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From 'Lady Ambrosia'

Red: Your parents loved each other very much. The Cold War was hard– too hard for your father. When the Soviet Union was collapsing, he took you from her. She gave up everything to follow him, to follow you.

Liz: The night of the fire– that’s what they were arguing about?

Red: Your mother, despite what he’d done, she wanted him back. She wanted them to be a family. As much as it pains me to say it, he was probably… the only man she ever really loved.

Liz: And I shot him.

Red: It was an accident.

But according to Katarina, Red took (*ahem*, kidnapped) Masha/Liz and fled.

TBH, I’m still a little disappointed that the special, noteworthy skillset of the legendary KGB ‘ghost’ agent, Katarina Rostova, is seducing men and simultaneously stringing (at least three, but fuck knows how many of) them along in order to steal classified intel. Like, what else could a woman possibly do to earn such notoriety? Ugh. Lame.

EDIT: And also, Katarina definitely wasn’t tracking them down in order to be a family again. She was fucking pissed off and scared. When you see the contrast between the ‘Cape May’ Kat (how Red remembered her, as rather sympathetic and somewhat likeable) and the ‘Requiem’ Kat (how Kate remembered her, manipulative and possibly sociopathic), then one can’t help but think that Red never really knew that woman AT ALL. He knew her about as well as Liz knows Tom/Jacob/Chris/whatever…. though that probably doesn’t matter, anyway. I mean, does anything, really, anymore?


When Mary finally was told of Remus’ lycanthropy, she accepted it with the grace and compassion that everyone knew she would. No one except Remus had been afraid she wouldn’t, but he was a worrier and couldn’t bear the idea of losing her. What no one expected was Mary, camped out in the hospital wing the morning after the next full moon. Pomfrey had tried to kick her out earlier in the night, but Mary snuck back into the hospital wing when the matron wasn’t looking. In the wee hours of the morning, the three boys dragged in their unconscious werewolf friend. Mary looked frantic until Peter assured her that this wasn’t uncommon after a full moon (and he tried explaining something about lunar cycles and talked about star charts to why some full moons were worse then other but Mary had a hard time focusing on Peter when Remus looked so rough). Once the nurse had fixed the most of the injuries, the Maurauders left but Mary stayed diligently in the chair beside his cot. When James came to check on Remus later in the day, he found Mary curled up carefully on the cot with his friend’s arm draped over her. He noted to himself that Remus had never looked so happy after a full moon. Then he amended that thought, he had never seen Remus look so happy ever.  


To our leader Ziaco~

You are such an inspiration to all and you seem to hold endless amounts of talent and passion. As much as we love your music, BBCs hope that you will rest ever so often and take care of yourself. We can’t thank you enough for being such a thoughtful and wonderful leader.  Let’s stay together forever~

Happy birthday Zico!

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