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Marauders + Road Trip hc’s

  • OK so imagine life is happy and there’s no imminent threat of death 
  • It’s the last summer before seventh year and Sirius and James are debating what to do with it 
  • They are all at James’, as usual, sprawled in the garden, Remus is reading a book and Lily is painting Sirius’ nails and they are arguing cheerfully. 
  • “Majorca!” James suggests. 
  • “Trashy,” Remus jumps in. “Everyone goes there. Paris?” 
  • “Ugh, Moony, that’s such a nerdy place to go.” 
  • “? how can a city be nerdy, Sirius? Plus, last week you told me you wanted to drink red wine and watch the sunset with me.” 
  • James is spluttering. 
  • Sirius is a bit red in the face. “Er. I like wine.” 
  • Remus is oblivious to Sirius’ romantic advances. 
  • “I can’t afford Paris anyway. Forget it.” 
  • “You got your licence, right, Remus?” This is Lily, finally finished with Sirius’ right hand (he waves them when he talks, making nail painting a mammoth task.) 
  • “Yeah. Just.” 
  • “I have mine!” James, suddenly excited. 
  • “It doesn’t really count though, does it?” Lily says. “We all know you only passed because you flirted with the instructor. You nearly ran over an old lady.” 
  • “Hey! That was her fault. And it wasn’t flirting. It was… chatting.” 
  • “Oooh, Margot, you handle a steering wheel with such… conviction,” Sirius mimics, batting his eyelashes. “I wish someone would “chat” with me like that.” 
  • “You do plenty of chatting,” Remus says. He looks surprised at his venomous tone. 
  • “Anyway, we were discussing my great driving skills?” James jumps in. 
  • “Remus’ driving skills. I was going to suggest a road trip. We can drive through France and Italy, maybe even spain? And camp on the way?” 
  • The boys look at her like she is a genius
  • what better way to enjoy their last summer as students than squish into a cheap car and navigate through countries where they can’t speak the language?
  • They utter a collective noise of approval, and James sort of throws himself at Lily, proclaiming her a genius. 
  • Remus also groans when he realizes that he will have to do all the driving because James is an incompetent buffoon and if he catches even a glance of Lily’s thighs in shorts he will probably crash into the eiffel tower. 
  • So they organize a car and book a ferry trip and in a few days they are off, trunk of the car stuffed with suitcases and the middle of the back seat piled with snacks. 
  • Three hours in Remus is ready to kill someone. 
  • Sirius is sat in the front with him and he wont stop talking about the stupidest things. 
  • “Moony? What is your favorite kind of chocolate? Out of curiosity?” 
  • “Tesco value.” 
  • “What?” 
  • “It’s cheap.” 
  • “But if you could have any?” 
  • “I’d just buy more of it. Up to the price of an expensive box of chocolates.” 
  • “Moony, out of curiosity, if you were going on a honeymoon, where would you go?” 
  • “To bed.” 
  • “Why?” 
  • “Sex.” 
  • Que a red faced Sirius trying not to choke on the swig of coke in his mouth. 
  • “Moony?” 
  • “Yes, Sirius?” 
  • “If someone was proposing to you, how would you want them to do it?” 
  • “Look, Sirius, I’m really not the best person to help you with whatever girl trouble you are having. Ask James.” 
  • Sirius nearly screams and then proceeds to eat crisps until his wounds are healed. 
  • James and Lily are bordering the realms of public indecency in the back seat so at the next stop Remus demands Lily moves to the front and Sirius moves to the back. 
  • But Sirius and James just laugh, really loudly, all the time. 
  • So Remus puts music on. 
  • But then they sing. 
  • So James takes a turn driving, and Remus gets in the back with Sirius. 
  • And this is good because no kissing. 
  • And also it’s easier to talk to Sirius when he isn’t focusing on driving. 
  • The car is very small and the snacks have been mostly eaten, and Sirius has his feet on the seat and they are really very close together. 
  • Remus wonders why he hasn’t noticed how nice Sirius eyes are before. 
  • “Moony? If you were stuck on a desert island, who would you want to be stuck with?” 
  • You, he thinks, absurdly. “Snape,” he says. “I wouldn’t feel bad about eating him.” 
  • He falls asleep on Sirius shoulder, and wonders why Sirius looks so happy when he wakes up. 
  • They go on the ferry and sit out on the deck, all of them, watching as the sea rushes by, remembering stories from earlier years at Hogwarts. 
  • Lily gives a detailed account of her first opinion of each of them. None of these opinions are very flattering.  
  • And so it goes, the four of them rotating seats and fighting across europe. 
  • They go to tiny villages and eat fresh bread and too much cheese, and get drunk on wine that Sirius manages to buy (his french is not too bad.) 
  • A few days in Sirius runs out of clothes because it turns out his bag was full of tapes and tesco value chocolate. 
  • They get cheap tents in a supermarket and camp, James and Lily in one, Remus and Sirius in the other. 
  • But camping is another hc post OK. 
  • And the car stinks and everyone, even Lily, smells bad. 
  • They listen to local radio stations and sing along even though they don’t speak the language, guessing at the meanings. 
  • Sirius says every single one is a romantic ballad. 
  • James and Lily smirk because he is so obvious. 
  • And it’s near the end of summer, warm and sweet and sticky, and Lily and James have walked on ahead, and Remus catches Sirius by the shoulder. 
  • They stand beside the river, stained red from the sunset, and Remus whispers that he’d come here on a honeymoon. 
  • And Sirius smiles and leans in and kisses him, and they sit in the back seat of the car the next day, fingers tangled between them, eating Sirius’ chocolate stash. 
  • They don’t hear James quietly propose to Lily in the front seat. 
  • Just… loud, laughing, happy wizards falling in love in a shitty car one summer, OK? I need to write a whole fic of this. 


i am soooo not okay with npr using the terms polygamy and polyamory interchangeably. NO. in no universe will they EVER be the same thing. not even CLOSE. they mean well and obviously i can’t expect the general public to understand the HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE distinction but still. just bc poly is in both words doesn’t even make them remotely similar. 



A/N: I liked this request, the imagine is slightly shorter than normal and I AM SO SO SO SO SORRY THAT IT HAS TAKEN FOREVER FOR ME TO PUBLISH my laptop broke and it took ages for it to get repaired.

Word Count: 849

Warnings: None

Requested: Yes


You and the Marauders were all lounging around the fire in the Gryffindor common room, you were draped across your boyfriend, Sirius’ lap in the armchair, his arms loosely around your waist as he slowly brushed a hand across your hip. Whilst the others talked about the upcoming quidditch match, you and Sirius were staring at each other silently, just enjoying being in each other’s presence. He nudged your nose with his affectionately and you giggled slightly, he pecked your lips quickly before you had a chance to register what he was doing. You blushed and giggled before pecking his lips back, before you could pull away he put his hand behind your neck to keep you against his lips. 

James looked at you two from talking to Peter and groaned. “Ugh, Moony, Sirius is sucking your little sister’s face off again.” He whined causing you two to pull away and you to blush darkly before hiding your face in Sirius’ neck. James had been grumpy whenever he saw you two together since Lily rejected him for the third time that week, and it was only Wednesday. “Leave them alone Prongs.” Remus mumbled and he went back to his book, Sirius smirked and stuck his middle finger up at James, only causing him to glare at you two. 

You didn’t mind being flirty and affectionate towards Sirius in front of your brother after you talked with him when he found out about your relationship, he was understanding and rational about it all and understood that he couldn’t do anything to change your feelings for Sirius and accepted the relationship. James and Peter on the other hand weren’t as accepting and teased you relentlessly ever since you told them three months ago, James’ jokes were sometimes harsher than Peter’s but that was usually when he struck out with Lily again or if he was just having a bad day and didn’t want to see you two “being so sickeningly romantic that he’d have to go to Madame Pomfrey” as he put it two weeks ago.

For the next two hours, whenever you or Sirius did anything affectionate like kiss, cuddle or even mumble sweet things to each other, James would groan or complain about it and ask Remus to stop you two.

 Sirius buried his face in your neck and left delicate, innocent kisses up your neck and you heard the all too familiar groan from James, Sirius sighed and pulled away from you to glare at James. “Moony the-” James was cut off by your brother sharply snapping his book shut.

 "Will you shut up James.“ He snapped, glaring at James. He took everyone by surprise, Remus wasn’t one for being angry. "You’ve been moaning and whinging about (Y/N) and Sirius all bloody morning and I am sick of it. You’re just pissed that he managed to get the girl he had a crush on and you can’t even get Lily to consider having a civilised conversation with you!” Remus yelled and you all looked at him in surprise. James’ ego and cocky attitude shrank considerably and he looked down at the rug. 

“Remus calm down, it’s fine. Sirius and I aren’t bothered by it and neither should you be. Yeah it gets a bit irritating after a while but we knew what we had signed up for when we agreed on telling you guys; we knew we were going to be teased for things.” You said softly to him and shrugged, he looked at you and took a deep breath as you both nodded, a method that you used to calm each other down. “I’m sorry, I was just getting irritated that James repeatedly asked me to stop you two,” Remus said calmer this time and turned to James. “I can’t control them, it’s their relationship and I want to stay out of it unless I’m actually needed in it. You can’t keep asking me to stop them from doing something because I have no right telling them what to do.” James nodded and looked up at Remus apologetically then looked at you and Sirius with the same expression. “Sorry guys, I didn’t know I was being so irritating.” He mumbled. Sirius shook his head and waved it off. “Mate, it’s fine, just cool it with the continuous teasing.” He grinned causing James to reflect the grin.

“Okay, you boys go cause trouble or something, I’m going to try to reason with Lily for James.” You said as you slipped off Sirius’ lap. James looked at you in shock and jumped up. “You’re seriously going to do that for me?” He asked excitedly and you nodded. He pulled you into a bone crushing hug and you laughed. “Thank you (Y/N)!” He squealed and pulled away, Remus chuckled and shook his head at James. “You have to be nice to her now she’s doing you a favour like this.” He said cheekily causing James to nod his head vigorously. “Okay, now go!” You smiled and Sirius pecked your lips before leaving with the rest of the group.


“Headcanon That” #1: Modern!AU

Headcanon that Hipster!Remus was Punk!Sirius’s biggest weakness

Headcanon that Remus was the only reason Sirius ever willingly entered a Starbucks

Headcanon that the first thing Sirius ever said to Remus was “Nice hat, nerd”

Headcanon that it’s really really easy to make Remus blush

When senpais notice you.

What others may see:

In truth:

When senpais follow you:

What others see:

What’s really going on:

Forever reaction: