ugh look at him would you


Gradence fluff, maybe holiday themed where Graves gives Credence his scarf because Credence looks cold? (Pre-Grindewald, that is).


‘Here kid’ Credence started and flinches away from him - Graves literally ready to give him his coat as well
’M…my mother wouldn’t be ha-happy’ but Graves is already wrapping it around him and the scarf is warm from where its been around Graves neck
Imagine Graves pressing his warm hands to Credence’s cheeks (you know that part in the movie with the face touch and Credence’s stressy eyebrows and face….ugh)
And Graves would just be watching his face because really whats he going to do he cant steal a child off the street, he’s going to have to walk away but BOY he does not want to.
He’s thinking 'I could charm Credence’s jack but uhhm…look at what he’s handing out - that would go down really well’ and he’s set this all up for Grindelgross

Credence would see orig. graves coming and his heart would beat a little faster
'Good day, Credence, how are you?’ he has countless fliers stuffed in his pockets that he’s taken as an excuse to come and check up on him bringing him food
'Where’s your scarf Credence?’
'I’m so sorry, m…mother took it. I can…I can get you another’
Until Credence’s mother spots them - this creepy older man seducing him and Credence allowing it
Maybe she blames Credence for drawing Graves to him
She jelly
The next time Graves come Credence wont look at him and tries to tell him that he cant talk to him anymore, clutching his leaflets in shaking burning hands with the stripes across his palms from the belt.
'What on earth?’

being intimate with credence would include’s // credence barebone

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request: Why did you make me fall in love with credence again I was just starting to get over him a lil :’( just kidding I’ll never get over him lmao but seriously, can you please do some more headcanons for him, like first time being intimate if that’s okay? (by anon)


- it had taken nearly half a year for you to have been able to convince credence that it was okaY to even kiss you on the cheek


- but seriously

- he would have to ask you 13 times if it was okay to kiss you


- but if you really got credence in the mood tho ;-))

- you would have to coax him through nearly the whole process - which was quite a lengthy one ;-))))))))))


- the way credence would look at you throughout the whole thinG THO



- it would make you feel slightly insecure at first, but credence would be so loving and gentle that you really didn’t care as long as you were with him


- credence would be trying so hard to be calm and controlled but he really can’t resist

- ‘are you okay?’ ‘i’m not hurting you, right?’ LIKE EVERY 15 SECONDS

- but it’s actually really sweet

*welp five more years till im allowed to even consider dating* (KIERA AGREES LIKE TUMBLR IS GOING “we’re forever single” but what if you’re like underage and still have a curfew)

-  credence would be incredibly nervous after the whole thing

- he would probably wondering if he was good enough, or that you could do better than him

- and you would just smother him in little kisses and assure him that he’s perfect

- because let’s ALL admit it, credence is too precious for any of us, am i rIGHT MACUSA


- roxanna


Seventeen Reaction: Falling for an ‘01 liner: S.Coups, Jun, The8 and Dino

Request:  hi~ can i request for SCoups, Jun, The8 & Dino’s reaction to falling in love with a 01 liner? thankiew ^^

A/N: Omg my first Seventeen reaction, I’m so excited! Thank you to the anon who sent this in, I hope you like it! xx


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ugh my heart why is he so cute

I feel like despite the pretty big age gap, Seungcheol would be pretty open minded and if he falls for you, he can’t help it. When he found out you were so much younger than him I think he’d be surprised but not necessarily put off, especially if you were mature. To him, it’s definitely more about personality than age or looks.


Originally posted by livinthediamondlife

I think he’d be hella shocked but like Seungcheol, would try and be chill about it, although I think it could affect him a little more. I think he’d definitely have to take time to readjust and reevaluate his feelings for you now that he knew you were that much younger than him but, at the end of the day if he wanted you then there’s not much he can do about the age gap.


Originally posted by wonyeols

I don’t think this little cutiepie would care one bit how old you are, the age gap isn’t even that big so he’d be more than happy to date an ‘01 liner, so long as he was attracted to them. When he found himself falling for you, he simply embraced it, the age gap not even being a concern in his mind.


Originally posted by mountean

With Dino there is barely an age gap so this little maknae would be absolutely over the moon to be falling for someone so amazing who is somewhat close to his age. When he found he was falling for you, he would ask all his hyungs on help as to what to do to win you over, having such a big crush on you was a little intimidating at times.

*Fangirl/Bias Relationships*

Me: Look at him! Daddy AF! Yasss!

Also Me: Why is my son like this??? I didn’t raise him this way! Ugh my child!

Even More Me: Hmm… Do you think that he would mind if our first dance at our wedding was to his song? Is that weird?

Me to the Max: I want to kill him. This beautiful piece of filth needs to stop existing on my planet with his bouncy hair and flawless skin. I’m done. DONE!

Random Obitine Thought

So you know in “The Mandalore Plot” when Obi Wan first greets Satine? First she abruptly cuts off what would’ve probably been another long argument and suggests they go for a walk. Then she holds out her hand to him and gives him this look like “well are you going to help me up or not?” and Obi Wan finally obliges. And then they basically have eye!sex while Obi leads Satine, BY THE HAND, down the steps from her throne.

But like, we all know Satine is perfectly capable of handling herself on her own. She doesn’t need any help getting up from chairs and walking down steps. She knows this, Obi Wan knows this, everyone in the throne room at that moment knows this. So WHY does she insist on getting Obi Wan to help her? Even for all her regality she’s not the kind of person who expects to be waited on hand and foot, which is probably why Obi Wan pauses for a moment when she extends her hand - he’s a little surprised by the gesture.

So this comes back to the original question of why she does it in the first place if it’s completely unnecessary. And the only conclusion I can come to is that the only reason Satine practically demands that Obi Wan help her up is simply because SHE JUST WANTS TO HOLD HIS HAND. There’s really no other explanation that makes sense. Satine missed him but can’t make a big show of how happy she is to see him in public, so she does the only thing she can think of AS AN EXCUSE TO TOUCH HIM. Everybody else sees it as a weird formality or possibly something done out of disdain for the Jedi, but like, the way Obi’s hand LINGERS and the way they just CANNOT KEEP THEIR DAMN EYES OFF EACH OTHER in that brief moment says it all. Satine wants to hold his hand, and Obi Wan is secretly overjoyed that he gets to hold her hand, and they are absolutely perfect and beautiful and deserved to be together instead of the horrible ending they got and I AM DEAD. THIS SHIP HURTS ME TOO MUCH.

anonymous asked:

What do you think the "how many?" thing is about? Alec looks annoyed.

I already talked about this here, Anon. But well. Basically, it can lead to two things in the end in my opinion:

a) After Magnus repeated Alec’s question, Alec may ask him how many shadowhunters he dated before him because as you may noticed, those were missing when Magnus’ list. So Magnus tells Alec that he is his first shadowhunters—similar to the book where Magnus says “You’re my first so many things, Alec Lightwood.” Which I think would be really adorable.

b) Or they have another one of their honest and real conversations and Magnus tries to take away Alec’s insecurities and assures him that there is no need to worry. Because as we already saw/noticed Alec isn’t annoyed or pissed at Magnus, he doesn’t judge him because they already showed us more than once that show!Alec is NOT biphobic. Alec is just intimidated since it perfectly shows how much experience Magnus has when it comes to relationships when this is all brandnew for Alec.

Whatever it may be in the end, we’ll find out. All I know for sure is, it will be probably pretty amazing. :)

Lipstick stains |Stiles stilinski imagine|

Stiles x reader

Relationship: cheesy couple hahah
Y/N = your name Y/L/n = your last name
Requests are open!

I sat down at the cafeteria table next to Stiles and across from Scott. “I’m going to kill him.” Stiles spat as he got up from the table. “What? Who?” You said grabbing his arm, holding him back. Scott stood up protectively. “That dude who was checking you out!” “Stiles sit down. It’s okay” You said practically pulling him down to the table before he could do anything else. Scott and you always got worried when Stiles wanted to fight someone because you knew he would never win. “Oh Stiles as if you could beat that dude up!” “I would beat him up easily, anything to stop look at my girlfriend.” “Ugh. You guys are so cheesy.” Scott laughing as you guys went back to eating your lunch Lydia, Liam, Kira and malia joined the table. You felt Stiles put his hand around your waist pulling you closer to him. He was always very affectionate, even in public. You didn’t mind since all he wanted to do was to show you off. He started kissing you on your neck making a trail of his lips. “Stiles.” You said as he looked at you and then around at everyone looking at you. You didn’t mind it was just you were trying to eat your lunch when he was trying to make it a steamy make-out session. He looked into your eyes and pecked your lips. “Oh please! Get a room!” Malia said laughing. “Why get a room when you have one right here” Stiles said opening up his arms to show the big room. Then he looked back you, cupped your and kissed you. You wrapped your hands around his neck and he had his hands around your waist. “Ewwww” Young Liam said as the whole pack starting laughing. “What?” Stiles said lipstick smeared over his lips. Scott pointed to his own face signaling that stiles had it on his face, but of course stiles didn’t get the moto! I wiped the lipstick off with my napkin. “You guys are cute but disgusting” Malia said again. “You all are just jealous you haven’t got a steaming hot girlfriend like mine!” He said as he grabbed your hand from under the table and didn’t let it go. You loved it when he talked about you!🤗

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I work at Cracker Barrel and something really upset me today. This couple in camo gear came up to buy this Santa calendar, when suddenly the lady (maybe late 20′s early 30′s) goes “Wait a minute, what color is he?” And I said excuse me? And she says “Does he look black to you? Would you consider him to be black?” And I paused and said “I mean, yes I would say he’s black.” And she fucking shoved it at me like she was touching something putrid and said “Ugh absolutely not take it. That is not fucking right Santa is not black.” And I had to fake my customer service smile while I wanted to absolutely throw up on her. So I took it back with a smile, saying nothing, and they stormed out. I would like to note that this Santa was so racially ambiguous, she had to squint to even realize he might not be totally white. 

I hope that lady gets ugly ties and whiskey stones for Christmas and chokes on a fruitcake.  

Curtain Call

Thayne Jasperson x Reader

“Y/N!” Thayne screamed, waking you up from your sleep. “Y/N get up it’s our last show today!”

You groaned.

“Thayne, please… just let me sleep.”

You buried your head back into your pillow.

“But Y/N,” your boyfriend whined from where he decided to lay on top of you. “You promised that we would go get pancakes!”

Shit. You did promise that.

“Ugh alright.”

“WHOOOHOO!” he cried, jumping up and down like a child.

“Just let me take a shower first,” you said, rolling out of bed.

He looked at you.

“Can I join?”


“Thayne are you ready for this?” Lin whispered to him as they both stood in the dressing room, getting ready for the show.

“My last show? Yeah, I guess, it’s always good to go onto something new,” he replied, messing with the buttons on his costume.

Lin rolled his eyes.

“You know what I’m talking about Thayne, come on.”

Thayne sighed.


“Thayne!” you called from outside the door. “Oak really needs to talk to you real quick!”

“Okay I’ll be right there!”

Your footsteps faded down the hallway before Lin turned back to Thayne.


“I need to go talk to Oak.”


“It’s only a matter of time.”

The lights went out and you breathed a sigh of relief. Your last show was over.

The lights came back on again and you all went to the front for your final bow. The crowd was cheering loudly, just like they did every night.

Thayne looked at you from the other side of the stage, with an almost nervous look in his eye.

You gave him a questioning look.

“You okay?” you mouthed at him.

He gave a slight nod and a small smile before turning back to the crowd.

The crowd started to die down when all of the sudden Lin came out onto the stage.

‘What was going on?”

Everyone took a few steps back, giving him some room to talk.

“Hey everyone! Thanks for coming out tonight!” he called as everyone keep cheering. “Alright everyone calm down! I have a very important announcement tonight. As you all know, we are losing two of our very treasured castmates tonight. Thayne Jasperson and Y/N Y/L/N. Well Thayne asked if he could make a farewell address, and ask someone very special to him a very special question. So without further ado, Thayne Jasperson.”

Everyone started to cheer again, and you stood there very confused. Lin and Jasmine grabbed you by your arms and lead you to the front of the stage, just far enough so that you couldn’t see your boyfriend.

“So all of you may know that Y/N and I have been dating for almost four years now. Tonight however, I was going to ask her a very important question. And I have a little something prepared, so here goes.


I feel as though I don’t tell you enough, but I love you with all my heart. We have faced so much together, been through so much together, I can’t imagine that we would ever be apart.

I know that it’s been hard, with us doing seperate gigs in different parts of the world. But my love for you has never failed, no matter what.

I know that many things await us my love, and I hope that you will decide to spend the rest of your life going on many adventures with me. I know that I will follow you wherever you decide to go.

So finally, Y/N Y/L/N,

Will you marry me?”

The crowd started screaming, you could feel the tears streaming down your face.

“Turn around,” Lin whispered to you.

You turned around slowly, losing it when you saw Thayne down on one knee, holding a ring box out to you.

You gave a laugh/ cry.

“So Y/N? Will you become Mrs. Jasperson?” Thayne asked you.

The crowd starting cheering behind you.

Lin motioned for the crowd to fall silent.

You looked at Thayne as everyone held their breathe for your answer.

“Yes,” you nodded. “I will marry you.”

The crowd starting screaming, the cast cheering.

Thayne smiled widely at you and picked you up, swinging you around and giving you a big kiss.

He got back on he knee and took your hand, sliding the ring onto your finger. He looked up at you, love and adoration gracing his features.

“I love you Y/N.”

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i kinda hope that one day when harley is visiting tony the topic of new york comes up and everything starts groaning because “ugh here goes tony and his ego classic stark” and think he’s just trying to ultra brag in front of the kid

but then harley is like omg tony you’re speaking about ny!!!! that’s heaps good well done and everyone is super confused about why this kid is effectively enabling tony

(maybe that’s when they find out about about tonys panic attacks and PTSD because harley is horrified that they’d brush him off so quickly and wants them to realise how callously they’re acting, but there’s always a chance that harley would take one look at their reactions and realise that if this is how they’ve been acting to tony then harley isnt gonna be the one to tell them the full truth, they’ve done nothing to prove themselves to him - or to tony and in harley’s opinion the sooner tony realises this the better)

if i had to explain what heartbreak was, i would say it’s you.

i would say heartbreak was the feeling i got in my chest when i could tell you were pulling away.

i would say heartbreak is looking you in the eyes & hearing you say “i love you” but knowing you didn’t mean it.

i would say heartbreak is laying in bed crying at 3am, because i knew you didn’t care anymore.

i would say heartbreak is falling so in love with everything about you, and thinking you actually loved me too.

i’ve always heard talk about how it feels to not be loved by the one person you loved, but i never knew how badly the pain really was, until it happened to me.

—  why did you break my heart?
Too Much To Drink • Tomtord

(I’m kind of nervous and embarrassed about writing a Tomtord fanfic, but whatever. Enjoy.)
Tom slowly woke up, his head pounding. He flinched with every movement, noticing he was covered in cuts and bruises. “What the hell did I do last night…” He groaned. Tom suddenly jolted up, realizing this was not his room. He turned to his side, spotting Tord, all curled up by his side. He stared at his in disbelief. ‘Oh, shit… Did we…?’ Tom pushed Tord off of the bed. “WAKE UP YOU COMMIE BASTARD.” Tom yelled. Tord shot up, and slowly stood up. “You seduced me last night, didn’t you, you little-” Tord stuck his hands up in the air. “No! Why would we… Ugh, look, it’s not what it looks like.” Tord said sternly. Tom stared at him, not believing him. But he needed some sort of explanation. “Fine. Then what DID happen.” Tom growled. Tord sighed, sitting back on the bed.
“Look, Matt and Edd where busy, and you needed to be picked up from drinking. You got into a fight or something, cause security threw you out before I even got their. So I walked over to you… and…” Tord hesitated, and stared at the ground for a few seconds. “Then you started flirting with me. I figured cause you where drunk as all hell, you didn’t know what you were doing. And then…. and then you kissed me.” Tom flinched. What the heck was his drunk self doing? Tom didn’t say anything, and just stared at the wall. Tord continued. “After that, I drove you home in silence, and then i went to bed. But then you followed after me and refused to sleep in your own bed. I was extremely tired, so I gave in and said yes, and then we fell asleep. We didn’t do anything, I swear.” Tord finished explaining. Tom just stared, his head buzzing. Tord looked down. “…But, all that flirting and the kiss… That didn’t mean anything, right?” Tord asked. Tom finally look at him, and threw his head back onto a pillow, groaning. “Tord, look… after I shot you down, I couldn’t get my mind off if you. I didn’t understand why. I hate you. Why can’t I stop thinking about you? And when you came back… with that giant scar on your face and arm… I just felt… Sorry for what I did. But despite that, I knew I shouldn’t this way. So I tried to hide it, and acted like I still hated you with a passion. But… ugh, I think I’m in love with you.” Tom covered his face. “And I had to be DRUNK to finally admit it to you, I guess.” Tord just stared at him. Tom? In… love with him? Tord didn’t know what to say. “…Tom, I…” Tord mumbled. Tom shot up. “Yeah, i’m a fucking idiot, right? I’m discusting?” Tom snarled. Tord slowly reached over and grabbed his hand, and swung his head into a kiss. Tom squeezed Tord’s hand in surprise. But he then melted into the kiss, and hugged onto him. They suddenly heard a beep and they both swung around, spotting Edd and Matt at the door way, Matt holding his phone, recording them. “GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!” Tom yelled, springing up from the bed. Matt ran away, while Edd stood their and laughed. “Glad you two are finally getting along.” Edd laughed. Tom ran over to the door and swung it shut. He then stared at Tord, who burst into laughter. “I still hate you, you know?” Tord said teasingly. Tom smirked. “Yeah, I hate you to.”
(Well, that was stupid. Hope you guys enjoyed it.)

Isak and Even hair drabble | what even is this tho?

I miss Isak, I miss Even…I wonder what they are doing right now…

I imagine that they are being goofy as always, showing their affection by arguing about something silly like 

OMG like Isak deciding that he wants to get a flipping haircut! And Even is just like NO !!!!! FUCKING !!! WAY !!!! BOI. He is literally so offended and I mean this actually turns super serious. Isak kinda just said it one day like “Ugh my hair is getting so long, and it’s so curly and so annoying and I just want to chop it all off” and Even’s all like “lol don’t do that baby, you would not pull of bald. You’d look like a cute baby egg” and then he just kisses his golden curls and Isak playfully slaps him away while grinning “Shut up! I would not, I’d look like a fucking king” 

Even just laughs and is like “sure baby” 

but then of course eventually it gets serious??? like Isak brings it up again one day, like Even mentions a film he wants to go see and Isak is like “Oh let me know the time it’s on because I was thinking of getting my hair cut on Sunday” and Even just like freezes and is all “EXCUSE ME? wot da fuq” and Isak looks up at him and is like “yeah i mean i’m just gonna get it cut a little shorter so it’s not as curly and annoying.” Even’s hand (which was stroking all of Isak’s ‘annoying’ curls) has just stopped in his hair and he is just Not. Chill. At. All. he looks at Isak with his mouth all open and pouty “You are not cutting your hair.” he declares meeting Isaks eyes. 

Isak laughs “what??” he shouts amused and surprised at the passion inside his boys voice over his damn hair. Even just tilts his face down and gives Isak his “I am not kidding babe your not going there, fight me boo” look. 

and Isak just laughs before shouting “oh my gosh your being ridiculous! It’s just hair It doesn’t even matter EVEEEEEN!” 

so then Even just thinks oh you want to fucking start this before smiling and nodding. Isak nods with pride thinking he’s won this fight befooooore Even says 

“You know what? You’re right, summer is coming up and it just gets so hot, I think i’ll go and get my hair cut with you.” 



Isak looks back up at him in horror “NEI!” he practically screams before he could rethink it. 

Even’s eyebrows shoot up smugly “what? no? But baby it’s just hair right?” 

Isak rolls his eyes and crosses his arms in defeat “Fine…fine no fucking hair cut. I hate you.” 

Even rolls over and pulls grumpy Isak closer to him, holding him against his chest. “You love me…” He runs his hand through Isak’s prince hair and kisses it before whispering in his ear “and I love your hair.” 

Isak smiles to himself and blushes. He would never tell Even but after hearing those words from the man of his life, Isak has never looked after his precious curls more.  

sakura watches as naruto lifts the top of his bun and removes the vegetables, putting them on sasuke’s plate, and without batting an eye, sasuke adds them to his own burger. they fix their food as seemlessly as they move in battle and sakura can’t help but shake her head, thoroughly unimpressed.

“naruto, eat your vegetables,” she orders.

but naruto just bites into his lunch. “don’t wanna,” he replies between bites. 

beside him, sasuke starts eating as well, clearly enjoying his extra tomatoes. annoyed, sakura kicks sasuke under the table. “why are you encouraging him?”

sasuke sighs heavily. “what would you have me do? tell him he can’t have dessert unless he eat that single piece of lettuce, which, to be clear, has virtually no nutrition to it?”


sasuke pauses, looking from sakura to naruto as if he’s thinking about it. then he bites into his burger once again and shrugs. “don’t wanna.”



Summary : You’re on your period and Shawn’s all cute and taking care of you and stuff aw.

PS tell me if ur on your period, tell me we can be period sisters and sync every month whoo! Xx yeah im weird okay enjoy

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You woke up, eyes fluttering to the sudden light. Looking to your left, you saw Shawn still fast asleep softly snoring. Pff and he said he didn’t snore. You chuckled as his nose scrunched up because your hair tickled him. He was so cute, and he was even more adorable when he was sleepy. You watched him sleep, noticing how his mouth hung slightly open, how his eyelashes rested on his eyelids and how he would smile ever so slightly sometimes. Your mouth opened, and suddenly your yawn turned into a groan. A stabbing pain hit you in your abdomen. Ugh Mother Nature. You got up slowly and walked to the bathroom to put a pad on. Glancing at your appearance in the mirror, you walked back to the bed. A few minutes later, you were twisting and writhing around in discomfort. No position alleviated the heavy weight pressed against your uterus. Man, cramps were the worst. Shawn noticed, and woke up.

“Hey kicky.” He said softly, his voice a little deeper than usual because he was tired.

“Mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm shut up.” You moaned, bringing your knees up to your chest. That didn’t help, so you switched position for the hundredth time, lying on your stomach in the star position.

“What’s wrong baby.” He kissed your earlobe.

“Let’s just say I hate being a woman.”

“Aw poor baby.” He said, rubbing your back. This soothed you, and you fell back asleep. A couple moments later, he asked you if you were hungry.

“Um Shawn, I’m on my period. I’m always hungry.”

So he got up, and started cooking in the kitchen. A while later, a delicious smell flew into the room and you decided to get up. Throwing you hair in a messy bun, you put on some sweats and Shawn’s burgundy hoody. Normally you would hate putting loose on loose, but today you didn’t care one bit on how you looked.

You went down the stairs, the cinnamon-y scent getting stronger. You saw Shawn in front of the stove and you went to wrap your arms around him. He liked being hugged from behind like this.

“Aren’t you the best boyfriend ever, cooking for me and everything.”

“You bet.”

He turned around and stared at you.

“I know I look ratchet as fuck.” You said, pointing at your face and your hair.

“I find you’re cute. No seriously, you don’t need makeup to look radiant, and your hair doesn’t need to be super perfect to compliment your beautiful face and you look the best wearing my clothes.” He smiled.

At this you blushed. Shawn always made you feel gorgeous and you loved him for it.

After breakfast, you crawled up together on the couch, turning on another episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (IF YOU WATCH FRIENDS PLZ TELL ME WE CAN BOND TOGETHER)

The whole time, Shawn had one hand around your shoulder and one on your stomach, keeping it warm. The cramps died down, and the random mood swings didn’t even come. Periods weren’t so bad after all, as long as you had a Shawn Mendes.

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Blind HC: disabled!reader x Warren Worthington III

Originally posted by claracivry

Being blind and dating Peter Maximoff would include:

  • you may be blind, but your telepath skills are a way around it
  • you’d look into Warren’s mind to see your closet and choose an outfit for the day
  • “Okay, babe, pick away,” Warren would say with a grin on his face
  • he love, love, loved that he could help you see
  • he would literally do anything for you
  • “Are you sure about that shirt with those pants?”
  • “You look stunning… I can’t believe you’re mine”
  • “I know! Don’t I look fabulous?!”
  • him smiling from ear to ear at your reaction
  • “Ware?”
  • “Yeah, babe?”
  • “Can you look into the mirror so I can see your beautiful face?”
  • He’d blush like crazy because he still isn’t used being complimented
  • he’s such a freakin’ softy ugh you gotta love him
  • One of the best things about looking into his brain is looking at the memories of you two together
  • Every date you go on, he takes videos in selfie mode of the two of you so you can see you two as a couple instead of just looking at yourself through his eyes

Originally posted by loveviral

  • Each time he touched you, your body would be so responsive and you’d feel everything x10 since you were naturally focused on his touch rather than his appearance
  • “Ware?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “I love your wings. Like, they’re so fluffy and so pretty, ugh, lemme touch ‘em!” you said as you turned over on the bed to face him while making grabby hands in his direction
  • cue blushy-mess-Warren part 2 
  • he’d wrap you up in his wings and cuddle closer to you, nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck
  • stroking his wings always made him feel a love he never felt before
  • he really, truly loved you and you really, truly loved him

Request: Could you do one for new years were Dick or Wally tells Kaldur that it’s tradition for people to kiss on new years and he kisses the reader

@jadedhillon @whovianayesha @too-many-fandoms666

“Yeah dude. It’s a tradition.” Wally spoke as Kaldur looked at him dumbfounded. “You just go to the person and kiss.”

“With no feelings involved?” Kaldur asked, praying that the answer would be negative to his question.

“Ugh..I dont usually kiss with people I don’t have feelings for” said the red head “but I know you’ve got feelings for (y/n) and that’s the best opportunity for you!”

Kaldur took a deep breath and turned his head to your direction. You were tilting your head back as you were laughing at some joke one of the girls had made, and you were holding a glass of champagne (that was actually alcohol free because Logan had the right to drink something else apart from water and juice). He so wanted to come up at you, take your hand and kiss it, wrap his arms around you and pull you so close to him that he could feel your beating heart as his lips-

His thoughts were interrupted by the clock, which started counting down the seconds to the new year. He took a step away from Wally and faintly heard the “go sea tiger” Wally said as he passed his team members with determination.

The moment he reached to you his knees got weak, but he wasn’t giving up after he had made it all the way to here.

“(Y/n)?” He called, making you turn your head to his direction, a smile renewing it’s appearance on your shiny face. “May I?” He asked and took your hand in his, to wrap it around his neck.

He was taken by surprise when you crushed your lips on his, before he even had the time to process it. In a matter of seconds he leaned into the kiss, cupping you face and holding you closer to him.

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Imagine going on a walk with Bucky, and he stops you. Before you could ask what's up, he shushes you and quickly pulls you the bushes. "Did you hear that?" You look at him confused, not hearing anything. He frowns when it becomes silent. As you both walk away, the air fills with a soft gentle mew. Both of you turn around, and Bucky is beaming. "I definitely heard that" you chuckle. After 10 minutes of searching, he finds a kitten and pleads to take her home. "Fine, but I'm naming her."

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Okay but I love this. Bucky proposing we can our little makeshift family even bigger with a kitty? Yes, please. We can become the cat family, tbh. Idc. I would love that. Ugh yes. See him cuddled up with kittens in the morning. I’m in love. Thank you for this. 


A Series of Unfortunate Events Fancast → Main Cast

“If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other book. In this book, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle.”

Joey King as Violet Baudelaire, David Mazouz as Klaus Baudelaire, Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Sunny Baudelaire, Adrien Brody as Count Olaf and Anthony Mackie as Lemony Snicket