ugh just watched this scene and so many feelings

 ok u know what else i want to talk about

in the airport reunion victor looked exhausted. his hair’s a mess. his eyes are tired. he probably hasn’t slept since he left russia. he was already feeling guilty about leaving yuuri, worried about his dog, then had to watch yuuri skate probably via livestream where he could probably, very clearly, see that yuuri was struggling to stay calm and wasn’t jumping nearly as consistently as he was in the SP.

so yuuri qualifies for the GP by the skin of his teeth and victor’s probably very much aware that his absence had an effect on yuuri, and he’s wondering how to make it up for him and how to move forward with him into the GP–because he doesn’t want to see yuuri bomb like he did last year, and he doesn’t want it to be his own fault for yuuri’s sake–and he has, what, 9 or so hours at minimum while yuuri’s on a plane back to think about all of this?

victor’s forgetful. he’s probably exhausted and out of it already, doesn’t remember how long it’ll be until yuuri actually arrives in japan, but he takes makkachin and goes to the airport and just sits. and waits. maybe dozes on the chairs, but that’s it. and through all this time he thinks about yuuri, and yuuri’s skating, and where he wants to fit in with that and ultimately decides–he doesn’t ever want to leave yuuri. he’s happiest with yuuri. he wants to see yuuri succeed. he wants to support yuuri. victor’s own skating career? doesn’t matter–he’s already achieved success. what matters now is yuuri.

and after hours of having all this stress, all this worry for makkachin and yuuri and everything else on his mind over the last 24? 48? hours he finally sees yuuri and yuuri sees him and they’re running and finally they’re in each other’s arms and this is all victor wanted. he still looks tired but he no longer looks so stressed or lost he just looks happy and relieved and really, yuuri, he just wants to stay by your side and never leave.