ugh marry me both of you

How Do You Forget?

okay so here’s my take on something that has most definitely been written before and will be written again.

it’s an au, obviously, where jd and veronica are in college and together and happy. 

once again this is dedicated to the wonderful @jdronica bc i love her blog, she has given me so much inspiration and i need to stop right here or i’ll be going on all night.

thanks/blame to @gender-lessgoon for encouraging me. dammit woman this is all your fault.

i hope you guys enjoy this one as much as you did the last! i’m churning em out while i’ve got the motivation and ideas so… yeah, enjoy! (even though the beginning is rushed and it’s literally so short and once again unedited why do i keep doing this to you guys i am very sorry)

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Veronica groaned as her alarm went off, rolling out of bed and padding to the bathroom as she wrapped her robe around herself, wiping her eyes and yawning as she started her day.

As she washed her hands, staring at her reflection, she noted a hickey on her collarbone and rolled her eyes. She loved her boyfriend, she really did, but JD could be a little…enthusiastic.

She made her way back into the bedroom, feeling her heart melt a little as it did every time she saw JD asleep. He was just too damn cute, she thought.

“Hey, you, wake up!” she said loudly, and JD grumbled faintly and burrowed deeper into the mattress. Veronica rolled her eyes again and pulled the covers off him.

“JD, it’s time to get up,” she said mock-sternly, and he rolled over to squint at her with betrayal written all over his face.

“Why must you hurt me in this way?” he croaked, and Veronica’s heart jumped at the gravel in his voice.

“I’m gonna do my makeup and then make eggs and bacon,” she told him, tossing his robe on top of him.

As she turned away, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her down onto the bed as she squeaked in surprise. He nuzzled his face into her neck.

“Don’t get up yet,” he murmured. “Stay with me.”

“JD,” she sighed, pushing him away, “you know I’d love to, but we’ve got class at nine, and it’s seven thirty. We need to get ready.”

He grumbled again as she shoved herself up off the bed once more.

“Okay, but consider this-we could just not go,” he said, and Veronica sighed.

“JD, I’ve missed class five times in two weeks because of you,” she said, walking back to the bathroom to brush her hair and do a little makeup.

She heard him get up, and then he was behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder.

“I thought I provided an enjoyable alternative to academia,” he mumbled, and she chuckled, leaning forward to brush mascara onto her lashes. JD held very still, knowing that distracting her now was a supremely bad idea.

“Yes,” she hummed, finishing and leaning back into his chest to survey the results, “but you know as well as I do that we both need a good grade.”

JD sighed and lightly kissed her neck before he released her and went to go get dressed.


Veronica only burned the eggs a little, which she counted as a success, though JD sighed at her.

“Hey, you want unburned eggs, you get up and make them yourself,” she told him archly, and he rolled his eyes and sat at the table.

Breakfast passed in relative peace and quiet until JD spoke up.

“I’m thinking a spring wedding,” JD mused, “or maybe fall. Don’t want it to be too cold though.”

Veronica blinked at him and laughed.

“Babe, we’re not even engaged yet,” she informed him, taking another bite of her eggs.

He froze, looking at her with wide eyes, fork full of eggs halfway to his mouth. She wrinkled her nose at him and swallowed her mouthful, taking a drink of her milk before she raised an eyebrow at him as he slowly lowered the fork.

“So that’s what I forgot to do last night,” JD said eventually, shock and horror coloring his tone, and Veronica couldn’t help herself.

“Oh my God,” she choked, trying valiantly not to laugh. JD’s gaze dropped to his plate, and Veronica couldn’t hold it in anymore.

She burst out into helpless giggles, which quickly turned into a full on belly laugh as JD pouted.

“Don’t laugh at me,” he whined, and she pressed a hand to her mouth as her shoulders shook.

“I’m so sorry,” she gasped, “but love, how do you forget to propose?”

JD’s cheeks flushed, and Veronica’s heart stuttered slightly as butterflies erupted in her stomach, even after years of being together.

He stood abruptly, leaving Veronica at the table alone. Her forehead creased as she stood to follow him, but before she could, he was entering the kitchen once more, this time holding a small black velvet box that Veronica instantly recognized for what it was. Her hands flew to her mouth as he dropped to one knee.

“Look, I know it’s not romantic, and we’re literally in the middle of breakfast, but…ugh,” JD groaned, cheeks still flushed as Veronica’s eyes began to well up with tears. “I love you, Veronica Sawyer, and…I want you in my life, for the rest of my life. I want you to be mine, officially, forever. So, will you marry me?”

“Oh, my God, you idiot,” Veronica breathed, and dropped to her knees, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him with a force that knocked them both to the floor.

When they parted, Veronica laughed breathlessly.

“Sorry for knocking you over. Jason Dean, I’d be honored to be your wife.”

JD’s grin knocked the breath out of Veronica again just as she had begun to catch it, and she leaned down to kiss him once more, eggs forgotten and growing cold on the table.

They were late to class, and Veronica had to wear a scarf for almost a week, but they were engaged, and to her, it was worth it.


“So, spring or fall?”

“Definitely spring. The flowers will be blooming.”

“Yeah, but come on, they aren’t gonna be able to hold a candle to you.”

“JD, come here and let me kiss you.”

“Your wish is my command.”

Dear Journal,

This morning Regulus went to eat at our table. When he sat down next to Sophie, they both blushed. They are so cute. They haven’t asked eachother on a date yet but they are definetly waiting for the other to make a move! When the girls were done, they all went outside, leaving the boys behind.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Sirius asked Regulus.

“What do you mean?” Reg reaponded.

“Sophie is only waiting for you to ask her out Merlin! You’re so cluless sometimes Reggie!” He laughed.

“But are you sure she likes me back?”

“I heard that she does..” I smirked.

“Ugh.. this is so hard! I wish I were a brave Gryffindor like you guys..” Regulus said looking down.

“Hey it’s hard for us too! It took me years to finally kiss Remus!” Sirius laughed.

“It did!” I laughed too.

“Now come on! Go ask her!” Sirius said, standing up.

“But what about Mother? If she finds out i’m not dating the girl I’m supose to marry… Plus she’s a muggleborn Gryffindor! She would be so mad!” He said, fear in his eyes.

“Hey.. She won’t find out.. and If she does, I will protect you okay?” He said, both of his hands on his little brothers shoulders.

“I really like her Sirius..” he said.

“I know.. You go get the girl now!” He said tapping his shoulder.

Regulus walked outside and went straight up for the girls. He took Sophie aside and asked her. We were to far to hear anything, but once she jumped in his arms, we knew it worked. Sirius was smilling at his little brothers happiness. When Reg came back, Sirius ruffled up his hair.

“I knew you could do it Reg.”

“Thank you Sirius. I missed you the past years.. I’m glad we made up!” He said hugging him.

Sirius was suprised. He never gets hugs from anyone except me. He slowly layed his arms around his little brothers figure. I smiled to myslef. They were happy after all.

We spent the rest of the day at the library, studying and writting our essays. We were sitting on a small table in a silent corner of the library. I was curently reading my potions notes and i felt Sirius’ hand lay down on the small of my back.

“I’m trying to concentrate love… You’re not helping..” i smiled.

“We’ve been here for two hours! I can’t resist you longer than that!” He giggled.

“Let me finish this page first okay love?”

“Hurry up…”

I tried to continue my reading. I “tried”. Sirius was leaving kisses on my neck. It sent shivers through my spine and i gave up. I closed the book and took his cheeks in my hands. I crashed my lips against his and his hands found their way to my clothed chest. My eyes were shut tight as our lips touched. Every kiss was like the first one. Magical. Perfect. We kissed but got interupted by a first year boy. When i saw him, i pushed Sirius away from me and smiled to the little boy.

“Hum sorry..” he whispered looking down.

“Don’t be sorry mate, we were the ones kissing in the library!” Sirius giggled.

“Hum.. are you Remus?” He asked me.

“Yes. Do you need anything?”

“Hum.. the librarian told me you could help me find this book..” he said, handing me a small piece of paper.

“Sure! Come with me..” I left with the small boy and guided him to the section he was looking for.

“What’s your name?” I asked him, bending my neck to look at his small figure.

“Johnny!” He said smilling to me.

“You like books Johnny?” I asked him while searching for the book he wanted.

“I do. People tell me i should stop reading all the time..” he said, his smile fading away.

I bent my knees so I could be as short as him.

“Don’t. You do what you like okay? You are the only one who can choose. I like books too! And if you want me to talk to those mean people, i will!” I said, smilling to him.

I brang back his smile and he thanked me. I grabbed his book and handed him, telling him it was a good one.

“Was that your boyfriend? The boy with you?” He asked, blushing and playing with his small hands.

“Yes, he is.”

“Do you love him?”

“I do. A lot.”

“Do people bully you about it?” He asked frowning.

“Why do you want to know?” I asked, putting my hand on his shoulder.

“Do you think I would get bullied if I liked boys?”

“Do you like boys?”

“..yes…I think..” he said, looking down.

“Hey, you can love boys if you want.. you just have to be confident. Don’t listen to other people okay?” I said, smilling to him.

“Okay.. thank you Remus..” he smilled.

“You can come to me anytime okay? If you do what you want, you’ll be happy! Also if you want me to recommend you some books i will be more than happy to do so!”

“Okay!” He smiled.

“Enjoy your book!”

“I will!” He left with a big smile on his face.

I stood up and saw Sirius leaning on a near by bookshelf. He was smilling with his hands in his trousers pockets. When Johnny was long gone, he walked up to me and softly kissed my lips.

“That was really cute Re..” he said.

“You saw all of it?”

“Yes.. you will make a great dad that’s for sure..”

“You will too. You were great with Regulus this morning..” I said, smilling.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.”

Feburary 16th 1976

The big moment has arrived </3 That’s right, as you can see from the crème de la crème invited above, Vic is becoming an elder today and I really just. don’t want to talk about it. Stupid Count Chocula had to flee shortly after this pic was taken, so I tragically couldn’t offer Vic the birthday present of banging both him and Malcolm. Ugh. Life’s just so cruel and unfair.

Speaking of cruel and unfair I might as well @ myself, cause every time I see Malcolm and Vic together is a stab in the heart. JFC I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THEM MARRIED WTF WAS I THINKING

-Thank you so much for hooking me up with those old bastards, babe!

-No problem my darling, if you can’t count on your boyfriend to pimp you out then what is love even about?


Well go stand somewhere else Komei, you’re killing the mood.

LMAO fucking fortune sims istg.

-Babe.. my stock isn’t the only thing facing in an upward direction ;)

-Hmm.. sounds like now would be the ideal time for a merger ;)

-Is it gonna be a hostile takeover? ;)

-You know that’s the only way I roll ;)


Awwwww! And also </3 Good to see Vic is exiting the adult life stage with a literal bang tho ♡

And here we are! I’m gonna spare you the ‘feeling emo about this’ part, I mean I def am but there’s even worse to come. Please note our good orgy friend Ron in the background, who couldn’t even bother to get up for the cake. What a dick. Anyway, makeover time!

NOICE. I call this look ‘the Devil wears Prada’ but like if Meryl Streep ran a criminal syndicate instead of a magazine. The party is going great and suddenly it turns into a dud and I’m like wtf happened???

But then I see that Daniel has returned and apparently his presence alone is enough to take the life of the party. We end with a lousy score that Vic proceeds to complain about for the next 2 days. Thanks a lot Dan! 

Apart from that, inteeminator or w/e its called is causing Daniel’s homework to disappear and the bus to no longer come for him so I unceremoniously send him to college in the middle of the night to avoid his grades dropping. It has since become obvious that I should have just deleted the mod back then (which I ended up doing anyway) but let’s ignore that.

…Alegra grows up too. No further comment. (This is all happening too fast, I’m not ready, where did the time go etc. You know the drill.)

In other news, Kim is back and Komei doesn’t fuck up this time!! Very exciting.

-Soon, my love.. Soon you will be mine, working and getting to the top of your career.. I can already hear the Peta complaints being nailed to my door..

And Komei’s turn arrives. I wanted us to adopt Kim as a birthday present to him but sadly it was not meant to be, as she ran off after eating a bunch of food and sleeping for a few hours. Respect that hustle tbh. Anyway, happy birthday, Komei! You don’t get a party because I’m sick of them and also because I truly hate you after seeing Daniel’s adult face in college. Let’s get his over with.

Oh yea. Take a good hard look at that nose, kids. This is your future.

-Dude we’re so fucked.

-At least you didn’t get the jaw, Gunther! My god.

Yea, rip @ both of you. 

In honor of Komei’s surfer hairstyle, I give him this California beach babe look. I think the shell necklace is doing a good job of distracting from whatever the fuck is happening with the jaw. Looking great, Komes!

-Don’t I know it!

The girl we bring home from school is sporting this amazing rockabilly-Russian-Empire-diplomat outfit. It’s instantly clear who she might hit it off with..


There we go, nice and steady, talking about harmless snobby topics.. We can do this Jojo, just steer clear of anything related to serial killing/cannibalism/ your obsession with Stephen Tinker.. There..we..go…and…


RUSKIE WHAT THE FUCK. WHAT THE FUCK. WE TRUSTED YOU AND YOUR IMPERIAL COAT. JFC. And of course fucking Trumpie is calling even tho she was here literally one hour ago. UGH GUNTHER

-Hey man, don’t hate the player, hate the game.. And the sunglasses, they do half my work for me (:

Yea I’m very happy for you and your whoring ways but what about Jojo? First time he flirts with someone and this is the result? How will he bounce back??

-Haha you’re the best, mom! And I mean *the* best.. No one can ever EVER compare..

……………………..ok then. Gunther might have gotten the girl, but Jojo obviously has something his brother will never have: a crippling oedipal complex.

Sagittarius & Pisces
  • Sagittarius, stares @ Pisces, standing in front of them: Pisces.
  • Pisces, glares back: Sagittarius.
  • Sagittarius, sighs: Why won't you just admit that you like me?
  • Pisces, raises an eyebrow: Why don't YOU admit that you like ME?
  • Aries, chimes in: And why won't you two just get married?
  • Sagittarius & Pisces, both make a disgusted face: Fuck no

Title: Mistaken Part One [Bucky x Reader]

Summary: You just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong when you checked in on him, but what you saw in return will forever change things.

Note: Dedicated and written for @buckys-fossil who said “how dare he bring another woman into my home. I would’ve yanked her by the hair and kicked her out myself” after reading this. LOL.

Warning: Mentions of sex and super vague descriptions of it.

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Every morning you and your roommate took a stroll to talk and laugh. To start the day off on the right note. It was originally his habit that you slipped into after an all nighter. 

You caught him quietly walking out the door after a rough lonely night, and after being successfully cheered up, joined him since. It was your thing. You and Bucky no one else.

 So when he wasn’t up by the designated time you became concerned. Perhaps he overslept? Got hungover with the guys last night? You never invaded his privacy, but for the sake of easing your anxiety and curiosity all at once drove you to his door. 

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Where are all the young ginny Weasley headcannons like

Ginny Weasley always getting pissed at her brothers when they drink all the milk so she pours it all over their beds and shIT FUCK NOT AGAIN MUM YOU SAID YOU’D STOP THIS

Ginny Weasley making daisy chains and giving them to her family on Christmas

Ginny Weasley trying to knit and making pants with four leg holes but she wears them for a solid week because NO MUM I LIKE THEM

Ginny Weasley talking to the cat when she’s sad that all of her brothers have left for school

Ginny Weasley exploring her garden at night because she likes finding the gnomes and teaching them the bad words that Mum says under her breath and then blaming Fred


Ginny Weasley always losing her freakin socks and her family members finding them in weird places like the sink and empty Bertie Botts packets

Ginny Weasley liking Harry Potter because no one thought he could do anything and he saved everyone, so maybe she could surprise everyone as well

Ginny Weasley breaking that kid’s nose in the village because he said bill looked like a criminal and that Percy was to uptight because ONLY I AM ALLOWED TO SAY THAT and Jesus stop crying i barely broke it sheesh calm down

Ginny Weasley having these mega long baths and her family being like GET OUT and her being like SCREW YOU IM DOING SOMETHING OKAY *returns to making the seal and the whale fight because they both to marry the shrimp*

Ginny Weasley never tying her hair up because ugh it’s to hard and it always breaks the elastic anyway MERLIN mum okay it DOESNT MATTER ALRIGHT

Ginny Weasley trying to smile really hard when her dad nervously hands her all of her hand-me-down birthday presents because she wants to make her parents feel better

Ginny Weasley accidentally starting a fire in the kitchen and chaRLIE I WAS JUST TRYING TO MAKE TOAST PLEASE HELP ME ITS ON THE CURTAIN


Ginny Weasley learning to pick locks so she an sneak into locked muggle bookshop and reading all the books her parents can’t afford

Ginny Weasley being the only person who can fix the table when it breaks like shit the leg fell off again I’ll get gin

Ginny Weasley like
“George you should give me your icecream”
“No! Why?”
“Because otherwise I’ll *whispers*”

Ginny Weasley sort-of loving her older brothers a lot (DO NOT tell them that or she will KILL YOU THEY MUST NOT KNOW)

Young Ginny Weasley being a flawless bby.

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Maya!! I need your opinion on Liam (Hemsworth) and miley relationship!! Is it PR, it seems genuine to me, and I'm a giant question mark xxx

Hii! I have replied tot his question a couple of times in the last months, you can find it in my Liam tag, maybe searching for Miley, too in the search bar! :)

I’m still unsure, the whole thing made me ?? right from late 2015, simply because both options seemed so unlikely to me! I’m at a loss, another giant question mark, haha! Something tells me they won’t end up getting married this time either, but it’s more of a feeling. They do seem to be back for good. And yet. Ugh, I can see pros and cons on both sides, you know? Anyway, as long as they’re happy, I guess!! 

[SCENARIO] How the Vocal Team will Propose (JH/JS/WZ)

A continuation of one of our earlier scenarios (How the Hip Hop Team will Propose). We will also be doing one for the performance team as well, so we hope you look forward to it!

A/N: WHOO! And that wraps the Vocal Team up! We really tried our hardest to make each of them unique in their own way, so we hope you like them!


-Scooped ✌️
-junnie :> 


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I think we all know that the Vocal Team are definitely the shyer, less expressive ones (other than Seungkwan) in the group, so we can see them turning to simpler, but sweeter ways to propose to their significant others. True to themself, their proposal methods may be really cliche but it will definitely melt any girl’s heart.

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Relationship: Married to the void (I’m very single and enjoying it while it lasts)

Favorite color: Green, all kinds of green

Pets: A dog and a dragon

Wake up to: Chronic pain

Cats or dogs: Both. You can’t stop me

Coke or Pepsi: Ugh gross. Yogi tea

Day or Night: Both, I’m insomniac 

Text or Call: Texts

Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstick

City or Country: Country

Last book I read: Roberto Zucco - Bernard-Marie Koltès

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Top three TV shows: Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, Bojack Horseman

Top three characters: Rick Sanchez, Diane Nguyen, Marceline

Top three ships: Clexa, Bubbline, Legolas + Aragorn

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you can’t tell me that steve and bucky didn’t secretly get married before the war because they definitely would have found a bible and put their hands on it to say cheesy little vows and then bucky brought out the cheap gold rings he’d found and they were both laughing and crying and so in love

‘Blossom In My Hands’: the newest addition (part 1)

Hello, hello my little petals! This has been a long time coming and we’re finally here! To the first part at least. This little (okay, not so little) novella has been a labor of love for me and I sincerely apologize for the time this project has taken. I really hope you love it as much as I do and please, please let me know what you think so far! I can’t wait to here your favorite parts, lines, predictions, etc.. Anyway, let’s get on with it! 

How Long Will I Love You

(rated ma)

Any links/songs, etc. will be italicized and linked within the text.


August 2030: Conception

It’s in the heart of summer when you decide on baby making. Except, you don’t really decide to make a baby. That hadn’t been something you’d decided to do in quite awhile. It just happened. Like most babies do.  

You woke with your face pressed against the hollow of Harry’s warm -and slightly damp- neck. He was snoring into your temple and you couldn’t find it anywhere in you to be annoyed in the slightest. The sheets smelled of your summer heat-warmed bodies and there was morning air coming in through the open windows, tickling the skin that wasn’t cloaked by the thin blankets. You could only imagine what you looked liked, tangled in bed together, if how the night had gone had anything to do with it.

Jude had woken up in the middle of the night with flushed cheeks and a stomach ache and didn’t want you to leave him while you gave him sips of Lucozade and you secretly loved the fact that he was being extra snuggly. When you were tiptoeing back to bed once he’d finally fallen asleep, you were met with George toddling down the hall, knuckling his red eyes and whimpering that he’d had a bad dream. You scooped him up and listened with the keen intent of a mother, as he whimpered and hiccuped the tale of what had haunted his dreams. With the safety of your arms and a few honey-sweet kisses on his teary skin, he was fast asleep again.  Being a mother was both the hardest thing you’d ever done and the best decision you’d ever made. Even when you fell back into bed at a little past three in the morning, with heavy eyes, only to tell Harry that Alfie was whimpering at the back door downstairs and probably needed to be let out. You heard him groan as he lifted himself from the mattress, and shuffle towards the hallway, cursing quietly when he nearly tripped on the stairs.

Being parents was the hardest thing you’d both ever done, and the best decision you’d both ever made.

“Morning, baby,” came a husky voice, lips brushing over your skin.

“Hi, you.” You press a kiss to his forehead. “What’re you thinking about?” His eyes were still closed, but he had that crinkle between his eyebrows.

“How I can’t wait to get you naked once we’re kid free.”

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It’s January 1st, the first morning of the new year, and Harry can’t imagine being more hungover than he currently is, right now, in this moment. His head is pounding, the Denver sun too bright even through the closed shades in the living room, and Louis will not stop fucking whining that he needs coffee, needs a sweatshirt, needs to unpeel his contacts from his eyeballs, needs something to throw up into.

“Lou, baby, for the love of God, shut the hell up,” Harry groans from his position behind the kitchen counter, wincing as the refrigerator door slams behind him.

“No, it’s your fault I feel so shitty. You forced me to drink.”

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Drabble - Stiles Stilinski #1

27. “Please shut up. I can’t stand how appealing your voice is.”

60. “Why don’t they just kiss already?”

82. “Bring your pretty little butt over here.”


There you were again. You fought again with Stiles. Like always. You didn’t know why, but you fought because of literally everything. Both of you didn’t know why you did that.

“No, that is a really stupid plan, Stiles! Why should Scott talk to Coach to get that stupid information, huh?”, you shouted at him and rolled your eyes.

“Because! Stop questioning all my plans! They worked every time.”, he answered with an even more annoyed tone.

Lydia stepped in. “Uh, guys. You aren’t serious, right? Stiles just suggested that Scott should talk to Coach to know if Stiles will play the next game.”, she said and didn’t understand them arguing about this.

“She seems serious! Why do you think that it’s stupid?!”

“Because this is a waste of time.”, you rolled your eyes.

Lydia walked to Scott and watched both of you. “Why don’t they just kiss already?”

Scott smirked. “They are like a married couple.”


“Why are you so.. Ugh! I can’t even describe it!”, Stiles said. To be honest, he’d rather kiss you than fight with you. Maybe he had a thing for you. Just maybe.

“Please shut up. I can’t stand how appealing your voice is.” , you accidentally said.

“Wait.. What? My voice is appealing to you?”, he smirked at you. “This is just an façade am I right?”, Stiles said and laughed. “No! Ugh, you annoy the hell out of me! I don’t even like you.” You didn’t want him to find out that you liked him. Never ever.

“Bring your pretty little butt over here.” , Stiles said with a boost of confidence.

“What the hell are you…-”, before you could finish your sentence, you felt Stiles’ lips on yours. And you never felt something like that. He kissed you with passion and love. It was different. All of sudden everything you said before just disappeared. Now you only felt his lips. Nothing more.

Family Ties part 5

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


“What do you mean, Cas? What do you mean that she’s different?” Dean was eager for Castiel to answer, sitting on the edge of his seat.

“I…I’m not sure. I don’t understand,” he stuttered.

“Don’t understand what, Cas?”

“Her soul, her aura, her essence. It’s all….different. I’ve never seen-,” he stopped for a second. “We’ll continue this later,” he quickly sat back into his chair. Right as he finished speaking you peaked your head in from the kitchen.

“Garlic bread guys? Dean, is Dr. Sexy so intense that you have to sit that far up on your seat? You’re going to fall off the chair,” you laughed and got their requests for garlic bread. Dean settled back into his seat.


Everyone sat around the dining room table. “This is fantastic, Y/N,” Dean said with a mouth full of food.

“I second that,” Sam commented.

“I’m glad you like it. I hope you like pie,” Dean’s eyes widened from across the table. “I made one apple and one chocolate for dessert.”

“Y/N,” Dean said, “you are my favorite person on the planet right now.”

Cas had this confused look on his face. “So, Y/N, tell me about your parents.” His interest sure came as a shock to you. Sam muttered something to Cas about manners but you told him it was alright.

“Um, my mom and dad met in elementary school, actually. They picked on each other constantly and became best friends. They started dating in high school and got married as soon as they were both 18.” The angel nodded waiting for you to continue. “They had me when they were 36. My mother, ugh, passed away when I was born.” The brothers looked down at their plates as you said that, feeling your grief.

“Your parents waited 18 years to have you. Why?” Man this Cas guy seemed nosy.

“Ugh, they had trouble having kids. They had pretty much given up when I came along. They called me their ‘Little Angel,’” you laughed thinking about the nickname now. “Dad still called me that,” you stated quietly, a mass amount of emotions coming to the surface. You cleared your throat, “If you will all excuse me,” you stood up, “I have some things I need to do.” You walked out of the kitchen and down the hall next to the living room, passed the library and study, and to the door at the end of the hallway. You stood there, looking at the door, not able to bring yourself to open in. You had over heard what Dean and Cas had been talking about. How you were different. You opened the door and walked inside to your parents old room. It still smelled like your dad, like old pine. You were never allowed in here as a kid unless you were with your dad, and after he died you couldn’t bring yourself inside the room to go through his things, that mentality that he had to be with you was still ingrained in your mind. “You’re an adult now, Y/N. You can do this.” You walked into your parents closet, running your hands over the close that were hanging up. There were a few objects of clothing of your mothers that your father never got rid of. As a kid you would come in the closet at least once a month and look at your mother’s objects. It’s how you felt close to her. A tear fell on your cheek. You shook your head, walking to the back shelf in the closet that held all of his journals from over the years. You grabbed one of his sweatshirts, that was way too big for you, and grabbed the first journal. You started reading.


Dinner had ended in an awkward spot. Y/N ran off somewhere, Castiel said he had some things to do and flew off, but not before Dean asked him “what the hell” those questions were about. Sam, being Sam, got to work cleaning up the kitchen. Dean grabbed some pie and made his way back to the living room for some more sports, and Dr. Sexy, which came by on “accident.” Dean’s focus broke when he heard Sam’s phone go off.

“Yeah, Bobby, I’ll tell Dean and we’ll get on it. Maybe. We’ll leave tomorrow morning and get there by tomorrow night. Alright, Bobby, see you soon.” Sam came into the room, “Dean, that was Bobby. He said he might have a case for us near his place, ready to leave in the morning?”

“Sounds good Sammy,” he began walking away. “Hey, would you be alright if Y/N came with us?” Zepp growled on the floor next to Dean, “Sorry, Y/N and Zepp?”

“Sounds good to me. I’m going to bed, see you in the morning.”

Moments later Zepp popped his head up, looking around for something that Dean couldn’t see. A little whimper came from Zepp as he looked around some more then quickly got up, looking at Dean as he circled around between Dean and a hallway. “Alright I get it,” Dean said getting up. Zepp took off down the hallway and Dean followed him- right to a door at the end of the hallway. The door was cracked open and Zepp let himself in, moving the door with his nose. Zepp disappeared through another door inside the door, when Dean rounded that corner he saw you sitting down against the wall of this closet, a book in hand and 4 more stacked on the floor next to you, Zepp sitting right next to you, head on your lap. Dean cleared his throat to get your attention.

“Dean, sorry I didn’t see you there,” you said looking up to see Dean; he noticed your eyes were slightly red and puffy.

“You alright?” You sat up straight and put on a smile. “I’m fine, Dean, really. What’s up?”

“Bobby called. He said he’s got a case up by his place and I…we…me and Sam…were wondering if you and the fur ball wanted to come with.”

“What do you think, Zepp. You up for another hunt?” The dog barked happily. “Sounds like we’re in. When do we leave?”

“Bright and early.”

“Sounds great,” you began getting up. He asked where you were going. “I’m going to the kitchen to make some snacks for the road tomorrow.” You and Dean walked out of your parent’s room. “What were you reading,” he asked you?

“My Dad’s journals. Lots of information in them, just trying to find one thing in particular that doesn’t seem to be in there.”


Dean only agreed to let Zepp in his car when you put down the seat protector made just for dogs and leather seats. You all piled in the car right as the sun was rising, a long trip ahead of you. With Styx, Metallica, and more playing over the stereo you found yourself falling asleep in the backseat of the Impala.

The sound of a dying cat woke you up from your sleep, you opened your eyes to see it was just Dean singing, if that’s what you could call it. “Dean those vocal lessons were a waste,” you said. Sam’s laugh echoed through the car as Dean muttered a “Yeah, yeah.”

“Hey Y/N,” Sam began, “what kind of snacks you got?” Opening the bag you filled with snacks last night you began listing ‘the goods,’ as Dean called them. “Lets see. Some leftover pasta, a couple apples, some chips, some small salads and,” you pulled out a box, “some apple pie.” You lifted the box and a fork to Sam, he knew to pass it off to his brother. You grabbed a salad and passed it to Sam, “I can see the way you’re eyeing this so here Sam.”

The clock read noon. A solid 4 hour nap, sweet. That’s about the same as a full nights sleep you, or any hunter, could expect. The rest of the car ride past fairly quickly. You were relieved to arrive at Bobby’s.

“Honey, I’m home,” Dean yelled as he walked in the old home. You heard an ‘idjit’ muttered somewhere in the house followed by footsteps coming toward you. “Quiet you,” Bobby told Dean and he pulled you into a hug, “Hey there kiddo. It’s been awhile; you should have stopped by!”

“Is that why you through these two on my case, because it’s been awhile?” He laughed at your tone.

“That and I thought you might need it. I have a case for you all.”


You were upstairs about to go to sleep so you had no idea what the Dean and Bobby were talking about downstairs. “Your angel friend has always been a little out there, Dean.”

“But he said she was different, Bobby. Everyone’s different sure, but, the way he said it…You’d have thought he was seeing a- a demon or a shifter or something!”

“I’ve known this girl since she was a baby. I knew her parents since I started hunting. She’s clean, Dean, put it under the rug.”

“Whatever you say, Bobby.”


Missed calls and texts on Kurt and Blaine's honeymoon. Just a silly sort of 6x09 reaction fic. 

Brittany>Kurt 12:01 am: Happy one day anniversary!

Missed Call: Tina 1:56am

Tina>Blaine 2:02am: I know you’re *busy* but I need advice!!!

Tina>Blaine 2:10am: It’ll just take a sec

Missed Call: Tina 2:11am


Tina>Blaine 2:17am: Ok fine just tell me that hooking up with Mike is a terrible idea

Tina>Blaine 2:57am: Never mind ;) :D

Tina>Blaine 2:58am: My memories did not do his abs justice whew

Dad>Kurt 3:11am: Got your stepmother and Pam home safe just fyi no need to reply. Tell Blaine please.

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Justin and Jordan 3 yrs later….. Justin and I were now happily married and living together and that meant one thing, a LOT of sex. It would be little quickies before he went onstage, oral before bed and best of all morning fucks…..ugh so satisfying. Tonight was however one of our late nights coming home from the club after hours and hours of partying and as usual we were both horny and annoyed at the games we’d been playing all night trying to get the others attention….. “You seriously think you’re gonna get away with getting me hard in public huh?” Justin rasped against my already burning skin “Well I wasn’t the one grinding my arousal into your hips, Bieber” “No excuse for you to start palming me, baby girl” Before I could respond, he wrapped my legs around his waist and walked us over to the bed. Laying me down he slowly kissed me, using his tongue to deepen the kiss. He dragged the lace panties I had been left in down my legs and ran his calloused hands up my thighs……with his lips he left hickeys on my bronzed skin and pecked the bruises afterwards….. He pulled me up into his chest and reached behind me to release my breasts from their confines…..“God, your so beautiful what did I ever do to deserve you?”…… he got up from me, leaving me bare to him. I watched his eyes darken with lust and stared at the evident bulge in his jeans…. “ Come on then papi, take me….I’m all yours” “N-no I want this to be about you princess” “What do you want me to do daddy?” “Touch yourself for me, I wanna know what you do when your alone” Complying I dragged my hands down my naked body as Justin took his length in his hand and slowly stroked himself…. I pulled at my hard nipples eliciting a moan from my lips and a groan from Justin, I then sucked on my fingers and brought them down to my swollen centre…. I drew lazy circles over my folds, my back arched and I moaned his name over and over “God, Jordan you’re so beautiful like this” Justin absent mindedly muttered Looking over, I could see he was close and continued to moan his name whilst working my fingers…. I slowly dipped two fingers into my heat causing me to gasp at the sudden new feeling…Justin’s hand got faster up and down his length “Fuck I’m close baby, don’t stop please” “I’m close too papi mmmm” I pulsed my fingers in and out faster and soon my orgasm tore through me… “Oh god I’m cumming, baby girl are you cumming, shit” “Oh my fuck, yesss” was all I could respond…. Justin cleaned himself up and came back to lie next to me, “Babe that was so hot, to know I get you into that sort of a state is just amazing, and when you call me papi n’ shit? Damn its so sexy, I swear I love you go the moon and back baby.” “Aww honey, I love you too especially when you call me mami and princess, I love you so much Justin” Hope u like!!! @3ooda97 @you-are-so-wet @gawdshtop @12-56-am @itsbadgalriri @justinssecute @biebsimagine @pariscutiepie @jbessaash


intertwiningfantasy  asked:

Liam and Ruby?


  • who’s the cuddler: Liam because he’s a total dork. But Ruby loves it just as much. 
  • who makes the bed: Ruby is more used to systematic living so she just habitually makes the bed as soon as she’s up. Sometimes Liam is still in it. They’re working on it.
  • who wakes up first: I’m really not sure. Maybe Liam because he likes to make breakfast. Anything to make Ruby smile in the morning. 
  • who has the weird taste in music: They both have excellent taste in music. They BOND over their excellent taste in music.
  • who is more protective: RUBY. I WON’T SPOIL BUT YOU GUYS KNOW HOW BOOK 1 ENDS AND TELL ME THAT’S NOT A SELF-SACRIFICING ACT OF LOVE AND PROTECTION AND UGH KILL ME I’M STILL NOT OVER IT. I disagreed with her wholeheartedly, but her intentions were good
  • who sings in the shower: Liam does and it’s loud and off-key and Ruby snaps recordings of it to Chubs and Zu all the time to be an asshole. (Assuming this is a married!rubiam situation and Team Black Betty isn’t already together). 
  • who cries during movies: Ruby, probably. Her life has been one tragedy after another. Dark theaters are where she gives herself an excuse to let it all out. “Darlin, you alright?” “What? I’m fine. It’s just…damn it, Liam. Not Baymax too. This is too much.” 
  • who spends the most while out shopping: Neither of them do. When you live on the run and siphon gas to keep going, you tend to be more conscious of your purchases. 
  • who kisses more roughly: Liam, I think.
  • who is more dominate: Again, Liam. Ruby melts with him. It’s why I love them so much. 
  • my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10, with ease. Love my babies ;-;

Send me a pairing and I’ll answer the following <3