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I'm Sorry Part 3.5

Warning: lots of violence, attempted murder, attempted suicide, and much much more blood and gore.

It’s rare for me to start the A/Ns with a warning but… The whole chapter is basically just that….. Sorry….

In the middle part, the POV changes back and forth to different places. Sorry if it will be confusing.


Fresh paced around the hallways as he waits for the doctor to come out of the room. He found Fika in a very narrow alleyway, already dying. He really hopes that Fika will be safe.

“Fresh, calm down.” Paperjam hugged fresh from behind. Fresh just nodded and sighed.

A few minutes later, familiar voices called out to them.

“Fresh!” Fresh looked at the direction of the voice and saw Xahji. She has a worried look on her face, tears threatening to fall.

“X-xahji….” Fresh looked behind Xahji and noticed the worried Idle and Siren. Colonna is there as well. But for some reason….. She looks like she is faking it…. Fresh must be overthinking it.

“Where’s Fika?! Is she alright?” Idle asked worryingly.

“We don’t know yet…… ” Fresh responded.

“Poor Fika…” Colonna said with fake concern.

“Let’s just wait… For now….” Fresh said as they sat.

A few minutes later which felt like hours, the doctor finally came out.

“Doctor!” Idle rushed to the doctor and grabbed her coat.

“How is she?” Siren questioned.

“Her vocal cord is damaged. She won’t be able to apeak from now on. And she had a lot of blood loss. She would need hours or maybe days befor she wakes up. But I can assure you that she will live.” The doctor said as she removed Idle’s hands gently.

“Thank you.” Paper jam said.

“You can enter the room now but be gentle. Call me when needed.” The doc said and left them.

Idle quickly bursted into the room. He rushed to Fika’s side.

“Fika…. I’m sorry you had to suffer for this…..” Idle apologized hoping that he hears her.

“Idle, don’t blame yourself.” Colonna held his shoulders.

“But it IS my fault!” Idle’s tears started to fall.

“No it’s not.” Xahji hugged Idle.

“B-but-” Idle started only to be cut off by a kiss.

“Look, Idle. It’s not your fault. It’s no one’s fault. Let’s just make sure that Fika is ok.” Siren said. No one noticed the frown that Colonna was giving though.

“I’ll stay here to watch on Fika. Someone has to guard her, y'know.” Fresh said.

“You sure? You’ll be skipping class.” Colonna confirmed.

“I’ll be fine. One absent won’t hurt.” Fresh assured her.

“Plus, I’ll be with him the whole time.” Paperjam added.

“Ok….” Idle nodded and left the room with Siren, Xahji and Colonna.

“Now….” PaperJam pulled Fresh by the waist. “We finally have time for ourselves~” He kissed Fresh suddenly, earning a slight reaction from him.

“Mmmf~!” Fresh felt PaperJam penetrate his mouth. He pushed PJ away, blushing.

“P-paperJam… We are in a hospital….. This isn’t a place where we should do it now…..” Fresh said, embarrassed. “Plus, Fika might wake up any minute…”

“Freshy…. You’re no fun, today.” PaperJam leaned his head on the crook of Fresh’s neck.

“We just…. Can’t do it here….” Fresh looked away.

“How about tonight~?” PaperJam smirked when he saw Fresh’s blush darken.


(Me: Meanwhile, with the tailed jerk, clueless idiot, one-eyed monster and the psychopatic yandere~)
(Siren, Idle, Xahji & Colonna: Excuse us?!?!)
(Me: Ok, ok. Meanwhile, with the four friends~)

“I can’t believe this….” Xahji thought outloud.

“Fika was one of the few friends I have….” Idle sighed.

“She did nothing wrong to deserve this.” Siren growled with anger.

“Whoever could have done this?” Colonna asked to nobody in particular.

They all just sighed in unison. They were walkng back to the school since it’d only a 25-minute walk to the hospital.

“Poor Fika…” Idle murmured.

“Hey, guys. Let’s just go back and inform everyone in class.” Colonna said.

They all agreed.

“They have the right to know.” Siren told them.

“I’m gonna tell Goth to tell Palette. The captain and the nurse were close, afterall.” Xahji informed her friends.

“I’ll…. Go tell Cray….and maybe Cil….” Idle looked down at his feet, some of his tears still escaped.

“Idle….” Siren hugged his boyfriend tightly.

“I’ll go tell My bros….. And maybe the teachers, I guess….” Siren looked to the side.

“I’ll… Tell our classmates then.” Colonna kept walking ahead of her friends.

“Let’s just hope that she’ll be fine.” They all nodded until finally, they reached the school.

~time skip brought to you by cliche~

Colonna rushed to the clinic and took the poison. Good thing that she stole Fika’s keys before she stabbed her to half-death.

Her plan has officially started.

“This will work. Fika is in the hospital, Snazzy and Cil have practice, Xahji’s helping Goth in fixing the library, Swifty and Cray are preparing for the next UnderHigh News, Idle is with them… But I can call him here…” Colonna thought to herself.

“Just gotta prepare the suicide letter, the food, the poison and my trusty knife just in case.” Colonna pulled out her knife. Her favorite one to use in killing people. Yes, this wasn’t the first time.

There were multiple cases of dissapearance of students in their school. And it’s all because they either had a crush on Siren or they got too close to him.

“Oh Siren-pai, we will be together soon. I promise…” She hid the knife in her knife pocket under her skirt. That way, it won’t be too obvious.

She poured the poison in the food and decided to call Idle for an invitation for snacks.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

“Hello?” She smiled when she heard Idle.

“Hey, Idle. You busy? I was wondering if we could have a snack together today.” Colonna said innocently.

“Sure! I’ll just have to finish some things here.” Idle smiled.

“Ok! I’m willing to wait.” Waiting isn’t a problem for her, anymore. It’s all calculated. “See you on the roof top.”

“I’ll be there in 20 min i guess.” Idle chuckled and hung up the phone.

After poisoning Idle, she could just throw him off the railings down the dumpster next to the school’s incinerator. She prepared everything beforehand.

By lunch, the delinquents aren’t there, guarding. If she ever had to use her knife, she could still throw the body there and use the door on the west. That place isn’t crowded plus, it was almost time for school to end, anyways.

“Everything is flowing according to plan. And his 20 minutes has started. Its…. 5:25.” Colonna smirked and waited for the clueless Idle to go.

19:53 left.


“Ugh….. This is such a pain…..” Xahji complained as she put down a box above the three other boxes.

“Hey, Xahji. Need help?” A voice said.

“Oh. Hey, Dance. I was just about to take these to my clubroom.” Xahji said. “But they are too heavy.”

“I can help you.” Dance suggested.

“Really? It won’t bother you, would it?” Xahji asked.

“Nah. Not a single bit.” Dance smiled as he picked up the two heavier boxes.

“Ok. Thanks.” Xahji said and picked up the other two boxes.

14:41 left.


“It’s almost 10 hours…” Fresh sighed as she looked at Fika with worried eyes.

“She’ll be fine.” PaperJam said while playing in his phone.

“You always say that.” Fresh frowned and looked at PaperJam.

“Because it’s the truth.” PaperJam said.

“But she’s been asleep. For 10 hours!” Fresh shouted the last part.

“So? She will wake up soon, Fresh! Justcalm down!” He heard a game over in his phone. “Great. Now, look. I lost.”

“So what?! Fika is much more important!” Fresh shouted before he heard a groan.

He looked at Fika moving. He rushed to her side and held her hand.

“Fika? Fika can you hear me? Paperjam call the doctor!” Fresh stated in panic and relief.

“Got it.” PaperJam pushed the button and alerted the nurses that Fika is awake.

“Fika, you’re safe now. We’re here.” Fresh smiled.

“F…..fresh…?” Fike tried to talk but it hurt. She can’t speak and it hurts when she tries. But she has to warn them.

“I’m here, Fika. You’re safe.” Fresh assured her. “Don’t force yourself to talk.”

“P….lease…. S….save…. I… Idle.” Her voice was hoarse and and broken. “He’s in danger….”

“Why would he be in danger?” Paperjam asked. “Do you remember who did this?”

“C…..colo…..nna….” That was what she said, tears running down her face before the nurses bursted into the room.

Fresh gasped. “Colonna?”

“Sorry, sirs but we have to get you out of this room.” Fresh and PaperJam nodded before rushing to the school.

“We have to save Idle! Colonna could kill him!” Fresh said as they exit the hospital.

“Hop on!” Paperjam threw Fresh a helmet before starting his motorcycle. It’ll be faster than running. You can reach school in 8 minutes.

They rushed to the school’s direction as fast as they can.

12:45 left.


Idle wrote down the last details of his story and closed his new notebook. It will be such a cute twist that the girl meets her own doppleganger!

Idle smiled and hid his notebook.

“Now, to meet Colly.” Idle looked at his watch. “It’s 5:39 pm. Better head there now.” He whispered to himself.

“Hey, Swifty, Cray, I’ll be on the rooftop with Colly if you need me.” Idle shouted.

“Okie dokie!” Cray shouted back. Swifty juat gave him a thumb’s up.

“See you later!” Idle waved and headed for the rooftop.

05:27 left.


“Here we are!” Fresh shouted. The two of them parked the motor and removed their helmets to rush to the UHN office.

As they were running there, Siren stopped them.

“Siren, what the fuck! Let us go!” PaperJam demanded.

“Why are you even running? That’s against the rules!” Siren scolded.

“Please, Siren. We have to go to UHN. Idle’s in danger!” This made him shocked. He let them go.

“Where is he?” Siren said, tattoos glowing a bit.

“We don’t know yet. But he might be in their clubroom.“  Fresh said.

"Let’s go, then.” The three of them rushed to where The clubroom is located.

04:02 left.


“Ouuuuch….” Xahji complained.

“That still looks heavy. Need me to take the other one?” Dance asked, stooping for Xahji.

“No, thank you. I bothered you enough.” Xahji smiled.

“Ok.” Dance said.

“Xahji!” Snazzy shouted.

“Hey, Zee. Hey, Cil. Whatcha doin?” Xahji asked.

“Oh. Practice was over so I oughta might visit ya in the Library. But it seems that you have company.” Snazzy glared at Dance.

“Zee, he was just coincidentally there when I needed help. Geez.” Xahji smiled.

“But still. You shouldn’t trust some random guy. Especially when I don’t know them.” Snazzy said with a hint of jealousy.

“Aww, is Snazzy jealous?” Cil asked laughed.

“Wha-no!"Snazzy blushed. Xahji and Dance laughed.

"I have no plan to steal your girlfriend, Zee.” Dance chuckled.

“First of all, only Xahji can call me that. Second, don’t try me.” Snazzy said.

“Ok, ok. Calm down, boys.” Xahji said.

“Let me help you with that, mi amore.” Snazzy said with Xahji and kissed her on the forehead. He took the two boxes from Xahji .

“T-thanks…” Xahji blushes a bit.

“So, where do we take these?” Snazzy asked.

“At the clubroom.” Xahji stretched.

“Ok, then.” Snazzy smiled and walked between Xahji and Dance to the clubroom. Cil was just amused at Snazzy getting jealous.

03:14 left.


“Who are we gonna interview next?” Swifty asked.

“The basketball team, of course!” Cray grinned. “We’ll have a big ambush interview!”

“Ok. Let’s get started.” Swifty answered as the door opens.

“Hey, Swifty. Hey, Cray.” Xahji waved.

“Oh, hey Xahji! Hey, Snazzy! Cil! What a surprise! And….” Cray leaned to the side and saw Dance. “It seems like we have a visitor.”

“Oh. This is Dance. A childhood friend of mine.” Xahji introduced him.

“Hey. I’m Dance. Nice to meet you.” Hesaid as he put down the boxes.

“Nice to know you too.” Cray’s smile widened.

“Whatare these for, bro?” Swifty asked to Snazzy.

“These? Just some books.” Snazzy said.

“My bro wanted to stock these here in the clubroom. He said that they’d be useful.” Xahji said.

“There are probs 30 books in each box.” Cil wondered.

“Uh huh.” Dance agreed.

“Well, it’s great that we’re finally done with these.” Snazzy stretched. “They were quite heavy.”

“I had to agree.” Dance nodded. “It would be hard to carry all of these on your own, right J?” Dance said to Xahji.

“Stop calling me with that nickname. Blegh.” Xahji complained.

Snazzy just glared at Dance as Swifty, Cray and Cil giggled at the background.

1:27 left.


“So Fika is fine?” Siren asked as they ran.

“Yeah. She also warned us about Colonna.” Fresh answered.

“What about her?” Siren raised his eyebrow.

“She is Fika’s-” PaperJam started but was cut when they reached the clubroom.

“Guys! Bad news!” Fresh slammed the door open.

“Bro! What happened?” Cil rushed to PaperJam’s side.

“No time to explain. Where is Idle?” PaperJam demanded.

“O-on the rooftop with Colly. Why?” Cray answered.

“What?!” Fresh and Paperjam Shouted in unison.

“We gotta go. Now.” PaperJam was ready to run but was stopped by Swifty.

“We’re coming with you.” Cil said firmly.

“Ok, good. But we have to hurry.” Paperjam said.

“We will stay here. We still gotta do something.” Xahji said.

“You’re not coming with us?”

“We’ll catch up.” Snazzy assured them.

“Ok. Come on!” Swifty, Siren, Dance, Cil, PaperJam, Fresh and Cray rushed to the rooftop. There’s no time to waste.

00:45 left.



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Tom holland + squirting ugh

  • so listen up yall
  • tom probably would be so innocent and wont see that coming
  • both of you would be on bed and
  • he’d be all sweet at giving you pleasure
  • he’ll be adoring everything about your body and
  • god you’re so perfect, darling
  • then he’d take his time, setting the scene as his fingers would work its way with you
  • his mouth wouldn’t have enough of you as it’d always latch over your clit
  • you taste just like candy,” he’d hum as the vibrations of his voice would send goosebumps across your skin
  • your hands would be all over either grasping on the covers of tugging strands of his curly hair
  • everything would be so perfect
  • plus tom already was the master of finding your g-spot
  • the room would echo your whimpers as tom would just cockily smirk at how amazing he makes you feel
  • and you always loved it when he’d gently suction over your clit
  • it made you arch your back and shift into different positions
  • by sometime the pleasure became unbearable
  • tom’s hands would restrain your thighs from further moving
  • as your upper body would insanely move 
  • while your hands would forcefully tug the locks of his hair
  • and tom always loved it when you did that
  • he always finds you amazing in every ways and everything you do tbh
  • and then sooner you’d be holding onto your climax
  • “c’mon come for me, darling,” since tom always knew when you were about to
  • so you did
  • you let your body dissolve into pleasure as you released, your heartbeat abnormal as your breathing was irregular
  • you looked down to see tom wide eyes about the whole situation
  • he’d still be between your thighs, admiring the view in front with awe
  • holy fucking shit,” he’d murmur followed by, “you squirted for me, darling”
  • at first you’d be all embarrassed and flustered, unbeknownst that would happen
  • but tom would convince you that he loved it
  • “i love you so fucking much,”
  • i love you too, holland

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Lunch (Jeff Atkins)

Requested: yes (my first request yay!) 

Words: 2541

Request: nishattazz: Hey here’s an idea! Anyways, I LOVE Jeff and I hope they explore his character if they do season 2. ANYWAYS! I want an imagine where y/n is a friend of Hannah’s like how Jeff is to clay. And basically Jeff and y/n have always liked each other and they kind of know that they have feelings for each other, but y/n always put a had front up and likes to play hard to get. So an example would be that Hannah and y/n are eating lunch and they see clay and Jeff on another table. Y/n is pushing Hannah, but she won’t do it and Hannah turns it around and y/n is like meh! And then c&j come over and ask what they’re talking about. Y/n blatantly say ‘you’ to clay and starts eating normally. And then Jeff put his hand around y/n and her eyes widen at Hannah, she pulls his hand down and he does it again. This time he pulls her into her, and she’s trying to still play hard. A lot of funny and flirty moments, maybe like he intimidates her and walks her into the lockers until he gets a date, complimenting her etc. And like he snakes his hands around her waist and leans his head on her should from behind.

Hi guys! So this is my first imagine and I hope everyone will like it especially the one who requested it!


Hey, it’s Ella, Ella Montoya. Don’t worry nothing bad happened. I’m just going to tell you the story of how I fell in love. So lean back and grab a snack and let me tell you how this all began.

Liberty High, Senior Year

“Ella! Hey!” Hannah called, running after the blonde
“Hannah Baker, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Ella grinned
“Well, I need help in Spanish and Ms. Gomez suggested you for tutoring?” Hannah said nervously, eyes locked on the ground
“Yeah sure! Meet me at the library after school?” Ella said happily, but when is Ella not happy? That is one of the many reasons why people enjoyed talking to her, she has never greeted anyone without a smile.
“Okay thanks!” Hannah said
“No problem” Ella grinned

But for me, Hannah Baker helped me more than I helped her.

After School

“So, what does el pan mean?” Ella asked, tucking her hair behind her ear

“Um, A cup?” Hannah said, but more like asked
“No but it means bread” Ella giggled
“Oh my gosh. I’m sorry. This is what I meant when I said I needed help” Hannah said
“Don’t worry, It’s okay. You’re not the first person to have trouble” She assured the curly headed girl
“Thanks for doing this” Hannah said gratefully
“No problem! So I think I know why you’re having trouble” Ella smirked
“Really? Why?” Hannah asked
“Well for starters, you keep glancing at Clay Jensen. Tell me do you like him?” Ella said
“Yes. No. Wait. I think?” Hannah said, looking at Ella who just raised an eyebrow
“Ugh yes!” Hannah finally concluded
“Yay! I definitely have to get you two together!” Ella squealed
“How about you and me head down to Monet’s and get together there, bonita” A voice said, Ella turned around and there he was, Jeff Atkins, star baseball player of Liberty High and behind him was Clay Jensen, who kept glancing between the floor and Hannah, who was also glancing at Clay.
“Hi Jeff” Ella said bluntly
“C'mon I like you, you like me! Why are you making this hard?” Jeff pestered
“Not everything is supposed to be easy, Jeff. C'mon Hannah, let’s go. I’ll give you a lift home. Bye Clay” she smirked at the two oblivious lovebirds.
“Thanks. Bye Jeff, bye Helmet” Hannah said, waving to the two boys
“Bye” Clay said, waving back
“Bye Hannah. I’ll see you tomorrow, hermosa!” Jeff shouted, earning him a ‘shh’ from multiple students.

In Ella’s Car

“So?” Hannah grinned, smiling a smile that that was bigger than the Cheshire Cat’s

“What?” Ella asked

“What’s between you and Jeff?” Hannah grinned even more if that was possible

“Nothing” Ella smiled

“Oh yeah sure! That smile means nothing” Hannah scoffed

“Okay let me tell you, Jeff made it clear that he likes me and sometime between his confession and now, I also made it clear that I like him back” Ella explained, pulling out of where her car was parked

“Then why are’t you two together?” Hannah questioned

“Because! What if I’m nothing but a conquest for him? How do I know that he’s not part of some group that sleeps with girls and keeps score in some sort of secret play book?” Ella exclaimed, keeping most of her focus on the road in front of her and the other on Hannah talking

“Okay you have to stop watching Riverdale and you need to listen to me, Jeff is literally the nicest jock at Liberty High and it looked like he really likes you and I think you should give him a chance” Hannah smirked

“But what if he-” Ella got cut off by Hannah shushing her

“No buts!”

“Okay” Ella sighed

“How about this? If I get at least a B in a Spanish test then you have to give Jeff a chance” Hannah negotiated

“Okay. If you don’t then you- you have to tell Clay that you like him” Ella said

“Excuse me?”

“Oh sorry correction, you don’t like him-” Ella started

“Yes” Hannah sighed

“You looooove him!” Ella continued laughing

“What? No! I don’t- Shut up!” Hannah blushed, making her cheeks pinker than what a blush powder can do

“Awhh! Hannah Baker’s blushing, Hannah Baker’s blushing” Ella sang, laughing afterwards

The next day

“Hey Ella!” Hannah called

“Hannah Baker! What do you got for me?” Ella smiled

“Well I’m doing a test later in Spanish” Hannah revealed

“Won’t that test determine if you need a tutor or not?” She asked

“Yeah but tutor or not, I still want you to be my friend” Hannah grinned

“Awh thanks Hannah Banana! Eat with me later at lunch!” Ella squealed

“Yeah sure!” Hannah giggled and there they were chatting about things when Ella heard that voice that instantly made her day

“Hey bonita!” He called

“Ugh Jeff” Ella groaned, pretending to not be fazed by his presence

“Bye, Ella” Hannah winked, walking away to her classroom

“Let me walk you to class” Jeff offered

“Thanks but no thanks. I’m capable of walking to class on my own and don’t you have class in the other building?” Ella declined

“So you know my schedule?” Jeff grinned, outside he was happy but inside he was jumping up and down out of happiness

“Yeah” Ella said

“May I ask why?” Jeff asked curiously

“So I know what classes to steer clear of” Ella smirked

“That hurt me, hermosa. You should know that” Jeff faked groaned, his hand holding the chest part above his heart but Ella just smiled at him and walked away.

As she walked away, Jeff watched her with a smile on his face that always appeared whenever she was around before walking away.

At Lunch

Ella and Hannah walked over to a vacant table, carrying their trays and sat down.

“So? How did you do on the test?” Ella asked then taking a bite from her fruit salad

“I don’t know but I think I failed it” Hannah said, pushing her food around with her fork

“Be positive. You probably did good” Ella encouraged

“Thanks. And good enough to get a B, so you can finally give Jeff a chance?” Hannah said, suddenly having her big grin

“Nah you probably failed” Ella joked then taking another bite from her salad

“Okay ouch!” Hannah laughed, throwing a fry at her

“Hannah, Clay hasn’t taken his eyes off of you since we sat down. Look C or not, you have to tell the poor guy that you like him back!” Ella exclaimed

“I can’t!” Hannah said

“Why not?” Ella asked

“I don’t know why!” Hannah said

“Just tell him and- Jeff and Clay are on their way here” Ella said shocked

“Hey girls, what are you talking about?” Jeff asked, taking a seat next to Ella

“We are talking about Clay” Ella said bluntly

“Me?” Clay asked, sliding into the seat next to Hannah

“Yes Clay, you” Ella said

They continued talking, but not about Clay anymore obviously the poor boy would probably be tomato red if that conversation continued on. So as they were chatting and eating, Jeff did the oldest trick in the book,  The old yawn-then-arm-over-shoulder trick on Ella.

“Okay Jeff, we are at the cafeteria, not at a cinema in the Crestmont” Ella said pushing his arm off her shoulders

“Then let’s go to the Crestmont, after school and catch a movie?” Jeff offered

“Jeff, for the hundredth time-” Ella started

“Ella! Can I tell you something for minute?” Hannah cut in

“Sure, We’ll be right back boys” Ella said following Hannah to the side where they were out of earshot

“You have to give him a chance!” Hannah said

“Okay” Ella said

“Wow that was easy. Okay let’s go and-” Hannah said before getting cut off

“I just wanna see the B on your Spanish test paper” Ella said, tapping her foot

“Okay” Hannah shrugged, pulling out a folded paper from her pocket

“Hannah?” Ella rolled her eyes at the sight of the contents of the paper

“Yeah?” Hannah sheepishly said

“This is a B” Ella said slowly

“Yup” was all Hannah said

“From your old school!” Ella exclaimed

“Well you never said the recent test paper” Hannah shrugged

“I- ugh Hannah Baker, you are one sneaky mujer” Ella groaned

“What does that mean?” Hannah blinked

“Look it up” Ella simply said, returning to the table and taking her seat next to Jeff

“Jeff?” Ella started nervously


“Yes” Ella said quickly

“What?” Jeff said clear shock on his face

“Yes” Ella repeated

“What?” Jeff said again still shocked

“Yes! I’m saying yes to-” Ella laughed

“I know! But you finally said yes!” Jeff exclaimed happily, standing up

“Jeff, calm down!” Ella laughed

“The girl of my dreams finally said yes! Woohoo!” Jeff pumping his fist in the air

“Before Jeff starts jumping from table to table Clay, Hannah likes you” Ella revealed and both Clay and Hannah was blushing from the revelation

“Ella!” Hannah said blushing

“Bye! Love you Hannah Banana!” Ella sang, standing up and running to Jeff, who was standing next to Justin’s group’s table and pestering Zach

“Jeff! Leave poor Zach alone!” Ella scolded and he ran off happily again

“Sorry about him” Ella apologized to Zach

“Don’t worry about it. Congratulations” Zach smiled at the blonde

“Thanks” Ella said then went to Jeff to calm him down

“Jeff! Calm down!” Ella laughed, giving him a kiss on the cheek which made him stop immediately

“Okay, bonita” Jeff grinned

“Now Crestmont, after school?” Ella smiled back

“That’s the plan” Jeff said kissing her on the forehead

“ELLA MONTOYA! YOU’RE DEAD!” The couple broke apart at the sudden words of Hannah Baker

“See ya!” Ella grinned kissing Jeff on the cheek before running away from Hannah

“Bye” Jeff chuckled

He was happy that he finally got the girl of his dreams.

Now let’s go back to Ella and Hannah and see how’s their chase is going.



Or maybe we shouldn’t…

After Classes

Ella was putting some of her stuff in her locker, humming to herself when she felt arms wrapping around her waist and by the sudden warm feeling that grew in her she knew who it was.

“Hey, cariñoa” Jeff said placing his chin on her shoulder

“Hi” Ella giggled turning around to place a kiss on his cheek

“Are you ready?”

“Sure! Oh wait! Hannah!”

“She told me to tell you that she’s working today” Jeff said

“Okay then let’s go!” Ella smiled closing her locker and pulling Jeff by the hand to the school doors

At The Crestmont

The couple were walking towards the ticket booth when they heard a voice that they never expected to hear.

“Hey!” Hannah grinned from inside the ticket booth

“Oh hey, it’s Hannah!” Ella grinned

“Hey, Hannah” Jeff greeted her

“You work here?” Ella asked

“Yeah. it’s good money” Hannah chuckled

“Here you go” Hannah said giving them two tickets

“How much?” Jeff asked reaching into his pocket for his wallet

“On the house! What’s the use of having a friend that works at the movies if you can’t get in for free” Hannah whispered

“Thanks! Monet’s on Sunday?” Ella asked

“Sure! Now go! You might miss the movie!” Hannah laughed

Jeff and Ella were walking and laughing at each other’s jokes when again they were surprised at someone who they never expected to be there

“Clay!” Ella called walking over to the concession stand where Clay was the cashier

“Hey” Clay greeted the couple

“Hey, man” Jeff said doing a some sort of guy handshake with Clay

“You work here?” Jeff asked

“Yes! It’s good money here” Clay answered

“And the girl he likes works up front” Ella smirked

“Dude, she’s right. When are you going to ask her out? I mean you know she likes you.” Jeff asked, Ella nodding in agreement

“Soon? I don’t know! Now go to your movie! You might-”

“Miss our movie? Yeah we know” Ella laughed

“Good! Now here’s two complimentary drinks and jumbo popcorn” Clay said giving them the said items

“Wow, Clay and Hannah working here just saved you 20 dollars” Ella realized

“Even if they didn’t work here I’ll get anything for you"Jeff sweetly said

So the couple walked to the cinema and went to their seats

“So, tell me what is the movie about?” Ella whispered leaning close to Jeff

“I don’t know” Jeff whispered back

“Who’s the lead in the movie?” Ella whispered again

“I don’t know” Jeff whispered back

“Do you know anything about the movie?” Ella laughed

“No” Jeff laughed

After the movie

“So? How was our date? Tell me, do you want to marry me now?” Jeff asked jokingly

“The date was perfect and maybe or maybe not. Let’s see how this relationship goes” Ella chuckled

“I’m in a relationship? I thought I was in a dream” Jeff said smoothly

“Smooth, Atkins, smooth” Ella laughs as they got into the car

Ella’s street

“Park here. my house is like three blocks away and I don’t wanna disturb my parents and brother with the headlights” Ella said, so Jeff parked at the side

“Walk me to my house?” Ella asked

Jeff nodded and turned off the engine, taking off his seat belt and Ella doing the same. They both got out of the car and started walking to Ella’s house

“Tell me, why wouldn’t you say yes to me when we both found out that we liked each other and I asked you out?” Jeff asked while they were walking and holding hands

“Honestly? I was scared that I was just something you do and dump when you’re done” Ella answered nervously

“I’ll die before that happens, cariñoa” Jeff promised

Before they knew it they were in front of Ella’s front door and Jeff’s eyes flickered to her eyes then to her lips then he started to lean in and Ella doing the same then their lips collided against each other and Jeff felt Ella smile into kiss and sparks flew but like the night, the moment had to end and so when they pulled away they both blushed and promised to call the other back. Ella took her keys out and opened the door and gave Jeff a peck on the lips before bidding him goodnight and closing the door. Behind the door Ella smiled and touched her lips still feeling the sparks from the kiss and outside the door there stood Jeff who also touched his lips an feeling the same and started walking to his car. The memory of the kiss replaying inside his head.

The Next Day

At Ella’s house

Ella laid in the living room, reading a book though she couldn’t focus on it as she remembered the events of last night when the doorbell rang. She stood up and answered it.

“Hey, hermosa ” There stood Jeff with a bouquet of pink roses and a smile

“Hey! aw thank you! What are you doing here?” Ella said pecking him on the lips when he handed her the roses

“We are going on an adventure!” Jeff announced

“Really? Where!” Ella asked excited

“Calm down hermosa, it’s a secret” Jeff laughed and Ella laughed back and just looked at Jeff mentally thanking Hannah for convincing her to say yes to Jeff.

“Well? let’s go! We have a long journey ahead of us!” Jeff said, grabbing her hand and pulling a smiling Ella to his awaiting car to start their adventure.



YAY my first imagine! I hope ya’ll liked it and if you want to see more like this just request! I’ve got 2 Jeff imagines and 1 Clay imagine coming in the days to come! Hope you guys loved it!

free will vs. fate

here’s a quick entry for klanceweek prompt #1: free will vs. fate

i may put these on ao3 if enough people enjoy them but, for now, you can also find them on twitter!

“I can’t do this anymore,” Keith murmurs.

The room is heavy with exhaustion, with the weight of responsibilities. Slouched next to him on the couch, Lance glances at Keith out of the corner of his eye. The words are tired—Keith is tired.

Lance lets his eyes flutter shut. Another mission, another near disaster. Without Shiro at the helm, the team doesn’t function quite as well as it used to. Keith takes more risks than Shiro had, which occasionally works to their advantage. Today, though, is one of the many times it didn’t.

“It isn’t your fault, dude,” Lance sighs. He has yet to remove his armor, and the material feels heavier than ever. “Besides, we all made it out alive. That’s something, right?”

“Aren’t you the person who’s supposed to give me shit for this?”

“You make a good point…” Lance taps his chin, lips pursed. “If you need me to, I can. You don’t have to twist my arm. Actually, please don’t. My right arm hurts like a bitch from where that one meathead Galra pushed me down.”

Keith snorts and leans his head back, exposing the long curve of his neck. A moment of silence settles between them before Keith speaks again. “I’m being serious, though. Leading the team… I’m not cut out for it.”

Lance cycles through a few different responses. Since Shiro vanished, Lance has heard the other paladins offer Keith varying advice. Hunk urging Keith to keep trying, Pidge admonishing him for his disregard for her family, Allura dissecting each of his plans, Coran insisting he’s the best for the job. And Lance… he doesn’t know how to handle the situation. How does he feel about Keith as their leader?

“You didn’t choose this,” Lance starts, carefully considering his approach. “Did you?”

“I guess not. Shiro always said I should take his place if something happened to him.”

“But you didn’t choose to be the big bad leader of your own freewill. You know what I mean?”


“It isn’t like you’ve been gunning for the position or anything. You took charge because a really close friend wanted you to.” Lance pauses. “I mean, you love Red, right? I know how close Blue and I are. Bonding with another lion after everything you put into bonding with Red—it can’t be easy.”

To his surprise, the corners of Keith’s lips twist into a smile. It reminds Lance of something and, for a moment, he can’t quite put his finger on what it is. But then he remembers. A shaky image, on the fringes of his memory, of Keith regarding him with a soft smile, their fingers interlocked.

The bonding moment, Lance recalls with a start.

“I miss Red so much,” Keith whispers. His voice is strained with longing, and it tugs at something inside Lance’s chest. “But I… I’m the only one who can pilot the black lion.”

An idea strikes Lance, and, okay, maybe it’s stupid. But Lance finds himself blurting, “I can help you.”

Idiot, idiot, what the hell. Lance’s subconscious is screaming at him, and he kindly tells it to leave him alone, geez. Why did he say that? This is Keith; he doesn’t need Lance’s help. Allura would make a much better right-hand man—woman—than him.

“Really?” Keith prompts.

“Uh—I? Yes?”

Lance expects disgust or laughter or, hell, even annoyance. To think someone as useless as Lance would volunteer himself for such an important role is ridiculous.

“That…” Keith trails off and Lance braces himself for impact. “Would be… amazing.”

“Yeah, yeah, I shouldn’t have even brought it u—wait. What’d you just say?” Lance swears his soul leaves his body. “Did you? What?

“I could really use some help,” Keith explains. There’s a weariness in his voice, and Lance realizes, with everything that’s happened recently, Keith has been hit the hardest. “I didn’t expect you to offer but… I kind of hoped you would.”

Lance must be dreaming. This Keith can’t possibly be the real Keith.

“Me?” Lance squeaks, disbelieving.

“You’re the best for the job…”

Holy shit, Keith is blushing.

“I don’t know about that,” Lance scoffs, scratching the back of his neck. He might be blushing, too. Ugh. “I’m just… you know. Me.”

“Exactly.” Keith’s eyes narrow to angry little slits, almost like he’s offended.

“Keith, my dude, my main man…”

“You can do it.” Slowly, Keith’s smile morphs into a smirk, much like before a practice spar. A wicked glint dances behind his eyes, and Lance feels like he’s going to explode. “Isn’t that right, Sharpshooter?”

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how would saeyounf react if in his route he had to bring mc to his apartament and he's still trying to ouser her away so she spends the most of the time with vanderwood and he actually make her smile and they got really close to each other how would saeyoung feel?

Countdown to the Cake: 6

Microwave me



Silence. It was so quiet that a needle hitting the floor would be heard and echoes down the hallway of Seven’s bunker-house.

He didn’t know how silent it was until he took his headphones off. How long has it been since the last time he heard your compliments about his decoration taste, your relieved and thankful tone telling him how happy you were he got you out of that apartment, your apologies for barging into his space like this, it’s just… you were worried about him not going to sleep or eating. Ugh… what was the time he heard your voice?

Why wasn’t him feeling any better? If he pushed you away, it would be better for both of you, but… it wasn’t helping him at all! He couldn’t stop wondering if you were comfortable in his place, if you had eaten, if you weren’t bored, if you… hated him for everything that happened to his brother and for putting you in so much danger… oh, why the simple thought of you hating him caused this much pain in his chest? Even though he knew deep inside that it should be the right feeling right now?

At the same time, why is it so…warm having you wandering around his place? Laying in his couch, taking showers in his bathroom, cooking with Vanderwood in the kitchen… wait, what? Is he seeing what he thinks he’s seeing through the cameras in his apartment? You and Vanderwood cooking? What is Vanderwood doing here, did he come back when he realized Seven was back as well? Why didn’t he say anything? Why didn’t he reprimand him for bringing a girl to his place where there’s so many secret information hanging around? Why is he… smiling?

Oh no… is Vanderwood trying to get your trust just so he can convince you that going away is the best option for you? Or worse… what if he holds you hostage in order to make Seven finish his work? That sneaking bastard! He’s paying for this if something bad ever happens to you, what the agency will do with him later doesn’t really matter anymore, he just needs to protect you, he did it from Saeran, he’ll do it again, that’s all he can do anyway… ugh… how come Seven took you to the safest place on Earth and yet you’re still in danger? He’s so useless…

Shit! Where did you two go? Oh no… he’s leading you to a trap in the garage, isn’t he? SHIT! Seven jumps out of his chair and goes after you, yep, you’re still in the garage, he knew attaching a little GPS device in your clothes was a good idea!

As Seven gets closer, he listens that very familiar threatening sound… THE TASER GUN! Shit! If Vanderwood is hurting you, he’s such a dead man! He bolts inside the garage.

“MC!” you and Vanderwood jump, looking at him. You’re… fine, you’re okay! Oh, thank God!

“Shit, Agent Seven, you scared us!”

“Are you okay? You look pale…” you turn your body towards him. “See? I told you he would look like this after not eating for so long…” you turn to Vanderwood, who nods. “Don’t you wanna sit, Seven? I don’t want you to pass out…” Ugh… why do you worry so much about him? He doesn’t deserve it!

“I’m… don’t be ridiculous, MC, I’m fine.” Did he just tell you not to be ridiculous? Asshole! “What are you doing here in the garage with… him?”

“Hum? Oh… Vanderwood is teaching me how to use a taser gun, see?” Vanderwood fidgets the device in his hand. “He told me I needed to learn how to defend myself after everything that has happened.” Wait? Did you really tell Vanderwood about the hacker being his lost sibling and about the bomb? What the fuck, MC?

“Everything that has happened…” Seven mutters to himself, getting ready to yell at you for sharing something he asked you to keep as a secret.

“Yes, she told me about you rescuing her from a stranger in the apartment.” Stranger? Oh… so you didn’t tell him… well, okay then…

“He was showing me how to use it and he promised to teach me some personal defense moves while the food is in the oven!”

“Which reminds me, time to take it out, MC. We still need to finish that sauce.”

“Yes, of course. Let’s go!”

You pass right beside Seven and smile, which makes him look away before he blushes, how can you smile in this situation? And why such a cute smile? Ugh…

“Hey! Have some manners and be nicer to your guest, she’s not the one to blame for your own mistakes, agent.” He whispers as he puts a hand on Seven’s shoulder, which might look like a friendly gesture if the grip wasn’t so tight and painful.

“Yes, maa’m. “ Seven rolls his eyes and walks back to his house. Well… at least you’re okay, after all.

“Now, MC, the secret to a good roast beef is to let it cook slowly at a low temperature, then sear it in a hot skillet.”

“Got it! Whoa… look at the little crust, it looks amazing!” you say as you take it out of the oven. It smells really good…

“Yes, it does! Good job, you learn pretty quickly. Unlike some other people…” Seven doesn’t even bother to look at him.

“You’re just a good teacher.” Now Seven looks at Vanderwood, he’s… embarrassed. He’s… blushing. Oh my God! Are you two flirting?

“So, MC… have you decided what you’re doing about RFA party?” Seven asks without looking at you, though he is paying fully attention, looking for any signs of some flirting going on.

“I… am still answering the guests’ emails, but… I won’t attend it if you say it’s risky, Seven. I trust your judgment.”

“Even when you shouldn’t, though.” He feels a foot hitting his leg behind the table. Goddamnit, Vanderwood! “I mean… do as you wish.”

“Yes, don’t feel pressured on doing what this dumbass wants, he doesn’t even know to treat a guest politely.”

“Oh, I’m not a guest, I’m an intruder. It’s… it’s fine, I don’t mind.” Oh… why would you even say this? He… he doesn’t want you to feel like you’re not welcomed here, even if he can’t really welcome you properly.

“You’re not an intruder. Don’t say things like that.” He says bluntly, though he feels this need to look you in the eye and tell you how good it is to have you here.

“Don’t you think she’s feeling like an intruder because you’re treating her like one?”

“Vanderwood, it’s fine, I…”

“No! If he was stupid enough to put you in danger, he should at least be nice to you. I don’t really approve what’s going on here, but since it can’t be helped, he should make sure to protect you, teach you how to protect yourself, answer all the questions you probably have. Why are you still defending him, MC?” how is it possible that he wants to know the answer and at the same time, he doesn’t? Is it because he already knows the answer? Is it because… he would answer the same? Is it because he lov…

“I won’t stand here to listen to your hypocrite bullshit, Mary Vanderwood the 3rd, have fun babysitting while I try to take the actual danger away from her.” He gets up and makes his way to the hallway.

“Seven, won’t you really eat? I don’t think this is healthy, I…”

“I already told you I don’t care about what you think. Pay attention to his lessons and go to bed early. And… be careful, Mary is still a guy, after all.” He was expecting for tears, but there’s nothing, just your curious worried face that makes him feel like hugging you and apologizing immediately, which… he can’t really do, so he walks away, resisting the need to look behind.

“Are you okay, MC?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I… can’t say the same for him, though…”

“He’s a big boy, don’t worry about him so much. Let him work and clean this mess, that will be a first, for sure.”

“Okay, I’ll… I’ll give him some space for now.” You turn to face Vanderwood, who’s watching the roast beef. “Thank you…”

“For what?”

“For trying to help me, and… for making me company even when you don’t want me here.”

“I disapprove this situation as an agent, but I never said I don’t want you here. I… really appreciate the company from someone who’s interested in learning how to roast chicken.”

“Don’t you mean roast beef?”

“No, the next lesson will be chicken. Are you ready?” you nod and smile, and he… surprisingly smiles back.

Seven keeps watching this improbable duo cooking and cleaning the kitchen a little later. Why do you keep being nice to these filthy cockroaches who are Vanderwood and him? How come you’re so bright and warm in a situation like this? You’re not even judging his brother after what he tried to do, you’re so… sweet and lovely. You deserve so much more than having to learn how to break someone’s nose just in case…

And you cook pretty well, but he just found this out when he sneaked to the kitchen after you went to sleep and saw this spared plate with a note “Microwave me, Seven ~”

Unbelievably adorable… he can’t help imagining how would it be if he could taste your food like this everyday, or if he could cook for you, if he could join you in his bed right now, finally get some sleep and wake up with you… Unfortunately, all he can do is settle for this micro waved food and go back to find a way into Mint Eye. It’s all he can do for you, and it’s much more than he deserves.

Or… he could finish installing that 707 simulator in the Robot Cat to make you laugh a little. Vanderwood’s jokes must be awful.

You can see the other days here!

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girl....your blog is a gem😩😩 how would it go down if you walked in on the hyung line pleasuring themselves?? Thanks queen


❃ Panic mode activated. Even though he is the oldest, he will behave like a baby and probably have his mouth wide open as he hears you chuckling from the doorway. He was just getting in the mood and your name was escaping his lips. “Well sorry to interrupt you babe, you can go on. I just need my hand cream.” He would probably bury his head in the pillows next to him out of embarassment. “Please never and i mean NEVER mention this to anyone!”


❃ This cutie will probably be shocked at first and not know what to say. It’s not really the fact that he was pleasuring himself, but rather you just standing there awkwardly trying to stop a giggle. Once you give in and start laughing, he will probably laugh with you as well. He will stop what he was doing and even though none of you would say it, the air would be filled with a very awkward silence for the next couple of hours.


❃ Very similar to Jisung, he would be very embarassed that you caught him in the middle of the act. He will stop everything and just get dressed extremely fast; all the arousal that was there would disappear at once. He would probably come up to you and apologize multiple times as his cheeks get as red as a tomato.


❃ He would be sly and not at ounce of awkwardness in his voice. He will turn to you smirking and biting his lips without even stopping his hand motions. He will try to play it off cool and act as if he did it on purpose to get you in the mood as well. “How about you come help me now and I can pay you back later?” “No thanks, Seongwoo.” “Ugh I have to do everything myself these days!”


❃ Panic, shocked he won’t be able to say or do anything at first. He will just sit there awkwardly while staring at the ground; because he was too shy to look at you and wouldn’t want you notice his pink cheeks. “Hahaha… well, I am gonna get changed and take a shower now, probably.” He would leave the room so fast that you won’t be able to say anything else and he will probably avoid you a bit for the next hours cause he would feel way too awkward to look you in the eyes.


❃ He will turn shy the moment you call out his name, his cheeks will turn into a very noticeable shade of pink and he would chew on his lower lip awkwardly. “Umm… shouldn’t you be with your friends now? I thought you were coming home in an hour.” He will probably get dressed super fast and try to erase the imagine of you ever catching him jerking off from his mind. But it will turn out to be a lot more difficult when you always make fun of him for it. “Babe please, it was not cute! Can we forget it, now?”


SpeakEasy Series

Bartender!Jimin x Reader

5.7k of who knows what Angst, Smut?, and Fluff?

Warnings: Use and Mention of Date-Rape Drugs, thigh riding, teasing

Ok… so… i tried… I have listened to Greedy over 100 times trying to write this… The song annoys me now. oh and do’t worry, jimin doesn’t use the date-rape drug on reader. So, Yea! Enjoy!

Originally posted by mewchim

The intoxicating smell of liquid confidence filled the room. Or should it be called depressant? The freshly poured round of shots was picked up by hands in your peripheral vision. A clink resounded through the air, as the grieving souls tried to forget the misery they were drowning in. Thankfully you were not included in that group of those, who needed to drink their minds to oblivion.

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Hey! I was wonder if you could do a imagine about Harrison where the reader and him have been dating 3 years but he hasn't told her he's loved her yet because he's afraid and they get into a really big fight, she leaves/they break up, but the next day he goes to her house they maybe fight a little but he finally looks at her and is like "you drive me crazy, because I love you." And she kids says "Say it again" and they make up? Please and thank you love💜😍

Harrison x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word count: 582

A/N: I wrote that they’ve been dating for like three months instead of years cuz three years just seemed crazy long to me. Also this is really short and <i am sorry for mistakes or  typos…it is past midnight here, I actually have to go to school tomorrow but oh well. Hope you like it anyways, darling! <3

Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs

“I actually can’t believe you! Three months I’ve been dating you and you still haven’t talked to your parents or friends about me?” Calmy yet with your voice slightly raised you stared at him, at Harrison, who was standing right across from you.

“No, obviously not. But it is just not that easy! I don’t even get what this is about! Why is it so important to you? You just seem to really like making a fuss about everything!” Harrison’s voice got louder as well as he angrily rubbed his neck. “That so?” Crossing your arms you cock an eyebrow at him.

“Yes! That so. And I really don’t get what your problem is right now!” “Well then go! You don’t have to be with me. Leave if you want!” You actually yelled at him this time.

“Ugh. You drive me crazy, you know that?!” “Well, like I said leave if you want to leave, go ahead! I won’t fuckin’ stop you!” With that said he stormed off and out of your apartment. Exhausted you let out a sigh while sinking onto your couch.

This guy drove you crazy. In so many ways. You two didn’t fight often. But it always just made you sick. Without knowing what to do you just felt all blue inside while eating a bunch of chocolate chip cookies and watching your favorite series from the beginning again.

“No, Harrison I don’t care if you’ve told your parents about me now! You left. You actually left!” Harrison had been calling you the whole morning already and you kept declining but then you just decided to quickly tell him to stop. 

“You left, now leave me alone!…Yeah well I don’t want to talk to you.” Wow, good way to start the day. Enraged you ended the phone call as you got out of bed on that Saturday morning. Knowing you still had to do some grocery shopping you decided to do that now after taking a shower. On your way you planned on buying some breakfast for you.

Harrison bombarded you with text messages. “Stop it now!” You rapidly texted back sighing at his stupid behavior and at him not leaving you alone already.

After a while you arrived at your apartment again only to find a small note on your doorstep. “I am sorry…again. Open up and see what’s inside.”  Expecting the worst you sluggishly push your key inside the keyhole before twisting it around. As you open the door you close your eyes, considering the possibility that he might just stand there naked.

As you open them again you see Harrison standing in front of you with a small bouquet of your favourite flowers and an opened pack of chocolates. He ate a few and placed them inside of the box differently. They spelled out ‘I am sorry’. You couldn’t believe this boy.

“This is cheesy yet very cheap looking. Still. Harrison, I would have never expected you to be such a cheeseball.” You chuckled walking closer to him. “You drive me crazy because I love you.” He just blurted out making you all giddy insid. That was the first time either one of you had said it. Your eyes grew wide. “Say that again.” Snaking your arms around his neck you looked deeply into his blue eyes.

“I love you.” 

Gently you pulled his lips into yours.

“I love you too, idiot.” Smiling you grabbed one of those chocolates and stuffed it into your mouth.


Okay so like Im still dying. But I have people asking me about this concert. 

Where do I even start? This is about to be a mess. 

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

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Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 55

After two more brutal thrusts, Jared came with a grunt, spilling himself deeply inside me. Easing his grip on my throat as he rode out his orgasm, I was finally able to breathe a little more freely to catch my breath.

“Mmmm, God you feel good..” Jared said, his voice still trembling.

As his body began to relax, finally able to unwind after all that built up tension, his hand slipped from my throat completely so that he could use both arms to brace himself up. Now that he wasn’t helping to hold me against him any longer, I ended up falling forward as my arms gave out, face first in the pillow.

Resting his forehead on my back, each breath he took that breezed over me sent chills across my skin.

“Damn, baby..”

Placing butterfly kisses from the center of my back to my shoulder, the last kiss he left was on the bite he inflicted. Turning my head, I took another deep breath. This did not end the way I hoped and I was conflicted.

When I didn’t respond, Jared rolled off of me and asked, “Baby, are you okay?” I could hear the concern in his voice as he brushed the hair away from my face. “Did I hurt you?”

“No…no.” I tried to reassure him, “I’m okay.”

I smiled over my shoulder, not wanting him to worry because really, I was fine.

I got a little overwhelmed and now that I was coming out of my haze, I realized if I told him what happened, he’d be upset I just endured. I know he’d be angry I didn’t safe word or at least say I wasn’t ready. And telling him I didn’t want to ruin it for him wouldn’t justify it either.

I definitely didn’t feel it was a safe word situation. For me, what it boiled down to was that I just couldn’t get there. I was too wrapped up and maybe it was a bit of exhaustion too. My stamina wasn’t quite there. I don’t even know if I could really put my finger on one specific cause.

It’s not like what happened was an uncommon thing either, especially for a woman, but I don’t think he wouldn’t think that. He’d think there would have been something he could have done but in the moment, I didn’t want to ruin it for him. That was just a fact. My biggest fear was that he’d see it as some sort of failure, which would kill me.

On top of that, I had guilt for not being able to obey which stemmed from everything else. How could something so simple get so complicated?

If this were any other relationship, with any other man, there wouldn’t be guilt or worry.. My attitude would be, ‘I didn’t get there’, sucks for me. I know because like a lot of woman, it has happened from time to time. I wouldn’t be worried what he thought. With Jared, I do.

The more I dwelled on it, the more I wanted to view this as a lesson and let it go. After all, I am absolutely the type of person who can make a mountain out of a molehill. It’s a character trait I most dislike in myself and battle with it all the time.

I silently vowed that if I should ever feel I’m not where he wants me to be, I’ll speak up. All I really did was get in the way of my own orgasm which right now, seemed like punishment enough.

The conclusion; I needed to let it go. I wouldn’t lie to him but unless he asks whether or not I orgasmed, I wasn’t going to say anything either.

“Baby?” Jared asked again, as if it wasn’t the first time.

He caught me dwelling…that will certainly get his attention.

“Yes. I’m sorry…” I said shaking away the internal debate I had going in my head.

“What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?” Jared asked as he rolled off of me and on his side so we were face to face.

“Nothing…” I said, looking away, “I’m still a bit tired but I’ll be fine. When do we need to leave?”

I sat up, quickly swinging my legs over the edge of the bed. Trying to escape before his onslaught of questions, he moved faster. Before I could even stand, Jared grabbed my arm.

“You’re lying and you know how I feel about that.” Quickly pushing himself up, “Come here.”

His voice was so stern and serious. I didn’t resist as he pulled me by my arm towards him. Once I was laying back down, he pulled me into his arms.

“Talk to me.” His voice much gentler this time.

As I glanced up, I knew I had to spill. Even though I said that I’d only tell him if he asked whether or not I orgasmed, I knew he wouldn’t let it go. Jared analyses everything.

“I just….ugh…”

I hate that he’s so perceptive sometimes….

“Baby girl, tell me what’s wrong.”

I had to, it was going to be like a huge waterfall of words. Covering my face with my hands before I even began, this felt so embarrassing.

“I didn’t cum. I couldn’t. I was close but then somehow I got so wrapped up, I was trying to catch my breath and in that position, I don’t know what happened.” I said, shaking my head, “Then you told me to cum and I wasn’t ready but I didn’t want to ruin it for you so I didn’t say anything. Then after it was over, the more I thought about it, I was worried you’d be mad I didn’t say anything so I didn’t want to tell you. Then I was upset I wasn’t able to obey…”

Pulling my hands from my face he listened intently to my pathetic verbal diarrhea. I was speaking so fast, I just wanted to spit it out and be done. When I finished, I pushed myself against him, tucking my head under his chin. I didn’t even want to look at him.

“I’m so embarrassed…”

I really couldn’t handle it if he got angry with me, especially after yesterday. Silently I prayed my honesty wouldn’t blow up in my face.

“Don’t be embarrassed.” He said then stopped.

I felt him sigh, carefully choosing his words before he began to speak again.

“Although I wish you would have said something in the moment, I appreciate why you didn’t. I can’t be angry you didn’t get there, that’s my job. I can usually read you better. I’m not angry at you over that. However, I would be angry if you were in distress and didn’t safe word…”

“I didn’t feel it was a safe word situation at all!” I said strongly.

“You’re sure? Even in hindsight?”

“Even in hindsight, I’m absolutely sure. It’s not your fault either. I hate that you think that…”

See, this is what I was afraid would happen. He’d blame himself. Men are prideful but a Dominant man, even more so.

“I’m not going to debate that with you but next time I lose you, please tell me you aren’t ready. As much as I enjoy it, it’s far better when I know you’re with me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” I whispered against his collarbone. “I’m sorry.”

“Good.” Jared said, pushing me back against the pillows with his body, “Then we understand each other.”

Rolling on top of me, Jared used his legs between mine to wedge them part as he rested his lower body down on me. Taking each wrist in his hands, he brought them above my head as he braced himself over me by his elbows.

“What are you doing?”

Rolling his pelvic bone over my clit, I couldn’t stop the moan he caused from slipping from my lips. My pussy was still slick with not only my juices but his cum as well add the pressure to that and all I could say is it felt absolutely amazing.

“I gave you a command, remember?” He said, once again thrusting against me, “One I expect you to obey.”

Kissing my lips softly, he continued down my neck only stopping to quickly lick my nipple before he pulled it gently between his lips. Letting his hand smoothly rack down my arms, my hands weaved into his hair as he made his way down my ribs then my tummy one kiss at a time.

“What? I umm, but…” I stumbled, not knowing what to say, “Sir, wait, what are you doing?”

Stopping to nip my hip, he glanced up before his head slipped under the blanket.

“Cum for me, baby girl.”

High School Band AU: Chapter 6

Hope you like this! ^^

“Hey, bro, come here! MC was about to tell me about her first kiss!”

“What… what?”

“What the hell?” Saeran asks, joining you and Saeyoung at the cafeteria table.

“He’s not… he’s not talking serious right now…” you say, trying to avoid both twin’s gaze.

“So you’ve kissed before?” Saeran asks, and it doesn’t look like he’s teasing.

“What? I… this doesn’t have anything to do what I was trying to tell your brother! I was trying to talk about something really weird that happened at Yoosung’s place that night after fisrt rehearsal.”

“Something weird?”

“Yeah, I… no, forget it.”

“What? Noooo, don’t be shy just because Saeran is here, he can make part of our little pact too…”

“What the hell are you talking about, Saeyoung?” you notice as Saeran widens his eyes and gets flustered, just like you did when he came up with this “pact” thing.

“Oh, haven’t you heard, bro? My relationship with MC has evolved enough for us to do a ‘No questions asked’ pact.”

“Relationship?” you ask

“Friendship, whatever. The only thing important here is that something happened at Yoosung’s place, MC needed someone to talk to and came to me, but… she doesn’t want me to ask much, though. So she agreed on a ‘no questions asked’ deal.”

“Of course you did, since you’re stupid enough to do whatever this fool wants!”

“Yeah, for the first time I guess you’re right, this was stupid. It’s just… I didn’t know who to talk to, and this thing has been bothering me a lot, so… desperation got the best of me.”

“Oh, why didn’t you talk to your precious Zenny about it?” Saeran scoffs, and you roll your eyes.

“Because… of something you told me about Rika, Zen and Jumin.”

“I don’t remember doing that.”

“What do you mean? That day in Yoosung’s house when you helped me getting out of that dress.” Saeyoung widens his eyes and looks at his brother.

“Oh my… so many revelations today, what is that about, by the way?”

“No-nothing! I just helped her unzipping that hideous dress you put her on, idiot!” you notice a pale shade of crimson across Saeran’s cheeks. “And you! You… realize you’re not making any sense right now, don’t you?” you groan in annoyance and glare at him.

“Okay, let me make myself clear so this slow brain of yours can follow. You told me Zen and Jumin fighting has something to do with Rika, which was why I thought it wasn’t a good idea talking about it with Zen.”

“Because…?” Saeyoung aks.

“Because… I met Rika at Yoosung’s house and… she was… kinda… weird.”

“Why?” both twins ask at the same time.

“I…” you look at Saeran, embarrassed. Talking with Saeyoung felt right because, despite him being odd, he seems like someone who would listen and try to give you an unbiased opinion, unlike his twin, who had picked on you from the moment you showed up.

“I told you before I’ll always be honest with you because unlike these softies, I won’t spare your stupid little feelings, didn’t I?” Wow, great way to make someone feel comfortable… “So spit it out! You know if the bitch did something to harm you, you have to let us know, right?”

“Oh my god… did she hurt you?” Saeyoung asks with widen eyes.

“No! No, she didn’t… she was… really nice… too nice, actually.”

Time for what? A flashback!

You excuse yourself to try calling your father. As much as Yoosung’s family is adorable and welcoming, just like him, you really need to go home. It’s getting late and you have class tomorrow! How come your dad forgot about this? It’s not like you would like him to be all over you 24/7 like he was a little after your mom left him, but… right now, he’s just a hypocrite calling you out for being irresponsible, when he is the real irresponsible one here! And… your phone not getting any signal is not really making things easy right now!

“I always tell Yoosung this house is kinda like a giant elevator. There’s always no signal here!” she shows up in the hallway and comes towards you. “Let’s get upstairs and I’ll show you the tricks to get some bars there.”

She grabs your hand and drags you upstairs, her blonde waves brushing against your face lightly. Hum… she feels really different from what you remember of that day in the record store… and why is he here? Wasn’t she on tour with Taylor Swift or… Carrie Underwood? Or… ugh… how were those rumors again?

“Here, it always works best here! Try now!” right she was! The signal bars increase in the screen phone.

“Thanks, Rika.”

“You’re welcome, honey!” so so different…

Oh! So your father answered your texts! Last one was a few minutes ago, telling he was coming to get you. Hum… maybe he wasn’t that irresponsible… but he is still pretty hypocrite.

“Who is that? Your bf?”

“Uhm, no. My father.”

“Why isn’t your bf coming to pick you up?”

“Because I don’t have one?”

“Oh… no boyfriend? Hum… that’s too bad…” she pouts and giggles. Okay… “So you must be enjoying a lot this attention from all these guys in the band. Of course, you could enjoy that even having a boyfriend, but… being single you can do it with no guilty, right?”

“I… wouldn’t know. And I don’t get attention, I mean… probably not in the way you’re talking about.” Another giggle.

“You’re really adorable! No wonder V kept talking how perfect you were to be a good understudy for me!” Oh yeah… V…are they still dating even with him in college? Wait, why are you even thinking about this? “He was so impressed with your knowledge on music, your voice, your charisma… and Yoosung looks really impressed too, doesn’t he?”

“You… should ask him that. I wouldn’t know.” you two hear the noise of a horn downstairs. “Oh, it’s my father! I should get going. Bye, Rika.” You try to go, but she blocks your way with one of her arms.

“What would you know, then?” she asks, smirking, then playing with a lock of your hair in her fingers. “I think you know much more than you look. I’m sure there’s a really clever mind behind this cuteness, oh… and this is trouble, isn’t it? Smart, cute and talented, how can those poor guys resist? How can anyone resist?” what… what is happening? Why is she so close?

“MC?” you jump when you hear Yoosung’s voice. “Rika? What are you two doing?”

“Oh, we were just talking about hair. MC said she was thinking about dying her hair to blonde just like mine. What do you think, Yoosungie?” what the hell?

“It would look really great, MC! Rika’s hair color is really beautiful! You would look even cuter!

“Yes, that’s exactly what I told her. Even cuter…” she smirks and takes her arm out of your way. You say a quick goodbye to Yoosung and his family before your father decides to stop horning and starts yelling.

“Wait! What about the kiss?”

“Ugh… I told you there was no kiss, Saeyoung!”

“Ah yeah, usually there isn’t a kiss after the classic tsundere move of blocking the girl’s way with the arm and doing some flirty threats… but let’s have the tsundere himself share his thoughts. What do you think, bro?”

“What are you even talking about, you weirdo? Don’t encourage this crazyhead here with your anime bullshit!”

“Crazyhead?” you glare at him, your voice is louder than you would like.

“Paranoid, narcissistic, you name it. You just have this big complex on thinking everything is about you. There are always guys fighting for you, a girl wanting to kiss you…”

“Which girl wants to kiss you, MC?” the three of you spot Jaehee and Yoosung coming with their trays. You immediately freeze when you see Yoosung.

“There is no girl! She’s just imagining things like she did before when she thought Jumin and Zen were fighting for her.” Saeran scoffs “Like someone was going to be stupid enough to fight for you… or kiss you.”

“You know there’s a big difference between being honest and being an asshole, right?” you say and get off the table, your voice finally reaching the right tone to deal with this jerk.

“That was really mean and unnecessary, Saeran.” Jaehee says coldly.

“Yeah, bro! Too much tsuntsun and too little deredere…” he says, crossing his arms and shaking his head.

“Shut up, Saeyoung.” Jaehee and Saeran say at the same time.

“I’m gonna see if she’s okay, guys.” Yoosung goes after you.

He finds you angrily flipping through your books in your locker room. You look quickly at him and goes back to the books.

“Hey…” he says almost in a whisper. “MC?”

“Yes, Yoosung?” you look at him, he looks almost scared and… worried.

“MC, I… think you should not take things too personal when it comes to Saeran. He… doesn’t think much before talking, but… I don’t think he meant what he said.”

“That’s because you’re too nice and tend to see the best in everybody, Yoosung. With Saeran or…” you were going to say Rika, but why? You’re not even sure if she was flirting or threatening you, like Saeyoung said. “Saeran is a jerk, okay?”

“Well, he’s one of my closest friends and I don’t think he’s as mean as he tries to come across next to you, but… I… I do disagree on him, if you want to know… I-I… think there’s nothing crazy about wanting to fight you… or-or… k-kiss you…” both of you blush with his sudden boldness. “I mean… I think you’re great! And you should think the same about yourself! So don’t mind Saeran too much, okay?” you laugh softly at the way he rubs the back of his head, embarrassed.

“Okay, I’ll try. But just because you’re asking and because you really killed with our little Vanessa Carlton duet. Why don’t you sing more often?”

“Oh, you know… it’s just… we have Zen to steal the spotlight, and I… feel comfortable in the background with the keyboards, the spotlight is for people like… Zen and you…” wow, you’re being compared to Zen now, it’s a really long way after being offended by Saeran in such a little time…

“Tsk, too bad. I think we work really great on a duet. Maybe we would be even better with a song from this decade, you know?” he laughs.

“Oh, we could sing Little Mix one day! That one with Jason Derulo, or… or… Oops with Charlie Puth!”

“Well, you would have to do the whistle part, since I don’t know how…” you look away.

“You don’t know how to whistle?” his bright eyes widen in amusement.

“I don’t!” you pout, and he laughs. “Hey, don’t laugh!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh at you! Just… just wet your lips and pucker them.”


“To whistle! You just have to wet your lips and blow some air, with your tongue relaxed, like this.” The sound comes from his mouth effortlessly, which doesn’t happen to you, making you both chuckle “That’s… that’s so cute, MC.”

“There’s nothing cute about being such a dork!” you say dramatically.

“Well, Rika says I’m a cute dork… what do you think?” Oh yeah… Rika… what would it happen if you told him what happened between you two? Would he call you crazy too? Well, considering how much he seems to idolize her, probably… Yoosung is probably the last person you would like to upset with your… craziness?

“I… I wouldn’t know…” you shrug, and he smiles softly, almost like he was waiting for this answer.

“Alright. See you in rehearsal later, MC.” Oh no… did you upset him?

The bell rings and the hallway gets crowded with students running to get to class in time. Well, maybe Saeran is right, you’re crazy. But nobody can convince you that Rika isn’t a little crazy too, not even Yoosung.

Chapter 5 | Chapter 7 

Final Fantasy IX Stream

Well that was a nice stream to sit down and watch for a few hours. :) (especially if you’re like me and have been super fatigued this whole entire day ugh >_>)
But seriously it was super nice to just watch Seán play a game from his childhood. I loved his Spyro videos and it was fun watching him play Crash Bandicoot too. So I had a ton of fun watching him play this game for this stream! :D I loved seeing his reactions to everything and seeing how giddy and nostalgic he gets from the music, the characters and all the things he remembers about the game. Plus I loved listening to him talk about the memories he had with this game and the voices he did for some of the characters Ms. Jigglytit’s voice for Queen Brahne = amazing! xD I’ve seen someone else play a little bit of Final Fantasy 9 a few years ago (who did an absolutely adorable voice for Kupo in her videos xD) before but I’ve never ever seen the whole entire game before but it’s one of those Final Fantasy games that always kind of interested me and fascinated me because it was one that’s not talked about extremely often but is still considered one of the best of the series. Honestly I can’t wait to see him possibly play this game for more streams in the future. Also I hope that one day I can sit and play though this game one day too because I’ve always wanted to check it out but just always forgot about it. Plus it seems much easier to get and buy then some of the other Final Fantasy games are. xD 

Also Seán ( @therealjacksepticeye ) if you happen to see and read this post, it makes me happy to see that you’re still trying to get videos ready for when you’re on the tours while also trying to not over stress and over work yourself too. I know that you know this in what I’m about to say but I still want to say this anyway to reassure you. Please don’t worry if you can’t get videos ready in time! People will understand and will be here when you get back and honestly I’d rather see you going out there, take these amazing opportunities and making brand new experiences for yourself then to see you stress yourself over your upload schedule. If you need to take a break then take a break and if you can’t get everything ready in time then that’s 100% fine. The world won’t end if you miss some days of videos or have to go down to 1 video a day because life gets in the way. Like I keep constantly telling you, you are a person before you’re a Youtuber and not a video making machine. I really hope that the shows on the tours go well and that you have lots and lots of fun on them too. At the end of the day all I want is for you to be happy and even though life isn’t always going to be happy and things are often gonna go wrong or not exactly how you’d expect them to. I’d still rather see you take these opportunities and chances to see more of the the world and grown and learn from all these experiences that come from that. You only have one life and I want to see you make the most of that because I know that you can and because I care about you. I always believe that you can do anything that you set your mind to and that’s because of who you are as a person and not because you’re Jacksepticeye. So again please, don’t worry if you can’t get videos ready in time. I promise you people will still be here to cheer you on. I’ll still be here to cheer you on. I’ll still be here to make dumb posts with dumb pictures of your face where I constantly call you a dumb green haired potato or Flamingo Butt whenever you wear those shorts, haha! ^_^

I believe in you Seán! You always have and always will do me proud. :)


24/7 (Peter Parker/Reader)

Peter’s had a crush on you for as long as he could remember. It’s such a shame you were falling for a certain masked, web-slinging hero instead.

Part 1/3 || Part 2/3

Warnings: None

Notes: I wrote this instead of sleeping lmao…so if there are lots of grammar mistakes, I apologize.

Part 2

“What are you so happy about?” Ned asked. A puzzled expression crossed his face when he noticed the wide grin plastered on Peter’s face and his best friend’s unusually good mood.

“It’s nothing, dude. Don’t worry about it,” Peter replied quickly before taking a bite of his sandwich.

“It’s (Y/N). Isn’t it?” Ned guessed with a roll of his eyes.

“Wh-What? No!” Peter stammered, cheeks tinting a light pink.

“It is!” Ned exclaimed triumphantly. “Alright, ‘fess up, man. What happened?”

“Nothing happened!” Peter defended, eyeing the cafeteria crowd for signs of your face in fear that Ned would blow his cover.

“You visit her like every night. C'mon! Tell me! Did you finally tell her the truth? Does Peter have a girlfriend?” Ned inquired teasingly.

“No! No, Ned! (Y/N) can’t know the truth! She’d kiss Spider-Man, but she’d never ki-”

“YOU KISSED?!” Ned practically screamed, and Peter immediately clamped his hand over Ned’s mouth.

“Shut up, Ned!” Peter whispered fiercely, eyes scanning the crowd frantically.

“You kissed?!” Ned excitedly whispered once Peter removed his hand.

“Well…yeah…we kissed,” Peter confessed sheepishly, running his fingers through his hair swiftly as a small smile grew on his face. The memory was practically burned into his mind- your lips on his, pressed chest to chest, and your fingers in his hair.

“And?” Ned insisted, curiosity hanging heavy in his voice, and Peter suddenly felt nauseous.

“And…well…I freaked out after and left without saying anything,” Peter sighed in defeat, and he looked down disappointedly at his half eaten turkey sandwich. He internally cringed at the memory and felt his chest clench as the events following your kiss flooded to the front of his mind. He remembered the look in your eyes when he pulled away- dark with passion, laced with nervousness, but thrilled all at once- and he remembered the look in your eyes as he pushed past you without a goodbye or even a glance back in your direction- shock, confusion, and, worst of all, pain.

But…everything had happened so quickly, and Peter was worried he’d compromise his secret identity because, had it not been for his sudden departure, Peter would have confessed it all right then and there. He would have told you the truth, would have told you everything, would have told you that he was Spider-Man, would have told you that he’d been crazy about you since middle school. Peter squeezed his eyes shut tightly, trying his best to suppress the horrible memories, and only opened his eyes again at the sound of Ned’s voice.

“Are you kidding me, dude?” Ned questioned incredulously, eyes widening slightly in bewilderment. “You finally kiss the girl of your dreams, and you just left without saying anything to her!”

“Ugh, Ned, you don’t need to remind me, okay?” Peter groaned as he buried his face in his hands.

“Remind you about what?”

And Peter froze at the sound of your voice as you slid onto the seat beside him.

“Oh…um, nothing…just the paper we have to do for English,” Peter lied awkwardly, averting his gaze to the ground. “I’m really not looking forward to writing it.”

But as he spoke, Peter noticed the far off, dreamy look in your eyes. He noticed how his words went unheard, and he knew. He knew you were thinking about last night because a kiss with Queens’ renown superhero was much more interesting than listening to your loser of a friend complain about homework. But your eyes held a gleam of sadness that Peter’s ever observant nature couldn’t help but notice, and he felt a twinge of guilt knowing that he was the reason for it.

“Hellooooo? Earth to Peter!” you chuckled, waving your hand in front of Peter’s face to grab his attention, and Peter blinked quickly before focusing back in on your voice.

“S-Sorry,” he stammered. “What’s up?”

“I said I could help you with the paper if you want,” you offered with a warm smile. “I’m off tonight, so you could stop by my place.”

“Oh, uh, I don’t know… Ned and me kinda have plans…”

Peter’s eyes darted to his right, pleading for Ned to come to his aid, but the sly grin growing on Ned’s face told Peter all he needed to know.

“Oh, sorry, man. I forgot to tell you. I’m supposed to go run some errands with my mom, so I gotta cancel,” Ned said, the mischievous glint never leaving his eyes. “You should definitely work on that English paper with (Y/N), though. It’s due, like, tomorrow, and you haven’t even started.”

“You haven’t started?!” you exclaimed worriedly. “What the hell, Peter? You never procrastinate! Okay, it’s settled. You are definitely coming over tonight!”

“It’s fine, (Y/N). I don’t want to both-”

“Shut up, Peter. You’re never bothering me! Besides, it’s been awhile since we’ve hung out. I miss you,” you said, smiling so sweetly Peter felt the butterflies in his stomach go crazy. And those three words- ‘I miss you’- God, they took Peter’s breath away. You missed ‘him’- not Spider-Man.

“Come over, yeah?” you grinned, nudging Peter lightly with your elbow before getting up and swinging your backpack over your shoulders.

“Oh…um, yeah, okay,” Peter said in a voice barely audible above the cafeteria chatter, and there it was again- that smile.

“See you tonight, then, Peter.”

And Peter watched as you disappeared among the throng of students before quickly turning on Ned.

“I hate you so much right now,” Peter seethed, eyes narrowing, but Ned simply smirked.

“You’ll thank me later.”

So, five or so hours later, there the two of you were, cramped inside your small bedroom, sitting side by side on your bed and poring over your notes and graphic organizers on “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Peter’s fingers brushed against yours every now and then, and when you’d lean closer to him to show him a quote from the book or to correct a misspelled word in his essay, Peter wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms around your shoulders and pull you flush against him.

He bit back a grin as he watched you doodling hearts absentmindedly on the corner of your notes as you scanned them for evidence to support your paper’s claim. Your head nodded along gently to the music you had on, and your eyebrows furrowed (in what Peter thought was the most adorable way eyebrows could furrow) whenever you struggled to understand the text.

Peter shifted on your bed, his hand accidentally sliding over yours as he did so.

“Oh, sorry,” he quickly muttered and made to yank his hand away, but, much to his surprise, he felt you take his hand in yours.

“No need to apologize,” you reassured him. “Besides, now would be a good time for a study break. Wanna dance?”

“Wait, what?” he asked, pulling his hand back slightly but your gripped only tightened.

“Do you wanna dance, Peter?” you asked again with a quick roll of your eyes, a hint of amusement lacing your voice. “Homecoming’s soon, so might as well practice. Plus, as much as I love this book, if I have to look over another one of my bullshitted, three-in-the-morning annotations, I might go crazy.”

And Peter let out a soft laugh, letting you pull him off the bed as a new song came on.

‘One, two, three, four

Settle down with me

Cover me up, cuddle me in

Lie down with me

And hold me in your arms’

“So, rumor has it that you have a little crush on Liz,” you teased as you pulled Peter toward you. “So, it’s my job as your friend to teach you how to dance. That way, when you take her to homecoming, you don’t look stiff as a stick.”

You moved Peter’s hands to your hips, and he blushed lightly. His heartbeat picked up when your fingers laced themselves behind his neck, and you pressed yourself closer to him.

‘And your heart’s against my chest

Your lips pressed to my neck

I’m falling for your eyes

But they don’t know me yet

And with a feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now’

Peter held your gaze tenderly as you peered up at him.

“So, I have a crush on Liz? What rumors has Ned been spreading now?” Peter asked with a laugh.

“A crush? Oh, no, according to Ned, you’re madly in love with her,” you replied sarcastically as you began to sway with Peter, moving in slow circles around your bedroom. The setting sun painted your white walls an array of soft, warm colors, and Peter swore that with every passing second, you were moving closer to him.

‘Kiss me like you wanna be loved

You wanna be loved

You wanna be loved’

“Well, I’ve never…you know…had a date to these kinda things before, and if I’m going to take Liz, the love of my life, to homecoming. I’m definitely gonna need a lot of help. So…hypothetically speaking, if you were Liz, what should I say to you?”

“Compliment her, duh.”

Peter continued to move with you, pondering what he should say, before he leaned closer to you.

“You, um, you look beautiful tonight,” he whispered. “Okay, now what?”

“Tell her why you like her, you doofus,” you chuckled. “Like- not just appearance-wise. What really made you fall for this girl?”

And Peter felt a tug at his heart. God, it was happening again- the feeling that he wanted to pour everything out to you.

“Oh…well, I think you’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met. You’re always looking out for people, even when you don’t have to. You…you’ve got this smile that just lights up the room, and when everything’s falling apart, I feel like…well…like I still have you.”

‘This feels like falling in love

We’re falling in love

We’re falling in love’

“You’re the kindest, most caring, and loyal person I know, and…I’m just…I’m really glad we met, you know?”

And as Peter spoke, you couldn’t help but listen with admiration. You weren’t sure if Ned’s rumors were true, but Peter had never talked this way about anyone before. So, as he continued his confession, the two of you eventually slowed to a stop in the middle of your room as the music played on.

“I don’t know where I’d be without you, and I just really…I, um- are you dizzy? I feel kinda dizzy. Maybe we should stop dancing?” Peter spoke quickly and anxiously, palms sweating and heart pounding.

“We’ve stopped dancing, Peter,” you answered in a whisper and pulled yourself away from him.


“Keep going, Peter. You can’t just stop mid-sentence if you really wanna win this girl over,” you urged as you took a few steps back and turned to rummage through the mess on your bed for your phone.

“Um, okay…well, you’re also insanely selfless,” Peter chuckled nervously, looking at his feet, and oh God, he couldn’t stop now. “You…you don’t have to, but you stay up to help your parents out with the store…

You stopped dead in your tracks, realizing just exactly who it was Peter had been talking so highly of. And though you were beyond flattered, a heavy guilt filled your heart. Sure, Spidey had bolted out on you the night before, but it didn’t change how you felt about him. You’d shared more with the masked hero than you ever had with anyone else in your life- even with your good friend, Peter. Spider-Man had been there for you more than anyone else. He’d made you laugh until your stomach hurt. He’d listened to your frustrations at two in the morning despite being dead tired from a night of patrolling, and you just…didn’t- couldn’t- feel the same about Peter.

“…even today,” Peter continued, “you had your own homework, and you still offered to help me out…and I guess…I just…I like you- more than a friend…I really like you…”

Peter’s voice trailed off at the end of his sentence, and his hands clenched into tight fists as he awaited your response.

“Peter…I’m sorry…I don’t feel the same.“

In Stitches

Imagine being a seamstress and arguing with Bard because he refuses to wear “fancy” clothes despite being a king.

Dedicated to @little-red-83 because she’s an awesome friend and I know she’s having a hard time.

“Ugh, would you stop?” You scowled at Bard as he once more turned and tore the thread from your needle, “I would think if Bain could hold still for five minutes, you’d have the self-restraint to do the same.”

“Sorry,” Bard swept his hand over his wavy hair and retook his stance before you, the hem of his jacket brushing against your rounded stomach, “I just…I can’t stop thinking. About everything.”

“Tell me about it,” You grumbled as you began to remove the rippled stitch he had ruin, “I don’t know what I’m going to do when…” Your voice trailed off as you focused on re-threading your needle, “I shouldn’t be harping to you. You’ve got three young ones and a lot more depending on you now that you’re king.”

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I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

I can’t believe this happens, before you all read it I want to state I’m not the only one to blame. Kill me, I promised I’d never do this yet that’s chapter 1

Chapter 0 

According to this legend, people are drawn to each other. Their atoms were near, close to each other when the universe was created and over time the same atoms keep coming back together and no matter how far they are from the others, they will always find their way back. Also when two people meet once, even by slightest accident, they will keep being drawn again and again until they are in one place.

Chapter 1 /or/ about starboys, uniform skirts and attractive people

She’s moving to Argentina.

Luna has no idea why Matteo doesn’t want to leave her thoughts. She tries to blame her mother and universe, but the truth is Luna just liked him for himself. It was the weirdest thing Luna has ever experienced, but something she found nice and every blink of Matteo’s smile in her mind keeps making her warm inside.

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Not So Broken

I HAVE RETURNED!  Here at last is the long awaited Next One. I hope it was worth the wait.

Warnings: Swearing, angst, deadpool

“Come on, come on, come on,” you hissed, pressing the elevator button frantically. You stamped a foot as the little light meter beside the door rose slowly. Dammit, you had to get to the lobby before Pietro did, or he’d win the bet. And then you’d be out another ten bucks.

A pale whoosh of wind zoomed by, then back towards you.

Pietro didn’t even look winded, for crying out loud. He smirked, dark eyes glittering, and quoted Captain America in his accented voice:

“On your left.”

Then he was gone, the son of a bitch.

Finally the elevator got there and you slammed the button for the lobby, hoping Stark’s AI wouldn’t notice. Of course, it took forever for the elevator to get to the first floor. That’s how it felt, anyhow.

The elevator dinged open, and of course Pietro was already there, lounging back against the wall like the little shit he was. But on the plus side, Wade Wilson was right beside him, mimicking his pose to a tee.

Both of them looked unreasonably furious.

You let out an unholy snort of laughter, and felt a little sunburst of happiness in your chest. You hadn’t been expecting Wade.

Wade Wilson, possibly the sassiest, deadliest, most morally grey super-mercenary in existence. You’d been friends for a long time, but it wasn’t just friendship you felt for him. Not even close – just being near him made your palms sweat and your heart beat too fast.

“Y/N!” Wade said, rushing toward you for a hug. He leaned close to your ear and stage whispered (clearly loud enough for Pietro to hear): “Who’s your friend? He’s mean.”

You rolled your eyes and felt your stomach flutter. “Be nice, Deadpool. This is Pietro Maximoff, the fastest Avenger.”

Pietro’s eyes glittered and he smirked. “So this is Deadpool?” He looked Wade up and down, frowning. “He’s, uh…smaller than I expected.” He snickered.

Wade coughed. “Big enough for your mom,” he muttered in a singsong voice, so quickly you almost didn’t hear.

There was a blur of blue and Pietro shoved Wade. “What did you just say to me?”

“Whoa! Okay, buddy,” you said quickly, stepping between them. “That’s enough of that.” Was it just you or could you suddenly smell clouds of testosterone-fueled anger in the air. “Wade, did you have something you wanted to say? You came in by the front door, so I assume you’re not here to steal anything.”

“Are you really sure?” He said coyly, examining his gloved fingers.

You rolled you eyes. “I’m never sure with you. And not that I’m not happy to see you, but is there a reason you’re here?”

Pietro scoffed; one second he was rolling his eyes beside you, the next he was nowhere to be seen.

Wade shifted his weight. “Do I really need a reason?”

A ray of warmth lit up in your heart, smiles tugging the corners of your lips upwards. “You wanted to see me, didn’t you?”

“Maybe.” he cocked his head. “Wouldn’t mind having a chat with the super-secret boyband, though.”

“Hey,” Tony said mildly as he stepped into the room. “That’s my line.”

Wade kissed your hand, then spun you in for a hug. “Farewell, lovely one,” he declaimed, voice high and tragic like in a bad play. “I have business with the alcoholic.”

Reformed alcoholic,” Tony snapped. A muscle in his jaw worked. “Don’t make me regret asking for your help, Wilson. I can still have you thrown out of my building.”

“In which case I would literally put myself back together and carry on with my day,” Wade replied. It gave you a little pang to realize; Wade assumed he’d be thrown out from the top floor or something. Poor baby.

As he and Tony walked away, Wade turned around. “Catch you later, Y/N,” he said jauntily, making finger guns. You got the feeling if he’d been unmasked, he would’ve winked at you.

And then you were alone in the lobby, feeling elated and let down and massively confused all at the same time.

God, the effect he had on you.


Sunlight fell through the window, warming your hair and illuminating the page in front of you. Of all the places in the Tower you could be, one of your favorite was here – curled up in the window seat of the lounge, propped up against a pillow with a book in your lap. It was rather rare in the superhero life, so you snatched up the chance for some R&R whenever you could get it.

For lack of better options, you were re-reading your favorite book after a long absence and reading it again felt like coming home. You were just getting to the good part when -

Whoosh. “Hello.”

You looked up. Blinked. “Um…..hi, Pietro?”

He stood next to the window seat, silvery hair tousled as always. He wore a black T-shirt and jeans today as opposed to his uniform. Sure, he was cute. Nice accent. But he was just….

standing there. Still hadn’t said anything.

You looked pointedly at your book, then back to him. “Did you need something?”

Whoosh. He was gone in a blur of blue.

You shrugged. “Well, that was weird.” And you returned eagerly to your book. Now it was getting really good – was it this good the last time you read it? Tensions were amped up, the big reveal was almost -

Whoosh. “Hello.”

You gritted your teeth and huffed out a breath, then forced a smile onto your face. “Yes?”

He smiled – dimples. Okay, that was kinda cute. “Uh…hi.”

Aaaaaand he was gone again.

Was it Prank Day or something and you’d forgotten? You shook your head and resumed reading.

You’d just about finished the book. This close to finishing, and it happened again.


You shut the book with a snap and whirled to face him.

“Oh my god, what?!” you snapped.

Pietro faltered, smile stuttering on his face. He blinked nervously, then swallowed and pulled out a bouquet of white roses from behind his back.

“For you,” he said shyly. “I apologize for bothering you…and I was wondering if you might…want to go to dinner with me sometime?” He finished in a rush, breathless.

Ooohhh, shit. This was going to hurt. How to let him down gently? Maybe try telling the truth, your brain insisted.

You took a deep breath. “Well…thank you for the flowers. I, um…I’m actually sort of – seeing someone right now.”

Sure. That’s truthful. Your pie hole is a lie hole. You told your unhelpful brain to be quiet and smiled awkwardly.

His shoulders slumped, face falling for a minute. Then he sighed and shrugged. “Well, I did try.”

Just before he ran off again, he paused. “If…if there’s ever a chance, would you maybe let me know?”

You sighed in relief and nodded. “Definitely.”

The smile he gave you as he vanished again could’ve lit the room for a year.


Later that night, the rest of the team was lounging around as well, looking bored and lazy and very ready for another mission – just as soon as the movie was over and there were no more bagel bites left.

Wade was, of all possible things, playing a gameboy – hunched over the little thing with intense concentration.

You plopped down on the couch beside him, heartbeat fluttering as you said a deceptively casual, “Hey.”

“Hey,” he said tonelessly, not looking up.

“So…how was your day?” you tried again, feeling uneasy.

“Fine.” Again that flat voice, resentful, toneless.

“Okay, what is up with you?” you demanded. “This morning you were delighted to see me and now you won’t even talk to me? I call bullshit.”

Finally, he looked up, face hidden behind his mask. “So who’s your boyfriend?” He didn’t sound angry now, just…beaten. Defeated.

You huffed and ran a hand through your hair. Seriously? That’s what this was about?

“Can we talk about this somewhere else?” you said, jerking your head towards Pietro.

One of the lounge’s windows also doubled as a door that opened onto a little concrete balcony – not a very big or pretty space, but very private.

Once you’d shut the balcony door behind you, you poked Wade right in the chest.

“Ow! What was that for?” he said grumpily.

“For being a bum-bucket.”

“I -” he stopped, then slumped. Far below, traffic sounds mingled with the chill of the night air.

“Yeah. Yeah, you’re right, I’m sorry. If it makes you feel any better, I don’t mean to be an asshole.”

You felt a reluctant smile rise to your lips. He really was adorable. “You aren’t an asshole, Wade. Although it is kind of a dick move to just stop talking to someone because you think they’re no longer available.”

He looked down and scuffed the concrete with one foot. “I know. And I’m sorry. It’s just, I -” he stopped, sighed. “Forget it.”

Oh, you hated it when people did that. “Wade Wilson, you tell me right now.”

“It’s just – ugh, fine. I apologize in advance if you hate my guts.” He took a breath, hands fidgeting like he didn’t know where they were supposed to go. “I like you, Y/N. A lot. You’re just so fucking perfect and funny and sweet and I’m….me. Just me. The half-dead living corpse who makes jokes because he can’t stand to think about how much everything hurts.” He spread his hands and gave a heartbreaking little shrug. “God, even saying this makes me sound like a whiny loser. I’m so sorry. I’ll go.” His voice broke.

You swallowed the ache in your throat and reached out to grab his shoulder. “You idiot,” you said softly, tenderly. “Don’t you know?”

“Know that I’m too broken for you? Yeah, I think we just covered that.”

“No!” you snapped. “Don’t you know how much I love you? How much I miss you when you’re gone? God, Wade, just thinking about you makes me smile like an idiot. You’re not broken. You’re amazing.”

He was so still – like a tiny thread of an icicle just before it shatters. “Please,” he whispered. “Please don’t make fun of me, I can’t take it.”

That sound of shattering glass? That’s the sound your heart made. Your eyes stung. “Wade,” you croaked. “I’m serious. I -”

You leaned forward and laced your hands around his neck, pulled him gently towards you. You didn’t pull up his mask – that was for him to decide, and it would be violating his trust if you took that away from him.

But you did kiss him. Hard, and sweet, and with every shred of every feeling you had for him – affection. Tenderness. Love. Your eyes drifted closed. The barrier between your mouths meant nothing – because this was Wade, and he was kissing you back, and his gloved hands were gripping your arms like lifelines and the sounds he was making in his throat were like crying.

When the kiss broke like a wave, both of you were gasping and your eyes were still stinging with tears.

“Now do you believe me?” you said breathlessly, wiping your eyes.

“Kinda hard to ignore that,” he admitted. For once, he sounded almost shy. He rested his hands on his hips. “I know it doesn’t really matter, but didn’t you tell that quick little bastard you had -”

You groaned and rubbed your eyes with the back of one hand. “Pietro’s sweet, Wade, but I like you. I have for a long time, and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.”

“So you’re not dating anyone?”

You giggled softly and blinked away a fresh set of tears. “If you say yes, I will be.”

He was speechless  a very rare thing for him. You took the opportunity to reach up a hand to stroke his masked face. “You’re not so broken, Wade Wilson.”

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One Sentance Prompt: "Wait when you say Steve has a crush on Sam, are you talking about Steve the human or Steve the ostrich?"

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