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hi—i'm here for the 'even more 7x12 discussion' group meeting? let's pore over it some more! after hours of study, i think my (current) fave part is after rick talks about "the two of us, you and me reordering thangs together" (*sob*) and michonne says that soft "yeah" and he smiles this small, tender, and proud ghost of a smile and it breaks me into precisely 712 pieces because riiiick! you angel. you gruff, no-ass having, utterly in love, fool of an angel. i just really love him, ashley. god.

“you angel. you gruff, no-ass having, utterly in love, fool of an angel.” I want this tattooed on my neck.

Okay, but somehow, I missed this in my 8430 viewings of this episode, but bless you for bringing it to my attention. Even though it makes me wanna cry, because the way he stares at her for a beat before the smile even starts to tug at his lips is just a little bit too much. And when he does smile, you see it in his eyes more than anything, and I’m not sure how he manages to express in this millisecond just how thankful he is for this woman. And I just adore that he’s so genuinely happy with her, and soft with her in a way that reminds me of his scenes with Judith. So thanks, show, and more specifically, Andy Lincoln, for allowing this hardened soul to be so unabashedly affectionate. And for saving such tender moments for the love(s) of his life. 

Seemingly out of nowhere, a tall boy with messy black hair appeared somewhere just behind Marlene.  James Potter-for that was who it was-pushed past everyone else and in one simple, graceful, and utterly shattering motion punched Nicolai Mulciber square in the jaw.

The Life and Times by Jewels5

still the best character introduction though


credit to Carreyland. 

I just realised Delia’s choice of wording in the preview for the next scene. “Someone knew who I was once” and oh my as if that doesn’t make the whole ordeal ten times as painful. She’s suggesting that Patsy is literally the only person in her life who truly knows her and gets her. And she’s just reminding us all of this massive part of her she has to keep hidden from everyone she cares about due to the taboo of homosexuality at the time. It’s about time they gave Delia some long lasting and substantial happiness

I’m just thinking that tomorrow we are going to get a clip of Sana in her house and Yousef is going to be there and instead of it being all light and bright like in the beginning it’s going to be somber and muted like today with the lack of sunlight in the clip. She is going to see them in the living room and it’s going to be a whole aura of somberness (maybe except on Elias..) but tomorrow will be total kill for those Yousana shippers… aka me.