ugh look at his precious face


Top 5 klayley moments by @there-are-wolves-in-my-head

#2 “NOTHING TRUE”. I’ll repeat “NOTHING TRUE” (1x20) !!! SO DAMN IMPORTANT!!! Hayley finally saw a bit of how much Klaus suffered at the hands of Mikael. She saw how much Klaus was hated by his own “father”, and she realized that he was not just a monster, like she may have once thought. The look on Klaus’ face was priceless. He was so, so so happy!! I think it meant the world for him knowing that Hayley didn’t saw him like Mikael did. Srsly too precious to put into words really. (also the whole nursery thing… ugh not even going there! lmaooo)

inukag in episode 140

First of all, this is my FAVORITE art style in the anime! I love the mature looks on their faces and the way they draw and shade the eyes and the noses (I ♥ that shadow under their eyes omfg!!!!)! Second of all, the INUKAG-ness is killing me!!!

Do you SEE how he yells her name and catches her in the first part??? OMFG. And then you get to see his thoughts like, “GOOD SHE IS NOT HURT.”

Ugh and look at the second part! Look at the absolutely ferocious look in Inuyasha’s eyes when he knows Kagome is in danger! AND THEN HE SAYS “DON’T YOU DARE LAY A HAND ON HER!” OOMMFG I SCREAMED AT THAT PART. LIKE KAGOME IS HIS PRECIOUS BABE IF YOU HURT HER YOU WILL DIE OMFG.


Attempted to color my sketch of Norik’s handsome face. I made two variants of Norik’s face, one with his Pehkui in precious silver, and another one in normal protodermis. 

Turns out, Clip Studio Paint doesn’t have channels (maybe i’m looking in the wrong place, but so far, nada, not even histogram, that sucks). Because of that, cleaning up a sketch proves troublesome (not undoable, but headache-inducing).

Another feature that Clip Studio lacks is ‘save for web’. That one makes me pull out my hair because I have to manually resize my images to save them. Ugh.

As of usual, my PC cannot handle any remotely complex shading, it starts to lag like crazy. Simple shadows and highlights is as far as I can go, which is not a bad thing, but certainly makes me wish I could go all out on some of my sketches.

So far, Clip Studio is perfectly fine for sketching (to some extent) and simple coloring (to some extent as well), even has some very neat things, but I wouldn’t work on anything important with it. Too much features that I’m used to in Photoshop are missing completely or are weirdly/partially implemented.

That’s not me bashing on Clip Studio Paint, no. It’s a great program for it’s price, and a decent alternative to Photoshop (it’s less performance-hogging too!). But as an artist who painted in Photoshop for the majority of my digital art ‘career’, I just can’t stand the absence of some features.