ugh look at louis

The height difference between Louis and Harry kills me KILLS ME

anonymous asked:

Okay that kid is SO BIG for what his reported age is supposed to be. I also can't believe someone commented that he looks like Ernest - Louis' half-sibling. So that means Austin looks like Ernest too then????

He really is big, I don’t he’s like so much older and  that could also be just his (Clark) genetics, but yeah - also lol Ernie looks just like Dan, he has minimal resemblance with Louis 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Ugh and it looks like B just did another pap walk with Freddie at marmalade cafe and still his fave is not blurred! Like don’t say you’re working on it cousin Trashley if your family has no intention of actually doing it!

I just… don’t get the purpose of dragging this baby into this many pap walks 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Where are those pics? I didn’t find them on the UAs

Just posted a few links 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Awwww Did Brianna miss having her picture papped cause she doesn’t have any new pictures to hung up and frame on her wall


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:B is acting like she has sponsors and tagging them in her pics dksmdkmaf god this girl learns nothing

She’s trying to get something because she knows bg is on its final days 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:what’s up with that family’s inability to buy pants for that kid? did they ran out of money when they got to the pants section?


are we really doing this again

louis seen w danielle: ugh :/// he looks so sloppy….danielle….girl what are you doing…not famous enough to get headlines by yourself….God free louis :/

harry seen w kendall: OMG they’re so weird 😂 !! harry looks SO good! *kendall on harrys lap* I LOVE their friendship !!