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Our Eyes Ch. 3 (Steve Rogers x reader)

Good evening lovelies! I hope you’re all doing well. Tonight I’m at my school’s spring musical, which is really good, by the way. I’m feeling better today, I got to catch up with one of my friends who I haven’t seen in a while which was nice. Anyways, here’s chapter three of Our Eyes. Enjoy! xoxo

Description:  You’re a quiet girl who hangs around coffee shops, capturing what you see onto paper. You’ve always minded your own business, never getting involved with anyone in any relationship for reasons you’d rather not say out loud. He’s a super soldier who keeps to himself, never one to really talk to anybody that he doesn’t have to. He’s been through a lot, but never talked about it, always shoving it into the back of his mind. A chance encounter makes some sort of connection between you two and suddenly everything changes. Your eyes tell a story, as well as his, but will either of you find the courage to say it?

Warnings: None

Chapter 2


You had been rummaging through your closet for hours now, trying to find the perfect outfit for this date you were going on with Steve. Ugh, this is too fancy. Now, this is too casual. I look stupid in this. What if I just showed up in sweatpants? All these thoughts were running through your head as you tried on outfit after outfit. Your room was cluttered with all of your discarded clothes with shoes on the bed and dresses draped over chairs. You placed your hands on your hips and huffed out a breath, blowing a stray piece of hair out of your face. An idea came to mind and you dashed away back to your closet. Sifting through the little clothes that were left hanging, you found a F/C dress that you had bought a while ago that you just never got around to wear. 

You stripped yourself of your old t-shirt and sweatpants and slipped it on. It was sleeveless, simple, black dress. It was perfect. Not knowing what you would be doing on this date, you decided to wear a pair of flats with it and finished off the look with your favorite necklace. Your hair fell effortlessly around your shoulders, framing your face nicely. The light makeup you wore brought out your eyes and highlighted your cheekbones. You usually never put this much effort into how you looked, but you thought you should probably dress yourself up a bit since you were going on a date with the hottest guy you’ve ever met. 

Just as you had slipped your shoes on, the door bell rang. You took one last glance at yourself in the mirror and took a deep breath. You placed your hand on the door knob and turned it. As you opened the door, you were met with a smiling Steve. 

“Hi.” You were so captivated by how well he had cleaned up, that was all you could say. 

“Hey. Wow, you look… stunning.” He met your eyes and smiled. You averted your eyes away from him, your face slightly tinting pink. “Are you ready to go?” He offered his arm to you and you nodded, wrapping yours around his toned bicep. 

The two of you strolled down the sidewalk, asking each other about work, hometowns, and even stupid, but funny questions. He led you down streets, turning corner after corner. You could tell that he knew this place like the back of his hand. The two of you cracked jokes and laughed at each other, almost as if you two had known each other for all your lives. You just felt so comfortable around him, being with him was so effortless. 

You turned left down a street, leading you onto a small, cobblestone one that featured small shops, an artisan bakery, and a hidden restaurant at the end of the street. You led you to it and opened the door for you, being the gentleman he was. You took the elevator up to the rooftop where a balcony overlooked the city. There were only a few other couples there and you realized that this place was kind of like a little secret. He pulled out your chair for you, and took a seat across from you at the table. He smiled, the nervousness evident in it and his voice. 

“Do you like it?” He crinkled his eyes, raising his eyebrows.

“Do I like it?” You were admiring the view of the night skyline of New York City. “Steve, it’s amazing. I love it.” You turned to him and gave him a genuine grin. A weight was lifted off of his shoulder and he suddenly felt so much more relieved. The food was amazing, the view was beautiful. You told him about when you moved to New York, and his eyes lit up as he told you about his childhood memories. His childhood seemed kind of outdated, he mentioned radios and old telephones, but you brushed it aside. Maybe his parents liked that kind of stuff. After dinner, you decided it was getting late, and you had work tomorrow, so you told him it would be best if you went home. He told you he was going to walk you home, that someone as gorgeous as you shouldn’t be walking by themselves. You gladly accepted, one for the fact that you got to spend more time with him, and two, you got to hold his bicep.

“You haven’t said much about yourself besides your childhood… tell me more about yourself?” Your curiosity was peeking through your little smile and bright eyes.

“Hmm, well-you see-”

“You know what? It’s okay, you can tell me when you’re ready.” You gave him a kind smile and pecked his cheek. His face turned slightly red. You tilted your head into his shoulder as he walked you down your street. He walked you up the steps and held your hand.

“I had a really nice time, F/N. I really want to see you again. Would you let me?” His eyes softened, and he stepped up a couple more steps, so that his face hovered close to yours.

“Yeah. I’d really like that. I really want to do this again.” You gazed up into his ocean blue eyes, and flitted your eyelids down to his lips. He did the same. And then the gap closed, the feeling of his warm and soft lips against yours. Fireworks went off in your head, butterflies formed in your stomach. Your head seemed to spin and you simply forgot everything that happened next as you faded into complete bliss…

I hope you all liked it! I think I’ll post three new pieces tomorrow to make up for this kind of crappy chapter. I’m so sorry about this lol. Have a wonderful evening, xoxo


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Royal Baby: Part 1

Description: You’re just starting college when you meet a mysterious hottie named Dean Winchester. You later find out he’s royalty, will this scare you away? Or intrigue you more?

Pairings: Dean x reader

Warnings: Supernatural AU

Authors Note: I’ve never written a Supernatural AU before and now I’m busy writing two different series! I hope it’s as good as I think it is! Love you guys!!

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“Hi,” you said shyly as you waved a friendly hello. His bright green eyes seemed to be piercing into your very soul.

“Hey,” he smirked and scratched the back of his neck. He was so gorgeous, “I’m Dean by the way, Dean Winchester.” He reached out his hand for a hand shake. You looked down at all the bags you were carrying. He laughed and put his hand down. “Sorry,” he smirked again, “Let me help you with those.” He grabbed the two bags from your right shoulder and one suitcase with wheels.

“Which dorm building do you live in?” he asked politely. I look at the crumpled sheet of paper in my hand.

“The south wing,” you bite your lip out of nervousness, “I’m not sure where that is…” He smiled kindly and nodded in the opposite direction.

“It’s this way, it’s such a shame you live so far away from me,” he smiled as you two began walking towards your dorm, “Oh, and I never caught your name.” You smiled and looked up at him.

“Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N,” you look down as he smiled at you, “Anyways why, where do you live?”

“My dorm’s all the way on the north part of the campus,” he turned and pointed off in the direction, “What major are you going for?” You smiled.

“I’m actually a triple major: technology, business, and physics, with an art minor,” you smiled as you looked at him. His eyes were wide.

“Wow, you’re going to be here awhile!”

“I think they estimated it to be about 8 years, which isn’t that bad I guess.” Dean stopped in front of a building and held the door open for you.

“Ladies first,” once you were inside you looked at the paper once more.

“Looks like the tenth floor,” you murmur as you press the up button on the elevator.

“Anyways, that’s still a long time, I’m going for a business degree as well.” He stepped into the elevator with you. There was something about him that drew you into him. You smiled as you pressed the 10 button and the doors closed.

“I hear a slight accent, where are you from?” You ask politely. He smiles nervously and looks at you.

“A small country in Europe,” he laughed, “Mother wanted me to come to the US for school.” There was something missing from his story, something he wasn’t telling you. You ignored it and saw his phone light up.

“I think you’re getting a call,” you point out as the elevator opens up to the tenth floor and you walk out with Dean behind you. “Room 1023,” you whispered to yourself as you walk through the hallway filled with half naked, skinny, blonde bitches. You opened your door and saw you were the first to arrive in your room. You dropped your bags in exhaustion and turned to Dean. He was still on the phone.

“Yeah Sin I know, tell you where I’m going. Sorry,” he looked annoyed, “I’ll be there in a minute. I was helping someone with their bags.” He rolled his eyes and looked at you. “Okay. Mmhmm. Okay, bye.” He hung up and looked apologetic.

“I’m sorry, my bodyguard wants me to come home so I can unpack,” he said as he set your bags down.

“You have a bodyguard!?” You looked at him and laughed slightly. Why would he need a bodyguard. He scratched the back of his neck.

“Let’s just say mother’s over protective,” he laughed, “But, Y/N? I’d love to meet with you again. You’re truly the definition of beauty and…yeah, it’d be fun.” You blushed and handed him a piece of paper with your number on it.

“You’re really handsome as well,” you smiled, “Call me.” He winks and leaves the room. You watch him as he leaves. His perfect face and dusty brown hair. Ugh. 

You turned towards your room and for the first time actually got a decent look at it. There was only one bed on the left side of the room and a dresser and a desk on the other wall. You step forward and look out the window. Looks like I have a room to myself, you thought as you turned back to your bags. It would have been nice to have a roommate, but you liked being alone. 

Once you had unpacked a little you decided you needed to go out and meet some people. You grabbed your purse, phone, and keys and walked out your door. You walked out into the main courtyard and saw a lot of stands with different organizations on their banners. You walk through, trying to ignore the annoying preppy people trying to hand you brochures.

You looked up and saw Dean talking to a tall black guy in a suit and pitch black glasses. They looked like they were having a somewhat heated conversation as they walked out of the library. You saw that black guy look your way and then say something to Dean who then also looked in your direction. You looked down and started a conversation with the nearest person. 

“So how often do you guys meet?” You asked the guy sitting at the Dungeons and Dragons booth. He had short brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a red and yellow BAZINGA tee and brown pants. He looked up at you nervously and replied. 

“Once a week if we can, do you play?” He was visually nervous as he fidgeted with his pen. 

“Yeah, my ex got me into it and I haven’t found anyone to play with again so…” you smiled and look at the sign up list. Two people had signed up so far. You grabbed a pen and wrote your name and number down. 

“Awesome! We’ll start in a week or two to let everyone settle first,” he said as you smiled.

“Cool, well, just uh…let me know!” you smiled goodbye and began walking throughout the rest of the stands. You signed up for the LGBTQ+ club, as you were bi. Not many people knew this, but it was college and you knew no one. It was time to be your true self. You had also signed up for the writing club. You had loved writing since you were young. As you began walking towards the campus square, where there were little cafes and donut shoppes, you heard the sound of someone running up towards you. You turned on your heels and smiled when you saw who it was.

“Dean!” you turned back around as he caught up with you.

“Hey gorgeous,” he winked as you blushed, “You want to go out to eat?” You licked your lips and looked up at him.

“Sure,” he looked delighted as he offered you his arm, “But is your bodyguard going to allow it?” You smirked and he rolled his eyes. 

“Yes, he’s pre approved the place and everything,” he said with a slight chuckle. You smiled and laughed a little. And you were off on your first date during college.

Cups of coffee.

A/N: Prompts are everything. And this was a cute prompt and I feel really happy today so it’s all good. Sorry it’s a short one this time. Also, Im bad at titles. 


“Babe?” he asked as he stroked a piece of hair away from your face. “Do you remember how we first met?” He kissed your head that was resting on his chest.

“Yeah, I do.” you said, intertwining your fingers. You started playing with his fingers. “You looked so handsome that day” you giggled a bit.

“Oh yeah?” he said, you could hear the smile forming on his face as he spoke.

“Yeah. I remember how I looked at you and our eyes met when you were ordering your coffee. I was so embarrassed.” you answered, giving his fingers a tiny kiss.

“Why were you? It was just me, the normal dude with a cute face, sexy body, perfect hair” he said, pinching you slightly in the side.

“Ugh, always so full of yourself” you said as you gave him a tiny slap on his hip. “Well, it’s not everyday you meet someone who can recreate earthquakes with his voice”. 

“You are right” he laughed. “I remember that look so well. You looked like you had seen a ghost… I remember how you were sitting in a big guy-hoodie with your hair in a messy bun without makeup on or anything. I really wanted to be that cup of coffee that got to kiss your sleepy lips awake” he said, as his arms made their way around your waist to force you closer together. 

“I loved how your hair still looked amazing after you took that beanie off. I’m actually surprised you still have hair; you’d think the beanie had rubbed it all off from being on your head 24/7. You were so polite. You are literally the nicest stranger I’ve ever spoken to at a coffee shop at 7:30 am on a Wednesday”. you put your head up to give him a quick peck on the lips before returning to your comfy spot right above his heartbeat. 

“You are such a nerd, remembering every single detail about everything” he chuckled. “I remember thinking you were the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen… And I just had to talk to you. Now, I get to meet your lips before the coffee and not once have I regretted waking up next to you ” he whispered into your hair before giving your head a soft kiss. You couldn’t help but smile.

He always knew what to say, he always knew how to make you love him even more - you never thought it was possible, but every time he proved you wrong. Everytime he laughed, smiled, breathed.. You fell more in love with him. He made you the happiest girl in the world. 

hotness is a science; f1 edition

now for the completely useless shit-stirrer i’ve wanted to do for a long time: analysis why the drivers are attractive, if they’re pretty, and how are they pretty

going in number order and starting with everyone’s favourite teeth exhibition daniel ricciardo

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is he pretty: HE IS NOW. the boy was a disaster when he was younger but now he’s a fucking fertility god. honey badger more like HONEY GALAXY EYES like dangggg what colour are they. can i look into them forever. also that nose, it’s weird and ridiculous but so cute and def the biggest fertility god trait (that we know of WHAT WHAT). also that mouth. everyone loves that mouth. you know those fountains that have statues that pee? how the statues are hot dudes on steroids? daniel ricciardo is a live version of that.

what shade of attractive: beautiful fertility god.

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Peter Pan Imagine Request

“Can you do an imagine where Peter and me are best friends and then I tell him I’m dating Felix and he gets all emotional and acts like a girl Comforting and head stroking plz.”

Of course You can! Hope you enjoyed it, it was a little hard to write because I didn’t know how to end it, but over all enjoy!

Warnings: Cursing

You and Peter have been the best friends for like ever, you have been on Neverland for as long as you remember, you were kinda in between of a tom boy and girly girl, you did hunting, fishing, and all that stuff, but you like to look pretty, especially for Felix, he was a very cute boy, he was around your age, he had a scar on his face, but that didn’t turn you away, in fact it was a turn on, you really liked him, and you thought you liked him too, during dinner he would glance at you, you saw him and would smile back, he would smile but quickly turn away, it would confuse you, but still, you just went with it.

One day you woke up and decided to talk to Felix, you felt pretty, your hair was long and flowy, and your skin was super clear. Things that are simple, but made you feel great.

You walked outside and saw Felix, he was talking to Peter, oh awesome, you missed Peter, and liked Felix, it was perfect set up.

“Hi guys! You yelled out while ran to them.

Peter look worried, and Felix looked nervous, you thought  to yourself what if i have something on my face? Ugh i hope not…

“Hey can I talk to you?” Peter said,

“Ugh Peter I was actually about to talk to Felix!” You smiled at him.

“Uh me?” Felix smiled nervously.

Little did you know that Felix was just talking to Peter about you, how he thought you were cute, but little did Felix know that Peter was growing feelings for you. It was a love triangle.

“Peter please can we talk about it later? I work with Felix today, I wanna get to know him.”

Peter sighed and walked away, you were a bit worried, but figured you can catch up with him during dinner and tell him about Felix, he’ll understand right? Anyway.

“Hi Felix”

“Oh hi there” he was so shy, it was cute

“So we are in charge of finding tools today, you a good sercher finder?”

“What’s a sercher?” Felix smiled

You both laughed, the day went as quick as it started, you guys laughed, and learned about one an other, you guys held hands, pushed each other playfully, and had so many things in common, you guys quickly connected, it was perfect.

You guys got back to camp and couldn’t stop talking to each other, or get your hands off each other, Peter saw , he was leaning on a tree, rolling his eyes.

The next few weeks you and Peter have been more distant, and you and Felix are more closer, you were sad, so the next day you ran up and talked to Peter,

“Hi there!” you yelled

“Oh hey there” Peter said sounding low

“What’s wrong ?”

“Oh what ? Nothing y/n,, you and Felix seem to be getting close huh?”

“Yeah oh my gosh Peter I totally forget to tell you, Felix was great, yesterday, he is super nice, friendly and so cute-

“Did you just say cute?” Peter looked a little mad

“Y-yeah why?”

“Wow”he gets up and walks away

“Peter what happen? Is something wrong?” you were so confused.

“Hi cutie” Felix said with flowers

“Oh my goodness Felix you’re the sweetest ever!” you kiss his cheek.

You and Felix have a date day, because today was relaxing day, and nobody ever does anything except sleep and play games that day.

You guys go have lunch at the mermaid lagoon, but never go towards the mermaids, yo know better, Peter told you himself.

You played with the lost boys hide and seek for a couple hours. Go into the hot springs and swim during sunset. After had diner where the stars were the brightest, you were so happy it was your first date after all.

“I have something to ask you.”

You started to get nervous.

“Oh yes of course ask away!”

“I was wondering ..”


“well ….”


“Well we have been hanging out so a long time and i really like you a lot.”

“I like you too Felix.” You smiled

“Good” he said

You laughed and so did he, then after he kissed your cheek.

You were now boyfriend and girlfriend, and Peter was watching the whole time, and he was furious.

The next day you wake up to make breakfast, you see Peter and say hi, but he totally ignores you.

“Ugh hello ? Earth to Peter,can you hear me? Your best friend says hi!”

He looks at you and laughs in your face, as if he never knew you.

“Oh hell no.”

You walk up to Peter, and grab his shoulder and turn him to you.

“Can you not do that?” with an attitude.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” he says cocky

“Oh cut the crap Peter!” you start to yell

“You do not raise your voice at me y/n” Peter raises his voice and backs you up to a tree.

“Whats wrong with you? Ever since me Felix started dating-

“Fuck you y/n” he walks away.

You’re in shock, did he really just say that to you?

You guys are best friends, or at least you thought you were.

Months went on without you and him talking, an even though you and Felix were dating it wasn’t complete without Peter, you missed him dearly and felt you were missing something.

You decided to talk to him.

You went to his cabin, were only you were aloud.

“Peter?” you knocked on the door.

“It’s open.” you heard his voice

You opened the door, “Can we talk?”

“There’s nothing to talk about”

“There actually is.”

“What is your problem?”

“What is YOUR problem y/n?!” he raised his voice again but quickly go quite.

You watched as tears filled his eyes.

“Ar-are you okay?” you asked.

“You don’t get it love, and you never will.

“You never know until you say it Peter. Sroking his hair and rubbing his back.

“I - i can’t say.”

“Why not?”

“I just can’t, you’re so happy”

“What is Felix doing something he shouldn’t?”

“No love not that, it’s me.”

“What about you?”

“I like you.” he looked into your eyes.

You were shocked. you were dating the guy of your dreams, and your best friend just told you he liked you.

Things were going to get interesting. 

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I NEED A CASSIAN ANDOR X READER IMAGINE IN MY LIFE SOOOOOOOOO BAD IT'S KIND OF INSANE. Something like he comes back from a particularly nasty assignment that he didn't like/ agree with and the reader helps him through his emotions while he helps the reader with some sort of medical issue? I don't know I JUST NEED MORE CASSIAN IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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“It isn’t fair”, Cassian repeated, his hair spreaded on your right thigh, as he was with his head on your lap. “I just… they should’ve sent another person.”

“You did the job, didn’t you? Then it’s okay, Cass. It’s done, it’s over. I know you didn’t agreed with that and I know that killing someone when you don’t agree with the reason why you’re doing that can be pretty tough, but you know you’re one of their best Captains. They need you. It wasn’t your fault.”

Cassian looked at you, feeling your fingers running through his hair. He sighed, closing his eyes and shaking his head.

“I pulled the trigger. It is my fault.”

You sighed as well, bending down to reach his face, so you could kiss his forehead.

“Come on, help me get up. I’m gonna make us something to eat. It will make you feel better and I bet you didn’t ate anything since you arrived.”

“No, no!”, he said, getting up from your lap. “Don’t get up, you can’t move your leg.”

You rolled your eyes, looking at your left leg, which was broken.

“I walked the last two days, Cass.”

“Yep, because I wasn’t here. But now I am, so you are definitely going to do what doctor said you should. No walking, you need to rest. Plus, I’m not even hungry, we can eat later”, Cassian told you, sitting beside you and pulling you to rest on his chest. “I just need to hold you right now, darling.”

You giggled, closing your eyes and getting comfortable on his arms.

“I think I’m okay with that.”

Playing Dress Up

Word Count: 1458

Warnings: Fluff? Knowing me swearing

Original Imagine:Imagine Dean seeing you dressed up for the first time. 

AN: If you want more, send me a message! I loved writing this one and have ideas about the next one part should you want to read more.

Your name: submit What is this?

You walk into the bunker loaded down with groceries, heading straight to the kitchen. “I’m home” you call out to the boys. Honestly you had no idea how the boys had managed without you, you do all of the shopping making sure theres always a decent amount of food in the house, cooked, cleaned and still managed to do more research than Sam. You have lived with the guys for nearly 8 years now, you know them both so well that you can tell them apart simply from the sounds of their footsteps. Sam walks in, grabbing one of the apples you had just set in the fruit basket on the counter.

“Hey Y/N, do you have anything fancy?” he asks before taking a big bite of the apple.

“What do you mean Sam? Like fancy foods? I’m sorry I forgot the caviar at the store” you state with irritation clear as day in your voice.

Laughing, ignoring your irritation Sam says “No, not food, I meant like a dress, I don’t like caviar anyways. Do you have any fancy dresses?” Over the past month he has asked you all kinds of weird questions, your favorites being, your favorite time of day, favorite flower, favorite songs, what your ideal date would be like and your all time favorite, what would be your dream proposal. You had been dating his brother for nearly 5 years now, and Dean had made it more than clear that he never wanted to get married. You were fine with that, content to just be Dean’s girlfriend for the rest of your life. You figured Sam was just fishing for information for his brother, your anniversary was coming up soon, and Dean was never very good at the whole romance thing, always having Sammy helping him plan things.

“No Sammy, I don’t have any fancy dresses. One I don’t care for dresses much and two, last time I checked we’re hunters, and we don’t go to anything that requires me to be in a grand ball gown. What’s with you lately, you’ve been asking me all kinds of weird questions?” you retort to him, getting more irritated by the minuet.

Sam holds his hands up saying “Whoa, easy there tiger, I was just asking. You and I are going shopping tomorrow to get you a dress, every woman should have at least one fancy dress in their closet.”

“Ugh, Sam you know how I feel about dresses, besides what in the hell am I supposed to do with a fancy dress, as I just stated, we’re hunters, we don’t go to grand balls that require us to be that formal.” You complain, even though you know he’s not listening to you.

Despite your best efforts, here you were, dress shopping with Sam. “Come on Sam. Give it up already, this is the 5th dress you’ve had me in, and you didn’t like a single one of them, lets just go home I’m starving.” You complain as he pushes yet another dress into your arms, laughing he replies

“Nope. Go on and try that one, I have a feeling that’s the one” you make grumbling sound but retreat to the dressing room to put on this dress. It was a blue silky number, you had to admit it did feel nice on your skin. You take a deep breath and walk out of the dressing room to face your toughest critic. But Sam doesn’t say anything this time, he simply stares at you. “It’s perfect Y/N. That’s the one.” He finally says. “Hurry and change you have appointments to keep” looking at the time on his phone.

“Ugh, Sam what more could you possibly have planned for today?” he just winks at you before shoving you back in the dressing room.

Once you’ve changed and purchased the dress Sam practically drags you off to a hair salon. “Sam, what are we doing here?” you sigh. Could this day get any worse? Sam ignores you completely, heading over to the woman behind the counter, talking with her for a few minutes, pointing to you and taking your dress out to show her. She nods and smiles brightly before calling you over.

“Oh Y/N, what’s your shoe size?” Sam asks before leaving you in the hands of the salon woman.

“Y/S/S, why?” you ask somewhat nervous of the answer.

“You have to have shoes to go with the dress don’t you? I’ll be back later to get you, I’ll get your shoes, and some earrings too.” When did he become such a fashionista?

“Nothing flashy please” resigning to the fact that Sam was going to get what he wanted whether you liked it or not. Laughing he walks out of the little shop without another word to you.

“Is he your boyfriend?” The woman asked, she had been quiet throughout the whole exchange.

“Sam? Oh no, I’m dating his brother Dean, but for some reason Sam’s got it in his mind that I need to have a fancy dress, get my hair and makeup all done up today” The woman laughs at that, asking how long you had been with Dean. “Almost 5 years.” you say. After thinking a moment something dawns on you “What’s the date today?”

“It’s the 28th of June, why?”

“Today, it’s been 5 years today”  you say with disbelief in your voice, “I need to make a call when we’re done with my hair if you don’t mind”

“I don’t mind a bit. That’ll give me time to set up the makeup” you forgot about the makeup, that was going to be your least favorite part of today. Twenty minutes, a ton of hairspray and countless bobby pins later, your hair was neatly curled and pinned up in a mostly up hair style with a few tendrils hanging around your face, in the back the curls were loosely pinned up allowing them to cascade over your neck like a waterfall. Your stylist excused herself to go get the makeup as you start to dial Sams cell.

“Well hello there beautiful. You can’t possibly be done yet can you?” Sam greets you, you roll your eyes at the title he has given you.

“Since when do you refer to me as beautiful? And no, I’m not done yet, I called because I need you to do me a favor”

“Since now. What do you need?” you tell him the name the store you need him to go to and what to expect

“It’s already paid for, ask for Nic, he will know what to do. And under no circumstances are you to open the box. I’ve got to go now, its makeup time.” you quickly end the call to ensure no further questions were asked, you didn’t want Sam to ruin the surprize.

“Are you ready for makeup?” you groan making her laugh “don’t worry hun, you’re beautiful enough you won’t need much, I’ll keep it nice and light.”

“I cannot thank you enough” you say, letting out the breath you didn’t realize you were holding.

Twenty minutes later Sam was dragging you to your next appointment. Nails, you hated the way the nail salons smelled, and you hated fake nails even more than you hated makeup. You had managed to convince Sam to not put fake nails on, opting instead for reshaping your nails and doing a twist on a french tip, making it blue to match perfectly with your dress.

This time Sam stayed with you, showing you the shoes, and earrings he had picked out. much to your surprise the shoes he picked were flats, silky and blue they looked like they had been made for your dress. The earrings surprised you even move than the shoes, they were simple diamond studs set in white gold. “Sam they’re beautiful” you say without an hint of sarcasm in your voice whatsoever.

“You’re lucky my brother is so in love with you, or I would have gone all out.” He winks at you “Oh why did you send me to get this box? Who’s it for? What’s in it?” you squeal with excitement as Sam pulls the box from his pocket.

“You’ll see later, it’s for Dean. Could you put that in my coat pocket please?” you couldn’t wait to get back to the bunker to look at it, hoping it was everything you thought it would be.

“Ok, let your nails dry and then you are good to go” your nail tech cut in giving you a smile that said she knew more than she was leading on. What on earth could Sam have planned for today? You wonder for not the first time today.

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“105… Baby you’re really sick,” Luke said pulling the thermometer away from you. You had  fever and it was going through the roof. “Ugh, nooo! You have to go writing with Cal today, I really wanted to come with you.” You pouted up at  him feeling disappointed and so mad at your freaking stupid sick body. “Y/n in this state you shouldn’t leave the house at all. You can barely get up,” he said folding his arms down at you. “Of course I can!” You said before attempting to get up from the bed before stumbling right back down. You felt really weak and probably did need to lie down but you wanted to be with Luke. “Okay that’s it, I can’t standing the thought of leaving you here,” Luke said shaking his head and walking to get his phone from the bedside table. “What are you doing?” You asked. “I’m calling Calum to tell him to go with Ashton instead. I am not leaving you.” He dialed Calum’s number up quickly whilst crawling up behind you so that you were sitting between his legs. “Damn Baby, you’re really hot.” You were and you felt awful. You hated the fact of taking Luke away from his work but you needed him here. You leaned onto him, his tall form comforting you, though you were probably just heating him up. When he got off the phone, he readjusted himself and laid you down on the bed then got up. “I’m gonna call my mum and ask her to bring some ice and I’ll fill up the tub ‘cause I need to give you an ice bath.” He went into the bathroom immediately his phone to his face already to call Liz. Your eyes could barely keep up with his movements due to how heavy the felt and you just wanted to crawl into a ball and die. He came into the and took off his shirt before crawling into the bed with you before opening his arms up for you to come in. It took all your strength but you crawled into his arms and he engulfed you. “Gimme all your heat baby. Don’t worry I’m going to make you feel all better.” And he did. He took care of you for the entire week even after you felt better and you were going about normally he still insisted on wanting to give you showers and baths ;)


“I’m sorry I made you sick babe,” you say as you sneeze into a tissue again as you look over to Calum who was coughing into his elbow. You had been sick with cold for a few days now and with Calum living with you eventually your boyfriend had gotten sick as well, and now, you both are on the bed sniffling and coughing away in your pajamas, which was just one of Calum’s shirt for you and his sweats for him. Using his clothes as often as you did was probably what got you both sick in the first place. “It’s okay y/n. It just good that the guys and I are not on tour now. Plus that just means more time with my awesome and amazingly hot girlfriend having fun,” he smiles and pulls you on top of him. You giggle as he pulls you to end up straddling him. You look down at him and twiddle with his hair playfully, “What kind of fun is that?” you raise your eyebrow cheekily already knowing where Calum was going. “Hm… Well…” Calum smiles as his hands travel up your legs to your bum and messages it a bit. You moaned a bit before replying “I like the sound of that.” You leaned down and close your eyes going in to kiss him. Calum wrapped his arms around your waist to bring you a bit closer to him bringing his head to yours. Right as your lips were about to gloriously meet, you felt a sharp blow of air and what felt like moisture on your face. You opened your eyes and realised Calum had just sneezed on you. When he opened his eyes he looked a bit embarrassed at first but when he saw the extremely amused look on your face you both just busted out into a fit of laughter. You could not stop laughing. “I’m so sorry babe,” Calum  said still laughing through his words and you just laughed more.  "It’s okay Cal, it’s just-“  "Mood killed.” He started to laugh again. “Hell yeah,” you say plopping down next to him.


Michael walking around the room extremely anxious as you threw up all the contents of your stomach from last night in bathroom. You had just ran into the bathroom spontaneously and started vomiting and he has worried immediately. “Y/n are you okay?” he asked knocking on the door before walking in. “Not really Mike,” you said leaning against the sink before grabbing your toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your teeth. “So… are you like, pregnant or something? 'Cause if you are I’m here for you and I’m gonna take care of you and are kid and be an awesome Dad I swear,” Michael blurted out feeling extremely awkward. You stopped brushing you teeth immediately and cleaned up your mouth before turning to him eyes wide. “I’m not pregnant Michael. That’s not possible I’m on the pill. I probably just got food poisoning from someplace I ate yesterday,” you say chuckling a little shocked a little shocked by his words. You saw his scared face become a little relieved as you spoke but then he went and pulled you into a big engulfing hug. “Mikey, don’t worry. I few of those dissolving thingys and I’ll be fine,” you laughed into the crook of his neck. “I know, I guess I just overreacted for a sec and got scared. I would always be there for you though, y'know if ever or whenever.” He just hugged you tighter. You felt taken aback for a second because you never expected him to react like this to you just throwing up but then you relaxed into his embrace feeling happy because it meant he really did care about you and was taking you two really seriously. “I know Mikey. I love you,” You said for the first time looking up at him. He smiled and kissed you sweetly before saying, “I love you too y/n. I really do.”


“How the hell did you get chicken pox y/n?” Ashton asked from the other side of your shared bedroom door. It was extremely weird and popped up out of nowhere but somehow you got chickenpox, which was extremely weird to you because you didn’t even know people had that anymore after the chicken pox vaccine came around. You hadn’t gotten one because you just thought that this stuff was non-existent by now. you don’t know who you got it from or how but yesterday you started itching like crazy. When you realised you threw clothes at Ashton and kicked him out of the room not wanting him to get it either. He called the doctor yesterday and asked him to come to your flat this morning so he was just waiting on the other side of the door until the doctor came to treat you. he had been slipping you lots of water and had went to and bought you some fresh warm chicken soup to make sure you feel better. He really didn’t know what to do as it came to medication and stuff which made him feel awful but the doctor was already on his way. You sat on the other side of the door feeling terrible and dying to be with Ashton but you just couldn’t and you refused to open the door until the doctor got there. Whilst you were waiting in boredom your phone randomly began to make noise next to you. You pick it up to see Ashton Skype calling you. You smiled and and answered the call to see Ashton’s goofing smiling face fill up your phone. “There’s that face I’ve been missing,” He said grinning. “There’s my Tarzan you does’t know how to comb his hair,” You giggled at your phone. “Hey don’t mess with the mane,” He attempted to sass which just made you laugh.“Can’t wait to run my fingers through it again,” You say looking longingly at your phone screen. “I know, the phone not enough. The oxygen is getting boring, I need you to take my breathe away,” he saw smiling back at you. “Whatever you cornball, that was so cheesy… and perfect ugh.”  "What I’m just a romantic!“ You started laughing again. "Wow so I’m in love with a jungle haired cheesy drummer boy. This will be the end of em not the chickenpox.”  "More like other way around babe,“ he said winking at you. From then you just spent the rest of the time in pointless conversation on your phone until the doc came to give you a few stuff you help you itching and stuff. Ashton stayed in front the door the entire time never leaving you.

This one is dedicated to vanessnettness who is sick right now. I hope you get better!

For You - Chapter One

Author: Admin J

genre: fluff, a later chapter may include smut

pairing: jungkook x you

word count: 2938

notes:  This is based on the BTS Japanese release MV: For You. Intended for a female reader as Jungkook’s on screen girlfriend in the MV. I hope you enjoy it as much as I wrote it. This will be chaptered/ released in parts so stay tuned for more! (credit to @chimchimbang on twitter for text translations, I spiced them up a little to suit the story though lol)

Long distance isn’t a problem for Jungkook. He’d travel cross country just to see you, which is what he did. But it’s all worth it. Because it’s for you

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