ugh look at those hands

Here is the absolutely stunning commission of Anders I got from heavensong at Metrocon!

Ignition Glove - Roy Mustang 

Slowly getting the hang of the new art program. The brushes are actually very helpful at letting my inner painter show off. Also using your own hand for reference is surprisingly easier than looking through the interner and the result looks far more realistic. Hence to why the glove is actually my favourite part of the painting. As far as the painting itself goes, there’s nothing really creative about it, just same ol’ Roy Mustang..

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source

HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION: If you have A LOT of work and stuff to do in some very short time like… 2 days, yep 2 effing days and you skipped your classes because you wanted to go home early so you could have more time to work on the stuff you have to do… So tell me, what kind of shitty sketchy OTP drawing would you do?

I’m trash :3

#12 - Going Back On Tour

Request: Yes

Summary: Look at the title.

Word Count: Ashton - 198; Calum - 201; Luke - 225; Michael - 195

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Kelley: She is an actual woodland creature. She came out of the locker room eating and then when she saw us she just like shoved it in her mouth (Hence her chubby cheeks) and she is seriously so good looking. Ugh those freckles! *swoons* also she broke her hand tonight.

Sophie: Thank god for the Prince and her ability to yell loudly across the field. She came over and immediately goes ‘that was a long walk’ and then proceeded to be the adorable canadian she is.

Chubba: Ugh this lil cutie patootie (she may be taller but I am older). The accent is strong with this one. She was super nice and looked a tad taken back that I wanted a picture with her


Jill: is the sweetest thing. And Kelcee was suuuuuper smooth when she came over. It was a definite flirt from the Prince and Jill just took it and it was awesome. But seriously she is so sweet. She may not be my favorite keeper out there, but she is for sure one of my favorite people. 

Apple: Clearly did not want to be near me (jk she was really cool) but then her bf came over and stood next to us and they were like talking and being cute and I felt weird listening to it. But she is an adorable human as well. 

But having sex with ashton would be so satisfying because he has so much knowledge about momentum so you’d be on all fours in front of him and he’ll thrust into you consistently at the right pace and i just think he’d be soooooo turned on when everything’s in beat!!!! And while hes at it, the sounds and rythmn of both your heavy breathings, moans and groans and your skin smacking against each others will encourage him to place a little tight spank on the cheek of your ass with those glorious hands ugh sighhh and sometimes you’ll look up at him only to find his eyes shut tight and his head dropped back, hair stuck to his forehead with glistening sweat and his mouth would slack or on some days his tongue pursed between his lips for an occasional lick omg i just cant think anymore sex with ashton would be so hot bye