ugh leaf

more alolan eeveelutions! (that have absolutely nothing to do with alola but those are basically the only canonical regional variants right now soooo)

anyway, glaceon is based on glaciers and how they shape bedrock, sylveon is based on a papillon dog and the apollo butterfly, leafeon is based on rusting metal in the woods.


had a dream that I was restarting my animal crossing game and apparently they’d updated it so the bus stop from city folk was there but now it was a petrol station with a little convenience store
there was also a change to the villager houses where you could choose a theme at the start and all the houses matched the theme so apparently I’d chosen a modern theme which was why the petrol station was there
and once you pressed ‘continue’ at the start menu you had like 8 different save options to choose from each for different towns it was great