ugh neal


“I get the impression that Neal and Alex are still on unsettled terms.”
“Unsettled meaning what? She wants to bed him or kill him?”
“Fine line.”

emme1013 replied to your post “Still thinking about how if that were my child on the other side of…”

Great post. It was great to see Snow finally sacrifice for Emma. The only thing that irritates me is Snow talks about how Emma sacrificed so much for them, but we never see any thing on screen that indicates Snow has any idea what her choices cost Emma. She named her son after the man that set her daughter to jail after all.


RIGHT! Ugh. Neal. I know we’re meant to understand that Emma and Snow should have talked about her life… and I guess Snow saying out loud she was doing something for Emma when she took that potion is meant to let us know she finally realized the gravity of her decisions. I personally thing that A&E saw the repeated criticisms of why Snow would give so much counsel to the woman who was the reason for her daughter’s misery, while never appearing to give counsel or love to her daughter and wanted to try and fix that. 


I made a call to Bruce in Washington. I filled him in on your capture of Rebecca Lowe. I told him you deserve your freedom. Peter… He agreed. He’s meeting with the FBI director to put your release in motion. Once he signs off, it should only take a call to the Attorney General to get it done. When? Shouldn’t be more than a couple of days.