ugh look at all of the hope in his face


Liza’s last moment with Chris, and he didn’t even know it was a goodbye :’(

Asher & Olivia ; Looking Up.

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Asher liked to blame the weather for most of his problems, and he found he did it by wearing a permanent scowl on his face. The blistering sun ate at his sides, and he knew he couldn’t sustain the energy to stay outside anymore. He decided to retreat to his apartment complex, and hoped the blooming weather wouldn’t affect him too much while he napped on his couch.

He entered the building all too familiar to him, exhausted and just wanting an out. He passed some of his neighbours as he looked at the door between the stairs and the elevator. The elevator was merely a death-trap lying in wait, but Asher couldn’t even succumb the energy to think about climbing the stairs, so he easily favoured the former and found his way inside the elevator.

The door hung open for a moment longer, and Asher could hear footsteps thumping down the hall where he’d just been. He leaned against the railing and merely looked up - he didn’t look to the door to see who would walk into the space with him. He couldn’t care less.

Drabble Time!

Premise: Silas finds out that his OTP finally got together and he pays them a little unexpected visit.

So I just had this idea pop up into my head, where someone informs Silas that Klaroline got together and he comes back from the other side to fangirl over them. Warning: I may have turned Silas a little bit OOC, as he definitely comes off as way more exaggerated and he’s totally channeling one of us obsessed shippers with his incoherent but they’re so perfect, ugh type thoughts lol. Nonetheless, I hope this is a light and funny drabble to soothe us all as we brave the incoming storm of more bullshit interviews and new TO episodes!

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mespeepeepeople  asked:

Cory is looking so effing sexy in the last episode. I was hoping Oswald would pull Edward by the tie when he said "Come, Ed, we have plans to make." ugh

Hi! Oh yes he should have! Surprised he didn’t lol, look at basically all their scenes one of them just walks up into the other’s face EY CAN U HEAR ME BETTER GET 1 CENTIMETER AWAY from your face so you can hear me properly!! Aaah and their height difference makes it even more beautiful, Oswald really has to tilt his head 90 degrees up to look Ed in the eyes lol smol birb. Their height difference is killing me, and yes a tie pull with that diff would look amazing, hope we will get one!

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I think it's extremely telling that if you compare Seth's face when Richie first tells him "She's gone" to his "Kate's gone" face it's so much the same. And there's like 6 months separating those moments. That man hasn't gotten over losing her even a bit. If anything his reaction is worse with that same long spaced off look of pain because there was hope for just a moment, and she's gone all over again.

Ugh I know. DJ’s acting in both scenes is impeccable it kills me. The good thing is that we also get to see Seth’s reaction when Kate comes back, which will be an amazing moment!