ugh my period

How dan and phil probably broke up #41
  • Phil: *to dan* If I was an enzyme I would be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes ;))

Lorcan: I am Death™. I am Destruction. I am Demise, guided by the hand of Hellas himself. I don’t care about anyone or anything other than Maeve, my beloved blood-sworn queen–

Elide: Ugh I’m on my period-

Lorcan: here take the SHIRT OFF MY BACK i also tore it into strips for you to use also i washed ur clothes bc the other lady was busy. is ur leg hurting? here’s a magical brace. can’t run fast enough? i’ll carry you across this mountain range and also I Wanted to Go to Perranth With You™, lol ur my Wife™. maeve who?

Elide: ….

Lorcan: ….

Lorcan: ….

Lorcan: I am Death™. I am Destruction. I am Demise.

you May Have noticed but i love period dramas, and i’ve been rewatching my all time favourite– the bbc miniseries Emma,,,, it’s just so good and i love these nerds

Wouldn’t it generally be OK if cis woman/afab person talks about their own experiences with things like pregnancy/periods/etc, as long as they aren’t doing the terfy bullshit of presenting these things as the definition of True Womanhood™ and that any woman who doesn’t have them is an evil imposter (or at best a sad, pathetic dollar store knockoff), or using it as a gotcha against trans women or nonbinary folks (For example: saying “Ugh my period cramps suck” or “does anyone have a tampon?” vs “My periyd cramps are a purifying mark of True Wombynhood and moon goddess systerhyyd against manpenis oppressors”

I really really don’t see how Beyonce was being transphobic with her Grammies act; I know that a lot of terfs absolutely exploit this “SACRED MOON WOMBYN MOTHER GODDESS” shit, but she was clearly referencing a specific thing

Those are the men that we are fighting. We must win this war at any cost.