ugh look at all of the hope in his face

Sugar, I’m Goin’ Down// Bad Boy Shawn // Chapter Two

Chapter One 

Shawn skips class the next day…and the next day…and the next. You want to thank him for saving you but it’s kind of hard when he isn’t around. It wasn’t like him skipping classes was unusual, he didn’t give a fuck about the mythology class anyways and you didn’t understand why he was taking it if he didn’t care. His other classes with you, Anatomy and English 101, were boring as hell so you didn’t blame him for skipping those, not that you ever would, but you could see the attraction to skip.

You spot Shawn in the courtyard of the Architecture building as you head home for the day. He’s standing with Andrew and a few other guys who look like they’re up to no good. You don’t know what comes over you as you change course, heading straight for the fountain he’s propped up against, popping some sort of candy into his mouth and laughing at something someone’s said. Your eyes are trained on him, as if he would disappear before you could reach him, and you take notice that he’s actually kind of attractive. His smile is breathtaking, eyes soft, jawline all angles, hair an artful mess of wavy loose curls. Damn. If you didn’t know him to be bad news and an annoyance in every class he showed up to, you’d actually be attracted to him.

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I have this headcanon that Richie is the most irritating sleeper and this fic came from that idea.

~ 1.2k words

Richie Tozier is quite possibly more annoying in his sleep than when he is awake. Unimaginable but true. He mumbles, he drools, he snores, he kicks and shifts and clings. And worst of all, he’s a heavy sleeper so it’s nearly impossible to wake him up and stop him from committing these atrocities.

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I can’t help but think the guards beating Ed gave him horrible flashback to his childhood! That hit me when I watched the scene. We have never seen Ed geting beaten like that, when cops and Strange’s men has taken care of him they have just surrounded him and held him or pushed him forward to walk. Which just makes me believe he hasn’t been beaten like that since he left home, which was a long time ago. Now we saw Ed looking at the guards and he had no time to react before he was down on the floor getting beaten and screaming! I think that this exact scenario has happened to Ed too many times, lying helpless on the floor screaming and begging his father to stop the beating but it didn’t stop, it felt like it would never stop. And I just can’t see how this could do anything else but bring all those terrible memories back.

Then the dialogue with Oswald. Oswald says he is happy that Ed got beaten up and the look on Ed’s face is just ugh. 

Ofc there are tons of emotions right there and then for the whole situation too. But Oswald basically said Ed deserved to get beaten up and I can imagine that’s exactly what his father has told him every time it happened…

I hope this was a glance of more to come. I hope that we get to dive into Ed’s background and childhood in season 4 because there is so much to make on that! Sad and hurtful yes but that’s Gotham.


Fandom: Gravity Falls

Summary: Something stolen, something given.

Warnings: None!

Word count: 1,546

This….this prompt got long. Oops. @gravityfallsfangirllove

Prompts 1 Writing Prompts

“Is that my shirt?”

Mabel whirled around from her seat in the kitchen, her eyes widened as Ford stepped into the room.

“Well, uh,” Mabel started, fidgeting her hands and not meeting Ford’s eyes. “Technically it’s your trench coat; I-I’m sorry, Grunkle Ford.”

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  • McCree: Hon, why is your brother on the couch?
  • Hanzo: He just needs a place to stay until he can get back on his feet.
  • Genji: Your razor broke, it wasn't suited to my metal face.
  • McCree: Uh-
  • Genji: Also, I invited a friend. Hope you don't mind.
  • Hanzo: Er, well actually brother-
  • (Doorbell)
  • Genji: That's probably him!
  • (All go to​ door)
  • Zenyatta: Hello! Genji said it would be okay if I stayed here for a while!
  • Hanzo & McCree: (look back at Genji)
  • Genji: Uhh, this is Zenyatta.
  • Zenyatta: Do you mind helping me with my boxes? I've got 62 of them and they're all filled with the exact same kind of metal sphere.
  • McCree: Ugh.
  • Hanzo: Yeah, my bad.
Confess Or We Tease

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Prince Ben

Word Count: 1,936

Warning(s): Fluff

‘’He glanced at Y/N!!’’

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Simply Beautiful

Super Junior Heechul

Summary : You are very sensitive and shy so all the members don’t want him to be with you because they think he will hurt you so he tries to prove that the love is real and hurting you is the last thing on his mind

Word Count 3,943

You worked part time at SM Entertainment as you were finishing up your last year of high school. You just got coffee for the higher ups and made sure all the files were put away and cared for correctly. You weren’t some big hit, just a student. You never got to meet any of the idols, you were kinda glad though, because you were too shy for any meeting to go well. When out were younger you used to have a hand constantly in your moms back pocket and would hide anytime someone would look at you. You grew out of the physical shyness but never mentally.

You recently graduated and were in a meeting with your boss, discussing a full time position. “Y/N, you’ve been such a great addition hear at SM and I would like to offer you a full time position” Originally you were going to decline and stick with your part time because you had to go to college, but then he added more. “If you accept this offer, we will pay for you to attend the classes that our trainees and idols go to. You will graduate with a degree that will not be any different than one you could get at Yonsei University. You may not think you do much now, but the higher-ups and myself included see potential and don’t want you to slip away. With this promotion we will put you with one of our more popular bands so you can learn the ropes of a manager. You will be able to shadow the different people involved and find out the aspects of the job. What do you think? I will give you some time by yourself and if you need to sleep on it, just let me know” With that your boss slid over the contract and politely left the room, closing the door on the way out. You twirled a pen around in your hand as you weighed your options. College was expensive and you’d be paid to go and you have job security in the field you want to go into. On the other hand, you would have to work through college without the ‘college experience’ you would be stuck here for the foreseeable future. You leaned back in your chair and looked up at the ceiling. You didn’t see yourself moving anytime soon, your family was close by and college parties weren’t really your seen. You reached a decision and was about to sign the paperwork when the door opened

“Excuse me Mr. Pa~ Oh sorry, I thought the Office was empty” You quickly scribbled out your signature

“I’m sorry, I’m done in here. Enjoy your day” you bowed, kept your head down and quickly left the office. You made a bee line for the bathroom. A place where you were alone, away from prying eyes and judgements. You quickly closed the stall door and sat down

“Seriously Y/N Enjoy your day? Who says that? You couldn’t even look them in the eye and practically ran out of the office. Ugh, Why do I have to be like this. Why can’t I be like everyone else” you scolded yourself “I didn’t even look at his face. He could have been an idol for all I know” your voice trailed off while you were trying to piece together the identity of the man. He did sound familiar…You gasped when you made your realization. Heechul. Super Junior’s Kim Heechul. You put your head in your hands. Not only did you embarrass yourself in front of someone, it was a famous someone. You just hoped he wouldn’t remember. I mean what was there to remember? You weren’t particular striking in any way. You just weren’t memorable. You pulled yourself together and left the bathroom. You quickly checked yourself in the mirror. You put a few flyaways behind your ear and straightened your shirt. You took a deep breath and left, going to find your boss to discuss in detail what will follow with your new job. You didn’t want to go to his office first, just in case Heechul was still there. You knew it was probably the first place you should’ve gone to, seeing that it was your bosses office, but you just couldn’t bring your self to go quite yet. You made your way to the break room, bowing as people passed. You opened the door and looked in to find it empty. You tried some other common areas, but with no such luck. You knew that you had to go to his office. As you were walking back you silently prayed that he would be alone. You arrived and knocked lightly on the door, unsure if he heard you or not.

“Come in” you heard him call. You opened the door hesitantly and walked in to see that it was empty of visitors. You bowed and greeted him and breathed a sigh of relief. “Ahh Y/N, Thank you so much for taking the position. Trust me you will feel at home here and won’t regret this.” You smiled at him

“Thank you for the offer, I’m very gracious for this opportunity and I will work very hard”

“I’m sure you will” he looked down at his watch. “It’s getting late, Why don’t you go home and tomorrow morning we can go over in detail what you will be doing”

“Okay Sir, I will see you tomorrow” You bowed and left. You were headed towards the elevator when you heard laughing. You looked down the hallway to see Heechul and Leeteuk walking together. You moved behind a wall so they couldn’t see you and waited for them to pass

“It was so awkward, I didn’t know what to do” you heard Heechul say.

You froze when you heard him talking about your encounter. You waited until they passed to go down the same hallway. You couldn’t shake the feeling from you the whole ride home. You didn’t know why you were so sensitive to what other people thought, but you were and there wasn’t anything you could do except for replay it over and over in your head.

You were laying in bed, tired of thinking about it. You just wanted your clear your mind and go to sleep. You turned on your tv for background noise until you fell asleep, but it didn’t come as easily as you thought. You tossed and turned for hours until you finally fell into a light sleep that was awakened all too early by your blaring alarm. You reached over and hit your phone a few times before finally getting it to stop. You rolled off and trudged into the bathroom, getting ready for your day. The cold shower helped you wake up and wash away any concerns you had about your new job. You were over what happened with Heechul and just wanted to start over, a new day.

You met your boss in his office to see another manager there. She was only maybe 5 years older than you, but you’ve seen her with some of the biggest SM groups. “Y/N, this is Yoo Haewon. She will be the manager you will shadow for the time being” You bowed and greeted her

“It’s very nice to meet you” she said

“It’s very nice to meet you as well, I’m looking forward to working with you” she dipped her head and turned to your boss

“I’ve got some last minute things to finish up and then I’ll be ready. Just send her my way when you are done” and with that she left. You walked over and sat down.

“Okay, Y/N. You know what mangers here at SM do right?” you nodded your head. “Good, then that’s a big explanation that I don’t have to give you. Haewon is one of our best and she’s around your age so it should be very comfortable for you. Basically, you will watch and do everything she does and when we feel you’re ready you will be manage your own group. Do you have any questions?” he asked

“Yes Sir if you don’t mind me asking, What group does she work with?”
“Oh I apologize for leaving that out. Haewon manages Super Junior. If you don’t have any other questions, you can begin work” he gave you directions to where she’d be.

“Of course” you thought, “Just my luck” You met Haewon outside the dance studio. You could here ‘Magic’ playing and continuous counting. You figured the choreographer was in there with them.

“Hello Y/N” you bowed at her greeting. You felt as if you were always bowing, you were terrified of offending someone so you were always being over formal. “You don’t have to bow so deep! We are not that far apart you can just call me unni. So the boys are just about to finish dance practice and then we can go in and introduce you.” She seemed have an upbeat personality, but not so bubbly where it makes you want to crawl in a hole. Just then you heard the the music end and your palms got sweaty. Meeting a large group of people was definitely not your forte, especially international stars. Haewon noticed and tried to relax you. “Don’t worry Y/N, they’re very kind and accepting. You’ll be fine, you have nothing to worry about.” You appreciated her attempt, but it didn’t really help to calm you down, especially after hearing what Heechul had to say about your little ‘meeting’. The door opened and a dance teacher walked out. Haewon walked in and you followed. You walked in to see a group of sweaty men drinking water and some messing around with each other. You spotted Heechul in the corner of the room, talking with Leeteuk

“Gosh, they must be inseparable” you thought. Haewon began to speak

“Hello everyone! This is Y/N. She will be shadowing me for the time being, just until she understands what is needed to be done. Then she will be given her own group to manage. Why don’t you tell them a little bit about yourself” you bowed deeply to your seniors

“Hello, My name is Y/N. I recently graduated and I am excited to be working with you” you received a chorus of greetings from the members as Haewon took over. She was going over the schedules for the next couple weeks. You stood slightly behind her and observed. All the members were spread out in the room. Some were by the water, filling their bottles. And others were splayed out on the couch. You got to Heechul and your eyes connected. Out of habit you immediately looked down. Why was he looking at you? Did you have something on your face? Was something wrong with your clothes? You looked down and everything seemed to be in order. You looked up and he was turned to look at Leeteuk. You’ve never been in a proper relationship, you were too awkward when someone tried to flirt with you and you couldn’t put your shyness away for long enough to be with someone. You didn’t realize you were blushing. You mentally slapped yourself.

“What are you doing Y/N” you thought “He’s an idol and you’re, well you. He would never go for someone as shy and sensitive as you.” You shook the thoughts from your head, focusing on Haewon’s words.

“Alright, so I will go take care of those small details” she turned to look at you “And Y/N can stay here an you can get to know each other” She bowed and left. The members bowed back and then It was just you and them. Luckily the youngest, Kyuhyun was quick to involve you in conversation. You made idle small talk and then you felt you were being watched. You tried to casually look behind you, but you didn’t know how noticeable it was. You turned to see Heechul staring at you, again. You immediately turned back to Kyuhyun and the few other members that gathered around to hear you. You hoped you were wearing enough makeup to cover up the fact you were blushing. After about an hours worth of sideway glances at Heechul, Haewon came through the door

“How is everything going?” she asked. This time Kyuhyun answered

“Very well, we are excited to be working with Y/N” you hoped he was telling the truth. In fact, during that short meeting you felt at home with the boys. They didn’t make you feel awkward like other people did and you felt yourself becoming more comfortable, but nothing would get rid of the frightened part in your heart that comes from being shy.


You’ve been working with Super Junior members for about a month at this point and despite your personality, you’ve become close with all of them. Especially Kyuhyun, because you were closer to his age than anyone else and Heechul and Leeteuk, because you and Heechul were drawn together from the start and Leeteuk came as a package deal. You weren’t sure how to classify your relationship with Heechul. You weren’t together, but you were more than friends. The boys one by one slowly figured out how shy you were, you weren’t sure how, but you could tell in their actions. They never seemed to invite you out unless it was just them or a few other people. You were grateful for that. You were on your way to their dorm to hand out individual schedules. You knocked on the door and Yesung answered.

“Y/N! Come on in, everyone should be out in a second.” he said. You walked in and sat on the couch. You were closer with them than most managers and their groups, but that was probably because you were younger than most. Yesung went to go get everyone else when Heechul and Leeteuk walked in and went straight to the kitchen, oblivious to your presence.

“I like her though Hyung. I’m not going to hurt her” you heard Heechul say. You wondered who they were talking about, but then you realize it was none of your business. You got up to head into the kitchen, wanting to let them know that they weren’t alone. That is until he continued.

“You don’t know that. Yesung and Ryeowook agree with me and everyone else probably does too” Leeteuk replied

“Why do you think that. Am I a malicious person?”

“No of course not Heechul, but you know how she can be. You’ve seen how shy she is even though she tries to hide it. We just don’t want her to get hurt”

“But I think I love her” you wanted to leave, or tell them that you were there, but you were too intrigued and your feet stayed glued to the ground

“You think you love her?”

“No. I know I love her. I love Y/N” you gasped and they both stopped talking. You wanted to move, hide yourself, but it was to late. Heechul peered his head around the corner and his jaw dropped

“Who is it~” Leeteuk asked, but his eyes got wide when he saw you. The first thing you thought to do was apologize

“I’~ I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hear. I was~ I was just hear to drop off the schedules. Ye~Yesung told me to wait and~ and everyone should be back soon” you stuttered out. You started to get nervous and really anxious. Almost to the point of tears, you hated moments like this. Heechul noticed your state and you were the only thing on his mind. He ran over and wrapped you in his arms

“Shh, Shh Y/N, everything’s going to be okay” Heechul brought his hand to the back of your head, desperate to calm you down. You took several deep breaths trying to even out your breathing. You thought this situation was inappropriate for your job, but you felt so secure in his arms, you just let him hold you. Leeteuk left you two alone, much to his disapproval. He wasn’t trying to keep you apart, he just wanted to keep you safe. Your breathing finally went back to somewhat normal and Heechul pulled away and looked into your eyes.
“So how much of that did you hear? he smiled down at you, uneasiness on his face. You looked up at him

“All of it” you said quietly. Heechul sighed in relief.

“I guess I don’t have to tell you then” he said trying to lighten up the mood. You laughed awkwardly, unsure of what to say. “I want you to know that I will never hurt you, regardless of what everyone else thinks” he brought his hand up to cup your face and brought you closer “I love you and care about you and your happiness is everything to me”

“I love you too, but your band members disapprove.” you countered

“Let me worry about them. I’ll just have to prove how much I love you” he said with a smirk. Your phone buzzed and it was Haewon, wondering where you were. You were lucky enough to be able to keep this from her for the time being. You knew she would disapprove as well. You would just have to wait until you get moved from working with Super Junior

“I have to go! I’m late for a meeting. I’m so sorry to leave like this” You pulled out the schedules and handed them to him “The names are on the top, if you have any questions call me, sorry for not being able to go over it with all of you” and with that you grabbed your bag and ran out the door. You’ve never made Haewon wait on you and you weren’t going to start today. Heechul was still frozen from the whirlwind that just happened. He set the papers down on the counter and went into his room.


The next week continued like the one before and the one before that. You fell into a rhythm working with Haewon and Super Junior. There was something special this week. You had a guardian angel watching over you. Heechul brought you little gifts and left them on your desk. Whether it be coffee on a long day or flowers to remind you of how much he loved you. This day was one of those days. You walked into your office to see a bouquet of all your favorite flowers. You smiled down at the handwritten card

I love you now and forever

You grabbed your vase and walked into the lounge room to fill it up with water with a stupid smile on your face. You were walking back when your coworker accidentally bumped into you. The water going onto you and him. Although it was technically you fault you still rapidly apologized. You felt bad and looked for napkins or a towel, anything to give him. You didn’t know he had an explosive personality when he got upset, but you wish you did

“Are you serious?!” he shouted “Who do you think you are? You’re just a child. You don’t deserve to be here.” He was about to go on until you saw Heechul walking down the hallway towards you. Your coworker turned to follow your gaze and when he saw the idol he bowed and changed his demeanor. It was disgusting to see someone change so quickly, to be so fake. He mumbled some excuse and slipped away. He walked over to you and started to shrug of his jacket, but you stopped him

“I can’t wear your jacket, people will see and Haewon unni doesn’t know yet” he didn’t want to leave you like you were, but he didn’t have a choice. You went back to fill the vase up and he went back to the studio, promising to call later. Little did you know Leeteuk and Ryeowook had seen the whole thing and their ‘Heechul will hurt her defense’ was slowly crumbling. They had only one thing to do and that was to let Heechul date who he wanted. You walked back into your office to find your Boss waiting for you, admiring your flowers with a file in his hand. It’s times like this where you’re glad Heechul doesn’t sign his name. He turned around

“Ah Y/N! Just the person I wanted to see. Listen there’s something I want to talk to you about” he said as he sat down in the chair across from your desk. You put the vase down and sat down in your chair, nervous about what this conversation will entail. “I’ve been talking to Haewon about your time with Super Junior and might I say she says some very nice things. Your work ethic is excellent and she says your great with the members. She thinks that you understand everything and are ready to have your own group.” You inwardly breath a sign of relief, glad that your secret is still safe. He slid the file over to you. “This is the band that will debut very soon and I would like you to be in charge”

“Thank you so much, I will not let you down.” He left your office as you sat back down to open the file. Not only were you going to be an SM Manager, but there would be nothing regarding work stopping you and Heechul from being together“Hmm NCT” you thought.


You were on your way home from work when your phone began to ring.

“Hello?” you answered
“Jagi, its me. I’ve got some great news to tell you” said Heechul

“Oh oppa! I do too”

“Really? Let’s meet at the usual place, I want to tell you in person”

“Okay, I’ll see you soon. I love you”

“I love you too” with that he hung up and you made your way to the Han river.


You saw Heechul sitting on a bench with his jacket draped over the back. You walked over to him, barely able to contain your excitement. You covered his eyes with your hands.

“Guess who?” you asked

“Hmmm… Leeteuk?” He answered. You both laughed. Sometimes you worried that he loved that boy more that you. You walked around to sit on the bench and he put his arm around you

“What did you want to tell me?” you asked, turning to face him

“Leeteuk came up to me today, shortly after I saw you” you looked at him, worried which was this will go. “Long story short, he and the guys support us!” You reached over and hugged him. The last obstacle of your relationship had been cleared. “Don’t get too excited, you are still our manager” you pulled away from him

“Well, that’s what I wanted to tell you” You saw his eyes light up. “My boss came into my office and gave me a different group to manage. I am no longer a manager of Super Junior!” Heechul crashed his lips against yours, feeling finally free to do so. It wasn’t a romantic slow kiss that everyone dreams their first one will be, but it was filled with just as much love


Sam X Reader


Can you do a really kinky story with Sam!?! Like y/n has a slight thing with dean, but dean and y/n don’t get along much and kinda get abusive… but Sam swoops in and admits he has a thing for y/n and wants to prove that he can be better… things get really hot/tempting and y/n caves in to Sam (Sam practically makes y/n his sex slave). They decide to keep it a secret from dean though so that dean and Sam don’t get into a fight and dean doesn’t threaten y/n!! Sorry it’s kind specific ❤️😩❤️😅

Warnings: Sex, language, abuse, depression

So you and Dean had a little romance thing going on, I guess. You thought you liked Dean because he was such a sarcastic guy, you like people like that. Someone who can take a joke, he’s also very attractive. His green eyes, muscular body, that dashing smile can bring any girl to their knees. I mean honestly what’s not to like about Dean? Well little did you know he was a complete PSYCHO. He was craaaazy. You and Dean have been a thing for a month or two and already all you do is fight and he gets physical.

“Y/n you okay?” Sam asked you as he put a hand on your back

“Sam don’t touch her like that” Dean said. You just rolled your eyes

“Y/n where are you going?” Dean asked, you just ignored him. These few months you’ve been depressed, you didn’t even want to talk to anyone at all.

“Y/n what the hell?” Dean yelled at you. You just sat there and took it. All his violet words stuck in your head. You sat there until he pushed you off the bed and slapped you. You were so hurt. You laid on the floor holding you cheek and cried silently.

Dean left the room and in came Sam.

“Oh my God y/n!? Are you okay?” He asked picking you from the floor. He rocked you in his arms until he knew you were okay. You’ve never felt this bad before. Life was slapping you in the face almost as hard as Dean.

“Y/n he’s not good for you” he whispered in your ear still holding you. You just nodded knowing it’s the truth.

“Listen I don’t want to say this too soon but I have feelings for you. It kills me knowing this is what Dean does to you. You’re so beautiful, perfect, you mean everything to me and you don’t even know it. I see the way you walk around you lost the sparkle in your eyes. I miss the way you were Y/n, I want that person back. I want you to break up with Dean and be with me. You need someone who can treat you better, oh and if you thought Dean was good in bed. You just wait” he was being 100% serious. You chuckled at the end of what he said.

“You like me?”

“Yes of course you are so beautiful” you looked at him in the eyes and he put a piece if hair behind​ your ear. “so beautiful” he said before his lips landed on yours. You instantly melted into the kiss, it was a kiss you’ve been waiting for your whole life. His hands were roaming all over your body touching every inch of you. 

You quickly snapped back to reality. “Sam what about Dean?" 

"He doesn’t have to know” Sam whispered so sexy in your ear you flew back into his embrace kissing him even more hungrily. You wanted him now. 

“Come here sweetie, we’ll take this to my bedroom" 

"Okay” you whispered moaned 

He led you to the room. He laid you down on the bed. “Stay here baby” He said going to his closet. You propped yourself up on you elbows and watched him disappear into his dark closet.

He came back out with a blindfold and some others toys you had no idea what they were. 

“Okay honey, we’re getting really kinky here" 

You almost moaned at his words. You were just hoping Dean would be gone long enough, but with how turned on you are you know you won’t last long. 

Sam put the blind fold on you and you couldn’t see anything, obviously. 

You laid there as your breathing started to quicken you were so turned on you couldn’t control it.

"Look at you, all hot and bothered. Real sexy” he said, you could imagine him biting his lip with a hard on.

“Ugh Sam” you managed to get out. You just wanted him to fuck you.

“Soon baby” he whispered close to your face. You moaned slightly at his words.

He slowly took off your jeans and undies, so slow it hurt. He pulled off your shirt and unhooked your bra. You were completely naked.

You heard him taking off his clothes. You felt hands run up and down your body, you jumped a little when he got close to your area. He missed it and went right to your thighs teasing you.

“S-Sam please” you whined

“That’s right baby beg for it”

“Please Sam, I want you now”

You could practically see his smirk. He licked your thigh stopping right next to your area. He paused for a moment before sliding his tongue up and down hitting your clit. You jumped and moaned every time. His hands held down your sides so you weren’t jumping all over the place. You bucked your hips so maybe he would move faster. He did.

You moaned louder and louder you actually felt embarrassed.

“Sam Sam” you moaned you wanted him bad

“What do you want baby?” He asked you

“I want you to fuck me”

“Whatever you want baby”

He got up and started kissing your neck. You felt his dick brush against your stomach, he has to be really turned on.

He thrusted into you slowly, you let out a small breathy moan.

He kept teasing you, he would go in slowly and pull all the way out.

“Goddammit Sam fuck me” you almost yelled. He thrusted into you so hard you screamed.

“That’s right baby, you like that?” He asked you, you just moaned for a response.

He slammed into you again “answer me”

“Yes baby” you moaned loudly. He kept slamming into you like that. He pulled out and lifted your leg up over his shoulder so he can go deeper.

You could his breathing getting shorter, he was close and so were you.

“Fuck Sammy harder” he fucked you harder and rubbed your clit sending you over the edge. Everything became blury and black. You screamed and closed your eyes so tight.

“Fuck baby” he moaned cumming in you.

You laid there breathing hard for a few second before taking the blindfold off.

“How was that?” Sam asked between breaths

“Good” you laughed breathing hard.

“Good” he smiled. He kissed your forehead and got dressed while you cleaned up and got dressed.

“So what about Dean?” You asked

“Dump him and we won’t talk about what we have” he said kissing you.

You melted into him “okay” you smiled


The next day you woke up alone, you told Dean it was over. He was actually pretty cool about it. You walked into the study room where Sam and Dean were.

“So Y/n are you up for a another study session like tomorrow?” Sam asked. Your heart was beating fast

“Y-yeah I’m up for that” you smiled. Sam winked at you

“What did you guys study?” Dean asked. You just smirked.

Lady Killer - Requested

Tom Holland x Reader

Words: 2,174 (wooooo)

Requested by: anonymous

“Can you do one where tom is like sort of a player and you like him but pushed your feelings aside since he would never commit. But then he realizes he loved you the whole time you were friends and tries to win you back after you started dating someone etc etc??”

I have two completely different versions for this one, I’m such a mess lol. I am so so sorry this took forever. Ily. Good lord, I hope you like this one. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW. I’m sorry!!


“So what was her name this time?”

“I’m not entirely sure.. I think it was DeeDee? Something along those lines.”

“Your phone says it was Corinne and she thanks you for an amazing night.”

“Oi, give that here!”

Your friend, Tom, snatched his phone from your hands. Although hanging out with him was always the highlight of your day, there were always unanswered texts and missed calls that you would spot on his phone from different numbers that made your blood boil.

Tom was a full blown player, he didn’t look like it but that was what he was. And what were you? Oh, you were just his best girl friend (note the space between the words), who would hang out with him all the time until a booty call worth his attention called him away.

You were also his best girl friend who was in love with him, very reluctantly in love. It was such an unpleasant cliché, falling for a handsome, wickedly charming lady killer like Tom. Why you kept hanging out with him, you didn’t know why. Actually you did. You kept hanging out because you loved being with him.

But whatever, right?

“How did I get DeeDee from Corinne?” Tom mumbled to himself, standing from his seat. You two were on the train, heading back to his apartment from a late lunch. Your stop had just been called.

“Excuse me.”

You two turned around to find a chesty blonde eyeing Tom flirtily.

Really? On public transportation?

The blonde slyly handed Tom a slip of paper and winked at him before walking off to another part of the train. The doors opened and you couldn’t get out of there fast enough, your feet carried you speedily towards the turnstiles.

“Hey, Y/N! Wait up!”

Tom caught up with you and placed an arm around your shoulders, you really, really wanted to shrug him off but you didn’t want him to know you were affected. You two exited the train station like that, his arm around you. People looking on the outside would assume that you two were together and you wished they were right.

It was such a lovely day, as lovely as it could get in grey old London. The sun surely wasn’t going to be shining any time soon but it wasn’t as dreary and miserable as it usually was and it certainly wasn’t as dreary and miserable as you.

“What’s up?” Tom asked you once you reached the park in his neighbourhood. He sat on one of the benches and patted the space next to him.

“What do you mean?” you asked as you sat

A harsh gust of wind blew past, making your hair fly into your face. You heard Tom laugh as he scooted closer to help you out. His hands wove into your wild hair, smoothing it back so you could finally see. The feel of his fingers combing through your hair was soothing, you closed your eyes momentarily.

“Y/N, we’ve been friends for quite some time, love. Don’t you think I’d know when something’s bothering you?” he spoke softly, tracing your cheekbone with the tip of his fingers

It felt heavenly.

“Was it the blonde on the train? I won’t call her if you don’t want me to. She’s pretty fit though, it’d be a shame to miss out.” he mumbled the last part under his breath

That made you crash back down to earth. Why did he always have to ruin moments like this with his stupidity. You caught his hand before he could touch you again and you gave him a tight smile.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Tom. I’m not jealous, I just got a bit dizzy.”

“Oh, so you don’t mind if I call her up?” he already had his phone out, typing in the number on the little piece of paper he was given

“I’ll be a minute, Y/N.” he kissed you on the cheek and went farther away, phone pressed to his ear

Why did it have to be like this? You just couldn’t understand it, was there something wrong with you? How come Tom couldn’t see you that way? Why was he always looking for something else when you were right there at his side?

All the questions floating around in your head didn’t have answers, none that you could find, at least. You’d always tried your best to push aside your feelings for Tom since he was.. Well, Tom, and he didn’t want anything serious. But every time you looked at him and he gave you that stupid smile, it felt hopeless.

Tom walked back to you, a smug look on his face.

“Got your date?“ you asked, hoping his answer wouldn’t hurt you too much

“Don’t I always?” he replied, sitting back down and stretching his arms above his head


The following weeks, you and Tom continued your tradition of meeting for a late lunch then sitting at the park, swapping stories. The names in his would change regularly while only one name was the headline of yours.

“Y/N, you talk about this Sebastian a lot. Is there something I should know?” he questioned once he finally got fed up with it

You couldn’t help the rosy blush that coated your cheeks, Tom noticed it and felt his heart drop. He waited for your reply with mild nervousness.

“Well.. Sebastian is the guy I’m dating, sort of.”

“Dating? You’re.. Dating someone?”

The stare he was giving you almost bore holes onto your face. Why was he looking at you like that?

“Jesus, Tom. Is that really so unbelievable?” you ran a hand through your hair, flustered

“No! No, that’s not what I meant, Y/N! I just.. You do talk about him a lot but I didn’t know you were dating him.”

Or anyone actually, he thought to himself. Tom crossed his arms and squared his shoulders, struggling to push off the uneasy feeling he was getting.

“So, tell me about him.”

You fiddled with the ring on your index finger, twisting it around and around. Tom observed the soft smile that was beginning to form on your lips.

“Well, he’s quite nice really. Handsome.”

Tom rolled his eyes but you went on, giddiness blooming in your chest. He watched you beneath furrowed brows, the light in your eyes, the way you radiated a different aura when you talked about this Sebastian. He didn’t like it one bit.

“Don’t tell me you fancy him already.” he didn’t like the jealous undertones in his voice. He wasn’t jealous. He shouldn’t even be jealous.

“Maybe I do.”

“Oh, come on, Y/N. You’ve been on what, a couple of dates?” he scoffed in an attempt to hide how hurt he was starting to feel

“At least it’s been a couple of dates, you bed your date in the same fucking night.” you retorted harshly

Neither of you spoke, the stinging truth of what you said was still making its rounds within Tom. You wished you could feel bad, the way he was dejectedly looking down at his hands should’ve made you want to apologise. But it didn’t.

“I’m going to head home. Text you whenever.”

He didn’t acknowledge that you said anything nor did he make a move as you left. Tom remained there on the bench, deep in thought.

Later that night you were all dressed up and ready for your date with Sebastian. He’d texted you that he was on his way but it’s been quite some time since then, it wasn’t like him to be late and not let you know.

You were just about to call him to ask where he was when there was a knock on your door. You excitedly rushed to get it.

“Hey, I was just about to call you-”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that.”

There was indeed a handsome man on your doorstep, but it wasn’t the one you were expecting. Tom was standing in front of you, a big smile on his face.

“What in the hell are you doing here?” you hissed, stepping out and shutting the door behind you

He just gave you a dazzling smile in response, it just made your heart flutter. You hated it how even though he manages to piss you off monumentally, just one smile could thaw your initially icy demeanor towards him.

Before you could even stop yourself, a smile came unbidden onto your face. Once Tom saw you smiling back at him, he visibly relaxed. Because if his initial plan of standing at your doorstep while he smiled charmingly at you didn’t work, he’d have to resort to plan B, which was getting down on his knees and begging you not to slam the door in his face.

“I’m glad you’re dressed, you look beautiful, darling.”

Heat climbed up to your cheeks at his compliment. Despite dating Sebastian, and despite Sebastian being so sweet and nice, Tom still owned your heart, he always has.

“Tom, what are you doing here? I have a date, he should be arriving any minute now.” you made it a point to look up and down your street, searching for any sign of Sebastian

“That Sebastian really is nice.” he told you as he led you into his car, you wondered why you were just going along with him.

He slid into the driver’s seat and started the engine.

“What made you say that?” you asked as he left your street

“Well.. I might have.. Intercepted him as he arrived at your house. He was quite gracious about it.” Tom sounded impressed

“Oh my God, Tom. What the hell is this? Where the hell are we even going?”

“This is a date. And it’s a secret, sort of.” he stated, plain and simple. Tom Holland was finally taking you out on an actual date, after years of friendship and your one-sided feelings.

This certainly wasn’t what you thought you’d be doing with your night. A hijacked date and your womanising friend driving you to some mysterious location.

Turns out the mysterious location wasn’t exactly mysterious. Tom had taken you to the park in his neighbourhood, the park where you two always went. You climbed out into the cool night, Tom brought out a picnic basket and a few blankets.

You made the familiar trek to yours and Tom’s usual bench but as you walked closer, you noticed that fairy lights were strung along the sides, making it look like it was glowing.

“You did this?” you asked

“Uh, yeah,” he scratched the back of his neck, chagrined. “I know it’s not much.”

“It’s beautiful.” you mumbled as you sat down

Tom set the picnic basket down on the ground and wrapped a blanket around yourselves. He sat facing you, you felt the need to position yourself the same way. And so you two sat there, the fairy lights projecting shapes and shadows on your faces.

“Y/N,” he began, taking your hand in his “You’ve always been so kind to me, so patient. You’ve always been a good friend and you’ve always been there for me, even when I was being an asshole. And I never deserved any of it.”

You started to shake your head but he squeezed your hand to stop you from saying anything.

“Just, let me finish.” he took a deep breath and continued, “I never deserved you, Y/N. The things I’ve been doing, how I’ve acted, I know you never approved but you never said anything, you just let me be myself until I realised that I wanted to change.”

“And that’s what I love about you. You never pressured me to be something I’m not but I’m ready to change now, Y/N. It took you dating someone else just to make it all clear for me. I’ve been so busy getting caught up in other people,” his eyebrows knitted together

“That I didn’t see that I had this amazing person right next to me. And I’m sorry, Y/N, I apologise from the bottom of my heart that-that it took so long for me to realise..” Tom trailed off, gazing into your eyes like a man seeing colour for the first time in a field of flowers in the spring

The weight of his words began to sink in, you looked at him with wide eyes.

“Y-You mean..?” you stammered

He nodded, scootching closer to you. His hands moved up and down your arms.

“I’m here, if you’ll have me. Flaws and all. I know it might be hard considering.. What I was like, but Y/N, I promise you. On my mum’s life. I won’t hurt you. I may already have before but I swear to you,” Tom’s eyes shone with such emotion against the glow of the fairy lights

“I swear I will take care of you, I will love you and only you for the rest-”

You’d heard enough, you leaned over and pressed your lips against his.


Made For Each Other

Summary: You’re head over heels for Namjoon but he hides a secret.

Originally posted by ygnj


You met him at a coffee shop after you bumped into him and spilled your latte right in front of him. Thankfully you didn’t soil his clothes, only yours. 

“Are you okay?” He said looking you up and down. 

“I’m fine. Sorry about that.” You replied as you tried not to grimace in pain from spilling boiling hot coffee on your pants and shoes. He noticed your shoes were soaked and pulled out a chair for you as an employee came to clean up.

Apologizing for making a mess you sat down trying to hide your embarrassment behind your hair. “You can’t walk home like that.” He pointed at your shoes as you tried your best to get them out of his view.

“I’ll get you a cab.” He said walking outside, standing on the sidewalk looking down the street. You were so embarrassed you just wanted to disappear, not get help from a handsome stranger. Slowly, you walked outside, shoes making an awful squishing sound from the moisture. 

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“Feelings” Part 2, Rick Grimes x Reader

Words: 2,217

Rick Grimes x Reader

Warnings: Smut!!, fluff, swearing

Link to part one

Originally posted by adorealain

“Rick,” You moan as he slides his fingers in and out of you, the warm water of the shower running down your back. “If you keep going like that I’m gonna cum.”

“Well we don’t want that, do we?” He smirks, removing his fingers from you. He bends you over in front of him, and enters you slowly.

“Fuck.” He groans, starting to go faster. He grabs on to your hips for stability and throws his head back in pleasure.

Ever since last night, you two couldn’t keep your hands off each other. After your little session on the couch, you two took it upstairs to your bedroom. You had tried to convince him to go home after that because you knew that Carl would be looking for him. Rick had none of it. He just pulled you in closer to him, wrapping his arm around you while kissing your head. The two of you fell asleep like that, in each other’s arms. Now, it was the next morning, and you two were having shower sex.

Rick says he’s getting as much of you can he can, “trying to make up for lost time.” Secretly, you thought it was just because he hadn’t had sex in over five years, so he’s just a very horny man. You were not complaining- he was definitely satisfying your needs.

“I love you so much, Y/N.” He pulled out of you once he finished, giving you the biggest smile you’d seen him wear in a long time.

“I love you too, Rick.” You pulled him into a kiss. “But you’ve been here all night. Everyone’s going to think you died or something. I’m sure Carl is probably freaking out.”

“Trust me, I think they know where I am. You didn’t exactly scream my name quietly last night.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me.” You make a face as you step out of the shower, grabbing a towel. “I hope no one says anything. I’ll die of embarrassment.”

“I wouldn’t count on it.” He wraps a towel around his waist. You look up at him in awe. He’s such a handsome man. The way his hair curls when he lets it grow out too long, his growing in beard, his eyes…

“Is there something on my face?” He frowns, looking into the mirror.

“No. Just admiring you.” You admit, blush creeping through your cheeks. You grab the brush off the counter and begin to brush your hair.

“I’m nothin’ special, not really.”

“You know that’s bullshit.”

“Maybe.” He laughs. “Honestly, Y/N, I haven’t felt this happy in a long ass time. All because of you.” He pulls you into another kiss. He tries to deepen it, but you pull away.

“We have to get to breakfast with Carol and the group, and then I have my run. We have to go.” You say, but he just pulls you closer again, kissing your neck.

“Rick,” you breathe out. You let yourself enjoy it for a moment before stepping back to reality. “We have to leave.”

“Fine.” He groans. You walk to the bedroom to put on new clothes, and he puts on the clothes he wore over yesterday.

“You might want to head back over to your house before going to Carol’s.” You mention as you slide on your jeans, buttoning them up at the top. “Don’t need to get more shit from them than we already will.”

“You see, the key word there is ‘already will.’”

“I hate when you’re right.”

“I always am.” He pulls his white shirt over his head, muscles flexing in his arms.

“You’re also cocky as shit, did you know that?” You tease as you walk out the door, the warm sunshine hitting your face. It was a relatively nice day, not quite as unbearably hot as the day before.

“Nah.” He responds, staying right by your side as you walked. You walked up to Carol’s house, seeing everyone inside.

“Morning, lovebirds.” Glenn smirks as you two enter the house.

“Oh, shut up Glenn.” Rick laughs. “You aint one to talk.”

Carl looked super uncomfortable at this conversation. Me too, buddy, me too.

“So, uh, how was watch last night, Maggie?” I tried to change the topic of conversation, desperate to end the awkwardness.

“Pretty uneventful. Nothing exciting happened. How was your night?” She asked, lifting her eyebrows. Everyone looked at you in anticipation.

“We’re together now, just to get that out of the way. Y’all can stop asking about it now.” Rick answered for you.

“Well it’s about damn time. The two of ‘ya look at each other like lovesick puppies enough.” Daryl huffed.

“Whatever, Daryl. When are we leaving?” You take a bite of the toast on the table.

“Whenever you’re done.” He shrugs. “We need to clear the place out as much as possible and take whatever we find. Nothing in specific.”

“If there is un-raided Victoria’s Secret, I think I might scream.” I finish my toast. Daryl gets up out of his chair, grabbing his crossbow.

“Let’s go.” He huffs, walking out the door.

“Come over when you get back, alright?” Rick kisses you as you start to follow Daryl. “Be safe. Use your knife as much as possible. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Rick, I’ve been with this group long enough to know what to do. I’ll be fine.”

“Maybe I should come with.”

“Rick,” you say once again. “I can take care of myself, plus I’ve got Daryl with me. You’ve got too many responsibilities here.”

“I just don’t want anything to happen to you. I just got you.”

“I’ll be okay.” You kiss his cheek.

You head outside to meet Daryl on the street.

“Took you long enough.” He said, motioning for you to get on the back of his motorcycle. You slide on, putting your arms around him, and he drives off.

The ride there was a little far, but not unbearable. The wind you felt from the fastness of the motorcycle felt good. You liked riding on Daryl’s motorcycle, although you’d never told anyone that. Something about it excites you. It was exhilarating.

“Outside’s clear.” Daryl noted. You got off the bike, him doing the same. The mall wasn’t very big, but it was something. You pulled your knife out of your pocket and walk inside the door, ready for anything.

You were inside of a food court. There were a few straggler walkers coming towards you two, but Daryl shot them down before they could get anywhere close.

“Look to see if any of these food places have any canned food options. I know food is pretty abundant now, but it doesn’t hurt to have extras.” You tell Daryl.

“You been hangin’ out with Rick too much.” He mumbles. You roll your eyes, ignoring him and going behind the counters to see what the options were.


The food court was a bust. You two didn’t find any food worth taking, and you went your separate ways to go through the stores of the mall.

You find a Bath and Body works that still has some things left in it. You grab soaps, lotions, candles, and perfumes. You also grab a ton of different types and sizes of clothing from the stores you went through.

You were about to leave and find Daryl when a Victoria’s Secret catches your eye. The store still had most of their items- I guess people didn’t think they’d need lingerie in the apocalypse.

“Rick would love this.” You say out loud, holding up black lace bustier with a matching black thong. You shove it into your own separate back, hoping no one finds it. It really was quite sexy.

You walk out of the store, looking around for Daryl. You find him in the pharmacy store, looking intensely at something on the shelf.

“What’s up?’ You ask him. He jumps away, not noticing you were there.

“Nothin’, um, let’s go.” He says quickly. You raise your eyebrows at him but decide not to question him about it.


You look in the mirror, admiring your reflection. The outfit you got from Victoria’s Secret looked really good, and you knew that Rick would like it.

He didn’t get to see you dressed up often. Yeah, there was that one night at the welcoming party, and you certainly look better now that you’ve arrived in Alexandria. But you still dressed in jeans and t-shirts every day, and that’s not sexy. This? This was sexy.

You slide your jeans and a baggy t-shirt over your outfit so you could walk over to Rick’s house. Just as you’re about to knock, the door opens and Carl stands there smiling at you.

“Hey, how was the run?” He let you in.

“It was good. Got clothes for some people and some extra medicine. What’d you do today?”

“Watched Judith.”

“She’s too cute.” You gushed. “Anyways, where’s your dad?”

“He’s in the shower, he’ll probably be out in a minute. He’s been an ass all day, been worried sick about you.” He laughs. “He cares about you a lot, you know.”

“Yeah, I know.” You smile.

“I’m gonna go hang out with Enid. Judith is with Carol, I’ll pick her up on my way back.” He seemed rushed to get out of the house.

“Carl, I don’t want you to feel like you have to leave the house just because I’m here.”

“You’re not. I just want to hang out with Enid, that’s all.”

“Oh.” I caught on. “Well… Have fun.”


He practically ran out the door. You laughed and went upstairs. You hear the shower still running, and you open the bathroom door slowly.


“You’re back early.” He says over the shower.

“Yeah, it was a small mall.”

“Is Carl gone?” He turned off the shower and poked his head out of the curtain.

“He is. By the way, I heard you were bein’ a dick today because you were worried.” I frown, handing him his towl.


“Just saying you didn’t need to be. I’m fine, just like I told you I would be.”

He wrapped the towl around his waist and stepped out from the shower. “I’m never gonna stop worrying about you, so I’d get used to it.”

He brings you into a kiss. Your arms wrap around his neck, bringing him closer. He’s about to take off your shirt when you stop him.

“Wait!” You shout, surprising him. “Go wait in the bedroom.”


“Just do it!”

He gives you a look before walking to the room. You close the bathroom door behind him, and look in the mirror. You take off your jeans and your shirt, revealing your outfit. You let down your hair so it falls down your back.

“Okay, close your eyes.” You yell down the hallway.

“Y/N, this is ridiculous-“

“Close your eyes!” You giggle.

“You been hanging around me too often.” He grumbles, but closes his eyes anyways. You walk in front of him and put his hands on your waist.

“Open them.” You whisper in his ear.

He opens his eyes and they go wide. You can see his towel start to raise a little bit, giving you a boost of confidence.

“I take back what I said earlier. This is not ridiculous at all.” He stares at you. “You’re so sexy.”

You crawl on top of him, kissing his neck and grinding your hips. You suck on his neck a little bit, leaving a mark.

“Fuck, Y/N.” He flips you over, him on top now. “I need to these off, now.” He slides your thong down your legs. “But this?” He points to your bustier. “This is staying on.”

He pins your legs to the bed as he kisses your thighs, making you squirm. His lips felt so good on your skin. His mouth finally reaches your clit, making you moan.

“Yes,” you breathe out. He goes faster, putting his finger inside. He always seems to know exactly what you want. His tongue circles around, his fingers going in and out at a fast pace, making the heat build up in your stomach. You grind your hips involuntarily against his face, which just makes him smirk and go faster.

“Riiiiick,” you moan out as your orgasm ripples throughout your body.

“Yes, baby?” He comes up from between your legs. You get on top of him once more, kissing his neck and trailing down his toned stomach. You reach his hard dick and swirl your tongue around his tip before slowly taking in his length down your mouth.

“Y/N,” He moans your name, and you start to bob your head faster, using your hand to help you out.

“I’m gonna cum in your mouth if you keep on doin’ that.” He manages to get out, which just makes you go faster. You feel cum shooting out of his tip and into your mouth. You pull away and somehow manage to swallow it all.

“That fuckin’ outfit, I swear to God.” Rick pants.

“Glad you liked it.” You crawled up next to his chest. He uses his free hand to play with your hair. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

The Best Kind of Warmth

You’re really tiny but your crush is tall and it’s really cold one day at school. He gives you his jacket and you refuse, but he insists. You just walk around school covered in your crush’s scent all day long. Thank you so much ❤️

- @graciethebooknerdpjohoolove​

I hope this is kind of like what you wanted, and I hope that you have an amazing birthday (and that something like this happens).

Lots of Love xx

P.S. It felt so good to write again!


Your POV

Waking up this morning, I snuggled up to my sheets and braced myself for the rush of cold I was about to endure. I muster up all the strength I can and push the sheets off me, exposing my previously-warm body to the chill of my bedroom. Stepping out of bed didn’t help either, as my feet made me wonder whether it was possible to get hypothermia that fast.

After a few seconds, I finally managed to get myself out of my room to take a nice, warm shower. However, I was hit with another wave of icy-cold air upon stepping out onto the floor mat. I managed to wrap myself in my towel long enough to make the next two minutes of getting dressed seem bearable, quickly put my makeup on, perfect my messy bun and head out of the house.

Three minutes in to my usual walk to school, it dawns on me that of all of the days I need it, I’ve left my jumper at home. Usually I would quickly run back home and get it, but today I’m already running late enough and I don’t want to miss my first class of the day - English.

I almost miss the final set of lights before I arrive at school, but a quick attempt at a sprint has me getting into the front gates a few minutes before the first bell goes.

By the time I get to the English classroom, I’m cooling off from the sweat that accumulated from my rushed journey to school, and discover that the exertion has warmed me up. Content with this realisation, I take my usual seat and get out the homework I had rushed late last night.

I really must work on my procrastination, but every time I tell myself to get the work done early, I end up finding some hilarious YouTube video and get trapped in that black hole for a couple of hours. Before I even realise what’s happened, it’s dark outside and I have two hours to get all of my homework done - or face the wrath of my teachers bad sides.

I am pulled out of my thoughts when I feel someone bump into me.

“Oh, sorry Y/N.”

It’s Y/C/N. God, that smile could make flowers grow.

“Don’t even worry about it.” I smile back, hoping that he can’t see the blush forming on my cheeks just because he looked at me. Ugh, the things that boy does to me.

He takes his regular seat a few seats away from me and I try my hardest to not let my jaw-dropping peripheral view distract me from what I’m sure is key content for the upcoming exams.

An hour and a half and ten pages of notes later, I’m exposed yet again to the harsh winter breeze that seems to be eternal. Just as my body realises where I am and my temperature plummets, I feel a hand on my shoulder.

Spinning around, I am met with none other than the Greek God-like face that belongs to Y/C/N.

“Hey, you look like you’re freezing,” he observes. His eyes scanning the goose bumps on my forearms. “Would you by any chance….”

I look up at him from the ground - where my eyes had been glued ever since I realised that his eyes were scanning my body.

“…like to borrow my jacket?” He asks, looking nervous and hell. I almost want to laugh because of the relief his being nervous gives me. It’s nice to see that even Greek Gods get nervous sometimes.

“Umm,” I begin, completely unsure of what the right answer is. “It’s okay, I wouldn’t want you to have to tolerate this cold. Especially since you were smart enough to actually bring something to keep you warm.”

“I insist.” He states, much more confidently I might add. “Pretty girls shouldn’t have to deal with the cold anyway.”

I blush. This time not minding so much since it’s already kind of increasing the warmth on my face.

He puts his books down and takes off his jacket. I try not to faint from the hint of abs I see under his shirt as he does so.

He then holds out the jacket, and I take this opportunity to put my books down as well. I turn back around and guide my arms through the sleeves. Grateful, I thank him one more time, to which he responds. “Anytime, it looks better on you anyway.”

I blush once more, thinking about how much of a workout my cheeks are getting from this surreal encounter.

He grabs his books, and as he turns to leave says, “I hope to see you around.”

I nod and once he’s out of earshot, I whisper, “Me too.”

The warmth of his jacket, and the hint of his scent that comes with it are enough to keep a beaming smile on my face for the rest of the day, and I can’t help but think that wearing his jacket feels so right.

Alrighty here’s the post I promised!

So, I had no intention of getting his autograph today, mainly because I wasn’t sure if he would even be at his table. The site said he’d give autographs on Saturday and Sunday, but the schedule only had him down for Sunday.

To fill the time between panels I decided to hunt for the vendors room. I was wandering around in there, looking at everything, and I noticed that if I didn’t move to the side I was going to run into this taller man.

So as I’m sliding over I look up, and there’s Karl Urban in his shirt with flowers all over it. I just about had a heart attack, but since I absolutely cannot embarrass myself, I just smiled at him and kept going (I hate to admit it, but I nearly died from the fact that he even LOOKED at me).

After buying the autograph ticket, because that’s where he was headed, I waited in line with my drawing in hand. My mom stood with me, and I’m kind of glad because I could not contain my excitement, and I’m always hesitant to talk to strangers.

We finally get up to him, and I asked if he was willing to sign a drawing I did of him, because some actors won’t do that, but he said he would.

And the look on his face when he saw it just… Ugh. He absolutely loved the drawing, and he asked me where I found the pic. Of course, since I can’t speak like a normal person or keep a conversation, all I said was, “Oh, uh, I just went online.”

And then my mom says, “She does that with you a lot,” and I really hope he didn’t hear that because he didn’t respond.

But Karl kept looking at the picture, even after he signed it, and said how good it looked.

Also, I’m pretty sure he talked to me for longer than most other people, because the five people in front of me either didn’t talk to him or they didn’t talk long. But I was there for maybe five minutes?

I’m gonna be riding this high for a year, at least.

…I’m actually going to die after my photo op with him tomorrow.


broken ||

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Summary: “But that was all there was to it. A dream of her deepest desires.”

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst, Angst

Word: 1285

A/N: Requested! Wow this one was a hard one because I couldn’t decide how to end it but i can always just write an alternative ending if you’d like!!

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Re: roommates and double dates

Originally posted by theseoks

+ “I know they didn’t need my help, but honestly, I personally think they totally do.“
+ “What do you mean ‘I already know’?”

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader (feat. Jin x OC)
Genre: Fluff, a bit of crack
Words: 1410 yes this isn’t a drabble
Requested by: anon
A/N: Again, not really related to YMBMIL

written for my 600+ Followers Drabbles Event (requests closed!)

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Matthew Tkachuk #5

Requested by Anon(s):

1.  More matthew tkachuk I beg of youuuu. Maybe it could be about giving him concert tickets for his birthday? Your last of him was absolutely fantastic [Thank you so so much!! I hope you like this one. I’m not sure if this is the one you wanted but I hope you still enjoy!:)]

2.  Could yo do a matt tkachuk one where you surprise him for his birthday? [Here it is!! Enjoy!!:)]

Word count: 1, 092

Originally posted by strmedaddy

The cake looked like it was a love child of a red brick and mud. Needless to say, your first foray into birthday cake making has been a bust. At least you can cook a mean spaghetti and meatballs, if it really comes down to party food. Or tacos – but those are still to be judged.

The cake, though. Ugh, it’s taking all of your self-control not to smash your face in it and wallow in self-pity. He’s going to be home in a few minutes and you have nothing to show him for his birthday because you went in over your head. Damn it, you should have just reserved a table at your favorite restaurant like he told you and not try your hand at this surprise birthday dinner thing.

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High School Band AU: Ch 11

Are you guys dating?

Hmmm… let’s see…

He invited you to his house: Check!

He asked you to dress nicely: Check!

Surprisingly, you did (with Saeyoung as a consultant, but still…): Check!

You’ve met his dad: Check!

Well, according to the magazines in the salon of your uncle’s girlfriend, you are dating. But those magazines are weird, and… you’re not stupid, for Christ’s sake! No, you’re not dating, because the guy who invited you to his house is someone who almost doesn’t even look at you, and you’re pretty sure he had your name written on his hand in the first band rehearsals just so he wouldn’t forget. Yeah, that’s Jumin.

After V’s party that night, he gave you a ride (his driver did, actually). You were slightly drunk and don’t remember much on what you talked about, now you know it had something to do with you agreeing on going to his house the next day and helping him choose the songs for the winter festival, and that you had to dress nicely.

He probably mentioned that there would be a gathering promoted by his father, but you didn’t remember. It’s nothing like it would make you feel less surprised, because everything is so… friggin… fancy!

You’re so grateful you had the idea of calling Saeyoung for him to help you with an outfit, otherwise it would be a swing and a mss like… like your hideous sequin dress from V‘s party. Tsk… of course he would try to push you away with you wearing that! Nah, not really, it’s just easier to think he is that superficial rather than trying to understand what he was talking about, his mother, drums and… Saeran? No, your poor taste in fashion, actually. And you’re glad you’re on good terms to the point of him helping you look decent enough to be accepted in Jumin’s dad party.

Decent, but not less dislocated. Ugh… you’re almost missing the hipsters from V’s party, at least they were trying not to look pretentious, these people here don’t even try, they are straight up shoving the fanciness all over your poor face. However, if it makes you feel any better, the guy who invited you isn’t having the time of his life either.

“I hope you don’t mind having to stay a little longer, MC. I wish you could just have come and we could have discussed the songs, but my father insisted on me attending to this circus of horrors.” Wow! “It would be rude to send you away so sudden just so I could join this, that’s why I invited you.”

“Yes, I think you told me that last night.”

“Did I?”

“I… guess.” Hum, so you were both drunk last night.

“Well, I hope this doesn’t bother you too much.”

To be honest, you wouldn’t mind him kicking you out of there right after talking about the songs. Too bad he is actually a polite guy that would make you feel bad for declining his invitation.

“It’s fine. This must be fun.” Somehow, at some point, if you squint your eyes?

“I doubt it. These Sunday parties my father throws are the worst!”

“It’s not that bad. You want to know what my dad does on Sundays? He gets drunken watching baseball and we went to the hospital more than once after he hurt himself trying to do a home run with an imaginary bat.” He looks at you as you look around the yard crowded with people laughing.

“Okay, you won this one.” He clinks his glass of gin on yours, and you smile softly. “But don’t let yourself be fooled, this is terrible.”


“Ohhh, little Jumin, you’re so tall now, look at how much you’ve grown!” a woman shoves you subtly to stay by his side, hugging him. “Are you 18 already?” Oh god… where is she touching him? You look away, blushing. Should you give them some privacy or…

“I’m in high school, so is she.” He points at you. Oh, why is involving you in this… whatever is happening? “And we’re talking about high school matters, so if you’ll excuse us…” he surrounds your shoulder with his arm and walk you guys out of there.

“J-Jumin, I…”

“Jumin, my man! Don’t tell me you finally got a girlfriend! Isn’t she a little short, though?” a guy who looks a little older than him approaches the two of you.

“Or maybe you’re just too tall.” Ugh… you can’t even get started on how much you hate guys talking about girls as if they aren’t there, so you talk.

“I agree. Here, MC, let’s sit there.” He keeps guiding you, but somehow it feels like you’re a shield. Well, you can understand why, these people are so indiscreet and… rude. It’s not hard to see why he would use you as an excuse to stay away from them… and now you get why he invited you in the first place.

“I don’t think I won, Jumin.”

“We can call it a tie, then. Sundays are dreadful as they are.” He smiles lazily, which makes you feel really weird. What is this? Sympathy… for Jumin? “I should apologize for dragging you to this, I suppose.”

“Yeah… you should. But it’s fine, you shouldn’t endure this by yourself.”

“Thank you. V and Rika usually join me on these parties, maybe they will show up a little later“  Please, no. “So until then, thank you for bearing with me. I would propose a toast to you if you wouldn’t think it’s inappropriate.”

“I would accept it if I haven’t left my glass there with your cougar friend.” He laughs softly, so do you.

“That’s easy to fix.” He makes a gesture to a waiter, and… wait a minute, you know this waiter. It’s hard not to recognize him, how many waiters with a long silver hair could be here? “Bring her another ginger ale, please.”

“She can speak for herself, jerk! What can I get you, MC?”Zen smiles widely as he bows before you.

“A… ginger ale. “ As Jumin said… “What are you doing here, Zen?”

“Me? Oh, just a little gig to make some money to fix my bike. My friend set up for me, remember him? The guy from the club?”

“Yes, sure. I’m glad to see you here, Zen!” you smile genuinely. Yes, it’s been a while you don’t see him outside band rehearsals.

“Likewise, MC. Too bad I can’t say the same about him!” he glares quickly at Jumin, who just rolls his eyes. Can he be really rude to the host’s son? Hum… it doesn’t look like Jumin cares. “What about you, why are you here, MC?”

“Oh, Jumin and I were talking about possible songs for the festival, and I decided to stay.” Yeah, better avoiding a fight between them and making Zen get in trouble, so it’s easier saying you invited yourself.

“Oh… I didn’t know you were becoming friends.” Jeez… he sounds so judgmental…

“Yes, I even gave her a ride last night.” Oh god… is Jumin teasing him? Ugh… you’re getting a little tired of him using you as a shield, to be honest.

“Oh, here you are, son!” Jumin’s father joins you in your table, giving a quick glance at Zen. The way he promptly moves away telling he’ll bring your ginger ale in a minute makes you feel bad for him. “Are you having fun, young lady?”

“Yes. Thank you for having me here.” You’re becoming really good at lying these days, huh?

“My pleasure. Jumin doesn’t bring many female friends here, so I have to make sure she’s being well treated. So have manners with her, son.”

“Yes, father.” He nods coldly.

“Yes, make sure to introduce her to the band.”


“Oh, didn’t he tell you? We invited a jazz band to play for us today. They are amazing, young lady!”

“Nice. Can’t wait to hear them!” Okay, this one is genuine, though. You really like jazz.

And when the band starts playing, you end up liking it even more! They are beyond everything you’ve ever heard! The piano guy, the sax lady, and the singer! God, the singer makes you feel you got transported to America circa 1920s, it’s really amazing! You get completely enthralled to their performance you almost forget Jumin sitting beside you in the table when the band joins you, as Mr. Han requested. You feel like fangirling, but you do your best not to, since you didn’t even know them before today.

“We are used to more intimate shows, this one feels a little bigger, to be honest.” The sax lady explains.

“Yes, but this was great, Thank you for inviting us, Mr, Han.”

“My pleasure, I always like to invite talented artists, I have to say it’s mainly because I feel like educating my son here. Boy abandoned piano lessons to learn how to play the bass, can you believe it? He could play jazz like you, but no… he prefers lisening to… Meatball, or something like this.”

“Meatloaf.” You say, earning a glance from Jumin.

“Oh, but you can play bass in jazz too. We don’t have a bass player now, but a bass line can be really interesting.”

“Yeah, and a lot of bass players actually were a big influence on defining the genre. Ray Brown was as important as Charlie Parker doing the bebop.” You state, making all the eyes in the table go to you, you immediately blush.

“Do you like jazz?” the sax girl asks you. Shit! You should have stayed quiet when you had the chance.

“My mom did. Does. She likes jazz and I learned a lot from her.” Your mom isn’t dead, no need to talk about her in the past.

“That’s amazing! We don’t see a lot of young kids interested in jazz.” The singer says and smiles at you. You hold back a squeal when Jumin looks at you.

“Yes, girls at her age prefer those pop ladies. You know those ones who say they don’t want to be objectified, but objectify themselves in their lyrics.” Mr. Han says, laughing as he takes a sip of his champagne.

“I like these pop ladies as much as I like jazz, Mr. Han. Though I’m not really familiar with these lyrics where they objectify themselves. You’re probably a bigger fan than I am, then.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, young lady. It’s just is very surprising you would like such a refined genre as jazz and something so… so… vulgar like pop music.”

“Vulgar? That’s not a nice word, Mr. Han.”

“MC, please, he…” Jumin breathes heavily next to you.

“No, it isn’t vulgar. You know why so many girls at my age like pop? Because songs are catchy, fun, and it’s one of the few genres you have mostly women.”

“Like jazz used to be in the 1950s.” the sax girl says, agreeing with you. You would be cheering if you weren’t mad now.

“Yes! Jazz ladies sing about their feelings, relationships, men that hurt them. Pop women sing about having fun, enjoying themselves and there is room for heartbreak as well, why not? Sure they don’t need to be so sexy all the time, but instead of judging them, you should think this is part of what they do to make it in these businesses, that are still ruled by men.”

“Ah, and that is the problem, you see, these women could rule the business if they want, instead, they settle with being provocative because it will sell. Women are not hungry enough, young lady.”

“Yeah, because look at Kesha and what happens when they try to speak up and break this chain, Mr. Han.” Judging from his puzzled face, he has no idea of who is Kesha, of course he doesn’t. “And, not that it actually matters, but pop singers can be very renowned in the music business. Lady Gaga recorded a whole album with Tony Bennett, Beyoncé has some major influences on Blues, Ariana Grande made a duet with Stevie Wonder!”

“Oh, that song from that animation movie, right? It’s really good, it was nominated to the Golden Globes and all.” The piano guy says. “I would like to play that song one day.”

“Well, we can play right now. Do you know the lyrics?” the lady asks the singer.

“I do, but it’s a duet, I can’t sing Ariana Grande.”

“I can.” You say. “I mean, I can’t… I can’t really reach her, but I…” then you look at Jumin, who looks insanely uncomfortable with everything. “I think this song has a great bass line in the intro.” Then he looks at you, smiling softly, almost like he isn’t allowed to smile.

Once again, here you are facing a stage you shouldn’t get up on, but your big mouth didn’t care about. But this is different, you’re sharing the stage with professionals. And this audience doesn’t seem as receptive as the one in the gay bar, they know you don’t belong here. Even the jazz band must know that, this song is not even jazz technically.

But Jumin plays the bass intro, and now it’s too late to chicken out.

“See the girl with the diamonds in her shoes? She walks around like she’s got nothin’ to lose. Yeah, she’s a go-getter, she’s everybody’s type. She’s a queen of the city but she don’t believe the hype. She’s got her own elevation, holy motivation, so I wrote some letters out in big bold type” Shit, the guy is as good as Stevie Wonder himself. You’re so screwed!

And there you go: “See the boy with the Stevie Wonder swag? Ain’t got a clue all the magic that he has. He’s a go-getter, he’s everybody’s type, I'mma make it my mission, make him feel alright. He’s a twelve on a ten point, rockin’ out to his joint. Just say the word ‘cause I could sing all night”  You look at Jumin for a second, and he’s… smiling, smiling like he’s allowed to, he’s buying this, isn’t he?

“I got faith in you, honey. I got faith in you, girl. I met you, hallelujah” he even shares the mic with you when you lean your head slightly on his arm, and keeps looking at you as you walk back to keep the duet with the singer.

When you finish, the audience claps, but much more from politeness than from anything else. Right now, though, you don’t really care. You did a good job, you were having fun, and so was Jumin. Whew, what a relief! You were so sure he was mad at you for arguing with his father like that…

“You have nerves, young girl.” That’s all his father tells you when you get back to the table. “Now sit there and let’s eat.”

“Oh, it was about time. I’m starving!” you couldn’t really resist. Jumin rolls his eyes, smiling at you.


“This was so fun! You should totally go sing with us someday, MC! We usually play at a bar next to the road, going to the beach .” the sax girl tells you.

“I would love to.” You would, but you’re never daring yourself like this again. NEVER!

“You have style, my man.” The piano guy tells Jumin, rocking him slightly as he holds his shoulder. Jumin nods, a light shade of pink taints his cheeks. You have no idea this guy could blush! “And you are very talented, girl.”

“Yes, your mom was totally right about you.” The singer says, smiling. What?

“Do you know my mom?”

“She has a very intense voice, her gestures are very flamboyant sometimes, but there is a lot of drama in her voice.” Yes, that’s definitely her, or what you used to remember. “She’s in America now, guess she is working at one of those 60s cafes where waitresses sing.”

“Oh… I… I didn’t know.” You say quietly, it’s been a while you don’t think about her or what she is doing.

“She is happy. And she will be even happier when I tell her her daughter is growing to be a ver talented artist.”

“Don’t forget to mention ‘charismatic’” Jumin says, making you blush.

“I won’t. Anyway, it was a pleasure to meet you guys, we’re going now. Thank you for helping with the equipment.” Well, you really wanted to hang with them a little more.

Jumin and you watch as they get in the van, the singer waves at you thought the rearview mirror. The singer knows your mom, you’re so happy to hear about her after so long. You’re so happy you could…

“Why are you crying, MC?” he asks, leaning down with widen eyes.

“I’m not crying! Why would I be crying? Just because he’ll tell my mom I’m singing like her? Just because I don’t see her in almost three years? Just because I… I really miss her? I miss my mommy, Jumin!” you say the last part sobbing. “So much I don’t even mind saying ‘mommy’ and letting you see me cry! I just…”

You feel his arms wrapping you to bring you closer to his chest. Oh my… is Jumin Han hugging you? Is he comforting you?

“Now I’m not seeing you cry anymore.” You both chuckle, which makes you feel comfortable to hug him back.

When exactly did you feel comfortable enough to be this close to him? Was it because you sang together? Was it because you understood why he can be so… dense sometimes? He has a complicated family as well, he knows what you’re feeling right now. Could it be that Jumin Han has sympathy for you?

And, most importantly: is this the same guy who threatened Zen? No, it can’t be. You can’t believe it! And when you look over your shoulder, incredulity looks back at you through scarlet eyes. Zen doesn’t believe in what’s happening right now either.

Chapter 10 | Chapter 12 

She’s leaving, Dean.

Pairing: Sam x Trisha (oc), Sam x Reader, Dean, Crowley
Word count: 19,583
: Swearing, angry Sam, smut, NSFW gifs
Co-authored with: @reigningqueenofwords
A/N: So, this is us just screwing around. We’re winging it.  Also, we tried to keep things as close to their personalities as possible, and if a power isn’t in the show…just go with it haha- Brittiny
Original post date :
April 4th, 2016

Chapeter 1 of She’s Leaving, Dean.

“Sammy?” You called out, walking in the door. You’d been out on a solo hunt for a few days, and missed your best friend. You adored him, and would have jumped at the chance to be with him…but you didn’t think he felt the same way. Dean knew about your crush. It wasn’t like you did a good job of hiding it.

Figuring that he was in his room, you dropped your bag off on your bed before walking to his. You debated on knocking or not. Normally it didn’t matter, so you shrugged it off. Opening the door, you hadn’t expected to see another person with him.

You cursed under your breath and quietly shut the door hoping they hadn’t seen you. Once the door was shut, you leaned on it for a second, took a deep breath and went to your room.

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I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale recently and I think I fell in love, thanks again for showing me this shit @silversatori! xD

I got curious if there was any fanart of him and checked out the tumblr tags (in hindsight maybe not the best idea, I might have spoilered myself a little lol) but I wanted to draw Cecil as well at least once and since for all I know he has little to no taste in fashion (like me) I crammed up some imo shitty looking clothes and threw them together in this doodle
And yes, that is a friggin Jat (jeans+hat)

My overall design for him as it is now isn’t really mine though, I just kind of threw together all kinds of designs I saw and liked and crammed it all up into this out of both lazyness and tiredness :’D

I know I’m hanging behind on things, but I hope that you’ll (after a too long period of not posting any art lmao) like it~