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Mabel and Dipper are trying to figure out what movie they should watch for Friday night because why not. Mabel lists off all these movies and Dipper, not caring what it is just says pick one, but Mabel chose the last one so she’s making him pick one. Dipper is walking downstairs and just blurts up the stairs; “I don’t care!! Just, ugh, Kill Bill, okay?”

Bill drops whatever he’s holding, he doesn’t know what’s fully going on, he doesn’t know too much about pop culture. Dipper get’s alarmed by the sound of whatever falling on the floor. He looks over, he sees Bill standing there with a confused, worried, and slightly horrified look on his face.

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MFW guys comfort MC when she feels stupid, dumb, insecure, etc...

I just gotta say this one tore me up, I couldn’t avoid drawing on some personal feelings for this request. I hope you enjoy anon!



           You and Yamato laid in bed as his hands poked at your sides, pinching a layer of skin near your hip. Your mouth immediately curved into a frown as you tried to squirm out of his grasp. He chuckled amusedly, but wouldn’t let you go.

           "Hey, stop—" You muttered, and pushed his hands off.

           You pulled the blanket over yourself and hid your body under it. Yamato didn’t get the hint, and instead grabbed you under the blanket, pinching around your waist.

           "Ah… Mochi,“ He smirked.

           "Stop it!” You swatted his hands away and scooted farther from him. You couldn’t help the weight that was settling on your shoulders the more he poked at you. I’ve been getting lazy, You agonized, I should have gone on a diet weeks ago…

           "I said stop!“ You finally shrieked when Yamato reached out to you again. He froze, and then crossed his arms, glaring at you. You hung your head, embarrassed.

           "What’s the deal?” Yamato asked, as he glared at you.

           "Look— I don’t need you making fun of my body, okay? I’ll go work out tomorrow.“ You tried to say it like you didn’t really care, but Yamato’s eyes softened as he looked at your dejected expression.

           "Oh no you don’t,” He said, as he wrapped you in a tight bear hug.

           "H-Hey!“ You objected, but couldn’t squirm your way out of his tight embrace, “Come on Yamato… let me go…”

           "You’re not actually feeling self-conscious are you?“

           You sighed, and nodded slowly.

           "Dummy!” Yamato pinched you again, but this time on your arm, “Do you need me to tell you how beautiful you are?”

           With a frown, you slowly shook your head, although your heart warmed slightly at his words. Suddenly, you found yourself lying on your back with him straddling over you. Your eyes widened with surprise as Yamato smirked down at you.

           "I could show you?“ He murmured as he leaned close and whispered next to your ear.

           Your cheeks flushed and your heart pounded, but you couldn’t help smiling at Yamato’s blunt way of cheering you up.


           You sighed yet again as you watched you and Saeki’s interview on the TV set. He was smiling brightly, answering all the questions fluently, while you smiled awkwardly and nodded. It was painfully obvious; you didn’t belong up there. The longer you stared at the screen, the deeper it sunk. Sure, deep down you’d accepted that Saeki was the famous Takamasa Saeki, screenwriter and thief of his female fan’s hearts, but now you were staring at the gap with your own eyes.

           “Honey!” Saeki called as you heard the front door open.

           You couldn’t respond with your usual enthusiasm, and instead stayed quiet, trying to push down your rising feelings of inadequacy. Irritated, you switched the tv off – watching it wasn’t going to help anymore. Yet, you couldn’t forget how awkward you’d looked sitting up there with Saeki.

           “Why did you turn it off, honey?” Saeki said, right behind you.

           You turned, to see he’d been watching the tv from over your shoulder. He smirked slightly and grabbed the remote, turning the tv back on.

           “It’s almost my favorite part!”

           You sighed, “It’s ok Saeki, I was done watching it –“

           On the tv you laughed, and then blushed furiously, embarrassed. Oh God, you felt mortified as you remembered the awkward moment in the tv studio. Biting your lip, you averted your eyes from the tv. I must have embarrassed him too – Ugh! I never should have agreed to go with him, I’m not the kind of girl you see on tv…

           Suddenly, your chin was turned up, gently, to see the TV again.

           “Do you see what I see, honey?” Saeki asked.

           You felt another pang shoot through your heart as you watched the way you slouched on the tv. Why is he making me watch this?! Does he want me to see what I’m doing wrong and try to learn from it? The idea hit you and you were suddenly overwhelmed by the cruelness of it all.

           “I see my adorable wife,” Saeki said, when you bit your lip and turned away from the tv again, “I see her cute and honest reactions, not the fake, staged stuff that is normally on tv talk shows like this.”

           You blinked, surprised as the warmth of his words settled around you.

           “You’re special that way honey; your honesty and kindness is what makes you so different, you know?”

           When you turned to look at Saeki you saw his steady gaze. He patted your hand and gave you a knowing smile, before turning back to re-watch your tv interview.


           The numbers blurred before you as you bit your lip, staring at the screen. You tabbed between your bank balance and the bill pay websites, double checking your math on the notebook in front of you.

           Again? You sighed, running a hand through your hair. Rubbing your eyes didn’t help, when you looked back at your calculations, they were the same. Although you’d worked overtime this month, there was next to little of your paycheck leftover.

           ”Ugh!“ With a groan you slammed the notebook shut.

           ”_____?“ Takao peeked in through the doorway, his face colored with concern from your outburst.

           You quickly shut the lid of your laptop, "Sorry— It’s nothing.”

           A conflicted look passed across Takao’s face. You averted your eyes and flipped your notebook to a blank page.

           ”_____,“ Takao’s warm hand fell on your shoulder as he sat next to you on the couch. You flinched, but he pulled you in to lean on him comfortingly, “What’s the matter?”

           You bit your lip. Embarrassment rose up in your cheeks as you thought again about the bills this month.

           "You can tell me anything. I’m right here.“

           Takao’s gentle fingers massaged your shoulder lightly as he gave you a soft smile.

           "I just— I know you’ve offered to pay for all of the bills, but I want to be able to contribute too, and it’s so embarrassing that I can barely cover my half…”

           "Is that it? You’re a little tight this month?“ Takao blinked, surprised, ”_____, I can cover it then.“

           Your heart panged, and you bit your lip. Ugh— it’s so easy for him to just offer, like he knows I don’t make as much as him…

           "No, Takao I don’t want that.”

           He looked puzzled, “Don’t you need help though?”

           You huffed, as you felt yourself growing more frustrated. You weren’t just some freeloader who was asking him to pay for her half of the bills.

           "What’s the big deal, _____, I make more than enough for both of us; you don’t have to worry.“

           "I’m not asking you for money!”

           Takao’s mouth fell open at your outburst.

           "I-I’m sorry!“ You apologized, immediately filled with regret.

           He didn’t get angry, but instead a bittersweet smile appeared across his face, "No, I think I understand, _____, I know you’re a hard worker, and that you want to be able to support yourself.”

           You chewed your lip, and averted your gaze as his kindness caused hot tears to well up in your eyes.

           "And you do,“ Takao’s warm hands enveloped yours comfortingly, "I admire you so much for how hard you work, and how adamant you are about being your own woman, but don’t be afraid to let me help my wife out every now and then.”

           You nodded tearfully, and wrapped your arms around Takao’s back in a tight embrace.


           This isn’t right, you thought for the tenth time, as you stared at your reflection in the mirror. The dress itself was beautiful, something straight out of a fairytale, something you’d dreamed of as a little girl.

           But it was wrong.

           It was all wrong, from the way that the maid had done your hair so beautifully, to the make-up caked around your eyes. You shifted uneasily, chewing your lip.

           *Knock knock*

           “_____? I’m coming in.”

           Ren’s blonde hair peeked through the door as he hesitated before entering the room. You nervously patted the dress and stepped away from the mirror.

           "Oh—” Ren froze as his gaze fell on you. His green eyes widened and he fell silent.

           Anxiously, you fiddled with your fingers, unable to stand the quiet, “I-I look silly don’t I?”

           "What? No.“

           His gentle smile did nothing to quell the rising tide of emotions you felt were about to overwhelm you. He looks so regal, You thought, observing Ren in his full prince attire. He looked like the real deal, whereas you felt like a kid playing dress up. With your eyes trained firmly on the ground, you bit your lip.

           ”_____, what’s wrong?“ Ren approached you, confused at your distressed look.

           Your fingers tightened around the skirt of your ball-gown, and you finally looked up at him, “I’m not right for this, Ren.”

           "What do you mean?“

           "I’m not… A princess,” You collapsed into the chair behind you, the dress piling up all around, “I’m not good enough for this, okay?”

           ”_____…" Ren kneeled in front of you, and took hold of your hand gently. His thumb gently reached up and wiped away an escaping tear, “You’re always good enough— you’re my favorite thing in the world.”

           You sniffed, as his words caused your heart to warm, “Ren… I—”

           "And you’re a beautiful princess,“ He smiled gently at you, and squeezed your fingers lightly.


           How did he do it? You wondered, as you laid, curled up on the couch, How does he always smile? You heard the water still going off in the shower down the hall and Yuta singing. But today, his singing didn’t make you want to smile or laugh.

           You pulled the sleeves of your sweatshirt even further down, wrapping them around your hands, as if to warm up. But you still couldn’t get rid of the ice cold feeling trapped in your chest. It felt as if a very heavy block of ice was slowly crushing you, making it harder and harder to breathe.

           The shower turned off, but you couldn’t seem to move. Your limbs felt frozen, as if they were made of stone.

           "Ah, that was so refreshing! Your turn!” Yuta’s cheerful voice rang out as he exited the bathroom.

           I guess I have to get up now, You thought, but you didn’t move.

           "_____?…“ Yuta stopped drying his hair as he saw you frozen on the couch.

           His wide brown eyes looked into yours for a few seconds, as if waiting for you to move, say something, do anything.

           "Hey! _____, are you okay?!” He dropped the towel and tried to uncurl your arms from your stiff position on the couch, but you resisted, hiding your face in your hands.

           Yuta please… You shook your head. The kindness in his eyes only hurt you more. What was previously just a numbing cold, now hurt as if a knife was being driven through your chest. The look on his face as he rushed over kept replaying in your mind and you couldn’t help the hot tears that welled up in your eyes.

           "____! Look at me! Please! What’s wrong?“ Yuta’s panicked voice sounded so far away as you drew ragged breaths, trying to stop yourself from crying in front of him.

           You kept shaking your head, as you continued to hide your face, against his attempts to pull your hands away. Suddenly the resistance against your arms vanished as Yuta drew you into a warm embrace.

           "Please, ____, don’t cry!” He begged, as he held you tightly, rocking a little too fast.

           "I-I’m sorry, Yuta!“ You choked back a sob, unable to stop your tears, “I’m sorry, I know you want me to be happy but I—”

           "N-no no!“ Yuta stuttered, "Well, yes I want you to be happy, but you never have to pretend to be happy for me! It’s okay to be sad every once in a while, I’ll just have to make you smile again.”

           You sniffed, and wrapped your arms tightly around Yuta’s back, “Why are you so good to me, Yuta? I don’t deserve this…”

           ”_____,“ Yuta’s voice adopted a more serious tone, and you looked up to see his eyes gazing at you, full of love, “I’m good to you because you’re good to me. You’ve always supported me, _____, so I’ll be here for you.”

A slight impression that the Rolling Stones are a taking selfie:

Mick: omg guuurlzzz this is so fun letz take a selfie for instagram !!! #first #band #photoshot #terryoneill  #rollingstones #bff 
Brian: gurl we look so fine i’ll never cut my hair anymore
Charlie: no bros das gay
Bill: stop bitchin charlie and come closer to the camera I look so sexy lets not spoil this moment
Charlie: ugh okay
Keith: but mick whats a selfie is this face okay
Mick: shut up keef

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Myrna Loy first met William Powell on the set of the movie ‘Manhattan Melodrama’. Their first scene involved Loy’s character forcing her way into Powell’s cab. However, when shooting began and she landed on his lap, instead of saying his scripted line, Powell said “Miss Loy, I presume?” Both actors dissolved into a fit of laughter.

It was the first one of fourteen movies they shot together.

Seventeen as (rich) snobs
  • S.Coups: The rich kid that always has the newest crap. Whatever it is, he has it. And it's not just owning it, he rubs it in everyones faces. 'Ha that sucks, I already have it. Loser'
  • Jeonghan: Everyone thinks he's an angel. At parties he's always polite and smiles at everyone. In reality he thinks everyone is a loser and secretly disses them all in his head.
  • Joshua: Super nice to everyone...on the outside. He's secretly judging everyone's flaws and subtly insults everyone to their faces. Their just so well hidden that no one notices and if they do, they still can't say anything.
  • Jun: Full out rolling his eyes at everyone. Every time someone talks to him he sasses them back. It's impossible to hold a conversation with him without him mentioning how rich he is or how stupid you are.
  • Hoshi: The rich kid that blows his money on crap he doesn't need. Avoids contact with people because he believes he's better that them. Only polite and nice when he wants something. When you mention something he's always like 'Well I..." and he says it with a stuck up nasally voice.
  • Wonwoo: Cold to everyone. Doesn't bother talking to anyone. When someone talks to him it's always one word answers. Makes everyone jealous because everything he wears is brand named. Even his hair cut.
  • Woozi: Disses everyone behind everyones back. Anytime anyone confronts him about it he just throws a wad of bills at their face. Usually found in his room surrounded by music equipment that costs more that your life.
  • DK: Looks super nice at first. When you decide to talk to him his smile is 100% fake and you can obviously see the disgust on his face. Secretly thinking 'why are there so many losers on this plant. Ugh I'm getting contaminated.'
  • Mingyu: Pranks everyone. No exceptions. They're never just funny. They humiliate you and make you want to live in a box for your entire life. His height and brand name leather jackets scare everyone off.
  • The8: Looks like a ball of sunshine and acts like one too. Internally he's plotting your demise. So when your phone somehow gets broken, your lost on who to blame.
  • Seungkwan: A total diva. He has the latest fashion a month before it's actually on sale. Insulting everyone's fashion choice and gossips with the girls. If there's any drama going on you can bet he started it or knows the details.
  • Vernon: Disses everyone to their face and doesn't give a shit about what anyone says. Usually found spending money with his friends at an arcade or taking a nap somewhere.
  • Dino: Everyone is below him in his head. Unless your a Michael Jackson fan. In which case, your tolerable. Sort of. Has every single Michael Jackson merchandise. Slacks off in class, but somehow passes.
  • Credits to me. ~Nilla
The Hero Next Door

Summary: Caroline is a single mother who is struggling to take care of her daughter by herself. One day a mysterious someone starts leaving gifts for them outside of their door. Background Carenzo.

“Lexie! Come on sweetie these bags are heavy!” Caroline called over her shoulder.

The small five-year-old in question was twirling around in circles, dressed in the pink sparkly crown and tutu she insisted on wearing over her clothes; green stripy leggings, and pink and black heelys.

“Coming mommy,” she replied, still spinning around in the same spot. Caroline sighed and continued to heave her shopping bags up the stairs onto the next floor.

Caroline loved being a mother. Alexis was the bright, energetic ball of sunshine in Caroline’s life and she wouldn’t trade her for the world. Her mother said Lexie was the dead stamp of Caroline at that age; stubborn, easily excited and obsessed with the colour pink.

To this day Caroline was still a girly girl, nothing made her happier than spending hours playing dress up and tea parties with Lexie. She had no idea what she would’ve done had she not had a girl.

Lexie’s father was a man named Enzo, that she’d met in college. He’d been her best friend and losing him was the hardest thing she’d ever had to deal with. He was in the army and died in a mission overseas Afghanistan.

Caroline was a proud working woman and she did her best to support herself in Enzo’s absence but her job as an assistant, at a party planning agency just about gave her enough money to pay her half of the rent, in the one bedroom apartment, she and Enzo had shared before Lexie was born.

Working her way up and owning her own company had been her dream but she’d gotten married and pregnant and so she had to quit and find more lucrative work.

Their financial worries were part of the reason Enzo had taken up the draft.

Now that he was gone Caroline had to work a nine to five at a supermarket on weekdays and part time at the library at the weekends. Thank God they had a children’s creche there, so she didn’t have to arrange childcare for Lexie.

It was tough but Caroline was nothing if not resilient. She just kept her chin up and scraped and saved what little money she earned in hopes of building a better life for her daughter.

As Caroline approached the next flight of stairs she turned and looked behind her to see Lexie still spinning around, humming the tune to Doc McStuffins under her breath.

“Quickly Lexie, up the stairs. Mommy’s tired now,” Caroline sighed. Taking a minute to put down her bags and lean against the barrister to catch her breath.

“I’m just tryna get my dance moves perfect mommy. See, watch-”

Lexie did a rapid 360 and ended up losing her balance and colliding head first into a pair of jean clad legs.

“Whoops,” said as she hit the ground.

“Lexie!?” Caroline called out in alarm as she heard the thudding noise Lexie made as she fell.

She turned to run over to her and she inwardly groaned as she spotted the person Lexie so happened to have bumped into.

Klaus Mikaelson.

Her tall, lean, obscenely attractive British neighbour who lived in 49B. He was a smarmy jerk and an insufferable flirt most of the time. So Caroline always did her level best to avoid him; what didn’t help was that Lexie absolutely adored him.

Mostly because he was always bribing her with sweets whenever Caroline’s back was turned but also because her five year old found it positively dazzling that Klaus had the same name, as the big, fat, man in the red suit who brought her gifts every year.

Lexie looked up confusedly and gasped seeing who she’d bumped into.

“Sowry mister Klaus,” she said, flashing her large, wide apologetic brown eyes; that she’d inherited from Enzo.

Klaus beamed down at her kindly.

“That’s quite alright sweetheart,” he said, extending his hand to help her up.

Lexie turned around to beam at her mother.

“Look, mommy, it’s Mister Klaus!”

Caroline looked up at Klaus who flashed her a dimpled grin.

“Yes sweetie isn’t that a fun coincidence,” she replied, shooting Klaus a dry smile in return.

“Yep,” Lexie nodded, Caroline’s sarcasm going completely over her head.

Klaus crouched down to speak to her.

“My, isn’t that a lovely crown you’re wearing today Alexis. You didn’t tell me you were secretly a princess,” Klaus said, feigning surprise.

Lexie giggled and blushed as Klaus grinned at her.

“Mommy has a matching one but her’s isn’t pink like mine, it’s purple with pink sparkles,” she informed him.

“Oh does she now?” Klaus said, turning to look at Caroline. His smile widened seeing the embarrassed flush that appeared on her cheeks.

“Mmhmm,” Lexie continued. “She wears it when we play princesses together, though mommy says it a lot better being a queen than being a princess-”

“Lexie! Honey, we should really go,” Caroline jumped in, covertly glaring at Klaus who was trying his best to hold back his silent laughter.

“We have a lot of groceries to get up the stairs,”

“Allow me to help you with that,” Klaus offered. Extending his arm as Caroline moved to pick up the shopping.

“You really don’t have to-”

“-I insist,” he said.

She scowled at him but didn’t protest any further. Because dammit those groceries were heavy and she knew for a fact that Klaus had a gym membership and went jogging every morning so he might as well put that unfairly hot body to good use.

So while the adults lugged the bags up the stairs, Lexie did her bit by entertaining everyone with the entire soundtrack to Frozen.

“Just here love?” Klaus asked, hovering near her door with her bags.

“Uhm yeah there’s fine. Thank you,” she added giving him a small smile of gratitude. It wasn’t the first time Klaus had come to her rescue, when she was weighed down with more bags than she could carry. It’s almost as if he timed when she would come back from shopping on a Friday afternoon, and then just magically appear to be of service. Although something told her it all that much of a coincidence.

She hated the idea of being dependent on his help but at the same time, it was nice to know that he cared enough to put himself out.

“That’s not problem Caroline,” he said, giving her one of those smiles, that made her heart flutter, in a way that it hadn’t for a long time before she’d met him.

A way that she vehemently ignored, because she’d learnt her lesson about good looking British men with dimples.

Before he turned to go into his apartment he bent down and offered his hand to Lexie to shake.

“Goodbye sweetheart, see you tomorrow,”

“Goodbye mister Klaus,” she sang, putting her tiny hand in his and shaking it.

He winked at her before getting up and unlocking his apartment.

Lexie stood with her back to Caroline looking down at her hands and giggling quietly to herself.

Caroline sighed.

“Lexie, did Mr Mikaelson give you candy again?” she asked, folding her arms.

No,” Lexie lied. Doing her best to look as innocent as possible.

Caroline rolled her eyes and turned to open their door.

“I hope mister Klaus is going to pay your dentist bills when your teeth start rotting,” she muttered under her breath as she fiddled with her keys.

She went to turn the handle and gasped as the entire thing came off in her hands.

“Uh oh,” Lexie said, seeing the look of irritation on Caroline’s face.

Uh-Oh is right. Ugh, the super promised that he’d fix this!” Caroline complained, kicking at the door frame.

She managed to secure it on just long enough to get the-the door open and quickly ushered Lexie inside so she could put down her bags and collapse into bed.

Monday’s were always a hellish day.

On Sunday’s Caroline didn’t have to work as many hours. Sometimes she didn’t have to work at all. So often times Lexie and her would have a lazy day and cuddle up in bed and watch tv together. If she wasn’t careful, more often than not she’d get too relaxed and forget to prepare adequately for the day after.

Yesterday had been one of those days.

Now she was pushing Lexie out the door, praying that they’d get down the stairs in time to catch the 7:45 bus.

“Oh no!” Lexie cried out coming to a halt by the stairs.

“What is it, Lex?” Caroline asked, urgently. Glancing at the time on her phone.

“My shoe!” the little girl whined.

Caroline pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed, knowing exactly what she was complaining about.

The strap had gone on her school shoes a long time ago and despite Caroline’s efforts with a hot glue gun, it refused to just hold on until payday when she could afford to buy Lexie another pair.

Caroline crouched down and tapped her leg.

“Here sweetie, lift your foot,” she coaxed.

Lexie did as she was told and Caroline lifted the strap and tucked into the sole of the shoe; gesturing for Lexie to put her foot back down.

Lexie made a face and twisted her foot around.

“That feels funny,” she said, shifting from leg to leg.

Caroline cupped her face and sighed again.

“I know baby, but you just have to wear them like that for a few more days, until mommy can buy you a new pair, okay?”

Lexie nodded and Caroline stood up and gestured for her to take her hand.

Thursday is when it all started happening.

It started off when she received a package in the post, containing a shiny gold, door knob inside of it.

At first, she thought she’d ordered it herself and forgotten about it. But when she checked out her purchase history on Amazon and saw nothing relating to door accessories she knew she wasn’t going crazy.

Maybe the super or the landlord bought it for her because they felt bad she had to wait so long to get her door fixed

Either way, Caroline decided not look a gift horse in the mouth and didn’t question it.

Then there was the pair of shiny patent school shoes sitting on her doormat the day after. Not only did they have bright pink butterflies on the back, they were also the kind of shoes that lit up when you walked. (The kind that Caroline had coveted as a child).

There was no way she could’ve afforded those out of her own money unless she saved up. Her anonymous benefactor was obviously very kind but the idea of taking something bought by someone else’s money didn’t sit well with her.

The last straw was when she found a brand new Louis Vuitton wallet in her mailing cubbyhole, sitting next to her electricity bill.

The only way she could tell it was for her and that someone hadn’t left it there by mistake was because the person who put it in her slot had attached a little note to it.


To replace your missing purse,


About a month ago she’d lost her wallet somewhere in the building. She’d torn her apartment looking for it but had no luck.

Luckily her credit cards weren’t in it and she had just gotten paid the day before but that wasn’t the point.

She didn’t have money to go throwing away willy nilly like that.

So she’d put up a sign in the lobby and reported it missing to the super, in hopes that someone would turn it in.

That poster had begun to collect dust until that day she walked up to collect her mail, to not only find her new purse; but the full amount of money that she had lost and since she’d specified on the poster that her Starbucks loyalty card had been in there, the person had gotten out of their way to get her a Starbucks gift card and activated it for her.

It was all too good to be true and way too suspicious if you asked Caroline.

The gifts didn’t stop there. Anytime she vocalised out loud that she needed anything; suddenly, one way or another it would appear magically on her doorstep.

Caroline couldn’t understand it. She also had a hard time convincing Lexie that the building wasn’t overrun with ‘fairies’ doing good deeds for people.

One day she was coming into the apartment, only to be met with Klaus’ toned backside on show as he bent over the desk near the mailing slots.

Caroline resisted the urge to stare but it was proving very difficult. Especially since Klaus’ jogging bottoms weren’t leaving much to the imagination.

“Hello love,” he hummed as she came close.

“Hey, what are you doing?” she asked, curiously.

“I’m writing a note to the superintendent. The boiler’s broken again. It’s fine down here but it’s bloody freezing upstairs.”

Caroline scoffed.

“Ugh that’s typical, give him an extra angry swear word from me will you?”

He smirked at her.

“But of course sweetheart,”

She smiled at him and moved to go up the stairs when something stopped her.

Klaus’ handwriting.

She’d seen it before, she knew she had.

“Something wrong love?” he asked when he noticed her hovering.

“Mmm no, you just ugh… have a nice penmanship, that’s all,” she bluffed, shuffling up the stairs.

It was only when she got upstairs to her apartment that it hit her.

The note Klaus was writing.

The handwriting matched the handwriting on the note attached to the purse.

All the gifts, the shoes, the door nob.

How had she not realised before?

Klaus Mikaelson stumbled disorientatedly out of bed. It was only 8 but he’d pushed himself really hard at the gym that day, plus he had an early presentation in the morning.

The abrupt knocking had woken him up and now he was padding, in a slightly zombified manner to address the person on the other side of the door.

He swung it open to find his very angry looking blonde neighbour holding a large cardboard box and scowling at him.

“Caroline. Hello, love what is-”

“I know it was you,” she interjected.

He frowned in confusion.

“What was me, sweetheart?”

“The gifts! she yelled, exasperatedly “The expensive purse and my door knob. Don’t play innocent Klaus,”

Caroline took the guilty expression on his face as a confirmation and continued.

“It’s not enough that you bribe my daughter with sweets but now you’re trying to buy your way into her heart with shoes?!”

“Now wait a minute love-”

“Let’s get one thing straight. We are not some charity case. You don’t have to throw your money around because you feel bad for us. Or is it because you want to make yourself feel better, hmm? Were you trying to feel like a good person Klaus or was this all just to get into my pants?”

“Come now love, that was uncalled for. Call it altruism or whatever you’d like but I was just trying to help,”

“Well I don’t need your help okay!?” she spat. “Here,”

She shoved the box into his hands angrily.

“That’s everything, everything that wasn’t edible anyway,”

“Caroline you don’t have to do this-”

“Yes, I do Klaus. You wouldn’t understand,”

“No, clearly I do not so why don’t you explain it to me?”

“Look,” she sighed, “All you need to know is; you and your compliments and your expensive gifts can leave me and my daughter alone,”

With that, she turned and walked back toward her own door.

“Caroline!” he called out, but she was inside before he could stop her.

Klaus sighed exasperatedly and cursed under his breath.

The next day was a Saturday. Caroline and Lexie were eating breakfast and getting ready for Caroline’s shift at the library.

“You all done?” she asked Lexie, as she ate her last spoon of oatmeal.

She nodded and showed Caroline the bowl. She took it and jerked her head toward her bedroom.

“Okay go get your clothes on,”

Lexie hopped down from her stool at the breakfast bar and skipped toward her room. She paused at the front door, staring down at the mat confusedly.

“What is it Lexie?” Caroline asked.

“It’s a letter,” she answered holding it up.

Strange. Nobody delivered mail straight to the door in this apartment building.

Lexie handed her the envelope and skipped away into her bedroom.

On the front, all it said was For Caroline.

She opened it and pulled out a letter on a folded A4 sheet of paper.

Dear Caroline,

If you don’t shred this before you get to read it; I want you to know, that I am deeply sorry for any offence that I caused you over the past few weeks.

You have to know that everything I did, I did because I genuinely care the wellbeing of you and Lexie. I care about whether your happy. I suppose in a way it is selfish. Seeing you happy makes me happy.

I knew you’d be suspicious if I started to buy you gifts and if I outright offered you money you’d be insulted. Understandably. So I resolved to try and help you out in secret.

I understand that deceiving you was wrong. I shouldn’t have but you should also know that I never expected anything in return from you and I would never attempt to exploit you or your daughter for my own gain.

If you still wish to have no contact with me I understand. I can only hope you find it in your heart to forgive me eventually in your own time.



Caroline exhaled and leant her head against the door. After a second of deliberating, she pulled it open and stepped out into the hallway.

As luck would have it, Klaus stepped out at the same time and they nearly ran right into each other.

When Klaus saw it was her his eyes widened and for the first time since she’d met him, Klaus actually looked sheepish.

“I was just on my way out,” he murmured, moving to get past her.

“Wait!” she called out.

“Can we talk?”

He paused and slowly turned back around to face her.

Caroline took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry I was so hard on you last night,” she said.

“Caroline you don’t have to-”

“Let me finish,” she said. “It’s hard being a single mom. And literally, the worst feeling in the world feeling like you’re not doing enough for your kid. After Enzo, Lexie’s dad died; everyone was so helpful. My parents; my friends; Enzo’s family. But I didn’t want their hand me downs or their money or their pitying looks. I just wanted to feel like I could take care of my daughter by myself.”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s just who I am. But that’s why I got so mad yesterday. I hated the idea of you thinking that I couldn’t cope.”

Klaus’ face softened.

“Is that what you think? That I think you can’t cope? Caroline, you are one one of the strongest people I’ve ever met,”

Caroline’s face flushed as he continued.

“You’ve done such a good job with Lexie all by yourself. I admire you. I got you all those things, not because I thought you were destitute and desperately needed them but because I see how hard you work and I wanted you to have the things that are important to you,”

Caroline fell speechless at Klaus’ words and just stared up at him processing everything he said.

After a moment Klaus broke the silence.

“If I promise, to let you pay for your own meal; will you go out on a date with me next week?” he asked, a small hopeful smile appearing on his lips.

Caroline let out an incredulous laugh and bit down on her lip pondering the decision.

“Say yes mommy!” a voice squeaked through the door.

They both laughed and Klaus raised his eyebrows at her.

“That’s two against one love,” he pointed out.

She smiled still chewing on her lip.

“How’s Friday?”

“Friday works perfectly,”

“Good,” she said. “You can knock for me at eight,”

She tiptoed upward and placed a kiss on his cheek, before disappearing back into her apartment.

Klaus grinned when a few seconds later he heard.

“Mommy, is mister Klaus your boyfriend now?”