ugh look at these two idiots

Here's what happened II
  • *Otayuri in Russia*
  • Yuri: Okay where do you want to sit?
  • Beka: I don't care you pick...
  • Yuri: UGH Beka come on your visiting at least choose something!
  • Beka: Okay *points* over there.
  • Yuri: See that wasn't so hard!
  • *later*
  • Yuri: Didn't you have a new mix or something you wanted to play for me?
  • Beka: Oh yeah here let me pull it up on my phone!
  • Yuri: UGH! I forgot my earbuds...
  • Beka: Don't worry I have mine~
  • *later*
  • Viktor: Ahhh where could our little boy be???
  • Yuuri: Viktor we are supposed to be grocery shopping. I doubt Yurio wants to see us anyways he left in kind of a rush...
  • Viktor: Did you see how he was dressed?! No cat print, so fancy, our son is with someone and we have to find out who!!!
  • Yuuri: Okay just because he dressed up nicely for one doesn't mean-
  • Yuuri: Whaaaaaat??? No way... See look I think it's Otabek...
  • Yuuri: Ugh we have been over this a million times we KNOW Otabek. He would NEVER hurt Yurio. Awe they look so cute together...
  • Yuuri: Better idea!!! Why don't we just casually walk by and act real suprised to see them and you don't try and kill Otabek! Mmmkay?
  • Viktor: They are really close together....
  • Yuuri: Viktor!
  • Viktor: Fine...
  • *Viktuuri casually walks by Otayuri who don't notice them*
  • *Beka panics and and stands up*
  • Yuri: What the hell are you idiots doing here?
  • Yuuri: Oh we were just in the neighborhood and decided to say hi! Hey Otabek no need to look like a deer in the headlights~
  • Yuri: Ugh can you two leave??? We were kind of in the middle of something...
  • Yuuri: Of course! We'll let you guys finish this d- this little outing of yours~
  • Yuuri: This was supposed to be casual Viktor. You gave me a heart attack when you yelled at them...
One day these two boys were kissing at the bus stop outside of our school and when I got on the bus these two boys were saying “ew that’s nasty” and this other girl is like “why does it matter?” then she looks at me and says “idiots” and I’m like YAS MY BBY GIRL I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU BUT YOU’RE MY BBY GIRL NOW

It’s like she knew.  We had a gay connection.


So they just resort to yanking each other roughly around and yelling a lot and stealing glances when the other isn’t looking and gOD it just fuckin kills me these two I have so many FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS IN MY GODDAMN SOUL

April 2nd.

This is for @sad-af1121 @thatawkwardtinyperson and @bxckyfxcknbxrnes because they are awesome and I wish I can be half as good as them. 

Notes: started as a drabble but now we are here. super spur of the moment. fluff. tell me what you think! my second fic ever. be nice pls?

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April fools!

Those two words keep playing in your head over and over again. You’re an idiot. You are a self proclaimed idiot. Jokes on you this time. 

You turn to your side and look at your boyfriend sleeping right next to you. Ugh. He’s perfect even when he’s sleeping and here you are trying to not to work yourself into an anxiety attack over your stupid mistake. 

I’m an idiot. Who the fuck can’t tell their boyfriend that the joke you proclaimed as an April Fool’s prank is the truth?

It’s not like you planned for your joke to be a joke. You just found out on April Fool’s day.  That little blue stick does not lie. Nor did the ten others you made Wanda go get you and swear on her life that she would not tell anyone about what is going on with you or…rather in you. 

And when you went to tell Bucky, Bucky, the man with the steel blue eyes and the wicked smile and the love of your life that you are pregnant,  p r e g n a n t, you froze. You panicked. And his shocked expression did not make you feel any better so you thought quick and told Bucky it was a joke and was crushed when he sighed in relief. 

You look over Bucky now,  to glance at the clock on your bedside table. 12:01. It’s officially April 2nd. It’s no longer April Fool’s. You’re still pregnant. It’s not a joke. It’s April 2nd, and you’re still pregnant. 

“Babe as much as I love to keep you up at night, why are you awake?” You flinch as you glance at Bucky. He peers at you with one eye open and furrows his brows. 

Oh fuck, oh fuck. He’s awake. fuck. fuck. fuck. 

I swear it’s nothing babe, just going over the mission details for tomorrow in my head” blabbering it out like an idiot that you are and turning to your side only to bury your face into the pillow and hope to God that Bucky does not feel you try to avoid the subject.

“You know, I would believe you if you haven’t been awake and fidgeting for the last three hours” Bucky chuckles and pulls you closer. 

“Talk to me doll, what’s on your mind?” Bucky turns you over and you peer up at him. You search your mind for the right words. 

Hey Buck, remember that time after the mission when the adrenaline was getting to us and we got back to the jet and I tackled you and you took my pant– or that time during Tony’s party last month when you slid your fingers under my dress– or two weeks ago in the shower when you took me up against the wall and—

“Babe I can practically see you thinking but I need words.” He smirked as he leans closer into you, your foreheads are touching at this point. 

“So funny story…” you begin and you look up once again into those eyes. 

I’m fucked. Well we fucked. And now you’re fucked. Because we fucked. And we made a baby. I’m pregnant. Jokes on you and me. Oh shit.

Talk to me doll, you’re starting to worr–” he’s cut off before he can finish the sentence. 

“So I know I told you it was an April Fool’s joke, but I’m pregnant. I’m actually pregnant. And I took about ten tests to make sure I was because who the fuck learns they are pregnant on April Fool’s? And I tried to tell you but then I panicked because you didn’t plan for this, I mean we didn’t plan for this and I saw the relief in your eyes when you heard me say April Fool’s. but Bucky, it’s officially April 2nd, and I’m pregnant. I’m actually pregnant. Please don’t ha–”

This time, you’re the one that’s cut off from your babbling. Bucky’s lips smash into yours and you can’t help but moan at the force. His tongue teases yours a little and you blink your eyes a few times because you are left dazed after a kiss like that. 

“You’re pregnant?” “You’re actually pregnant?” “I’m going to be a Dad?” he whispers as he pulls slightly away from you. 

You stiffen as you come back and hear Bucky’s words. You look at him and you see the biggest smile on his face. 

“I’m pregnant” You say with a little more confidence. Bucky leans back into you.  “I was hoping it wasn’t a joke when you told me yesterday doll, I only looked relieved because I was trying to hide how disappointed I was.”

This time you’re the one who yanks Bucky towards you and in the process he’s on top of you. You reach up and give him a quick kiss before leaning up to his ear. 

“You’re going to be a Daddy, Buck. No April Fool’s joke this time. Happy April 2nd Bucky.” your breath tickling his skin as you trail back to his lips. 

“Happy April 2nd Doll, best non April Fool’s joke ever.” He leans down and joins you into your kiss. 

April Fool’s didn’t turn out so bad.

Eclipse Shenanigans
  • <p> <b>[FYI:</b> The total eclipse will pass over Columbia, South Carolina at 2:41pm. Also, if you wear eclipse glasses you can't see a thing. Trust me, I tried it.]<p/><b>Nicky:</b> Guys!! Guys I can’t see ANYTHING. Oh my God. Who is touching me?! Kevin? I bet it’s Kevin. Kevin stop or I’m telling Thea.<p/><b>Kevin:</b> I am not touching you! No one is touching you, you idiot!<p/><b>Nicky:</b> No, someone is definitely touching my ass and they are not being shy about it!<p/><b>Aaron:</b> Nicky, you are leaning against a statue.<p/><b>Nicky:</b> Who put a statue here?!<p/><b>Aaron:</b> It’s always been there!<p/><b>Nicky:</b> It has not! I’ve been coming here for years, never been a statue on the patio!<p/><b>Aaron:</b> Oh my god, Nicky, take off your fucking glasses and look!<p/><b>Nicky:</b> NO! MY EYES WILL BURN YOU ABSOLUTE HEATHEN.<p/><b>Neil [whispering]:</b> Who let him drink all the tequila?<p/><b>Andrew:</b> Are you sure it was only tequila?<p/><b>Allison:</b> Ugh, for fuck’s sake, it’s not even two, Nicky. The eclipse is happening in like 40 minutes. Just… just shut up and drink!<p/><b>Neil:</b> No, stop drinking. Or drink some water. Here, Nicky. Nicky. If you drink this entire cup of water I will let you kiss me.<p/><b>Nicky:</b> WHAT? REALLY? ANDREW! NEIL SAID I CAN KISS HIM!<p/><b>Neil:</b> On the cheek! If you drink this water. God… Andrew, help.<p/><b>Andrew:</b> You brought this on yourself, Josten.<p/><b>Nicky [crying]:</b> Neil won’t kiss meeeee.<p/><b>Renee:</b> It’s fine, Nicky. Here, look, I got you one of those great drinks with an umbrella and bendy straw.<p/><b>Nicky:</b> I always said you were good people Renee. You are good people. Unlike some people I could mention…<p/><b>Neil [mutters]:</b> Is it the eclipse yet?<p/><b>Andrew:</b> Everyone gets crazy during the eclipse. It’s science.<p/><b>Neil:</b> It’s science?<p/><b>Andrew [sipping whiskey]:</b> Yes.<p/><b>Dan:</b> We’re back!!! Got more beer and Matt has the hot wings.<p/><b>Matt:</b> I don’t know whose bright idea it was to get hot wings while we’re roasting our asses off out here…<p/><b></b> [Everyone stares at Andrew]<p/><b>Andrew:</b> I’m not even remotely hot. It’s quite cool actually.<p/><b>Allison:</b> Told you he was a demon. Begone!!!<p/><b>Neil:</b> Allison…<p/><b>Allison:</b> Just kidding babe.<p/><b>Matt:</b> Neil, I got you ranch dressing and mild wings.<p/><b>Nicky:</b> BLATANT FAVORITISM<p/><b>Matt:</b> Nicky, sit your ass down! You’re about to fall down the steps.<p/><b>Renee:</b> Nicky you don’t have to wear glasses unless you’re staring directly at the sun.<p/><b>Nicky:</b> Really???<p/><b>Everyone but Renee:</b> YES!<p/><b>Neil:</b> I’ve been telling you that for hours.<p/><b>Nicky [pouting]:</b> Yeah but you lie, Neil.<p/><b>Andrew:</b> Shut up, Nicky.<p/><b>Dan:</b> EVERYONE SHUSH! EAT YOUR WINGS!<p/><b></b> [long period of mostly silence and intense eating]<p/><b>Nicky:</b> Renee, this drink is soooo good! Can I get another?<p/><b>Renee:</b> Yes. [fills up the glass with water]<p/><b>Nicky:</b> You’re an angel.<p/><b></b> [By the time the total eclipse arrives half of the Foxes are drunk and the other half, sans Neil and Renee, are getting there. After eating everyone calms down somewhat and the mood shifts from frantic to chill. Nicky is still wearing the eclipse glasses and refuses to take them off, even while Skyping with Erik.]<p/><b>Nicky:</b> It’s so dark here! Erik, can you see me? I can’t see you at all!<p/><b>Erik [laughing]:</b> I can see you! You like very handsome.<p/><b>Nicky [tearing up]:</b> Erik!<p/><b>Andrew:</b> Oh God, save us.<p/><b>Neil [sitting next to Andrew on the steps]:</b> You think it’s sweet.<p/><b>Andrew:</b> Do not.<p/><b>Neil [leans his cheek on Andrew’s shoulder]:</b> Do too.<p/><b>Andrew [pulls Neil in for a kiss]:</b> Shut up, junkie.<p/><b></b> [The sun, moon, and earth align. Darkness falls. The Foxes huddle together, looking up.]<p/><b>Kevin:</b> I feel like I should say something profound.<p/><b>[Everyone except Renee]:</b> Don’t.<p/><b></b> [Due to crazy traffic and a special two for one deal on frozen strawberry daiquiris the Foxes spend most of the day at Eden’s until the roads clear. Neil and Renee drive everyone to the Columbia house and the party continues. Wymack chews them out the next day when they’re good for nothing on the court but he’s not actually mad. Dan kept sending him pictures during the eclipse party and he’s just so proud of his team for hanging out together and not killing anyone.]<p/></p>
King-Napped~(Harry x Ben x Gil - Smut)

A/N: This is my 1st time writing fanfiction so be a little easy on meh. Also, depending on what time you’re viewing this fic this might not be too canonically accurate. This fic is just playing on the scenario of Ben being captured by Uma’s crew and that’s all that I went with. And lastly, enjoy!! :D

Words: A lot. O_o

Warnings: Smut, Smut, & more Smut.

“Ugh, where are they?” Ben thought to himself. He wondered down the dark and wretched area of the isle. Being a citizen of Auradon, it only made sense for him to be lost. Every turn seemed to be scarier and terrifying than the last. He was alone on the hunk of villainous rock, thankfully his bad boy-ish current wardrobe given to him by Evie made him out to be quite isle-like which made it easier to blend in with the others. Though, even with the new look, he felt alone. Like a black sheep in a pack of white. And his loneliness was all his fault. His curiosity of the place got the best of him and drove him to abandon his friends that came along with him, the other VKs. Ben kept walking down the paths hoping he’d run into his friends. Each path was extremely dark, it being night at that current time. Though, to him, it was probably the darkest of nights he’d ever seen. The streets of the isle had hardly any lights on the streets when nights had strike, which was completely different from the happy, joyful ambiance of Auradon. His eyes never knew darkness like this, which made it extremely hard to see. Ben’s optimism still kept him going.

 He kept walking quietly begging to run into one of the VKs, though instead he ran into something else. A hunk of wood hit him in the face and fell to the ground off of what seemed to be a pole when he wasn’t paying attention. It seemed to have something written on it. He couldn’t quite make it out. After some good fixations he finally found a way to read what it said. In the very dim moonlight, the sign had read, ‘Low Tide Lane’. He then looked forward from where he encountered the sign only to find humps of what seemed to be carts. His curiosity got the best of him again and he went to look at them. Inside with the very little light he had, he saw a few items. He saw barrels, pieces of wood, chunks of crabgrass. pond scum, and so on. For a normal person something like this can be seen as boring or peculiar, but Ben couldn’t help but find it rather interesting to see the kind of lives the villains lived. As he kept looking, he stumbled upon an object. A rather round looking object. After further investigation it seemed to had resemble a lantern. 

Ben’s face grew happy with excitement over the fact that he finally had a source of light through this darkness he was in. He went to grab it but quickly hesitated. There was no seller at the cart for him to buy from. Being a king he felt it would be rather not kingly to steal. Though, after a while of thought, he came to the conclusion of taking a lantern. Sure it wasn’t a very integrity-filled idea, but the night was long and dark, and he needed a light source. Ben strode off with the lantern in his hands feeling rather content and slightly devious at the same time. When he finally had the lantern lit, the area around him lit up with it. Everything was illuminated with the glow of the lantern, even the carts and path ahead of him. All except a certain object in his path. Though, it didn’t look to be an object, it looked like a figure, that of which belonged to a person. Ben stared at it for a while. “Um, hello..” said Ben nervously. After a moment, the figure finally moved and replied to Ben with a sinister Scottish sounding, “ello.” The figure had something in his hand. It seemed round.  “Um, what’s that you got there, b-buddy?” asked Ben nervously. “Oh, this, why I’m sure ye would know, wouldn’t ye, lad?” he replied. Before Ben could reply, the figure lit up the object revealing it out to be a lantern. “It’s a lantern, like the one ye stole.” The figure brought the lantern to his face, revealing a rather young looking brunette pirate with blazing clear grey/blue eyes surrounded in eyeliner, followed by a chilling grin. Ben saw the face and got nervous, “Oh, well, okay then, I-I should be going now,” he said slowly backing up trying to make an escape. “Oh, I’m not so sure that’s a very good idea, ” the guy said before running at Ben full force with a clenched fist. Ben attempted to make a run for it, but the guy’s speed was much faster. Then the last thing Ben saw was the fist the guy had clashing against his face. Then it was all black.

Moments past and Ben finally awoken, his vision was very blurry, but he still tried to make out where he was. All around him he saw an area that seemed to be constructed of wood. The place stunk of rotten wood, and fish. He tried to his  to gather his thoughts as to what the place was, but couldn’t because his head still was throbbing from the punch that made him blackout. he tried to rub his head with hands only time to fall flat on his face. A wave of shock hit as he fell. He then looked down at hands only to realize they were tied tight to his ankles which was the reason behind his fall. “Where am I?” thought Ben. He tried to look around some more to come up with an answer, but couldn’t wrap his mind around his whereabouts. Eventually, he gave up looking, and used his very little optimism he had in him at that moment to somehow hope the others would find him, wherever he was. While he waited lying down he felt something, a bobbing. As if his body was sinking and rising. He found himself questioning the bobbing up until he heard a sudden crash of water the area which made it bob up higher and sink down again. Then it all made sense. The wooden interior, the foul smell of rotten wood and fish, and the bobbing, he was on a pirate’s ship! Ben’s eyes shot open with realization. “I’ve been captured on a pirate’s ship!” Ben shouted. The shout echoed and footsteps were heard following it. 

“Dammit,” Ben mumbled to himself. “Right ye are, ma friend.” said a familiar voice getting closer. Ben looked up to see the same face he had seen before he blackout. “This is ma pirate’s ship.” he said in his sinister tone. “Uh, Harry, don’t you mean it’s Uma’s ship,I mean, she is the captain, after all.” said another voice. Ben looked up at him to see a rather brawny looking blonde boy decked in pirate wear. “Ugh, shut up, Gil.” Harry replied with a scowl. “W-Who are you two?!” Ben asked slightly trembling. The two pirates looked down at him. The brunette grin evilly. “Why, I am the great Harry Hook, lad, son of Captain Hook.” Ben’s heart sunk at that thought, and nervously look at the other. “A-And you?” Ben asked. “What?” replied Gil. “He’s askin’ who ye are, idiot.” Harry scolded. “Oh! I’m Gil, son of Gaston.” He chuckled. Ben’s heart sunk deeper in his chest. Gaston and his parents had some rough history together, so now that   their children have met in person, Ben’s last hope of optimism was gone. He knew he was going to killed, he knew this was the end. Ben’s face filled with sorrow at thought of his coming fate. 

The two boys saw this. “Aw, why so sad, huh,” asked Harry. “You two..are going to kill me, aren’t you?” Ben asked in sadness. “Oh, why of course not..” Harry replied with a level of sass in his voice. “Like we’re really not,” Gil followed, with a sincere tone in his voice. Harry gave Gil another scowl. “What, we aren’t, you heard Uma we’re only using him to blackmail Mal and the other traitors.” Ben’s face lit up with the information given. “Yeah, I know that, but yer not s’pose to say it around ‘em, now he’s not gonna be scared since he has a chance of possibly living, ye idiot!” Gil raised his arms and grinned at Harry who was frowning hard at him. Ben sighed. “Oh, thank fairy god mother.” Ben said relieved at his chance of living. “I thought you two would just kill me because of my parents.” “What’s wrong with your parents?” Gil asked grinning curiously. “Oh, I figured you’d know, considering since..they’re..y’know..Belle and the beast.” Gil’s eyes shot open, and he stared at Ben with an intensity. Moments of silence past, Gil and Ben were locked in a stare down. Harry looked at Gil’s face. “Uh, ye okay there, lad?” He asked Gil. Finally Gil snapped out of his trance. “Harry, let’s kill him.” Gil finally spoke. “But I thought ye sai-” Harry started. “I know what I said, but I’m sure Uma wouldn’t care if this guy was dead, I know I don’t, his folks killed my dad.” Harry looked at Gil for a bit and smiled deviously. “Well, well, well, I think yer right, gilly-boy.” He said grabbing his sharp hook. Gil had drawn his sword. They both walked towards the King, ready to go for the kill. 

Ben tried to wiggle away, but couldn’t, he finally looked at the two at shouted a loud, “WAIT!” The shout threw the pirates off, from the expected graceful kingly tone Ben had possessed beforehand. Ben looked at both of them surprised that his shout worked. “U-Uh, look, I know you want to kill me, and I can see why, but please..release me and we’ll put this all in the past, I’ll do anything you want..” The pirates looked at him. “Anything?” asked Harry with a slight smirk. “Y-Yeah, anything, p-please don’t kill me!” replied Ben. Harry looked at Ben. “Ye thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?” Gil looked at him clueless, “No, we don’t have the same brains, dude.”Gil said jokingly. “Argh..clearly,” Harry replied rolling his eyes. Harry then cupped his hands around Gil’s ears and whispered. Harry stopped whispering and they both looked at each other and grinned. 

They looked at Ben. “Very well,” said Harry. He then slashed his hook on Ben’s ropes letting him free. Ben sighed in relief and got up to leave. “Hold it there, lad,” Harry said stopping Ben. “Before ye can leave, we want our part of deal first.” “Oh, okay then, what do you guys want, then?” Ben asked. They both looked at each other then at Ben. They both then said at the time, “You.” Ben eyes shot open and sweat dripped down his face. “M-Me, but why?” “Why, not?” Harry added. “Uma put us both through the trouble of having to guard ye fer a good while now, and when she gets back and sees yer gone, we’re gonna get our asses handed to us by her, so why not give us yers as a reward, huh?”  Ben thought long and hard. This was right thing to do and Ben really didn’t want to face the consequences if he were to deny the request. “Okay, I accept.” Ben replied.

“Good choice, matey.” Harry replied. Harry then grab a hold of his hook and used the end to grope Ben’s collar. He ever so slowly pulled Ben to him, eventually locking lips with him. A shade of red immediately appeared on Ben’s face. To Ben, it felt really weird to be kissing a boy. He was always raised to go after a princess and seek a kiss from a princess, that breaking said rule felt weird. Though, to be honest, he liked that feeling of weirdness. He liked that feel of rebellion. He liked the feeling of kissing a boy. While their lips we’re locked, Ben took a good look at Harry. He eye’d Harry’s attractive features. He looked at his perfect facial structures, perfect physique, and everything that fell in between. He could feel himself slowly stiffen, as he eye’d Harry some more, eventually his hormonal adrenaline got the best of him, and made Ben grab Harry’s face and pull him into a more passionate kiss. Harry was a bit taken back at the change, but got used to it fast and enjoyed his kiss. Both Harry and Ben’s tongue were battling for dominance, but no one won. While the two boys were going at it, Gil sat bat behind them watching their heated make out session. One hand was down his pants grasping his erecting penis. His body wanted the both of them, wanting them bad. He then took notice the tightening of both of the boys tight leather pants. He knew what he had to do, what we wanted to do. Without hesitation, Gil got up an walked towards them both. 

“Hey now, don’t forget about me,” he said with a cheeky smile. Harry and Ben broke apart from their kiss to look at Gil. “Eh, we don’t need any ‘elp up here, but how 'bout ye help us down there,” Harry said pointing to both his and Ben’s pants. Gil smiled back in reply and got on his knees between the two boys. Gil took both of the boys’ pants off and their boxers leaving them bottomless. Gil grabbed the boys’ members and started sucking take turns between both of them. Harry and Ben kept kissing taking quick breaks to moan from the blowjob. Ben especially took quite a number of breaks, however. For not many know this, but despite being well known in Auradon, and being a major heart throb, he was always a virgin. His parents never wanted him to lose his virginity until he had married to a queen. This was another kingly rule he broken, the third after, stealing, and be attracted to a boy. The rebelliousness of all these actions fueled his sexual adrenaline. With each disgraceful rebel thought the adrenaline rose. Higher, higher, and more higher it rose. Up until it had finally reached its peak. And once it did, Ben couldn’t help but let out a loud lustful moan, while letting something else out at the same time. Gil’s mouth was firmly wrapped around Ben’s phallus. Gil’s face scrunched up and he let out a groan mouth still on the phallus. Ben looked down in curiousity to see what had happened to Gil. Gil then slowly removed the member to reveal thick white semen dripping from Gil’s mouth. When Ben saw this, his face went crimson. Harry looked down at the occurrence. “My, my, my, cummin’ already, huh?” Harry asked with a smirk, “Looks like we got our selves an 'orny one, huh Gilly-boy?” Gil looked up and nodded wiping the semen from his mouth. “I-I’m sorry..” Ben said with an embarrassed tone. “No need, dude” Gil said getting up, “I just have that effect on people.” he said with a chuckle. Ben and Harry chuckled back. “Okay, my turn!” Gil shouted excitedly dropping his pants and boxers. “Wha-” Ben was about to ask before having his head shoved down and Gil’s fully erected cock shoved in his mouth. Ben was taken a back by the abrupt sex position change, but alas, he got used to it. “Ohh, fuck yeah,” Gil said in pleasure. Ben kept sucking, and Harry watched from a far. While Harry watched he noticed Ben’s ass being perfectly out and seen, Harry then went for the kill. “Don’t mind if I do,” Harry said getting on the ground closer to Ben. Harry then inserted his member using the saliva on it from Gil as lube. Ben immediately stopped sucking and gasped from the insertion. “What’s the matter, lad, am I too big for ye?” Harry asked grinning. Ben’s widely gaping mouth came close and he then shook his head and went back to his blowjob on Gil. Harry went on to thrust fiercingly into Ben, making Ben have to stop sucking and let out a moan or two in both pain and pleasure. This went on for a bit, until Gil found himself getting a little frustrated. “Ugh, Harry, stop, everytime you fuck you him hard like that he stops blowing me!” Gil requested angrily. “Well, what can I say I’m just that good,” Harry replied. “Puh-lease, I’m a way better fucker than you, Hook.” Gil said. “Is this a challenge I am hearin’? Harry asked with his signature evil grin. "You know it,” Gil added. Harry and Gil always loved a challenge or competition, and this particular one they were definitely not passing up. Harry nodded signifying he’d accepted the challenge, and Gil slipped his cock out of Ben’s mouth. Ben looked up at Gil at confusion as to why he ended the blowjob, only to feel himself being lifted by the thighs by Harry. Gil then brought himself closer to Ben face to face and latched on to Ben by the thighs. “Wait, what’s going on?” Ben asked in panic confusion. “Eh, Ben, ye ever had two cocks in ye at one time?” Harry asked. “N-No! I never had one in me in general, at least not until I got here, I used to be virgin back at Auradon.” Ben answered. “Virgin, huh, well this should be fun for ye.” Harry said grinning in anticipation. Harry then reached below Ben and grabbed a cheek of his ass and moved it to expose Ben’s hole and then he went on to insert himself again. Ben moaned once again upon the penetration, and Harry started pumping as he was earlier. “Yeah, yeah, okay, so you can make him moan a bit, I’ll make him scream.” Gil said grabbing a cheek and doing the same as Harry. This time Gil had to use a finger to stretch Ben’s hole, since it was so tight, but after some stretching and tugging, Gil got himself inside of Ben. Gil’s prediction came true as Ben let out a rather lustful shriek upon having him inside of him, that of which made Gil laugh. The two boys went at it. They both pumping hard, as if they were trying to win a race. Ben just sat there in the strong grasp of the two be fucked mid-air by both. His innocent kingly moans became angry shrieks of passion and pleasure. There was some “fuck yeahs” there, and some, “harders” there. Ben’s innocence was gone and was taken by the two, and Ben couldn’t be anymore prouder. Eventually the the pumping soon cause the very feeling to rush in Ben again. The “adrenaline"was rising again. It felt larger, though, like once it peaked Ben was going to explode. It soon started rose. Higher, higher, more higher, then it peaked. Waves of lust struck Ben and he came buckets, of which sprayed all over Gil’s face giving the perfect sexual facial. Ben moaned and panted hard as if he was dying. The two pirates stopped thrusting and tried to catch their breaths. "T-Told you I have that effect on people,” Gil said between breaths, wiping his face of the mask of cum off. The two pirates then set Ben down who was still slightly panting. “I’m sure yer legs are sore as fuck, huh?” Harry asked. Ben just nodded and kept panting. Harry stopped to watch Ben and admire his work. He helped in turning this good boy bad, that turned him every way, shape, and form of on. Harry groped his cock and started to pump on it watching Ben. Very soon Harry felt his orgasm rising. He then got by Ben’s face and gently opened his mouth using his hook. A stream of cum shot into Ben’s mouth and Harry moaned hard at his climax. Gil watched this event and not much later his orgasm had came up as well. When he was ready to to peak, Gil pushed Harry away and came in Ben’s mouth, moaning seconds after. After both of the boys’ semen were in Ben’s mouth. Harry looked at him and smiled. “Well?” Harry asked. “Well, what?” Ben replied words mumbled with semen in his mouth “Drink down ye slut,” Harry said crossing his arms. “Oh, right,” Ben said, he forgot to do swallow for his body and his brain had been filled by great ecstasy from the sex. Ben then closed his mouth and swallowed both boys’ juices all at once. “Holy shit, that’s hot” Gil said putting his boxers and pants back on. Harry did the same, and once Ben came to, he did the same as well. “Well, lad, yer free to go.” Harry said with a smile, “thanks for that wonderful reward.” “Yeah, see you later, dude” Gil said, and the two pirates started to walk off leaving the exit open for Ben to leave. Ben looked at them both, he didn’t really want to leave, despite be stretched out and sore as hell by them, he still felt a little connection. “Wait!” he shouted again. The two pirates turned around. “I don’t really want to go right now,” Ben said, “can I just, chill out here for a while?” Harry and Gil looked at each other, then at him. “Sure, man” Gil said with a smile. The three boys talked for what seemed like hours and started to bond. Harry told Ben stories of the isle since it interested him, and Gil and Ben amended their fences from their parents’ past and soon all of them became close and really good friends. As some moments passed, both Harry and Gil were going on about how controlling Uma can be as captain; and how annoying it can sometimes be as her crew, until they all heard distant voices. These voices sounded familiar to Ben, they were the VKs! It sounded like all four of them. Ben brought his ears to the boat, he could them talking. “You mean to tell me we have to steal the won in order to get Ben back?” Jay asked. “Apparently, atleast that’s what Uma wants. Ugh, if I knew this would happen I would stayed on Auradon.” “Well, you’ll be going back with us in the limo if we find him,” said Evie trying to lighten the situation. Ben heard this and his face lit up and he ran fast out of the boat to greet his friends. “Guys, I’m here!” Ben said with a big smile. The four ran and hugged him. “Dude, we were so worried after you left us last night!” said Carlos. “Last night?” thought Ben. He then looked up to see the sun shining bright in the sky. Harry, Gil, and Ben must’ve been fucking all night for it already have been morning. “Are you okay, what were you doing, did they hurt you?” Mal said worried cupping Ben’s face. “Most importantly, is that gorgeous outfit of yours hurt?” Evie followed. The other VKs looked at her with frowns. “Oops, wrong timing, my bad.” Evie said blushing. “I’m good, more than good, actually.” The four looked at him in confusion. Just then, Harry and Gil walked out of the ship. Ben saw them, and pointed to them, “They’ve taken good care of me.” Ben said with a suggestive tone. Harry and Gil smirked. The other four were still stun in confusion. Right after a limo pulled up. “Uhh, anyways there’s our ride home,” Mal said, “Let’s get going, guys.” Jay hopped in, then Carlos, then Evie. Mal stayed behind to wait for Ben. Ben looked at the pirate boys. “Hold on Mal,” Ben said walking to the pirates. “So, I gotta get going now,” Ben said. “Yeah, we know,” Harry said in a rather sentimental tone. “Bye, Ben” Gil said with a sad expression. Ben saw their faces. He saw their body language. A feeling came back to him that he never felt ever since he met the rotten four. Ben then went to both of them asking, “You two want to come back with us?” The boys’ faces lit up. “What?” they both asked in unison. “Come back to Auradon with us. You said it yourselves that Uma was a controlling captain, and I don’t want you two facing her wrath when she finds out I’m gone.” Ben said. The boys’ faces of sadness grew to happiness. “Yes, we would love to!” Harry said happily. The three boys hugged each other and even pecked each other on the lips when no one was looking. All three were celebrating. Mal walked over to Ben as the pirates went into the limo. “Ben you sure about this, those two work for for Uma, they’re bad news.” Mal said. “You were bad news too, though I kept you didn’t I?” Ben replied smiling. “Touché” Mal said getting into the limo. They then rode off into early dawn of Auradon. The rotten four and Ben, plus two new friends. And to think none of this would’ve happen if Ben had not been king-napped.

Break ups and make ups - Jughead x Reader

Request: Hiya, wondering if you could write a Jug x Reader where you go through a hard breakup and Jug makes you feel better? Angst would be nice, as well!

Warnings: Angst, fights, swears, the usual for my stories to be honest

Word count: 

A/N: I loved writing this. AND Italics mean either thoughts or flashbacks x

Jughead was walking down Archie’s street, he had just spent hours at Pop’s writing his novel and now he was headed home (Archies), he knew Archie would have left the back door open so he didn’t have to wake anyone up.

He passed your house, as usual there was no car in the drive as your parents always left for ‘Vacations’ or ‘business trips’ he frowned as he remembered why he and the Y/C/H girl didn’t talk anymore you guys went from the best of friends to no contact whatsoever.

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  • david and snow: so what's the big news
  • henry: yeah moms what is it i still have to meet vi-
  • david: congratulations!
  • snow: ugh finally i can't believe it took you two this long
  • henry: yay moms!
  • emma: but did you get it? *chuckles*
  • regina: i can't believe i'm marrying an idiot
  • emma: *looks at regina* WE'RE EN-GAAAAY-GED *breaks into laughter*
  • david:
  • snow:
  • henry:
  • regina: that's it i want a divorce
  • Boruto: Sarada I have to tell you something.
  • Sarada: What? (looks up from book)
  • Boruto: ...I...a..I really... ( fidgets)
  • Sarada: I really what? spit it out.
  • Boruto: I really like you! (face red)
  • Sarada: Idiot.....
  • Boruto: Oh...ha...I guess I was wrong in thinki-
  • Sarada: I really like you to.
  • Boruto: You do!
  • Sarada: Yeah I do but I think you're an idiot. (blushes & looks away.)
  • Boruto: Cool, but hey you really had to mess up the moment by calling me an idiot!
  • Sarada: I just speak the truth. ( shrugs)
  • Boruto: ugh, weird girl.
  • Extra (Mitsuki & Chocho watching from a tree)
  • Mitsuki: Seems these two are arguing again.
  • Chocho: Nah, Thats how they flirt.

So thank you, for bringing me back to…  m e .

seunghoon; sweet nothings

Originally posted by kpop-kdrama-kvariety

sidenote: dancer!AU where in which Seunghoon falls for a dancer who happens to be Minho’s best friend. 

Fluff, scenario of 2k words. 

The first time he met her, she was spontaneous.

Laughing breathlessly as she chased Minho through hallways that looped around the building’s practice rooms. He stood by the far right, startled as the two of them burst into the dance room, with her cackling on the floor when Minho collapsed into his embarrassing lack of stamina.

Seunghoon had long forgotten about the track he was contemplating on while he observed the odd pair wrestling over a phone that was presumably hers. He couldn’t help but be a little entertained at how oblivious she was, pulling Minho into a playful headlock making the fellow rapper whined in defeat. For someone her size the victory was quite impressive, that, or Minho was just being careful.

She wobbled as she got to her feet, brushing the disheveled locks off her flushed face in a hurry.

“Must you be so violent?!” Minho groaned into his hands and rolled onto his back.

“You could’ve just deleted the photo, Minho!”

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Pond Life

Prompt: Kiss
Pairing: Destiel
Tags/Warnings: Five and one, homophobic language, ponds, fluff, happy ending, near drowning, hurt/comfort
Summary: Five times Dean and Castiel don’t quite get to kiss and the one time they do.
Word Count: 3,620 


ONE – eight years old

Castiel had moved into the blue house across the road four years ago and they’d become fast friends ever since. It was after a time when Dean needed all the friends he could get. Dean didn’t talk to Castiel for months after meeting Castiel but eventually with a lot of help and encouragement from his dad, Dean began to say hello.

They spent all their time together after that and if people thought it was weird, they didn’t care.

One of their friends had asked why they didn’t have a girlfriend, but they had each other – what would they need a girlfriend for? Girls were gross and they had cooties! Plus, everyone’s girlfriends last the best part of a day before they were ditched.

Dean met Cas down by the pond behind Castiel’s house like they always did after school. Dean liked that they were still short enough that their toes didn’t get wet when they sat on the edge of the jetty. They weren’t supposed to be on the jetty in case one of them fell in, but Dean could swim a whole fifty meters unaided so he deemed that good enough.

“Hey, Cas!”

“Hello, Dean.” Castiel turned and he smiled as Dean sat down beside him. But his smile soon turned and Dean frowned.

“What’s the matter, Cas?” Dean asked, nudging Castiel’s elbow with his own.

“Do you think it’s nice to kiss someone?” Castiel asked.

“I dunno. Sammy’s kisses are all wet and gooey. It’s gross!”

“My dad gave me these pictures of my mommy.” Castiel explained sullenly. He handed three pictures over to Dean who flicked through them. One of them was from just last year with Castiel and his mom together at the beach.

“Is this the one you’re on about?” Dean asked, holding up the photo of Cas’ parents kissing as a very young Castiel grinned at the camera.

“Uh huh… do you think it’s nice?”

“My dad says boys should kiss the girls he likes… like your mommy and dad.”

“You can kiss boys you like too!” Cas exclaimed.

“You can?”

Dean handed back the photos and Cas returned them to the small backpack he’d taken with him.

“We should try it,” Cas said.

“Okay, you’re my best friend, Cas, so that works, right?”

“Uh huh.” They turned to face each other, awkwardly wondering how this even worked and if, perhaps, something magical would happen. It always did in the fairy tales they were told.

Just as they got themselves sorted their names were hollered by Cas’ dad. He came closer and took each of them by the hand, taking them away from the edge of the pond.

“I’ve told you boys several times to keep away from the edge of the pond. Castiel – you cannot swim okay.”

“I can!” Dean piped up helpfully.

“Dean… it doesn’t work like that. Yes, you can swim, but you couldn’t get Castiel out of the water. Both me and your dad have told you this. I think it’s best you go home and explain what’s happened.”

Both the boys sighed quietly and Dean kicked the dirt before heading back to his house, only stopping once to turn around and wave goodbye to Cas.

TWO – sixteen years old

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Two can play at this game - Part 1

Request from Anonymous: Ooohhhh!!! Or a Christian & Jay scenario where they both like her or something? Sorry, I can’t make up my mind!! -Anon who asked for Christians scene.

I wrote this with 2 point of views; Jay and Christian and tried to make it as petty as possible lol. I was going to do a third one from the reader’s p.o.v but that got too complicated so that idea was scratched. Also, there will be another part to this story.

 I hope this is easy to follow :) Happy readings xx

It’s your birthday party tonight and you have invited your close friends to your house for a small party. There were still many things to do before everyone arrives. You have to get the cake, prepare food, decorate the place, buy drinks and maybe squeeze in a little cleaning if you have time. You left your house early morning to buy the grocery and once the cake shop opens, you would pick it up. 

Jay’s P.O.V.

Tonight is [Y/N]’s party and I can’t wait to give her the present which I bought. It’s a silver bracelet that she liked when we walked past the jewelry store the other week. I was afraid she was going to in the store and buy it herself, but I told her to wait for another week because that is when they usually have sales. I lied, of course. I’ll call her and ask if she needs any help because I know she has heaps of things to do before the party. 

“Morning [Y/N], how’s everything?” 

“I’m drowning with grocery bags at the moment and out of all days, there doesn’t seem to be any taxis around. And I still need to pick up the cake,” she replied. 

“Are you shopping at the usual place?” 


“Great! I’m like 10 minutes away so I’m on my way. Text me where you are standing and I’ll meet you there”.

Christian’s P.O.V.

Yes! I just finished wrapping [Y/N]’s present. I hate wrapping presents but I’ll sit through a million how-to wrap videos for [Y/N]. I got her a personalised watch and hand bag. I put her initials on the watch’s band and the bag. I’ll call her and ask if she needs any help since I know how hard it is to plan a party. 

“Good morning, [Y/N]. Do you need any help?” 

“Hey, Christian. Yeah I’ve just done the shopping and I’m just waiting for Jay to come and help me,” she replied. 

“Jay? Isn’t he working today?”

“Nah I don’t think so. He called me earlier and asked if I needed help. I told I was doing the grocery so he’s meeting me soon. OH shit! I forgot about the cake?! Damn. Can I call you back, Christian?” 

“Cake? I thought you ordered it?”

“I did, but I need to pick it up and it’s across town. I should have told Jay to pick it instead.”

“I’ll do it, [Y/N]. Give me the address.”

“You’re a lifesaver, Christian! I’ll text you the address and I’ll call them in advance so they know. Can you drop it by my house when you get it?”

“Sure thing. I’ll see you soon then”.

Jay’s P.O.V.

I got off the taxi and saw [Y/N] standing there with grocery bags surrounding her feet. She must be cold as she was only wearing a t-shirt, black jeans and sneakers. 

“You’re saviour is here, [Y/N]. No need to look further.” She laughed. It is always good to hear her laugh at my jokes. “Here take my jacket. You must be freezing.” 

“Thanks so much for coming and yeah it’s so cold. I didn’t expect to buy this many. Now can you please hail a taxi, Saviour.”

When we got back to her house, I got the grocery bags and as we were walking up the steps there was somebody sitting there. It was Christian. What the hell is he doing here? Doesn’t he have to shoot those Instagram videos with them fancy visuals? Or go on Instagram Live just to show everyone that he vapes. What a loser. 

Christian’s P.O.V.

When I received [Y/N]’s message, I immediately got in a taxi and went to the cake shop. When I got the cake, the staff told me [Y/N] had already call them in advance. They also told me how lucky she was to have such a caring boyfriend. Even though [Y/N] and I aren’t a couple, I didn’t correct the staff instead I smiled and nodded. By doing that, I’m not hurting anyone right? 

I got to her house but she wasn’t home yet. Where the hell is that Jay taking her? He probably told the cab driver to take the route where his gym is. Just to show [Y/N] where he works out. What a loser. 

A few minutes later, a cab arrived in front of her house. I saw [Y/N] walking out of the taxi and she was wearing a ripped denim jacket. It looked far too big on her. As I was watching [Y/N] another figure exit the other side of the cab. The one and only Jay so the jacket must have been his. Look at him, carrying all the bags just to show off. 

“Hey Christian. You didn’t wait long at here, did you?” she asked.

“No I just got here. I saw the cake design. It’s very pretty and probably tastes sweet, just like you [Y/N].” 

“Christian, my actual birthday passed already. You don’t have to say nice things anymore. Well once every week is okay.”

We both laughed. [Y/N] unlocked her door and went in first, then me and lastly Jay. I didn’t bother helping him with the bags or greeted him.

Jay’s P.O.V.

“It’s very pretty and probably tastes sweet, just like you [Y/N].” Ugh. Who says things like that. That was so cringy I nearly dropped the bags. And that idiot didn’t bother to ask if I needed help or at least, hold the door. Why is [Y/N] friends with him.

I set the bags on the table and saw the two of them in the kitchen. They were huddling in front of the fridge. Probably looking for Christian’s sense of humour. 

“What are guys doing?” 

“We’re trying to fit this cake into the fridge. Ah there! Perfect.”

[Y/N] turned to face us and crossed her arms. 

“So, I have to start preparing the food. If the both of you are not busy, can you stay and help me? Please.”

“I’ll stay here to help you.”

Christian also insisted to stay. Great..!

Christian’s P.O.V.

Dammit, Jay also volunteered to stay. This is going to be fun..

“What do you want me to do?” 

“Um, well I need these vegetables cut and I still need to decorate the place. So one of you can help me in the kitchen and the other can decorate. So boys, choose your role.”

Jay’s P.O.V.

Obviously, I’m going to be the one helping [Y/N]. I don’t want her to be alone with Christian. 

“I’ll help you in here. Christian can decorate. He’s probably better then me, anyway.”

Christian’s P.O.V.

“What? I’m not good at decorating. Jay, you can’t cook so why would you be in here? It doesn’t make sense. You’re a musician, I’m sure your creativeness will shine through once you start to decorate.” I then threw one of the bags that had what looked like decorations in it. Or something that looked like a green balloon. It didn’t feel like it when I picked it up but oh well…

Jay’s P.O.V

“Ow! There’s a fucking melon in here, you idiot. And [Y/N] is cooking, I’ll just be cutting the vegetables and shit.”

Christian just threw a fucking melon at me. I swear, if [Y/N] wasn’t here I’ll beat his ass.

“Wow. I didn’t know I had two 5 years old in my house now. Okay, so why don’t you split the role. You guys can swap later on. Ok? Ok. Let’s get to work.” [Y/N] suggested. “Now, let me go get change into something comfy. These skinny jeans are sucking the blood out of my legs. Oh and I need to make a phone call as well. Jay, I’ll leave your jacket here.” 

As soon as [Y/N] left our sight, I turned to Christian. 

“Dude, why did you throw a melon at me? That shit hurts.”

“Oh I’m sorry, but don’t you work out and have abs or something. Surely you can take a hit from a melon.”

“Whatever man. Just stay out of my way, ok?”

Christian’s P.O.V

“Stay out of your way? What are you, a ‘do not enter’ sign? Jay, [Y/N] is also my friend so I have pretty much the same rights as you. I know how you feel about her and you probably know I feel the same way too. 

Damn.. Should I have just said that? Did I just let him have an advantage of some sort? 

Jay’s P.O.V.

“Yeah bro, I know you like her too. Kinda obvious. So what are we suppose to do? A fight to the death? 

“We’re not living in Rome [ay a reference ;)] , Jay. It’s not like we’re gladiators in those olden times. Plus she’s not a prize.”

“I know, she’s not, Christian. Well, Imma do my thing and um you do yours. We’ll let her decide?”

Christian’s P.O.V.

I don’t know how I feel after hearing Jay agreeing with me. It was good to know he’s actually serious. I’ve always thought he was somewhat of a player..? But after hearing him agree that she’s not a prize and the fact that, he wants her to choose… I can live with that. 


ball of anger // myg

RQ:  Hello. Could I please request a scenario where Yoongi’s younger sister (16) is staying with the boys for a while and the boys are out. When the walk in they see her making out with a boy and yoongi is really pissed. And they have a big fight because he says she’s too young for a relationship. Thank you have a great day

Genre: I made it fluff because I’m not really good at writing make out scenes and I didn’t want to make angst out of it :’D

masterlist <

[ RQ’s are open!! ]

A/N: sorry for the long wait~ (I had to google which city is bts’ dorm in and I felt like a stalker lmao) Also sorry if you don’t like the boy’s name, I tried to find an appealing korean name, heh.

Word Count: 791

Because you just started studying in Seoul and you were underage, you didn’t have enough money to have a place on your own. Luckily, your older brother Yoongi, who is working as an idol under BigHit, offered you to stay in their dorm for as long as you need to.

The first week was kind of akward, but since Taehyung was trying to talk to you all the time, you quickly became friends with the boys and enjoyed bowling games with Jungkook and movie marathons with Jimin and Hoseok.

You slowly got used to them and your brother was happy that you all get along. 

However, even when you two were extremely close, there were things you just couldn’t tell him - for an example - you couldn’t tell him that you found a boyfriend and that he’s a year older than you.

For you it wasn’t really a big deal. Your boyfriend - Woojin, was just a year older than you and you met a couple months ago in school during lunch break. You accidentally bumped into him and he spilled some coffee on your favorite hoodie, so he offered you his shirt and then you just kind of started talking. You two had a similar music taste, liked the same tv shows and both of you were just weird (in a good way, of course).

Yoongi, being the overprotective older brother, would probably find a way to get away with murder if he found out, that his sister has an older boy in her life. You were planning to tell him when you turn seventeen (sAYTHENAME) so he would think you are old enough for a relationship.

It was friday, and the boys had a dance practice, which meant you were going to be alone in the dorm for a couple of hours. You usually just kind of hang around, borrow some books Namjoon has, or watch movies Hoseok told you about, but today you wanted to see your boyfriend. You two couldn’t see each other due to his busy schedule and you living with BTS.

You texted him the location of the dorm, and in couple of minutes you prepared some popcorn and movies.

You two spent the whole day laughing at dramas, screaming at horrors and sobbing your eyes out on movies like Train To Busan. It was slowly getting late, and you decided to walk down the street with him, before you part your ways.

You both put on your coats and were ready to leave the dorm.

“Thanks for the company.” you giggled and fixed his scarf.

“No problem.” He gave you one of his cute grins.

You two slowly leaned closer, and gave each other a quick kiss as a goodbye. 

Of course, you didn’t realize, that a certain group of boys was standing in the hallway.


Both of you quickly jumped away from each other and stared at the mint haired ball of anger called Min Yoongi. The rest of Bangtan was quietly snickering at how protective he was, and Jin held him back by his hoodie, afraid that he might start a fight.

“Uh, hi, brother. This is my um… my boyfriend, Woojin.” you quickly explained, trying to sound as calm as possible.

Woojin slightly bowed to them and tried to save the situation with a smile.

“Nice to meet you, don’t worry, your younger sister and I were just watching some movies, because we didn’t see each other in a while.” he politely explained, still bowing.

“Did you watch Train To Busan?” asked Taehyung from somewhere behind Yoongi and Jin.

“Do not change the topic!” Yoongi quietly scolded him, earning more quiet giggles from the others.

“Come on, calm down. Y/N is old enough to have a boyfriend. Besides, Woojin here looks like a nice guy, why don’t we invite him over some day and calmly talk about it?” suggested your saviour, Namjoon.

Pretty much everyone except Yoongi slowly nodded.

Everyone turned to the mint haired boy.

Yoongi continued glaring at you two, before exhaling loudly.

“Ugh, fine, I’m tired. Let’s talk about it tommorow.” he said, visibly less angry.

Jin slowly released the sleeves of Yoongi’s hoodie, allowing him to enter the dorm.

“You don’t look like an idiot, but I warn you, if you hurt my little sister, I’ll hunt you down.” he growled before giving your boyfriend a gummy smile, like he just didn’t threaten him.

Woojin nervously scratched the back of his head, before adjusting his scarf.

“So um.. I’ll go home and I’ll call you later?” he asked quietly.

You just smiled and nodded, hugging him tightly.

“I’ll invite you over someday again. And don’t worry, Yoongi might look terrifying, but he’s a sweetheart.” you explained before closing the door behind him.

“No I’m not!” was the last thing you two heard, followed by a windshield laugh.

“This was the weirdest and funniest evening ever.”

your-heart-after-mine  asked:

Hey girl, can you give a summary of chapter 116? Pretty please? ^^

Hey! Sorry for replying so late! 


I’m not fluent in Japanese, and I don’t have much experience translating. I can read and look up words I don’t know, but I’m not claiming that this is a super accurate translation. Some things I was shaky on, and I didn’t translate every line. There are probably mistakes. But this is at least the gist of what’s going on, and I hope it helps until a better / official translation is released! :) 

Colored Pages: Exams in January. Kazehaya’s mother asks if he has his admission ticket for the exam. He says he’s got it before heading to the exam center. Sawako’s mother tells her to be careful and “Fight!” as she leaves home. “And, in February, each of us approaches the crucial moment.”

Page 1: Sawako wishes Kazehaya a happy Valentine’s Day. She says that even though she’s giving him store-bought chocolate this year, she thinks it will still taste good. Kazehaya thanks her for doing that for him, and Sawako apologizes for taking up his time when he’s busy studying.

Page 2: They are happy to see each other, and Kazehaya admits that he feels kind of shy since they haven’t been able to meet for a while. The students are currently in a “home study” period, and even though it’s only for a little bit, she and Kazehaya have met each other for the past 3 Valentine’s Days. Before leaving, he tells Sawako to do her best!

Page 3: Chizu texts Sawako a picture of the homemade chocolate she made for Ryu. As soon as Sawako replies to Chizu’s message, she suddenly gets a message from Ayane titled, “Report” (as in her exam results).

Page 4: Message reads: “I passed. I’m heading to the school to let them know.” Sawako says, “You…did it…Ayane-chan…you did it…!!” 

Page 5: “You did it!!!!” Sawako thinks: “Ayane-chan, you’re a step ahead.” 

Page 6: Ayane thinks about what Pin would say if he knew the cough drop he gave her was her good luck charm while she took the exam. (The imaginary Pin in the background is bragging, “It’s all thanks to me!! Ha Ha Ha!!”) She laughs because it seems like something he’d say. “But,” she thinks, “If he said that, I wouldn’t be able to deny it.”

Page 7: “If Pin hadn’t been there, I would have given up a long time ago. If I tell him I passed, what will he say?”

Page 8: Ayane suddenly realizes it’s Valentine’s Day.

Page 9: Ayane thinks, “Now that I think about it, I gave chocolate my first and second years of high school!!! To Pin!!! No way!!!” She thinks about how she could give it to him – as a “thank you” or with a friendly, light-hearted attitude? Ultimately she decides it’s impossible and dashes away.

Page 10: Ayane thinks, “Since Pin is shameless, maybe he’ll demand chocolate. In that case, wouldn’t it be good to come prepared? I’ll say, ‘It can’t be helped’ or something like, ‘Even though it’s for my dad…’” Suddenly Chigusa calls out to her and asks if she came to school to tell them her exam results. She says that yes, and that she passed – Chigusa tosses her the photos and says that now they’re a congratulatory gift!  

Page 11: Ayane brought bags of chips as a bribe for the photos, but Chigusa turns her down, saying they’re a gift for passing her exam. Ayane starts to insist that she accept the chips, panicking because it seems like Chigusa knows why she wanted the photos (haha!). Ayane shoves a chip in her mouth, saying that it’s “hush money” – Chigusa assures her that her lips are sealed as she leaves with the chips. Ayane seems shocked, but thanks her and runs into the bathroom. 

Page 12: Looking at the photos, Ayane thinks about how happy she and Pin look, mentally thanking Chigusa for capturing the moment. 

Page 13: She thinks about how they’re smiling and laughing in the picture. Suddenly she tears up, thinking, “…oh no…the pictures…they’ll get wet…what is this…?” She asks herself how many more times she and Pin will be able to meet.

Page 14: “Three times? And after I tell him that I passed, two times?” In her memories, she says, “Ugh, it’s Pin! Don’t walk so close to me!” He yells, “I’m not!!” She remembers him calling her “Idiot! Idiot!” with a huge grin on his face. “Which one of us is the idiot?” she asks.

Page 15: She thinks that soon she won’t even be able to look at his face. 

Page 16: She walks up the steps to the office.

Page 17: She thinks, “…it’s no good. I’ll start crying…”

Page 18: “(My feelings) will come through. This time he’ll definitely notice.”

Page 19: Pin suddenly hears a noise from outside the door (Ayane running back down the stairs). He listens for a moment, but then slams the door open and yells, “Is someone there? HEY!!”

Page 20: Receiving no answer, he angrily slams the door. He waits around for two hours, grumbling and bored. A female student asks permission to enter. 

Page 21: “Sensei, I passed at my first choice!!” Pin excitedly tells her he knew she could do it! He congratulates her and reminds her to come on the 31st (of March?). Before she can leave, he asks her if she’s seen Ayane. The female student says that she hasn’t, and that Ayane wasn’t in the classroom either.

Page 22: Pin thinks that today should be the day they learn their exam results. “That means she…disappeared / ran…?“ Looking at the clock, he thinks, “Well…I’ll wait a little longer…”

Page 23: Kento runs into Ayane at the train station and asks what she’s doing there. He tells her about the chocolate he’s received and she laughs a little, saying that he’s so nice. He reminisces that last year he only received them from his girlfriend.

Page 24: He shouts that it was fun, and Ayane agrees while thinking that she did really horrible things to him, but he gave her lots of happy memories. Suddenly Kento remembers the exam and asks how she did.

Page 25: Ayane says, “Yeah. I passed!” Kento happily shouts, “You did it!! You did it, Ayane-chan! Congratulations!!” Ayane smiles and thanks him.

Page 26: Kento notices the pictures and Ayane says that Chigusa brought her some from the New Year’s shrine visit. Kento tells her that actually, he was also there – Ayane didn’t know, and asks why he didn’t call out to her. He says it was okay.

Page 27: He says, “I saw you making a face I’d never seen before.” 

Page 28: Ayane thinks, “A face…he’d never seen before?” Kento asks if she remembers what he told her when they broke up.

Page 29: She remembers that he told her to make sure that she likes the next guy a lot. “That’s great, Ayane-chan,” he says, smiling at her. Ayane tells him that he’s too good, and he agrees with a laugh.

Page 30: Ayane says, “It’s thanks to you, Kento!!” She thinks, “That I was able to love someone. I used to think I was incapable of falling in love. That I couldn’t love someone. But…I did…” Kento asks if she gave any chocolate, and Ayane answers that she couldn’t give any – she didn’t even announce her exam results. Kento says, “That’s not good! He’s waiting!!”

Page 31: Kento tells her that she has to go quickly, and she agrees.

Page 32: “…hmm…” Pin says, staring at the clock. Ayane thinks, “Is it okay to let [my feelings] come out?”

Page 33: “In the end, I’m scared. Of being rejected, of seeing the results. Just like when I took the exam, I’m scared!” Ayane calls Chizu and asks her to please say some powerful words (to encourage her).

Page 34: Chizu doesn’t get it so starts yelling, “Idiot! Idiot! Stupid kid!” Ayane tells her she’s cursing and then laughs, telling her to stop. She says, “You’re right! After all, I am an idiot! I am a stupid kid! Thank you! I’m okay now!!” Chizu says, “Huh? Wait a sec – why? Were you feeling lonely because you’re going to Tokyo by yourself?!” Ayane smiles and says, “…no. I’ll do my best…”

Page 35: Ayane then calls Sawako, who congratulates her for passing. Ayane thanks her and apologizes for interrupting her studying – she asks Sawako to tell her to do her best. Sawako says, “…do your best!”

Page 36: “Ayane-chan, do your best! Do your best! Do your best…!” Ayane thanks her, saying she’s so glad she met them all. She thinks, “Even though Kazehaya could have liked someone, Sawako ran to him…”

Page 37: “…Chizu, who understood she couldn’t have a mutual love [with Toru].” [Kento facing her and having their breakup conversation…]

Page 38: [I *think* she’s saying that all around her everyone did these things without seeking or hoping for a certain result] She returns to the store she ran from earlier and buys Valentine’s chocolate for Pin. "But…it was my longing. To become familiar with it…like everyone else.” She enters the school and asks another teacher where Pin is. He says that he already went home.

Page 39: The teacher says that he stayed pretty late, but Ayane races out before he can finish speaking. As she approaches Pin’s apartment, she thinks, “After all, I’m a stupid kid. But [you / he] [know / knows] that, right?”

Page 40: “Didn’t he say, ‘It’s okay to be a stupid kid’? [Here, I think Ayane is referencing the end of her conversation with Pin in Chapter 87] Surely whatever he says, whatever the outcome is, I’ll be able to come to terms with all of it, right?”

Page 41: Ayane rings the doorbell.

Page 42: O/////////////////O

Page 43: If this is going to be my first rejection, I’m glad that it’s Pin. 

I’m not always sure who she’s talking about in the section leading up to Pin’s door; she might be speaking directly to Pin in her mind, or she might just be thinking about him. If anyone has anything to add / clarify, feel free! This was an amazing chapter!! :D


Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Requested by: @imasurvivor65

Based off What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

Warnings: swearing, angst, fluff, kind of going off prompt a bit, and me putting myself in there because I’m a weird git.

You were walking through the corridor to Potions with your friends, when suddenly you heard a wolf-whistle and felt a pinch on your arse. Furious, you whipped round, only to be faced with the smirking face of Draco Malfoy. “Looking good, sweetcheeks.” he drawled, winking at you. 

You stared at him in disgust, mortified. “What the hell is wrong with you, Malfoy?!” 

“Merlin, babe, calm down! There’s no need to be embarrassed, we all know you enjoyed it.” he smirked. If looks could kill, he would be six feet under.

“Burn in hell, you bastard.” you hissed, before storming in the opposite direction. 

“Uh, Y/N? That’s not the way to Potions,” one of your friends called out.

“I’m counting on it!” you shouted, rounding a corner angrily. However, you could still hear Malfoy and his friends oohing, and it made your blood boil, as well as an unwelcome prickling feeling behind your eyes.

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