ugh lazyness


Was inspired to draw this after listening to Stranger by Katie Costello

I drew this while I was trying to get back from my art block this past week.Also, I wanna apologize for being gone from here for so long. Had to take a break from drawing a bit due to really bad artblock that kept coming back, though now I’m feeling much better and ready to draw like a mofo again, lmao.

Anyways, I guess this is where Anaya meets Apollo for the first time. She doesn’t recognize him due to because she was never able to remember her previous life before she was 5 years old (which you can find more info about it here and here). Makes it quite difficult for Apollo after finding out her sister’s alive only to have her not remember him. Only now they meet for the first time in years. Unfortunately, after losing his sister when they were younger, he’s not (or I guess wasn’t since this was before the timeskip) exactly on the good side. He’s quite the opposite of Anaya, very destructive and violent. And in this time he fights with Luffy and his crew to come across Anaya. Lets just say it gets pretty intense from there. One other thing that you should know about Apollo and Anaya. Apollo sadly can’t tell Anaya the truth about why she was cast away from Cloud Olympus (where she’s from) as a child…it’s because he’s under a spell. Being one of the four guardians of the mystical sky island, they take an oath to never tell any outsiders the secrets to the sky island. Even if that outsider is someone who is his own blood who was cast out from the island many years ago.