ugh non canon ships

@ people who are butthurt over the grahamfield kiss being an option, lmao fuck off

do you know what an option is?
and the fact you can avoid it very easily?
in fact if you said no to going ape then the kiss option isn’t even there.

literally all you’re doing is shitting all over other people’s harmless happiness, you’re not gaining anything from bitching about an OPTIONAL part of the game. gtfo of the grahamfield tag. no one wants you there.

daphneblvke  asked:

fandom: star wars (sequel trilogy)!

Favorite character: Finn!! What a great guy :)

Least Favorite character: kyle ugh

5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Finnpoe, Finnrey, Leia/Han ofc… that’s all i got

Character I find most attractive: rey :) her smile is like the sun

Character I would marry: finn

Character I would be best friends with: rey

A random thought: I’ve heard rumors that the new girl rose might be finn’s friend/gf? I bet they’d be cute

An unpopular opinion: umm idk how unpopular this is but i thought the whole arrival of yet another evil organization and a heroic resistance wasn’t very well explained? it wasn’t a huge deal but I would’ve liked more context

My canon OTP: leia/han :’(

Non-canon OTP: hmm i guess any combination of the main trio? Idk there wasn’t a lot of romance which honestly i liked

Most badass character: REY oh my god have you seen her stick

Pairing I am not a fan of: anything involving a certain embarrassing greasy-haired whiny emo faux-edgy murderer :/

Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): oh i wish they hadn’t made lupita nyong'o’s character cgi! i wanted to see her face

Favourite friendship: finn and rey are so cute and wholesome :)

Thank you for indulging my fandom obsessed procrastination methods i love you 💕