ugh just let me touch your face

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Gom, Kagami, Kasamatsu and Hanamiya' s/o pecks their cheek leaving red lipstick on it

wow this is me like 100%

Kuroko: “[Name]-san,” he said, not exactly irritated or annoyed; just surprised. He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or anything, so he keeps it there…he’s suddenly very thankful for his lack of presence.

Kagami: As soon as your lips touch his cheek, he jerks back with a yelp. “Ugh, [Name]!!!” There was no way he’d let the other guys see him with that on his cheek! “Not when I’m about to go to practice, alright?!”

Kise: “Awww, [Name]cchi is so cute,” he coos, eyeing the lipstick stamp with a warm smile on his face. It was nice to see the physical evidence of your love for him. He wore it rather proudly, letting everyone know whose hands he was in.

Midorima: It’s honestly hard to see the lipstick stamp because of his red his face became. He’s quick to wipe it off before anyone could see and potentially make fun of him for it. “What did I tell you about that, idiot?!”

Aomine: “Ah jeez…” he groans. He didn’t even notice the stamp until after school that day…it had to have been there since the beginning of the day when you kissed him. “[Name], you’re really gonna get it now…" 

Murasakibara: "Ugh, gross…” he complained, although he didn’t really do anything to get rid of it. He blamed it on the fact that he was too lazy to wipe it off…but he honestly just thought it was cute of you to do.

Akashi: “[Name], I told you not to until after practice.” Generally, he didn’t mind being kissed by you and leaving the evidence behind…but that was only within the privacy of his home. He couldn’t be take seriously with that on his face…

Kasamatsu: “W-What the hell?!” he boomed, furiously wiping away at his cheek with the palm of his hand. His face was so red that everyone knew without even asking that you were the cause of it all.

Hanamiya: “Tch…” He didn’t really care that wiping his cheek with an annoyed look on his face made you frown. “This makes me look like I belong to you…but we all know who belongs to who,” he finishes with a smirk.