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cute jealousy | jimin

jealous jimin aka i died while writing this
(and idk why but every time i write jimin it goes from 0 to 100 real quick ^.^)

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Jimin was always going to be your number one boy in your life. No matter who came in your life, Jimin was always and is your favorite person. That’s why him being jealous today was super cute.

Walking through the crowded room backstage at TRB, you searched for your red haired lover boy. Pushing through people and the noise of too many people made you feel dizzy. You tried to look around once more for Jimin but you didn’t see him. Instead you saw an empty seat, you would’ve ran to it if you wasn’t so dizzy. You placed your hands out in front of yourself making sure to keep your balance.

“Whoa whoa, you okay?” A random voice came into your hearing. An arm wrapped around your waist and guided you to the chair you was trying to get too.

After sitting you down you looked at the guy’s face. He looked familiar to you. He crouched down and tapped a girl behind him asking for a bottled water to give you. After getting it he opened it for you and tried to feed you.

You grabbed the bottle and smiled, “I got it.”

He smiled and nodded, “You look very familiar, do I know you?”

You twisted the top back onto the bottle and placed it on the ground.

“I’m _____, Jimin’s girlfriend.”

He started to nod and pointed at you. “Ah yes, I’ve seen you at one of his dance practices. I’m (___).”

You smiled and moved a piece of hair behind your ear, “Yup that’s me, nice to officially meet you?” You stuck your hand out for him to shake. Another hand came im the middle of the conversation and grabbed your wrist, pulling you up.

You looked at Jimin and your insides started to flip. Post-concert Jimin made your stomach do flips. If the room wasn’t so crowded you would’ve jumped on him.

“Hey jagiya, what’s going on here?” Jimin eyed the dude and looked at you.

“I was just talking to (___).” You smiled at (____).

Jimin looked between you both and frowned. “Why was his arm around your waist a few seconds ago?”

You head whipped to look at Jimin. He was staring at (____) awaiting his answer. His eyebrows were scrunched up and his cheeks were puffed out. You found this so cute, adorable actually. You giggled to yourself and Jimin looked at you before focusing his attention back on the boy.

(___) scratched his head and made hand motions towards you.

“She wasn’t feeling good so I-I umm…”

“So he helped me to my seat.” You finished the sentence for him. He gave you a look saying ‘thank you’ and tried to avoid eye contact with Jimin.

Jimin nodded and grabbed your arm pulling you off. You were smiling the whole time. “Not even going to tell the guy thank you? So rude of you.” You teased him.

Jimin pulled you to an empty corner of the crowded room. He looked aggravated and you kept your smile on your face.

“Something’s bothering you Jiminie?”

“Why didn’t you call me to come help you?” Jimin crossed his arms over his chest.

“I couldn’t find you.”

“Why didn’t you ask someone to find me for you?”

“I started to feel dizzy by then.”

“Well why didn’t you shout my name then?”

Did he really…you started to laugh at how crazy Jimin sounded. Jealous Jimin is cute Jimin.

“Jagiya why do you keep giggling?”

"Because you’re so cute.” You pulled his arms from his chest and circled them around your waist, leaning into him.

“I’m not trying to be cute Jagiya, I’m trying to be serious right now.” Jimin pulled you into him even more despite of what he just said.

“It’s okay Jimin, he was just helping me.”

Jimin looked at you and kissed your lips.

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.” You smiled and kissed both of his cheeks.

A smirked appeared on Jimin’s face, “So I’m cute when i’m jealous?” Jimin started to move you backwards. He stopped when your back was against a wall. You wrapped your arms arounf his neck and nodded.

“Can I show you another side of me then?” Jimin leaned foward and whispered in your ear. Your face heated up. No he was not doing this in a room full of people.

“Jimin and _____, we can still see you!” Jhope shouted from across the room laughing. You felt eyes turn to look at you and Jimin. You buried your head in his shoulder and cursed Jhope in your head.

“Hobi hyung~! I was just about to get it!” Jimin shrieked.

You could hear all the guys laughing and screaming and you wanted nothing more but to slap Jimin and leave the room.

Jimin looked down at you in his shoulder, “Just kidding jagiya.” He squeezed you and kissed your cheek.

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ugh someone pls teach me how to end scenarios -_-

my reaction to Wes and Laurel
  • wes and laurel: *smile to each other*
  • me: awwww, so sweet!
  • wes and laurel: *start having eye sex*
  • me: no. nO. NO. don't continue pls
  • wes and laurel: *kiss*
  • me: ugh, why can't two straight people just be friends?
  • wes and laurel: *continue kissing passionately*
  • me: oh, omg, that's so hot!
  • wes and laurel: *stop kissing"
  • me: why did you stop, pls continue!