ugh look at louis

The height difference between Louis and Harry kills me KILLS ME

I wrote ziam drabble that literally no one asked for. 

Zayn is a second-year uni student who’s honestly just there to get his English degree, living with his best friend Louis (who always seems to have relationship drama). Liam is a cute stranger and Zayn can’t help but question everything when he looks at him.

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I pray to the sky for forgiveness
For those who suffered
Under the weight of my crown
I was only a mother.

anonymous asked:

Ugh I'm looking for that gif where louis and harry's feet mirrored I can't find it. Do you know what I'm talking about

Hmm, this one? If not, you can check my mirroring tag and you might find it.

Zouis ‘Ready to start the war interview’ face.