ugh making this was so annoying

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I go to your inbox when I'm too overwhelmed with happiness for my two boys, and your positive responses usually make me squeal even more. But these hate anons are so annoying, ugh! Guess nonnies got nothing much to be happy about down their sinkin' ship so they go around trying to put holes in ours

Thank you!!

You are correct. Misery loves company I suppose. They aren’t happy so they try to bring us down. We are too strong for that.

UGH I honestly thought after sleeping I would wake up more calm but I just woke up even more pissed??

Can we talk about how Lorelai STILL treats Jess like he’s the scum of the earth! Like BITCH Jess is the reason Rory and you made up in season 6!! Jess was the one who encouraged Rory to go back to Yale and make up with you. And then skip to the revival and ONCE AGAIN Jess is the one who encourages Rory to drop her bullshit and get her act together and ONCE AGAIN Rory listens to Jess and starts to get her shit together. And despite all this even a million years later Lorelai has nothing but bad things to say about him??? LIKE GET OVER IT. He was a messed up teen who was forced to move away from his home and live in a strange town when he happened to go off on you. He’s grown up SO much since then and honestly was the only character in the revival who was in a good/mature place the whole time and she STILL can’t let go of that one incident that happened a million years ago because he was being an angsty teen.

 SoC fandom loves to make fun of Kaz [i don’t know how to talk to my crush] Brekker, but completely lets Jesper slide.

You know…

Jesper [why is it me who have to babysit Wylan he’s such an useless kid ugh] Fahey 

Jesper [you know since i’m stuck with him anyway I’m gonna annoy the hell out of Wylan he’s so cute funny when he’s flushed] Fahey

Jesper [you know what could be even more fun to do instead of annoying him? flirting with him!] Fahey

Jesper [i haven’t seen Wylan in a few days now I’M DISTURBED] Fahey

Jesper [i think Wylan is avoiding me what should i do what should i do WHAT SHOULD I DO] Fahey


Because honestly this is so precious.

The Signs Dealing With Slow WiFi

Aries: “UGH WHY IS THIS SHIT TAKING SO LONG?!” *punches wall*

Taurus: “This is so fucking annoying I’m done.” *leaves*

Gemini: *tries to figure problem out in the laziest way*

Cancer: “Dammit I can’t do anything right now. My life no longer exist.” *throws self* *cries*

Leo: “Fuck this shit.” *acts all chill until they realize they haven’t watched their favorite anime that day and hastily tries to make the internet go quicker*

Virgo: Has the patience but is very aggravated and annoyed deep down.

Libra: *checks if there’s any issues with the internet* *tries to fix the problem if there is one* *actually fixes it*

Scorpio: “Stop fucking with me UGH”

Sagittarius: *complains the entire time waiting for their page to load*

Capricorn: Either complains a lot, fixes the problem, or doesn’t care.

Aquarius: “You know what WiFi, fuck your mommy WiFi and daddy WiFi and sissy WiFi and brother WiFi and I hope your WiFi family winds up dying for the objectified fact that you are a worthless shitty WiFi family and I don’t like you at all.”

Pisces: *speaks to their screen as if telling it to go faster will actually make it go faster*

ok but noah fence like…….bluestars prophecy literally makes me despise thunderclan because

how could tigerstar not have ended up the way he did. like goddamn that’s all of your faults for why he grew up so hateful and violent jfc

literally, right when he’s born, we see snowfur and bluefur talk about how “annoying” tigerkit is because,, hes just asking his mother to go play outside. apparently this act is particularly annoying because snowfur rolls her eyes at bluefur while tigerkit asks his mother to play.

goosefeather spends the entire book yelling and calling tigerkit a demon and ostracizes him, kicking him out of his den, calling him a monster, a child, to his face

he was given thistleclaw as a mentor, a cat who was clearly still grieving/unstable after his mates death (literally bluefur could’ve told sunstar ‘hey look he just lost snowfur, he needs time to himself’), and thistleclaws been confirmed to be part of the reason why tigerstar is as brutal as he is

like,,,,, holy fuck how could he not have grown up this way. i thought bluestars prophecy wouldve maybe shown “hey this isnt okay” and had bluestar maybe,,, i dunno have a moment where she maybe said “yeah, we failed him”

but no, thunderclan is completely justified in this

like damn i know i sound heated but thats bc i am, i dont really like child neglect and that is,,, precisely what this was. like damn thunderclan no wonder one of the worst/most hateful serial murders in the series was born in your clan. you literally neglected him and mocked him from his birth. 

I want to be a better person to you, who’s cursed me with happiness

I wanted to doodle another xmas themed shenanigans picture like last year but eh.
Was thinking of finishing it but the bg and layout look ugh.
So Hondos passed out drunk off his old ass. Melch and Ezra are making strings of popcorn to decorate Hondo with, but Azmorigan is ruining it.
Believe it or not! I couldn’t find ANY reference of Melch or a full body of Ezra. So unbelievably annoying -__-
Hope you guys enjoy but I can’t imagine anyone will reblog Azmorigan LOL!! Didn’t intend him to be massive

“Hey hey hey darling hey-”

“Oh my god Daniel what!” 

“I’m horny,”

“When are you not?”

“We should have sex,”

“Right now?”



“What babe, please?”


“Why not? I’m not ugly! I thought you loved me, Y/N”

“I do love you and you’re gorgeous but I have stuff to do later and i don’t want to shower,” 

“Then we can just fuck in the shower,” 


“Fine you’re just going to make me jerk off like a teenager?”


“Ugh! What did i ever do to you?!” 

“Well right now you’re being annoying, and now I’m thinking about it so I’m horny too so fuck you,”

“Aha! I win!” 

“Daniel shut the fuck up and kiss me,” 

actual conversation between you and daniel bc he’s a horny man child

so many people in this fandom are so condescending ugh like you cant tell people what to post and what not to post or make annoying ass posts about “if you only care about evak then…” or “dont watch the show if…” fUck let people like whatever they want and post whatever they want 


i’m buddy rich when i fly off the handle
what could it be, it’s a mirage
you’re scheming on a thing - that’s sabotage

jim kirk - then + now for @cptjamestkirk

my little brothers turning into the kid who screams over voice chat & screams MORE if u tell them to stop/just goes LOL TRIGGERED like yesterday he was screaming and i told him to cut tht shit OUT and he popped into my room and screamed GOD lmao but today i heard him screaming and i stuck my head into his room like u best not be screechin like that to other ppl…. n he just goes IM NOT!!! kids are.. something else

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I'm so annoyed. I feel like we don't get to see Bellamys body at all. He's always SO covered. Ugh i need to see those arms and abs

giSooo….I hope you’re new here, Nonny. If not, here’s a lesson:

1. We do not objectify Bellamy. 

2. We do not objectify Bellamy because Bob has spoken out about how uncomfortable this makes him numerous times. 

3. Bellamy Blake is my SON. I do not think of him in a sexual manner. 

4. I’m glad he’s always covered as this show is not about the male body and Bellamy does not exist for the male or female gaze. 

Being Jun’s girlfriend would include:

  • Kissing, lots of it.
  • Waking up at 3:00 AM because he wants to Skype/ facetime you.
  • Doing annoying aegyo to cheer you up and vice versa
  • Fending him off when he tries to get freaky in public
  • Back hugs
  • Smirking and lip biting ugh bye Jun
  • Him purposefully getting you guys caught by other members
  • You being flustered and him thinking it’s so cute
  • Coming home to a bouquet of roses that he shipped to you
  • Eye contact when he’s hitting it…
  • Him insisting he that ice cream cone for you
  • Catching him looking at you when your not looking
  • Being called baby/ baby girl
  • “Those jeans look good on you” *wink*
  • him making random faces to make you laugh when you’re mad at him
  • hands on the thighs under the table
  • Just smiling at each other at random times
  • Him singing in your ears when he’s hugging you
  • going all night/ over stimulation
  • Not being able to walk the next morning
I don’t have to be in love to know you’re the only person I want to kiss me awake for the rest of my life. You’re the only one I want to travel with, aside from my friends and family. You’re the only one I want to buy a house with, make mistakes with, fall in love with.
—  he reminds me of gasoline (via fraagmented)

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How about a drawing of Mateo X Gabe? How would they be in a relationship?

One possible trajectory for their relationship:

Gabe would fall in love first.  Like Naomi his teasing would get worse but unlike her he would be extremely sweet in private (Naomi is resentful of Mateo for making her have, ugh, feelings.)

Gabe would insist they keep their relationship a secret because he likes to think of himself as A Professional. This would lead to some funny moments but it would also make Mateo unsure of his affection. They would have to have A Conversation™.

Eventually the two of them start to banter back and forth so intensely in public everyone else seems to disappear from the conversation. That’s when Naomi gets her suspicions. She would be annoyed at first but when she see’s Mateo is happy she’d soften up.

Gabe would insist on being assigned to Mateo when the wizard is at the palace, meaning he would never spend as much time with Isabel and she wouldn’t develop her crush on him so she’d be supportive of the relationship. Elena would be their biggest shipper though, shooting knowing smiles all over the place.

In terms of how they act towards each other Gabe would generally be the initiator, especially at first when Mateo is shy and unsure. He would take the plunge and commit so Mateo doesn’t have a chance to say no.

So when Mateo is the one to reach for Gabe’s hand, give him quick kiss in passing or say something sweet Gabe would be grinning like an idiot for the rest of the day, despite his original wish for discretion.