ugh just so damn good



So happy this cutie got his spotlight for this episode. He may be plain and simple, but that’s part of his charm.

And as if he wasn’t already cute enough…

It’s likely that he went to the temple to pray for his team to do well during their training camp. I love him so much. (つ≧▽≦)つ

haha yea those two WOULD be cute together wouldn’t they? I don’t think I’ll end up making that canon though hahaha
—  Famous last words of a writer before a pairing consumes their life

“kids are great bc they don’t understand societal norms!”

bitch I know I’m at a restaurant and some kid literally just stole something right off of my table

anonymous asked:

Could you make a list of some of your favourite batb fanfictions by other people

sure! look at these talented nutmegs:

Out of Fashion by mrstater

the best high-quality plumiere smut, here for the taking (also it’s got some great imagery of them hanging their wigs up together. for some reason that detail is just so fantastic to me)

pouf-pouf by emjee (MerryHeart)

“The two couples looked as though day and night had come together and were whirling around the dance floor.” That’s some good shit. Also there are historical cosmetics!!

What Might Have Been by SkyEverett

UGH i hate/love this fanfic because it’s just SO damn good. like holy fuck. i go back to my own reading and i am like “what am i doing wrong??” because it is NOT AS GOOD AS THIS FIC

I like everything @batbobsession writes but my particular favorites are Nocturne, Less Human, and Our Fault. I think Nocturne is my favorite of the bunch, but they all just have these great, thoughtful ideas and phrasing in them.

Switched! by LumBabsFan

THIS IS THE GOLDEN STANDARD FOR WRITING 1991 LUMIERE. everytime i’m struggling to write him i go back to this fic because I think it just totally fucking nails him. Also it’s genuinely hilarious.

obviously this list isn’t long enough and you guys need to write moooooore plumiere fanfic please please omg



I got bored and finally finished those MH TWEWY sprite edits I’ve been working on, including a redo of the Jay one from a while back, in an attempt to make him look slightly less like a twelve-year-old. (Did it work? We just don’t know.)

These are some of my favorite Nick and Jess kisses from this season:


I’m noticing a pattern in all of these. Every time they go in for a kiss, she wraps her arms around his neck as if she is hanging on for dear life. She waited so long to be with him and she is not going to let him slip away. 

Gah, I’m looking at all of these gifs and there is like negative space between these two. They are so fucking close that they aren’t even two people anymore. They have merged into one being. 

Their worlds have merged,

To separate them would mean the end of days.