ish facsimile to the original character. 

Just. Really. I’m so done with this. So done and frustrated.