ugh let me cry


“I screw up a lot, all right. And being around you.. I just, I don’t want to be that guy anymore.”
”Who do you want to be Nathan?”
“I wanna be somebody that’s good enough to be seen with you.”
“Well you should of thought of that last night. I keep putting myself out there and you keep blowing it.”


                              I… came to Seidou to find the place where I belong.
                                 Please don’t disappoint me… Miyuki-senpai.
                                                    Interesting! I like you!


By: HONEY TREE (Instagram)

The moment captured perfectly

  • McKAY: How's about ...
  • (He pauses for a while, then looks at John again.)
  • McKAY: How about we say goodbye now?
  • McKAY: What d'you mean, "no"?
  • SHEPPARD: I mean I'm not saying goodbye.
  • McKAY: Well, I'm saying it anyway!
  • SHEPPARD: Well, I'm not listening!
  • McKAY: Yeah, but pretty soon I won't even know who you are!
  • SHEPPARD: Then I'll remind you.
  • McKAY: Yeah, but I don't want you to see me like that. I want you to remember me as I am -- as your genius friend, not as some ...
  • SHEPPARD (firmly): Not happening.
  • McKAY: Please.
  • SHEPPARD: You're stuck with me, Rodney. Just accept it.
  • McKAY: Yeah, but I ...
  • SHEPPARD (loudly): No! (He waves a finger at him.) That's final.
  • McKAY: OK. (He looks away.)
  • -SGA, 5x06 (aka, the moment I started bawling)

open at the close; 
i’ve figured out all the pieces and it now makes sense to me. my future has been set in stone and this end must come, for this must be done.


“Come to me my sweetest friend, can you feel my heart again?”
“I’ll take you back where you belong and this will be our favorite song.”
“Come to me with secrets bare, I’ll love you more so don’t be scared.”
“When we’re old and near the end will go home and start again.


God Damn! Props to the creator. This video makes me sad and happy. It’s perfect. Ugh let me go cry in a corner now