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Sob story

My life has gone to shit but long story short: we lost our house and were homeless for a short period of time but the place where my mom is staying is hardly any better. It’s a shitty trailer w/o a washer, dryer, or refrigerator. im staying with my boyfriend on some days and a school friend on others until we can make things better because my mom gets no cell reception and doesnt have wifi over there, which i need for homework since im going to community college rn.

im basically living out of my car but even that’s gotten fucked because i just had to shell out $250 for a new radiator and now it looks like the battery is dead because every time we jump it it only lasts for a day or so. i have no money for repairs because everything ive had left has gone to school supplies.

i do have a job but kohls hasnt been giving anyone a decent amount of hours and until i can find somewhere better my paychecks have been less than $50, so i guess what im asking for is help in any way possible. my paypal is and any extra dollar would help. I would do commissions but with all of this shit and school going on I just don’t have the time. Right now all I can provide is a real, gracious thank you and reassurance that your money isnt going to be spent on anything other than my mom’s rent and my car.

Urgent Prayer Request 12/3/16

Ive been sitting here trying to think how to write this through all these tears. My stomach is in knots an I feel so sick. I have cried so much this day over Ash that my eyes burn and hurt.
Let me first get this out…  I HATE CANCER. I HATE BRAIN CANCER. UGH! 

Please know I’m not posting this to gain popularity on here or attention. Im posting this because I desperately need it to spread. Please reblog this and pray for Ash daily. He really needs them. Pray for his strength. Pray that he makes it. This is such a hard battle on him. He promiced me he’s gonna fight. Thats what hes doing. He hasn’t given up on me yet. Hes came close. But hes still pushing with all he has in him. 

Where do I start?

5am I wake up to a text message.  “Im at the hospital.” and every bit of this day has gone downhill fast.

Ash has been fighting a fever for three days now. Last night he had a bad nose bleed that wouldnt stop. He got sick an started vomiting blood he got so nausious an that scared him. But the worst part up in the night his eyes got stuck wide open. He cannot close them or blink but he is able to move them; an now they are bloodshot red. The hospital has admited him. They have told him that this is very dangerous.
Theyve given him pain medicine, muscle relaxers, took blood the whole nine yards.

He came back to tell me after they had covered his eyes an put drops in them to protect him from infection that he is so tired an exausted. They scanned him again the second Brain Tumor in the back of his head has gotten worse.Its very deep. They are now planning his surgery they said he cannot make it to January that it has to happen now. So now the time frame is 10 days. Anytime that the main surgen flys in they can do it. I just pray that he hurries up and I also pray that his Family hurries up an gets to him before its to late. He is all alone, nobodys there and it kills me. God please comfort him.

“The human brain its very complicated an this can be one of the new Tumor damages” This keeps ringing inside my mind. That tumor has destroyed his eyes an now they cannot close…. WHY! 

Im on a time watch with Ashi an I cant stand it. This is so hard.
I am so heartbroken.  Why does God give you people to make you so happy an then take them away just to be sad again?

Please pray everyone. Pray hard. Pray for healing an peace. Pray for Ash’s Family. Ive lost people in my life to Cancer but this is the hardest one ive ever had to go through. 


Help us Father God!

So because @swishyhairbarnes is an evil monster, she’s making me pick my top5 Seb Stan looks (wait was it looks or pics?? I’m going with looks because if this was already hard af picking just 5 Seb pics has got to be impossible). Here you go, Adeline, you jerk <3

In no particular order:

#1 Smol Floofy-haired Seb

#2 The SLCC Look of Sin (plus everything that happened at that glorious con)

Bonus: arm porn.

#3 The Outrageous WS Premiere Black on Black Suit

#4 I don’t even know what to call this one other than ‘RUDE’

#5 The Double-brested suit of Doom

And a few honorable mentions because I just can’t not:

Honorable Mention #1 - The Infamous IM3 Premiere Look

Honorable Mention #2 - The Jacket + Jeans Awesome Combo

Honorable Mention #3 - The ‘The Bronze’ Premiere Black on Black Suit

aaaand there.

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Elektel update... ugh

Okay, since I need a break I thought I might as well make a post. 

So… The translation is done. Woohoo!! My lovely little translator-chan worked sooo hard!! Thank you bitch, I love you!!!
Now I have to sell my body and soul to my proofreader so she will look at the script asap. Because yesterday she already proofread Konna Nichijou Ch 3 (I will work on that one when I’m done with Elektel) and I would love to give her a break, but… NO! :P

Okay and I’m still working on the uncensoring. But I need about an hour per penis, so it’s taking way longer than expected. Sigh. I have an appointment tomorrow so I can’t work on it the whole day. Damn real life, stop interferring with my Yaoi dammit!! grrrr

But… I’m getting there bit by bit, pixel by pixel ^^


Ugh, the fact that the “actual footage” is not centered or more down in the frame makes me mad for some reason.

Learn some proper video editing Ronaldo, it’s not that hard.




And blushing Sadie, which is even better.

“Ronaldo, look. The Pizza family took out a giant flying puffer fish, the cool kids almost died because of some alien pod thingy and I managed to kill a gem monster with a stick. I think we can manage even without the Crystal Gems.”


Throwback to before Jimin sold his jams

to jungkook 

Here’s one thing that gets me:

You have a character who loves gentle things, who just wants to read and play Stevie Nicks. A woman who goes into battle shaking because even if she CAN fight, she doesn’t want to. Someone who’s trying so hard to comfort those around her and make them feel heard.

And yet…

Because she’s tall, funny and black, she’s regulated to being a device. To be sassy and strong because that’s all you want to see. Nevermind the mountain of evidence that the woman is the definition of a cinnamon roll. No, because she’s not small and white, she’s denied the ability to be seen as soft, awkward and terrified.

somehow “social justice” here on good ol’ tungle dot com turned me into more of an anti sjw than youtubers like amoured skeptic and blaire white ever could have

Moving In

In which FitzSimmons believe themselves to be covert super-spies when it comes to their relationship, but are sadly mistaken

“Push, Fitz!”

“Pushing, Jems!”


“I’m going as hard as I can, ugh, Jemma -” Fitz grunted, shoving as hard as he could.

Jemma tugged harder on the mattress, internally wincing at the strain on her fingers. “Goodness, what do they make these things out of - rocks?”

Fitz groaned with relief as his girlfriend finally stopped pulling her end of the mattress. He slumped against it in relief. “I still don’t see how this is easier than just asking Coulson for a bigger bunk.”

Jemma sighed in her signature ugh-Fitz fashion, repeating with an affectionate exasperation: “Because asking for a couple’s bunk means explaining why we need a couple’s bunk, and I’m still not ready for that conversation.”

Fitz pursed his lips, sliding his fingers through his curls, but before he could reply, the door directly next to them in the Playground’s narrow hallway opened.

Out stepped Mack, eyes squinting against the brightness of the hall. “Really, you two?” He grumbled. “It’s two in the damn morning.”

Fitz’s eyes darted from the mechanic to his girlfriend, whose own eyes were widened in a oh-shit-we’re-caught look.

“And what the hell are you doing anyway? Not enough space in the one double for the both of you?” He shook his head in a faux undignified manner.

Jemma gaped at him, struggling for words, before finally eking out a response. “You aren’t … Wondering what we’re doing with a mattress in the hallway in the middle of the night …”

“I think I can take a wild guess,” Mack muttered, casting one last glare at the pair. “Just keep it down, would you? If I can hear the one bed rocking all night, I can certainly hear you two trying to move another,”

“Y-You mean,” Fitz’s face was in flames. “You know … About…?” He wagged a finger between himself and Jemma.

Mack gave him a flat look. “As I’ve said before, you make a lot of racket for two polite young Brits,”

Jemma turned on her heel, hiding her red cheeks behind her curtain of hair. “Well then, Fitz and I will just be getting along,”

And with one last eye roll from Mack, FitzSimmons continued tugging their extra mattress into Jemma’s bunk.

The banes of nursery work:

-Powdery Mildew.

- Botrytis + annuals.

-Spiders. Spiders everywhere.

- You will never have clean fingernails again.

-Plants that throw tantrums and drop half their leaves because you moved them ten feet (I’m looking at you, ficus.)

- The way vines always want to hold tendrils with one another and you have to constantly pull them apart. Ugh. Go get a private garden!

- Those spontaneous gnat clouds that engulf you when you water stuff on a hot day.

- Kinks in hoses.

- Multiple kinks in hoses. “Still no water?! But I just untangled–oh, for the love of–”

- Wet socks.

- Japanese beetles coalescing in biblical-plague proportions, then making a feast of and having giant orgies on those roses you’ve worked so hard to maintain. And all you can do is sit and watch them be devoured while you wait days for the IPM guy to show up, because everybody else is having the same problem.

*deep breath*

- Evergreen sap, slug slime, and other assorted substances you can’t seem to wash off your hands even though you’ve been scrubbing at the sink for five minutes.

- New cuts and bruises on a daily basis.

-Tagging roses and barberries. (see above)

-Constantly fighting the urge to repot plants that are rootbound because it would affect the price.

- Having to throw away plants that you still see potential in.

- Worst of all: Rude customers. It only takes one to ruin a day. I’ll take anything listed above over a mean customer.

5 things  about Deadpool that some of his fans make sure to ignore:

#1 Deadpool is pansexual, not heterosexual. (confirmed by literally 4 of his artists) and have flirted with men, women and people with no particular gender.

#2 Not a womanizer.  He cat calls a lot of girls, sure, but he’s not a womanizer. When he falls for someone, he falls hard and probably will stick up with them until they get bored of him or for some reason go away. 

#3 Has chronic pain. Let’s not pretend he cannot get hurt  or  feel pain just because of his healing factor. He feels the pain and there were times when he would curl himself into a ball because he couldn’t bear the pain of his skin.

#4 Is changing. He’s not the douchebag who was basically careless anymore; in fact, slowly he’s becoming a hero. 

#5 It’s not all jokes and breaker of the 4th wall.  What really pisses me off is when some of his fans take only those two traits and make it seem like that’s all Deadpool is. He’s so, so much more than this. He’s a very complex character and one cannot simply categorize him into one single thing. 

#6 Just because there are older fans, that doesn’t make the new fans less fans than the old folks.  Traditional fans should give a chance to newbies because once, all of us were new too and more  Deadpool fans means more popularity,  more merchandising and more movies! 

On Sorashige Book 2017.02.12 a few fans wrote to Shige informing him that Tegomass were talking shit about him on their radio. Earlier they were making fun of him saying he keeps playing the same song for like 5 years and just strumming. And Shige sounded like whatever but he talked about it for about 5 minutes straight. He said he did it for practice because it’s not like he plays all and time and he also picks the right chords for his songs (beat that, you little shits!) and also he just likes playing chords and it makes him feel better, lifts his mood. And in the end it’s not like he’s trying to show off or anything because he doesn’t think he’s good at it, really. 

You little assholes need to stop poking at Shige on your own radio. He works so hard and his self-esteem is brittle as it is. Ugh, seriously. You could tell it upset him. He also said lately he’s been playing the electric guitar (probably the one Tegoshi gave him) though he’s originally the acoustic type. It seems like he’s working on his solo already. Always something to look forward to.

    OOC ||sorry i’ve been so inactive these last few days. i’m sick and it’s kicking me in the butt