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Goblin Ep13 thoughts

- I totally did not expect things to go this way or at least this quickly. I knew they had to kill Park Joong Won (actually I need to point this out, but when you read the Korean part where Grim Reaper is filling out this Missing Soul form, it says 박중헌- which is Park Joong Hun in English, but whatevs) and I knew it had to do with the sword, but I thought Eun Tak would be the one to kill him after she took out the sword…

- did anyone notice when Sunny said 사람인든 사람아닌 사람같은 너 (translation: it’s as if you’re human, but not human but is like a human) to Eun Tak, it was a throwback to Soyou’s song Some? (And she sings the OST in Goblin too!!!)

- why was it that when I saw Eun Tak and Kim Shin kissing that I felt like I was intruding on something? Usually I love passionate kisses like this, but this kiss was so full of desire that I was blushing while I was watching it. Also was I the only one who thought he was gonna go in for another kiss, but he stopped himself because he needed to go fight the evil ghost? Props to you, Gong Yoo. If anyone ends up doubting your acting skills, I will refer them to this drama. And Coffee Prince. And Train to Busan. And anything else because I love you, ajjushi

-I finally realized why Kim Shin was named Kim Shin. Shin, or 신 in korean, means god (not as in God, but a god). And now everything makes sense! Because he’s a diety and he was seen as a god by the people when he was a general. Did I notice this too late…?

- I think I just noticed how sexy Gong Yoo’s voice is. Ugh. When he said, “I’ll be back”, my hearts almost stopped. And the way he looked at Eun Tak omg please save me
Now I understand what Sunny meant when she said “he makes you feel like you’re in the smallest café”

- a lot of people translated the line “너를 만난 나의삶은 상이었다” as “Meeting you in my life was a reward”, but actually it’s better translated as “My life was a reward because I met you”. And to me, this translation is so touching because although at first he considered his life a reward, near the end, he considered it a punishment. But here was when he noticed that his life was actually a reward from up above because he met Eun Tak. Ugh my heart. He needs to be resurrected!!!!!!!! (Please writer-nim)

- That last scene when Eun Tak is crying her heart out, I felt so uncomfortable. It was just so heart-wrenching and I can’t watch people cry in real life either because it makes me feel so upset because I can’t do anything, and I felt this way here. The pain felt so real. Kim Go Eun, I will be watching out for your other dramas!

- the fact they had so many fake “I love you"s made the real ones so much more effective. Before they said those things out of selfishness, but at this moment it was out of true love. Usually when people confess their love at death scenes, it always seems a little cringey to me, but not this one. This one felt REAL

- I honestly only watched one other drama by this authors, The Heirs, and I did not really enjoy that drama. It may be because I don’t like Park Shin Hye that much (don’t kill me), but it didn’t really get me that excited. But after watching this drama, I really need to go back and watch her other dramas and give The Heirs another try. (And yes, The Descendants of the Sun is first on my list)

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I had so many feels bottled up after that last Flash episode so I just had to do another video. Their last scene had me on my knees, it was so damn hard to watch…
Ugh, why can’t they just kiss and make up already? It’s driving me crazy… oh well, at least we know how long we have to wait till they become canon ;)