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Early Morning Visitor

So…yeah. This is kind of rushed and I haven’t really read over it. I’ll check it later, but I wanted to post it in time for today.

But here you go: Kakashi’s Drunken Confession.

Someone was in his house.

That revelation should have spurred a larger reaction than the one he gave. No one sneaks into his home. His traps and seals are enough to make sure of it, so whoever’s standing in his living room is either really good at traps or just really good in general.

There’s not many on that list.

Still doesn’t explain why he’s still lying in bed in the same position he woke up in. He hadn’t even reached for one of the kunai stashed under his mattress. Slowly, the jounin decides he might as well figure out who’s slowly moved over to the kitchen before they continue the rest of their exploration. Carefully, using more effort than normal, thanks to the throbbing between his temples, tendrils of chakra reach out through the walls, slowly assessing the responding threads.

Why is she–


“You going to actually come out here and talk about it, or are you going to continue to hide in there?”

Good going, Hatake.

He was still clothed, still masked, and she hadn’t started hitting things. The dull throb roared in protest when he stood up, escalating to a horrible pounding reminiscent to the kunoichi’s signature attack. 

When he managed his way out of his bedroom, he found her in the kitchen. She was moving around the space as comfortable as if it were hers, as if it were her tea she was currently preparing. She didn’t look up when he walked in, leaning against the door frame, and he drank in the normalcy of such an action.

It wasn’t going to last long. Any second she was going to bring up–

“You’re such a dick.”

The words were expected, but the tone wasn’t. She wasn’t angry, she wasn’t frustrated, she wasn’t disappointed, she was…

Laughing. She was laughing at him.

“Maa, Sakura–”

“You don’t get to Sakura-chan me with this.” Those startling green eyes finally caught his gaze, pinning him as they twinkled in mirth. “The great Sharingan no Kakashi, Master of a Thousand Jutsu, has finally shared why he hides behind that mask.”

He felt his lips twitch. He wanted to smile with her.

“After so many speculations, the ever elusive and private Copy-nin hides his face because–“

“It’s not just because of that.”

She flashed him another smile as she pulled teacups from his cabinet. “Right. Honestly, I thought it was because you look like your father.”

He wasn’t expecting that. “How did you–”

“Tsunade likes keeping photos with shinobi files.”

Go figure.

They stood there in his kitchen in silence, each remembering the drunken night before. The silence continued on until they were both sitting at his table, enjoying the tea. He was grateful; it was soothing to his hangover.

“How’s your head feeling?”

“Better.” He savored a long sip. “Feels like Naruto got stuck in there and is trying to fight his way out.”

She left out a laugh at that, setting her tea down on the table. A few movements and she was kneeling next to him, green healing chakra seeping in, wiping away the rest of his headache.

“You were right, though,” she murmured. “That mark does add to your beauty.”

He was never drinking again.

>> Day 2 >>